Term Definition
Gable End 0 likes
An end wall that has a gable
Gable End Rafter 0 likes
The last rafter system mounted at the gable end of a building
Gable Louver 0 likes
Louver system mounted at a building’s gable end
Gable Roof 0 likes
A roof that has two opposite sloping planes intersecting at a level ridge
Gable Truss 0 likes
The truss installed at a building’s gable end
Gable Vent 0 likes
A louvered screen opening in a gable, employed for venting from an attic
Gaffer 0 likes
A lighting electrician who works on a motion picture or television production unit
Gage 0 likes
Tool employed by carpenters to strike a line parallel to a board’s edge
Gain 0 likes
A notch or mortise in a beam or a wall, for a joist, girder or similar part
The notch setting a hinge in a door or frame
Gallery 0 likes
A roofed, exterior promenade or balcony
An enclosed space for art or artifact display
Galvanic Action 0 likes
See Galvanic Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion 0 likes
Corrosion in a metal due to galvanic cells created by unlike metals being close to each other, with an electrolyte and frequently atmospheric moisture; also called Galvanic Action
Galvanized 0 likes
Zinc-plated to prevent corrosion; accomplished by dipping into molten zinc or by electrolysis
Galvanized Accessory 0 likes
Any galvanized building product such as a door, window, skylight, grating, ventilator, or handrail
Galvanized Iron 0 likes
Zinc-covered steel or iron
Galvanized Mesh 0 likes
Mesh screening previously galvanized; employed as wire lath, fencing, or reinforcing
Galvanized Metal Joist Hanger 0 likes
Formed steel component employed to reinforce end of load bearing joists; transfers loads to another joist or beam, galvanized
Galvanized Pipe 0 likes
Steel pipe galvanized to protect against rust
Galvanizing Repair 0 likes
Repair of galvanized surfaces by applying zinc-rich paint
Gang Box 0 likes
Electrical rough-in box made of metal or tough plastic, serving two or more outlets or switches
Gang Nail Plate 0 likes
A steel plate secured to both sides at each of a truss’ joints; also called a Fishplate or Gussett
Gangway 0 likes
A passage
A temporary passage over cleated planks at a construction site
Gantt Chart 0 likes
A project schedule with start and finish dates, critical and non-critical activities, slack time, and antecedent relationships
Gap 0 likes
Empty space between two items
An interruption in continuity
Gap-Graded Aggregate 0 likes
Aggregate containing particles of varying sizes at the extremes; particles of medium sizes are totally or largely absent
Garage 0 likes
An enclosed space for keeping vehicles
Garage Door Opener 0 likes
Electrically driven mechanical device that operates a garage door, typically activated by a radio control in the vehicle or by a wall switch
Garbage Disposal Unit 0 likes
An electrically powered device, typically located in a kitchen sink, to grind household garbage and move it to the sewage system
Garbage Handling 0 likes
The transport and disposal of waste materials
Garden Wall Bond 0 likes
Brick bond appropriate for a wall two tiers thick that has one header to three stretchers in every course
Garnet Paper 0 likes
Abrasive, reddish, tough, sharp paper; derived from the semi-precious garnet jewel; more durable than flint paper
Garret 0 likes
Attic room or attic
Gas 0 likes
Combustible gaseous combination; fuel gas
Vapor moving freely to fill the available space
One of the three states of matter; gas, liquid and solid
Gas Checking 0 likes
Fine checking; wrinkling, frosting under specific drying conditions; due to rapid oxygen absorption or by various atmospheric impurities
Gas Cock 0 likes
Fuel gas valve
Gas Concrete 0 likes
See Cellular Concrete
Gas Furnace 0 likes
Heating system that burns gas to yield heat
Gas Lateral 0 likes
The trench or place where the gas line is positioned in a yard, or the installation of the gas service to a home
Gas Log 0 likes
A hollow, punctured imitation log, employed as a gas burner in a fireplace
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) 1 like
An arc welding process that produces coalescence by heating with an arc between a continuous filler metal electrode and the work; various types include MIG or CO welding
Gas Meter 0 likes
Mechanical apparatus that measures and records the volume of gas passing a specific point
Gas Pocket 0 likes
A weld cavity created by entrapped gas
Gas Pump 0 likes
A mechanical device that transports gas or gasoline
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 0 likes
An arc-welding process that produces coalescence by heating with an arc between a tungsten electrode and the work; also called TIG welding
Gas Valve 0 likes
Device in a pipeline for controlling gas flow
Gas Welding 0 likes
A welding process that produces coalescence with heat from a gas flame, with or without the application of pressure or filler metal
Gas-Tight Manhole Cover and Frame 0 likes
Air tight metal cover and frame above a vertical access shaft from grade level to the underground utility or chamber
Gas, Non-condensable 1 like
See Non-condensable Gas
Gasholder 0 likes
A sizeable cylindrical tank for gas storage under pressure
Gasket 0 likes
Sealing material at a crack; a sheet or ring of rubber, vinyl, or similar material shaped to seal connections of metal surfaces
Gasket, Foam 1 like
See Foam Gasket
Gasworks 0 likes
A location where gas is produced and processed
Gate Post 0 likes
The vertical part of a fence where gate hinges are mounted
Gate Valve 0 likes
A valve using a wedge-shaped gate, enabling fluid to flow when the gate is lifted from the seat; also a valve allowing a complete stop of flow within a pipe
Gate, Fence 1 like
See Fence Gate
Gate, Swing 0 likes
See Swing Gate
Gateway 0 likes
A gate
Gauge Port 0 likes
Opening or connection where a service technician installs a gauge
Gauge Pressure 0 likes
The pressure indicated on a gauge, measured in pounds per square inch and indicated as PSIG; compare with Absolute Pressure, PSIA
Gauge, Compound 1 like
See Compound Gauge
Gauge, High Pressure 1 like
See High Pressure Gauge
Gauge, Low Pressure 1 like
See Low Pressure Gauge
Gauge, Manifold 1 like
See Manifold Gauge
Gauge, Vacuum 1 like
See Vacuum Gauge
Gauged Brick 0 likes
Brick sorted or produced to precise dimensions
A brick rubbed on an abrasive stone to diminish it to a trapezoidal shape to employ in an arch
Gauging 0 likes
Cementitious material such as calcined gypsum, Keenes cement, or portland cement added to lime putty, providing and controlling set
Adding gauging material
Gauging Plaster 0 likes
A gypsum plaster combined with finish lime in finish coat plaster
Gauging Trowel 0 likes
Trowel larger than the pointing trowel but smaller than the buttering trowel
GB 0 likes
Gigabyte. 1,024 megabytes
Gel 0 likes
A semi-solid colloidal suspension; a solid dispersed in a liquid; jelly-like substance
Gelatin 0 likes
A glutinous, flexible material derived from animal tissues by boiling that can be cast into a semi-rigid mould; adaptable to moulds with undercuts
General and Administrative Expenses 0 likes
All expenses of a general nature in an income statement that cannot be specifically attributed to individual construction projects
General Conditions 0 likes
Written specifications in the contract documents by the owner stating the contractor’s minimum acceptable performance requirements; includes the rights, responsibilities and relationships of the parties involved in the contract; typically included in the book of specifications in the architectural drawings
General Contracting 0 likes
A prime contractor bids for the entire work after the final design, plans and specifications are finalized and approved by the owner; see Design-Build Construction and Fast Track Construction
General Contractor 0 likes
A contractor entering a contract with an owner for a construction project, and who takes full responsibility for its completion; the contractor may subcontract with others for specific parts or phases of the project; a licensed individual or company who assumes primary responsibility for the work
General Drawing 0 likes
0.A drawing displaying elevations, plans and cross sections of a structure and its primary dimensions
0.A drawing detailing the borings for substructure
General Journal 0 likes
Record employed for business transactions not transcribed in specific journals
General Ledger 0 likes
Record summarizing all business transactions
General Partner 0 likes
Member of a partnership with virtually unlimited management authority and liability
General Partnership 0 likes
Represents the financial and personal resources of two or more persons sharing the ownership and operation of a business
General Requirements 0 likes
See Job Requirements
Generator1 like
A machine that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy
Gentrification 0 likes
Purchase and rehabilitation of run-down properties by higher social classes
Geodesic 0 likes
The shortest line between two points on a surface
Geodesic Dome 0 likes
A dome where the pattern of surface divisions is a function of a sphere; usually built with premade structural triangles linked in a mosaic to produce the dome shape
Geoid 0 likes
The sphere defining the earth at the location of mean sea level
Geometry 0 likes
A branch of mathematics pertaining to the measurement, properties, and relationships of solids, points, lines, and surfaces
Geotechnical Engineer 0 likes
An engineer specializing in rock and soil mechanics, groundwater, and foundations
Geotechnical Investigation 0 likes
The process of boring, sampling, and testing the soil at various depths to assist a geotechnical engineer discover and analyze soil properties; also called Subsurface Investigation, Foundation Investigation, Soil Investigation, or Soil Test; the test results and engineers’ recommendations are described in a Soil Report
Geotextile 0 likes
Synthetic fabrics separating backfill materials for proper drainage for high retaining walls and landscape design
Gesso 0 likes
Plaster surface consisting of gypsum plaster, whiting, and glue; a base for decorative painting
GFCI, or GFI 1 like
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, an ultra-sensitive plug designed to turn off all electric currents; employed in bathrooms, kitchens, exterior waterproof outlets, garage outlets, or wet areas; has a small reset button located on the plug
GFI Breaker 0 likes
Ground Fault Interrupter Breaker; supplies power and monitors the amount of incoming and outgoing current; when the incoming current is different from the outgoing current, the GFI instantly opens the circuit, a faster overcurrent protection device than a fuse or circuit breaker
GFRC 1 like
GlassFiberReinforced Concrete
Ghosting 0 likes
Patches of lighter color in dry coat in painting
GI 0 likes
Galvanized Iron
Gild 0 likes
Applying a thin layer of gold
Gilding 0 likes
Process of finishing with metal leaf
Gillmore Needle 0 likes
A device employed in determining setting time of hydraulic cement
Gilsonite 0 likes
A black, coal-like substance taken from mines and employed in the production of black asphalt varnish
Girder 0 likes
A large or principal wood or steel beam supporting substantial loads at isolated points along its length
Girt 0 likes
A beam supporting wall cladding between columns
Gland 0 likes
Device for preventing leakage of fluid past a joint in machinery
Glare 0 likes
Excessive brightness
Glass 0 likes
Hard, brittle, typically transparent, translucent or shiny substance, produced by fusing sand with soda and lime
Glass Association of North America (GANA) 1 like
800 SW Jackson Street, Suite 1500, Topeka, Kansas 66612, Tel: (785) 271-0208, Fax: (785) 271-0166, URL: http://www.glasswebsite.com/
Glass Bead 0 likes
A narrow plastic, metal, or wood strip that keeps glass in a sash; removable trim that keeps glass in place
Glass Block 0 likes
A hollow masonry glass unit
Glass Cutter 0 likes
An implement for cutting glass
Glass Door 0 likes
Metal or wood framed door with heat-strengthened or tempered glass
Glass Felt 0 likes
Felt sheet for impregnation and coating; employed in the production and coating of bituminous waterproofing materials, shingles, and roof membranes
Glass Fiber 0 likes
Fine glass fibers for fabric use
Glass Mat 0 likes
Thin mat of glass fibers whether it has a binder or not
Glass Mosaic Tiles 0 likes
Glass tiles usually no more than two square inches and 1/4 inch thick mounted on sheets of paper, normally twelve square
Glass Mullion System 0 likes
Building a large glazed area by reinforcing sheets of glass with glass ribs at right angles
Glass Pipe 0 likes
Glass and glass-lined pipe employed in process piping or in laboratories
Glass Tempering Association (GTA) 0 likes
800 SW Jackson Street, Suite 1500, Topeka, Kansas 66612, Tel: (785) 271-0208, Fax: (785) 271-0166, URL: http://www.glasswebsite.com/
Glass Wool 0 likes
Fine glass fibers employed in insulation
Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) 0 likes
Concrete with fortifying admixture of short alkali-resistant glass fibers
Glass, Wire 0 likes
See Wire Glass
Glassware Washer 0 likes
Apparatus for cleaning glass items
Glaze 0 likes
A ceramic coating developed to a glassy state on a ceramic article; also refers to the mixture or material from which the coating is derived
Glaze Coat 0 likes
Top asphalt layer employed on a smooth-surfaced built-up roof
A thin protective coating of bitumen applied to the plies of a built-up membrane when the top pouring and aggregate surfacing processes are delayed
Glaze Fit 0 likes
Stress relationship between the body and glaze of a fired ceramic product
Glazed Block 0 likes
Concrete blocks with a surface created through fusion with a glazing material
Glazed Brick 0 likes
Brick or tile with a surface created through fusion with a glazing material
Glazed Bullnose 0 likes
A ceramic trim tile with a convex radius on one edge that has a glass or gloss surface
Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile 0 likes
A glazed, ceramic tile for interior use, generally non-vitreous, not needed to endure excessive impact or freezing
Glazed Floor 0 likes
A floor covering with an almost transparent coating to improve and protect the underlying coat
Glazed Interior Tile 0 likes
A glazed tile suitable for interior use, generally non-vitreous, and not required to endure excessive impact, freezing or thawing conditions
Glazed Paver Tile 0 likes
See Paver
Glazed Quarry Tile 0 likes
See Quarry Tile
Glazed Structural Unit, GSU 0 likes
A solid or hollow unit with a glossy surface; a tile with a fired glaze finish
Glazed Tile 0 likes
Non-vitreous, semi-vitreous, vitreous, or impervious ceramic tile with a fused impervious facial finish; the glazed surface may be clear, white, or colored
Glazed Tile, Extra Duty Glaze 1 like
Tile with a durable glaze suitable for floors and all other surfaces
Glazier 0 likes
Tradesperson who sets glass
Glaziers Point 0 likes
Small, triangular nail securing glass in a wood sash prior to puttying
Glazing 0 likes
Glazier’s trade of installing glass with glazier‘s points and glazing compound
Flattened texture and shine or discoloration created by the fines of a machine-dash texture plaster traveling to the surface in plastering
A non-opaque color that changes a painted surface
Glazing Accessory 0 likes
Implements used in the glazing trade
Glazing Bead 0 likes
A wood or metal strip securing a sheet of glass in its frame
Glazing Compound 0 likes
Putty or mastic employed to bed small lights of glass in a frame
Glitter 0 likes
Small pieces of reflective material such as glass, diamond dust, or colored aluminum foil
Globe Valve 0 likes
A valve that regulates water flow between on and off; also see Gate Valve
Gloss 0 likes
A shiny, lustrous finish that reflects light: paint or enamel that dries to a high sheen, usually with a hard, smooth coat
Gloss Enamel 0 likes
Finishing paint that forms a hard smooth coating with a sheen
Gloss Oil 0 likes
A varnish mainly of limed rosin and petroleum thinner
Gloss Retention 0 likes
Ability to keep original sheen
Glost Fire 0 likes
Process of kilnfiring bisque ware to which glaze was added
Gloves 0 likes
Protective hand covering to minimize injury and improve one’s grip
Gluability 0 likes
The ease or difficulty in joining materials with adhesive; ability to bond
Glue 0 likes
Adhesive; generally employed in joining wood parts
Glue Block 0 likes
A small piece of wood that supports and reinforces two pieces of wood joined at an angle; see Corner Block
Glue Built-Up Members 0 likes
Built-up lumber, wood structural panels, or wood structural panels in combination with lumber serving as structural elements; all parts are bonded with adhesives
Glue Gun 0 likes
A hand implement for applying bulk or cartridge– type adhesives
Glue Joint 0 likes
A joint fastened together by glue
Glue Laminated Member 0 likes
Wood laminations bonded with adhesive so that the longitudinal grain is parallel; Architectural Grade has a better finish and remains visible; Industrial Grade is not finished to the same degree as Architectural Grade
Glue Laminated Timber 0 likes
Timber made up of a multitude of small strips of wood glued together
Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam) 1 like
A structural beam consisting of wood laminations or lams; lams are pressure bonded with adhesives, achieving a thickness of 1-½ inches
Glulam 0 likes
Glue laminated timber
Glycerine 0 likes
Glycerol 0 likes
An almost colorless, odorless, sweet, viscous liquid alcohol employed extensively in the production of alkyd resins and ester gum
Glycol 0 likes
Ethylene glycol, a thick chemical alcohol, employed as antifreeze
Glyph 0 likes
A sculptured symbol or character
A vertical groove like on a Doric frieze
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