Term Definition
GSU 1 like
Glazed Structural Unit
GTA 1 like
Glass Tempering Association
GTAW 1 like
Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding
Guarantee 0 likes
Written or implied assurances for the project or aspects of it
Undertaking or document stipulating that something will or will not happen
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) 0 likes
Amount defined in a construction contract as the maximum sum payable by the owner to the contractor for the work stipulated
Guarantor 0 likes
One who provides a guarantee
Guarded 0 likes
Covered, shielded, enclosed, fenced, or otherwise protected to remove the possibility of danger
Guardrail1 like
A safety railing to prevent encroachment or accidents including falls from considerable height
Barrier or ridge keeping vehicles in their lanes in street construction
A device protecting a machine part or its operator
Guardrail Removal 0 likes
Removing a safety or protective device
Guesstimate 0 likes
An estimate based on a combination of calculation and guesswork
Guest 0 likes
Any person hiring or occupying a room to live and sleep in
Guest Room 0 likes
Any room occupied for occupation by a guest for sleeping purposes
Guide Coat 0 likes
A coat similar to the finish or color coat of different color to achieve complete coverage
Gum 0 likes
Nonvolatile, viscous and dissolves or swells when in contact with water; employed in making varnishes and paints
Gum Arabic 0 likes
Dry, gummy white powdered resin; employed in adhesives, cold water paint, and in show card colors
Gum Turpentine1 like
gum turpentine
Material from living pine trees; when distilled, provides gum rosin and spirits of turpentine
Gun Distance 0 likes
Space between the spray gun’s tip and the work
Gunite 0 likes
A concrete material pumped through a hose; also called dry-mix Shotcrete
Gusset 0 likes
A flat wood, plywood, or similar member providing a connection at the junction of wood members; most often employed at wood truss joints; fastened by nails, bolts, adhesives or screws
Gusset Plate 0 likes
A flat steel plate to which a truss’s chords are connected at a joint; a Stiffener Plate
Gutta-Percha 0 likes
A tough plastic substance that is similar to rubber but has more resin; provides insulation and has other uses
Gutter 0 likes
Shallow channel made of steel, copper, aluminum, or plastic with other materials to increase strength and wearing or rust resistance, positioned just under and along the eaves of a building for collecting and diverting rainwater and snow melt
Gutter Nail1 like
gutter nail
Long nail that hangs rainwater gutters on light wood framed homes
Gutter Removal 0 likes
Demolishing and removing a gutter system
Gutter Strap 0 likes
Metal band supporting a gutter
Guy Cable 0 likes
A wire maintaining a tall exterior mast, antenna, or other structure in place
Guy Rod 0 likes
A metal rod attached to a cable or rope, leading to an object for stability and reinforcement
Gym 0 likes
Gym Curtain1 like
gym curtain
Fabric hung vertically to separate the parts of a gymnasium
Gym Floor 0 likes
A level hardwood surface employed for sporting activities in a gymnasium
Gym Locker1 like
gym locker
A compartment with a lock and key that stores personal items in a gymnasium
Gym Scoreboard 0 likes
A large board in a gymnasium, displaying the score and commonly other information about a game or match
Gymnasium 0 likes
A building or room where indoor sports take place
Gymnasium Floor Anchor Channel 0 likes
Metal channel anchoring wood gymnasium flooring
Gymnasium Underfloor Insulation 0 likes
Board insulation between sleepers under gymnasium wood flooring to muffle the sound drum effect
Gyp Board 0 likes
Drywall; wall board or gypsum in a panel usually 4 feet X 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, or 16 feet covering interior walls and ceilings
Gypsite 0 likes
Earthy deposit located at or near the ground’s surface, consisting of 60 to 90 percent fine, crystalline gypsum mixed with loam, humus, sand and clay
Gypsum 0 likes
A natural mineral, hydrous calcium sulfate; the main part of sheetrock or drywall; when heated, becomes plaster-of-Paris
Gypsum Association (GA) 0 likes
6525 Belcrest Road, Suite 480, Hyattsville, MD 20782, Tel: (301) 277-8686, Fax: (301) 277-8747: URL: www.gypsum.org/
Gypsum Backing Board 0 likes
A ¼ inch to 5/8 inch (6.35 mm – 15.875 mm) thick gypsum board employed as backing for gypsum wallboard, acoustical tile or other dry cladding
Gypsum Block 0 likes
Cast gypsum building block; also called Gypsum Tile
Gypsum Concrete 0 likes
Mixture of calcium gypsum with wood chips, aggregate, or both; employed mainly for poured roof decks
Gypsum Core Board 0 likes
A ¾ inch to 1 inch (19.0 mm to 25.4 mm) gypsumboard, either one board or several factory-laminated boards employed as a gypsum stud or core in gypsumboard partitions
Gypsum Fill 0 likes
Troweled on plaster material to level depressions
Gypsum Formboard 0 likes
Gypsumboard employed as the permanent form for poured gypsum in roof decking
Gypsum Gauging Plaster 0 likes
A plaster that mixes lime putty to regulate the setting time and initial strength of a finish coat; categorized either as slowset or quickset
Gypsum High Strength Basecoat Plaster 0 likes
A gypsum cement employed with sand aggregate; produces high compressive strength plaster
Gypsum Lath 0 likes
A plaster base produced in sheet or slab form in various sizes, 3/8 inch or ½ inch thick, with an incombustible core, basically gypsum, and surfaced with specific paper that can receive gypsum plaster
Gypsum Masonry 0 likes
Molded, lightweight masonry units made from gypsum plaster, fiber and water
Gypsum Molding Plaster0 likes
casting plaster
Plaster employed in casting and in decorative plasterwork; can be employed neat or with lime
Gypsum Neat Plaster 0 likes
A plaster which has aggregate added on-site; may be without fiber or fibered
Gypsum Plaster 0 likes
Gypsum produced for use with water and sand for base-coat plaster
Gypsum Ready Mixed Plaster 0 likes
A plaster mixed at the mill with mineral aggregate; may contain other ingredients that regulate set time and working characteristics; water must be included on-site; also called Mill-Mixed and Pre-Mixed
Gypsum Roof Deck 0 likes
A light roofing substrate made of gypsum as structural boards or poured in place over structural decking
Gypsum Sheathing 0 likes
Flat sheet gypsum board with water repellent paper attached to the external side of a wall, roof or floor framing; produces rigidity in building’s superstructure, acts as a base for additional construction adding fire resistive properties; not for long term exposure to the elements
Gypsum Tile 0 likes
See Gypsum Block
Gypsum Trowel Finish 0 likes
Proprietary, previously-mixed finish coat materials primarily of calcined gypsum
Gypsum Wall Sheathing, Fire-Rated 0 likes
Flat sheet material of fire-rated gypsum board
Gypsum Wallboard 0 likes
A gypsum board employed mainly for interior surfaces in structures
Gypsum Wood-Fibered Plaster 0 likes
Plaster with a small amount of wood fiber as aggregate, employed to fireproof and for strengthen
Gypsum, Alpha 0 likes
See Alpha Gypsum
Gypsumboard 0 likes
Interior-facing panel made of a gypsum core set between two paper faces; also called Drywall, Plasterboard, or Sheetrock
Gyrate 0 likes
To circle or spiral; whirl; revolve
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