Term Definition
Gable End 3 likes
An end wall that has a gable
Gable End Rafter 1 like
The last rafter system mounted at the gable end of a building
Gable Louver1 like
gable louver
Louver system mounted at a building’s gable end
Gable Roof 0 likes
A roof that has two opposite sloping planes intersecting at a level ridge
Gable Truss 1 like
The truss installed at a building’s gable end
Gable Vent2 likes
gable vent
A louvered screen opening in a gable, employed for venting from an attic
Gaffer 0 likes
A lighting electrician who works on a motion picture or television production unit
Gage 2 likes
Tool employed by carpenters to strike a line parallel to a board’s edge
Gain 0 likes
A notch or mortise in a beam or a wall, for a joist, girder or similar part
The notch setting a hinge in a door or frame
Gallery 0 likes
A roofed, exterior promenade or balcony
An enclosed space for art or artifact display
Galvanic Action 0 likes
See Galvanic Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion 0 likes
Corrosion in a metal due to galvanic cells created by unlike metals being close to each other, with an electrolyte and frequently atmospheric moisture; also called Galvanic Action
Galvanized 0 likes
Zinc-plated to prevent corrosion; accomplished by dipping into molten zinc or by electrolysis
Galvanized Accessory 0 likes
Any galvanized building product such as a door, window, skylight, grating, ventilator, or handrail
Galvanized Iron1 like
galvanized iron
Zinc-covered steel or iron
Galvanized Mesh1 like
galvanized mesh
Mesh screening previously galvanized; employed as wire lath, fencing, or reinforcing
Galvanized Metal Joist Hanger3 likes
galvanized metal joist hanger
Formed steel component employed to reinforce end of load bearing joists; transfers loads to another joist or beam, galvanized
Galvanized Pipe2 likes
galvanized pipe
Steel pipe galvanized to protect against rust
Galvanizing Repair 1 like
Repair of galvanized surfaces by applying zinc-rich paint
Gang Box2 likes
gang box
Electrical rough-in box made of metal or tough plastic, serving two or more outlets or switches
Gang Nail Plate 1 like
A steel plate secured to both sides at each of a truss’ joints; also called a Fishplate or Gussett
Gangway 1 like
A passage
A temporary passage over cleated planks at a construction site
Gantt Chart 1 like
A project schedule with start and finish dates, critical and non-critical activities, slack time, and antecedent relationships
Gap 0 likes
Empty space between two items
An interruption in continuity
Gap-Graded Aggregate 1 like
Aggregate containing particles of varying sizes at the extremes; particles of medium sizes are totally or largely absent
Garage 1 like
An enclosed space for keeping vehicles
Garage Door Opener2 likes
garage door opener
Electrically driven mechanical device that operates a garage door, typically activated by a radio control in the vehicle or by a wall switch
Garbage Disposal Unit1 like
garbage disposal unit
An electrically powered device, typically located in a kitchen sink, to grind household garbage and move it to the sewage system
Garbage Handling 1 like
The transport and disposal of waste materials
Garden Wall Bond 1 like
Brick bond appropriate for a wall two tiers thick that has one header to three stretchers in every course
Garnet Paper1 like
garnet paper
Abrasive, reddish, tough, sharp paper; derived from the semi-precious garnet jewel; more durable than flint paper
Garret 2 likes
Attic room or attic
Gas 1 like
Combustible gaseous combination; fuel gas
Vapor moving freely to fill the available space
One of the three states of matter; gas, liquid and solid
Gas Checking 2 likes
Fine checking; wrinkling, frosting under specific drying conditions; due to rapid oxygen absorption or by various atmospheric impurities
Gas Cock1 like
gas cock
Fuel gas valve
Gas Concrete 0 likes
See Cellular Concrete
Gas Furnace2 likes
gas furnace
Heating system that burns gas to yield heat
Gas Lateral 1 like
The trench or place where the gas line is positioned in a yard, or the installation of the gas service to a home
Gas Log2 likes
gas log
A hollow, punctured imitation log, employed as a gas burner in a fireplace
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) 2 likes
An arc welding process that produces coalescence by heating with an arc between a continuous filler metal electrode and the work; various types include MIG or CO welding
Gas Meter2 likes
gas meter
Mechanical apparatus that measures and records the volume of gas passing a specific point
Gas Pocket 2 likes
A weld cavity created by entrapped gas
Gas Pump1 like
gas pump
A mechanical device that transports gas or gasoline
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) 2 likes
An arc-welding process that produces coalescence by heating with an arc between a tungsten electrode and the work; also called TIG welding
Gas Valve2 likes
gas valve
Device in a pipeline for controlling gas flow
Gas Welding 0 likes
A welding process that produces coalescence with heat from a gas flame, with or without the application of pressure or filler metal
Gas-Tight Manhole Cover and Frame 3 likes
Air tight metal cover and frame above a vertical access shaft from grade level to the underground utility or chamber
Gas, Non-condensable 1 like
See Non-condensable Gas
Gasholder 0 likes
A sizeable cylindrical tank for gas storage under pressure
Gasket1 like
Sealing material at a crack; a sheet or ring of rubber, vinyl, or similar material shaped to seal connections of metal surfaces
Gasket, Foam 1 like
See Foam Gasket
Gasworks 1 like
A location where gas is produced and processed
Gate Post 1 like
The vertical part of a fence where gate hinges are mounted
Gate Valve4 likes
gate valve
A valve using a wedge-shaped gate, enabling fluid to flow when the gate is lifted from the seat; also a valve allowing a complete stop of flow within a pipe
Gate, Fence2 likes
gate fence
See Fence Gate
Gate, Swing1 like
gate, swing
See Swing Gate
Gateway2 likes
A gate
Gauge Port 1 like
Opening or connection where a service technician installs a gauge
Gauge Pressure 1 like
The pressure indicated on a gauge, measured in pounds per square inch and indicated as PSIG; compare with Absolute Pressure, PSIA
Gauge, Compound1 like
gauge, compound
See Compound Gauge
Gauge, High Pressure1 like
gauge, high pressure
See High Pressure Gauge
Gauge, Low Pressure2 likes
gauge, low pressure
See Low Pressure Gauge
Gauge, Manifold1 like
manifold gauge
See Manifold Gauge
Gauge, Vacuum1 like
vacuum gauge
See Vacuum Gauge
Gauged Brick 2 likes
Brick sorted or produced to precise dimensions
A brick rubbed on an abrasive stone to diminish it to a trapezoidal shape to employ in an arch
Gauging 2 likes
Cementitious material such as calcined gypsum, Keenes cement, or portland cement added to lime putty, providing and controlling set
Adding gauging material
Gauging Plaster 0 likes
A gypsum plaster combined with finish lime in finish coat plaster
Gauging Trowel1 like
gauging trowel
Trowel larger than the pointing trowel but smaller than the buttering trowel
GB 0 likes
Gigabyte. 1,024 megabytes
Gel 1 like
A semi-solid colloidal suspension; a solid dispersed in a liquid; jelly-like substance
Gelatin 1 like
A glutinous, flexible material derived from animal tissues by boiling that can be cast into a semi-rigid mould; adaptable to moulds with undercuts
General and Administrative Expenses 0 likes
All expenses of a general nature in an income statement that cannot be specifically attributed to individual construction projects
General Conditions 0 likes
Written specifications in the contract documents by the owner stating the contractor’s minimum acceptable performance requirements; includes the rights, responsibilities and relationships of the parties involved in the contract; typically included in the book of specifications in the architectural drawings
General Contracting 1 like
A prime contractor bids for the entire work after the final design, plans and specifications are finalized and approved by the owner; see Design-Build Construction and Fast Track Construction
General Contractor 1 like
A contractor entering a contract with an owner for a construction project, and who takes full responsibility for its completion; the contractor may subcontract with others for specific parts or phases of the project; a licensed individual or company who assumes primary responsibility for the work
General Drawing 1 like
0.A drawing displaying elevations, plans and cross sections of a structure and its primary dimensions
0.A drawing detailing the borings for substructure
General Journal 0 likes
Record employed for business transactions not transcribed in specific journals
General Ledger 1 like
Record summarizing all business transactions
General Partner 0 likes
Member of a partnership with virtually unlimited management authority and liability
General Partnership 1 like
Represents the financial and personal resources of two or more persons sharing the ownership and operation of a business
General Requirements 2 likes
See Job Requirements
Generator2 likes
A machine that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy
Gentrification 0 likes
Purchase and rehabilitation of run-down properties by higher social classes
Geodesic 2 likes
The shortest line between two points on a surface
Geodesic Dome 0 likes
A dome where the pattern of surface divisions is a function of a sphere; usually built with premade structural triangles linked in a mosaic to produce the dome shape
Geoid 0 likes
The sphere defining the earth at the location of mean sea level
Geometry 0 likes
A branch of mathematics pertaining to the measurement, properties, and relationships of solids, points, lines, and surfaces
Geotechnical Engineer 1 like
An engineer specializing in rock and soil mechanics, groundwater, and foundations
Geotechnical Investigation 2 likes
The process of boring, sampling, and testing the soil at various depths to assist a geotechnical engineer discover and analyze soil properties; also called Subsurface Investigation, Foundation Investigation, Soil Investigation, or Soil Test; the test results and engineers’ recommendations are described in a Soil Report
Geotextile 0 likes
Synthetic fabrics separating backfill materials for proper drainage for high retaining walls and landscape design
Gesso 0 likes
Plaster surface consisting of gypsum plaster, whiting, and glue; a base for decorative painting
GFCI, or GFI3 likes
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, an ultra-sensitive plug designed to turn off all electric currents; employed in bathrooms, kitchens, exterior waterproof outlets, garage outlets, or wet areas; has a small reset button located on the plug
GFI Breaker 1 like
Ground Fault Interrupter Breaker; supplies power and monitors the amount of incoming and outgoing current; when the incoming current is different from the outgoing current, the GFI instantly opens the circuit, a faster overcurrent protection device than a fuse or circuit breaker
GFRC 1 like
GlassFiberReinforced Concrete
Ghosting 0 likes
Patches of lighter color in dry coat in painting
GI2 likes
Galvanized Iron
Gild 1 like
Applying a thin layer of gold
Gilding 1 like
Process of finishing with metal leaf
Gillmore Needle 3 likes
A device employed in determining setting time of hydraulic cement
Gilsonite 1 like
A black, coal-like substance taken from mines and employed in the production of black asphalt varnish
Girder 2 likes
A large or principal wood or steel beam supporting substantial loads at isolated points along its length
Girt 1 like
A beam supporting wall cladding between columns
Gland 0 likes
Device for preventing leakage of fluid past a joint in machinery
Glare 1 like
Excessive brightness
Glass1 like
Hard, brittle, typically transparent, translucent or shiny substance, produced by fusing sand with soda and lime
Glass Association of North America (GANA) 1 like
800 SW Jackson Street, Suite 1500, Topeka, Kansas 66612, Tel: (785) 271-0208, Fax: (785) 271-0166, URL: http://www.glasswebsite.com/
Glass Bead 1 like
A narrow plastic, metal, or wood strip that keeps glass in a sash; removable trim that keeps glass in place
Glass Block 1 like
A hollow masonry glass unit
Glass Cutter1 like
glass cutter
An implement for cutting glass
Glass Door2 likes
glass door
Metal or wood framed door with heat-strengthened or tempered glass
Glass Felt 1 like
Felt sheet for impregnation and coating; employed in the production and coating of bituminous waterproofing materials, shingles, and roof membranes
Glass Fiber 0 likes
Fine glass fibers for fabric use
Glass Mat2 likes
glass mat
Thin mat of glass fibers whether it has a binder or not
Glass Mosaic Tiles1 like
glass mosaic tiles
Glass tiles usually no more than two square inches and 1/4 inch thick mounted on sheets of paper, normally twelve square
Glass Mullion System 0 likes
Building a large glazed area by reinforcing sheets of glass with glass ribs at right angles
Glass Pipe2 likes
glass pipe
Glass and glass-lined pipe employed in process piping or in laboratories
Glass Tempering Association (GTA) 1 like
800 SW Jackson Street, Suite 1500, Topeka, Kansas 66612, Tel: (785) 271-0208, Fax: (785) 271-0166, URL: http://www.glasswebsite.com/
Glass Washer1 like
glass washer
Apparatus for cleaning large glass items such as windows or doors, sometimes known as a squeegee
Glass Wool 0 likes
Fine glass fibers employed in insulation
Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) 1 like
Concrete with fortifying admixture of short alkali-resistant glass fibers
Glass, Wire 0 likes
See Wire Glass
Glaze3 likes
A ceramic coating developed to a glassy state on a ceramic article; also refers to the mixture or material from which the coating is derived
Glaze Coat 0 likes
Top asphalt layer employed on a smooth-surfaced built-up roof
A thin protective coating of bitumen applied to the plies of a built-up membrane when the top pouring and aggregate surfacing processes are delayed
Glaze Fit 1 like
Stress relationship between the body and glaze of a fired ceramic product
Glazed Block 0 likes
Concrete blocks with a surface created through fusion with a glazing material
Glazed Brick 2 likes
Brick or tile with a surface created through fusion with a glazing material
Glazed Bullnose 0 likes
A ceramic trim tile with a convex radius on one edge that has a glass or gloss surface
Glazed Ceramic Mosaic Tile1 like
glazed ceramic mosaic tile
A glazed, ceramic tile for interior use, generally non-vitreous, not needed to endure excessive impact or freezing
Glazed Floor 0 likes
A floor covering with an almost transparent coating to improve and protect the underlying coat
Glazed Interior Tile 2 likes
A glazed tile suitable for interior use, generally non-vitreous, and not required to endure excessive impact, freezing or thawing conditions
Glazed Paver Tile 1 like
See Paver
Glazed Quarry Tile 0 likes
See Quarry Tile
Glazed Structural Unit, GSU 0 likes
A solid or hollow unit with a glossy surface; a tile with a fired glaze finish
Glazed Tile2 likes
glazed tile
Non-vitreous, semi-vitreous, vitreous, or impervious ceramic tile with a fused impervious facial finish; the glazed surface may be clear, white, or colored
Glazed Tile, Extra Duty Glaze 2 likes
Tile with a durable glaze suitable for floors and all other surfaces
Glazier 0 likes
Tradesperson who sets glass
Glaziers Point 2 likes
Small, triangular nail securing glass in a wood sash prior to puttying
Glazing 0 likes
Glazier’s trade of installing glass with glazier‘s points and glazing compound
Flattened texture and shine or discoloration created by the fines of a machine-dash texture plaster traveling to the surface in plastering
A non-opaque color that changes a painted surface
Glazing Accessory 0 likes
Implements used in the glazing trade
Glazing Bead 0 likes
A wood or metal strip securing a sheet of glass in its frame
Glazing Compound 0 likes
Putty or mastic employed to bed small lights of glass in a frame
Glitter1 like
Small pieces of reflective material such as glass, diamond dust, or colored aluminum foil
Globe Valve1 like
globe valve
A valve that regulates water flow between on and off; also see Gate Valve
Gloss 0 likes
A shiny, lustrous finish that reflects light: paint or enamel that dries to a high sheen, usually with a hard, smooth coat
Gloss Enamel3 likes
gloss enamel
Finishing paint that forms a hard smooth coating with a sheen
Gloss Oil1 like
gloss oil
A varnish mainly of limed rosin and petroleum thinner
Gloss Retention 0 likes
Ability to keep original sheen
Glost Fire 1 like
Process of kilnfiring bisque ware to which glaze was added
Gloves1 like
Protective hand covering to minimize injury and improve one’s grip
Gluability 1 like
The ease or difficulty in joining materials with adhesive; ability to bond
Glue1 like
Adhesive; generally employed in joining wood parts
Glue Block1 like
glue block
A small piece of wood that supports and reinforces two pieces of wood joined at an angle; see Corner Block
Glue Built-Up Members 0 likes
Built-up lumber, wood structural panels, or wood structural panels in combination with lumber serving as structural elements; all parts are bonded with adhesives
Glue Gun2 likes
glue gun
A hand implement for applying bulk or cartridge– type adhesives
Glue Joint 0 likes
A joint fastened together by glue
Glue Laminated Member 1 like
Wood laminations bonded with adhesive so that the longitudinal grain is parallel; Architectural Grade has a better finish and remains visible; Industrial Grade is not finished to the same degree as Architectural Grade
Glue Laminated Timber 0 likes
Timber made up of a multitude of small strips of wood glued together
Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam) 1 like
A structural beam consisting of wood laminations or lams; lams are pressure bonded with adhesives, achieving a thickness of 1-½ inches
Glulam 0 likes
Glue laminated timber
Glycerine1 like
Glycerol 0 likes
An almost colorless, odorless, sweet, viscous liquid alcohol employed extensively in the production of alkyd resins and ester gum
Glycol 0 likes
Ethylene glycol, a thick chemical alcohol, employed as antifreeze
Glyph 1 like
A sculptured symbol or character
A vertical groove like on a Doric frieze
GMP 0 likes
Guaranteed Maximum Price
Gneiss 0 likes
A coarse-grained high-grade metamorphic rock formed at high pressures and temperatures where light and dark mineral constituents are segregated into visible bands
Gnomon 1 like
Rod, pin, or style on a sundial casting a shadow to indicate the time
The L shaped remainder of a parallelogram after the removal of a smaller similar parallelogram that contains one of its corners
Goggles2 likes
Protective eye covering
Going Concern Concept 1 like
Accounting assumption that businesses operate for indefinite periods
Gold 0 likes
A yellowy, malleable, ductile, high-density, precious metal resistant to chemical reaction, found in quartz veins or gravel
Gold Leaf1 like
gold leaf
Gold beaten into a very thin sheets, typically 4 to 5 millionths of an inch thick
Gold Paint1 like
gold paint
Bronze powder and bronzing liquid mixture
Golf Shelter 2 likes
A structure on a golf course to accommodate golfers in inclement weather
Gondola3 likes
A flat-bottomed railroad car with no top and fixed sides used for shipping heavy construction materials and equipment
An island of shelves that enable goods at a supermarket to be displayed
Goodwill 0 likes
Additional value of a business over book value or agreed value of its net assets due to its experience and reputation
Goose Neck1 like
goose neck
A blacksmith’s tool for working with hot metals
Gothic 1 like
12th to 16th century Western Europe architectural style highlighting pointed arches, vertical piers, vaults, and buttresses
Gothic Arch 1 like
A pointed arch with a joint at its apex rather than a keystone
Gouge3 likes
A chisel that has a concave blade
Grab Bar2 likes
grab bar
Metal or plastic bar secured to a bathroom wall, over a bathtub, in a shower, or near a toilet as a hand hold. See Flash Set
Graben 0 likes
A long, narrow trough enclosed by one or more parallel normal faults; also known as a Rift Valley
Grad 1 like
Metric unit of circular measurement; 400 grads is a full circle and 360 degrees
Gradall 0 likes
A hydraulic, wheel-mounted backhoe commonly employed with a wide bucket to dress earth slopes
Gradation 1 like
Series of gradual and progressive degrees, stages, or steps
Grade 1 like
Ground level of a structure or building, or the elevation at a given point
Dirt leveling work
Designated classification of lumber for strength and utility according to an approved lumber grading agency
A gradient
Predetermined slope for a finished floor or ramped surface
To level off a smooth horizontal or sloping surface
Grade Beam 1 like
A foundation wall that is poured level with or just under the grade of the earth
Grade Beam Formwork 0 likes
Support system in a reinforced grade beam for freshly poured or placed concrete
Grade Beam Reinforcing 0 likes
Positioning of metal or steel bars in a concrete grade beam
Grade Mark 0 likes
The stamp on lumber specifying its grade according to the lumber grading bureau performing the inspection
Grade MW Brick 0 likes
A grade of brick employed on external walls where water permeability is not anticipated and only slight frost action is expected; MW means moderate weather
Grade NW Brick 0 likes
A grade of brick employed for back up withes or interior; NW means no weather
Grade Stake1 like
grade stake
A stake defining how much cut or fill is needed to bring the ground to a specific level
Grade SW Brick 0 likes
A grade of brick employed on external walls where water permeability and frost action are anticipated; SW means severe weather
Graded Sand 0 likes
Sand mixture with granules varying in size
Gradient 0 likes
The amount of slope of a road or railway sloping from the horizontal
The rate of temperature or pressure change when moving to different regions
Grading 0 likes
See Grade
Gradiometer 0 likes
A geophysical instrument measuring the vertical component of the earth’s magnetic field, and detecting minor variations caused by buried features
Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM) 1 like
A fixed-rate, fixedschedule loan starting with lower payments than a level payment loan; payments rise annually to decrease the outstanding balance. The payment increases enable the borrower to pay off a 30-year loan in 15 to 20 years, or less
Grain 0 likes
The arrangement, direction or pattern of wood fibers
Grain Alcohol 0 likes
Ethyl alcohol produced by distilling grain
Grain Raising 0 likes
Causing short fibers on the surface of bare wood to stand up by applying water
Graining 1 like
Simulating wood grain with paint
Grainness 0 likes
Roughness of a protective film to look like grains of sand
Gram 0 likes
A metric unit for mass and weight equivalent to 1/1000 of a kilogram and almost equal to one cubic centimeter of water at its optimum density
Gram Calorie 0 likes
See Calorie
Grand Master Key2 likes
grand master key
A key that operates locks in several groups, while each lock has its own master key
Grandstand Seat1 like
grandstand seat
Spectator seat in a stand at a racecourse or stadium, portable or fixed
Granite1 like
Igneous rock embedded with visible crystals of quartz and feldspar.
Granite Block 1 like
A masonry unit made of granite employed for its firmness and endurance
Granite Curb 1 like
Street curbing produced from granite blocks
Granite Paver 0 likes
A type of igneous stone tougher and more durable than standard bricks, typically employed for driveways and patios with or without mortar
Granite Veneer 0 likes
A granite facing secured to a main structure
Granolithic Topping 1 like
Cover layer made of an artificial stone of crushed granite and cement
Grant Deed 0 likes
A deed transferring ownership of real property
Grantee 0 likes
An individual or organization obtaining interest in property
Grantor 1 like
An individual or organization granting, selling, or giving up interest in property
Granular Insulation 1 like
Insulating material made of granular vermiculite or beaded styrene or perlite in hollow masonry construction
Granular Waterproofing 0 likes
Waterproofing material consisting of granular vermiculite, beaded styrene, or perlite
Granules 1 like
Mineral or rock particles that are the size of small grains
Graph 0 likes
A diagram illustrating the relation between variable quantities, usually two variables, each measured along one of a pair of perpendicular axes
Graphics 1 like
Representation of something in the form of pictures or images; presentation of information in diagrams and illustrations rather than as words or numbers
Graphite2 likes
Black pigment consisting mainly of carbon from natural deposits, or produced from coke in an electric furnace
Grass 0 likes
Short green vegetation widely employed as ground cover; see Lawn
Grass Cloth1 like
grass cloth
A wall covering constructed from vegetable fibers, woven and laminated to paper for backing
Grass Cloth Tile 0 likes
Tile made from laminated woven vegetable fibers
Grate Cutting 0 likes
Cutting away a grate with hand implements, acetylene torch or power tools
Grate Painting 0 likes
Applying paint to provide a seal, prevent rust, or add color to a grating
Grate, Metal 2 likes
See Metal Grating
Grating2 likes
Framework of metal bars covering an opening
Grating Frame 1 like
Metal frame, usually metal, containing floor grating and anchoring to floor construction
Grating Tread 0 likes
Horizontal surface of a step consisting of steel grating
Grating, Metal 3 likes
See Metal Grating
Gravel 1 like
Small rock particles produced from natural disintegration and weathering; or mechanically crushed stone
Gravel Fill 0 likes
Gravel layered at the lowest part of an excavation site, insuring water drainage
Gravel Mulch 0 likes
A protective layer of rock particles to diminish evaporation, stop erosion, and control weeds on the ground
Gravel Roof 0 likes
A roof with layers of roofing felt for water proofing, sealed with tar or pitch and covered with a layer of gravel to further protect from wear and the sun’s rays
Gravel Stop1 like
gravel stop
A metal flange or strip with a vertical lip positioned around a roof to stop loose gravel from falling off; also employed to present a finished edge in roofing
Gravity 0 likes
Force attracting a body to the core of the earth
Having weight
Gravity Furnace 1 like
An appliance with a heat exchanger supplying hot air distributed by gravity
Gravity Ventilator2 likes
gravity ventilator
A device installed in a room or building opening activated when air passes through, removing stale air and replacing it with fresh air
Gravity Wall 0 likes
A retaining wall depending on its weight to resist lateral forces of retained earth
Gray Blast Cleaning 0 likes
Commercial blast
Gray Paper 0 likes
Not sized or calendered paper employed on the back of regular gypsum board products or as the face and back paper on backing board products
Grayish 0 likes
Deficient in color intensity
Grease Trap1 like
grease trap
A device trapping and retaining the grease from wastewater and sewage
Great Calorie 0 likes
See Calorie
Green Architecture 1 like
Design encompassing energy conservation and minimal use of fossil fuels or non-renewable resources
Green Board 0 likes
A gypsum board with tinted face paper, typically light green or blue; employed to differentiate special board types
Green Brickwork 0 likes
Brickwork with unset mortar
Green Concrete 0 likes
Concrete set but which has not cured or hardened to its final strength
Green Design 2 likes
See Green Architecture
Green Lake 0 likes
Pigment; mixture of Prussian blue and yellow lake, sold under a various trade names
Green Masonry 1 like
Molded clay unit before it has been burned for building purposes; an uncured concrete masonry unit
Green Plaster 1 like
Newly applied plaster that has not been dried
Green Room 0 likes
A room in a theater or studio that accommodate actors when they are not on stage
Green Wood 1 like
Freshly sawed wood that has not been dried yet; 20 percent moisture or more
Greenfield Site 1 like
A building site that has never been built on before; compare with Brownfield Site
Greenhouse 1 like
A glass enclosure employed for nurturing or protecting sensitive plants
Greenhouse Effect 0 likes
Trapping of the sun’s warmth in the lower atmosphere of the earth due to an increase in carbon dioxide which is more susceptible to solar radiation from the earth
Gremlin 0 likes
A mischievous creature superstitiously made responsible for malfunctions of machinery and equipment
Grid 1 like
The completed assemblage of main and cross tees in a suspended ceiling before the ceiling panels are installed; also decorative slats placed between glass panels
Griddle, Kitchen1 like
griddle kitchen
Flat surface where dry heat is used to cook food
Grillage 0 likes
Framework of main runner channels and furring channels for ceiling reinforcement
Grille 0 likes
Component of the ventilation system that promotes air circulation in the space by enabling air to return; a metal screen or grating that permits circulation
Grin 0 likes
Condition where backing shows through thinly spaced pile tufts; carpets may be grinned to expose the carpet construction
Grind Gauge, Hegeman 1 like
See Hegeman Grind Gauge
Grinder, Electric2 likes
grinder electric
See Electric Grinder
Grit 0 likes
An abrasive obtained from slag and similar materials
Groove 1 like
Opening provided for a groove weld
See Dado
See Housing
See Tongue and Groove
Groove Weld 0 likes
A weld made in the groove between two parts to be joined; the standard types of groove welds are as follows: Square, Single-Vee, Single-Bevel, Single-U, Single-J, Double-Vee, Double-Bevel, Double-U, and Double-J
Gross 0 likes
Overall total excluding deductions
12 dozen; 144
Gross Building Area 0 likes
Total building area expressed in square feet
Gross Cross Sectional Area 1 like
Area measured by overarching dimensions including voids
Gross Errors 0 likes
Errors easily detected as they are substantial in relation to their context
Gross Income 0 likes
Total income received from a real estate investment, with no deductions for loan repayment or other expenses
Gross Leasable Area 0 likes
A building’s total leasable area; the gross building area minus the un-rentable areas
Gross Multiplier 0 likes
An unreliable method of appraising the value of income property by multiplying the gross annual income by a multiplier; employed mainly in residential property
Gross Profit 1 like
Excess of net sales over the costs of goods sold
Ground 0 likes
Electrical connection to the ground intended to carry current safely away from a circuit in the event of a fault, or a wire that makes this kind of connection
Ground Acceleration 1 like
Acceleration of the ground as a result of earthquake forces
Ground Bus 0 likes
In a main electrical service panel, where the neutral service wire is attached to; linked to the earth by the ground wire
Ground Coat 0 likes
Coating material applied before the graining colors or glazing coat in painting
Ground Coil 1 like
Heat exchanger buried underground; may be employed either as an evaporator or as a condenser
Ground Color 0 likes
Background color against which overlying colors produce the pattern or figure in the design
Ground Cover 1 like
Low lying planting materials covering the ground, such as grass and ivy
See Soil Cover
Ground Displacement 0 likes
The distance ground moves from its original position in an earthquake
Ground Failure 2 likes
When the ground does not hold together such as during a landslide, mud flow, or liquefaction
Ground Fault 0 likes
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI, GFI) is an ultra sensitive plug engineered to shut off all electric current; employed in bathrooms, kitchens, exterior waterproof outlets, garage outlets, and wet areas; there is a small reset button on the plug
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)1 like
Supplies power; also monitors the amount of incoming and outgoing current; whenever the entering current does not equal the departing current, indicating current leakage, the GFCI instantly opens the circuit. A faster overcurrent protection device than fuses or circuit breakers
Ground Hydrant 0 likes
A water hydrant employed when fighting fires, installed in the ground
Ground Iron 0 likes
The plumbing drain and waste lines secured beneath the basement floor; cast iron was previously employed, but black plastic pipe is now common
Ground Lease 0 likes
Land lease
Ground Movement 0 likes
All aspects of movement like acceleration, velocity, and displacement
Ground Paper 3 likes
Wallpaper with an overall background color
Ground Rent 0 likes
Rent consideration for a ground lease
Ground Rod 0 likes
A rod connecting electrical equipment and the ground
Ground Short Circuit 0 likes
Fault in an electrical circuit allowing electricity to flow into a mechanism’s metal components
Ground Wire1 like
ground wire
Electrical wire that safely conducts electricity from a structure into the ground
A wire dissipating electrostatic charge in airless spraying
Grounded 0 likes
Connected to the electrical circuit grounding conductor; also, connected to a grounding electrode meeting the requirements of the installation
Grounded Conductor 2 likes
An intentionally grounded system or circuit conductor
Grounding 0 likes
Making an electrical connection into the earth
A large conducting body like the earth, employed as a common return for an electric circuit
Grounding Clip3 likes
grounding clip
A metal clipping device securing a groundingwire to a pipe or fixture
Grounding Conductor 0 likes
A conductor that grounds electrical equipment or a grounded circuit to a grounding electrode
Grounding Conductor, Common Main 2 likes
In a grounded system, the conductor connecting the circuit grounded conductor and the equipment grounding conductor to the grounding electrode
Grounding Conductor, Equipment 0 likes
A conductor connecting the grounding equipment to the service equipment enclosure
Grounding Conductor, Main 0 likes
Conductor connecting the equipment grounding conductor to the grounding electrode at the service in an ungrounded system
Grounding Locknut1 like
grounding locknut
A locknut connecting electrical equipment and a ground wire
Grounding Plug1 like
grounding plug
An electrical plug that grounds a device
Groundscraper 0 likes
A wide building consisting of offices or apartments; contrast with Skyscraper
Groundwater 1 like
Water from an aquifer or an underground water source
Grout2 likes
A wet mixture of cement, sand and water that flows into masonry or ceramic crevices, sealing cracks between the various units; also employed for filling hollow metal door frames
Grout Bond 1 like
The adhesion, interlocking and reinforcement of grout with masonry units
Grout Lift 1 like
Increase in height when grout is poured
Grout Mix 1 like
The amount of portland cement, fine aggregate, admixture, and water
Grout Pour 0 likes
The total height of masonry wall to be grouted prior to adding more masonry; a grout pour will consist of one or more grout lifts
Grout Saw2 likes
grout saw
A saw-toothed carbide steel blade mounted on a wooden handle, employed to remove old tile grout and in patching work; the carbide steel blade is brittle and shatters if dropped or abused; the spring steel tip in front of the saw blade is employed for scraping grout out of corners where the saw blade cannot get to
Grout Scrubbing Pad1 like
grout scrubbing pad
A non-scratch nylon pad with abrasive employed to clean grout from the surface of tile
Grout-Aid 1 like
A proprietary admix to reduce grout shrinkage by the high-lift grouting method
Grout, Block 0 likes
See Block Grout
Grout, Epoxy 0 likes
See Epoxy Grout
Grout, Masonry 0 likes
See Masonry Grout
Grouted Hollow-Unit Masonry 1 like
When grout fills specific cells of hollow units continuously
Grouted Multi-Wythe Masonry 0 likes
When grout fills the space between wythes
Grouting 1 like
Using grout to fill tile joints, masonry block or cells, or any masonry type
Growth Ring 2 likes
Layer of wood growth on a tree in one year; annual growth ring
Grubbing 2 likes
Clearing out and uprooting roots and stumps
GSU 1 like
Glazed Structural Unit
GTA 1 like
Glass Tempering Association
GTAW 1 like
Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding
Guarantee 0 likes
Written or implied assurances for the project or aspects of it
Undertaking or document stipulating that something will or will not happen
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) 0 likes
Amount defined in a construction contract as the maximum sum payable by the owner to the contractor for the work stipulated
Guarantor 1 like
One who provides a guarantee
Guarded 0 likes
Covered, shielded, enclosed, fenced, or otherwise protected to remove the possibility of danger
Guardrail2 likes
A safety railing to prevent encroachment or accidents including falls from considerable height
Barrier or ridge keeping vehicles in their lanes in street construction
A device protecting a machine part or its operator
Guardrail Removal 0 likes
Removing a safety or protective device
Guesstimate 2 likes
An estimate based on a combination of calculation and guesswork
Guest 0 likes
Any person hiring or occupying a room to live and sleep in
Guest Room 1 like
Any room occupied for occupation by a guest for sleeping purposes
Guide Coat 0 likes
A coat similar to the finish or color coat of different color to achieve complete coverage
Gum 0 likes
Nonvolatile, viscous and dissolves or swells when in contact with water; employed in making varnishes and paints
Gum Arabic 0 likes
Dry, gummy white powdered resin; employed in adhesives, cold water paint, and in show card colors
Gum Turpentine1 like
gum turpentine
Material from living pine trees; when distilled, provides gum rosin and spirits of turpentine
Gun Distance 0 likes
Space between the spray gun’s tip and the work
Gunite 1 like
A concrete material pumped through a hose; also called dry-mix Shotcrete
Gusset 0 likes
A flat wood, plywood, or similar member providing a connection at the junction of wood members; most often employed at wood truss joints; fastened by nails, bolts, adhesives or screws
Gusset Plate 0 likes
A flat steel plate to which a truss’s chords are connected at a joint; a Stiffener Plate
Gutta-Percha 0 likes
A tough plastic substance that is similar to rubber but has more resin; provides insulation and has other uses
Gutter 0 likes
Shallow channel made of steel, copper, aluminum, or plastic with other materials to increase strength and wearing or rust resistance, positioned just under and along the eaves of a building for collecting and diverting rainwater and snow melt
Gutter Nail1 like
gutter nail
Long nail that hangs rainwater gutters on light wood framed homes
Gutter Removal 1 like
Demolishing and removing a gutter system
Gutter Strap 0 likes
Metal band supporting a gutter
Guy Cable 0 likes
A wire maintaining a tall exterior mast, antenna, or other structure in place
Guy Rod 0 likes
A metal rod attached to a cable or rope, leading to an object for stability and reinforcement
Gym 1 like
Gym Curtain2 likes
gym curtain
Fabric hung vertically to separate the parts of a gymnasium
Gym Floor 0 likes
A level hardwood surface employed for sporting activities in a gymnasium
Gym Locker1 like
gym locker
A compartment with a lock and key that stores personal items in a gymnasium
Gym Scoreboard 0 likes
A large board in a gymnasium, displaying the score and commonly other information about a game or match
Gymnasium 0 likes
A building or room where indoor sports take place
Gymnasium Floor Anchor Channel 1 like
Metal channel anchoring wood gymnasium flooring
Gymnasium Underfloor Insulation 0 likes
Board insulation between sleepers under gymnasium wood flooring to muffle the sound drum effect
Gyp Board 0 likes
Drywall; wall board or gypsum in a panel usually 4 feet X 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, or 16 feet covering interior walls and ceilings
Gypsite 0 likes
Earthy deposit located at or near the ground’s surface, consisting of 60 to 90 percent fine, crystalline gypsum mixed with loam, humus, sand and clay
Gypsum 0 likes
A natural mineral, hydrous calcium sulfate; the main part of sheetrock or drywall; when heated, becomes plaster-of-Paris
Gypsum Association (GA) 0 likes
6525 Belcrest Road, Suite 480, Hyattsville, MD 20782, Tel: (301) 277-8686, Fax: (301) 277-8747: URL: www.gypsum.org/
Gypsum Backing Board 0 likes
A ¼ inch to 5/8 inch (6.35 mm – 15.875 mm) thick gypsum board employed as backing for gypsum wallboard, acoustical tile or other dry cladding
Gypsum Block 0 likes
Cast gypsum building block; also called Gypsum Tile
Gypsum Concrete 0 likes
Mixture of calcium gypsum with wood chips, aggregate, or both; employed mainly for poured roof decks
Gypsum Core Board 0 likes
A ¾ inch to 1 inch (19.0 mm to 25.4 mm) gypsumboard, either one board or several factory-laminated boards employed as a gypsum stud or core in gypsumboard partitions
Gypsum Fill 0 likes
Troweled on plaster material to level depressions
Gypsum Formboard 0 likes
Gypsumboard employed as the permanent form for poured gypsum in roof decking
Gypsum Gauging Plaster 0 likes
A plaster that mixes lime putty to regulate the setting time and initial strength of a finish coat; categorized either as slowset or quickset
Gypsum High Strength Basecoat Plaster 0 likes
A gypsum cement employed with sand aggregate; produces high compressive strength plaster
Gypsum Lath 0 likes
A plaster base produced in sheet or slab form in various sizes, 3/8 inch or ½ inch thick, with an incombustible core, basically gypsum, and surfaced with specific paper that can receive gypsum plaster
Gypsum Masonry 0 likes
Molded, lightweight masonry units made from gypsum plaster, fiber and water
Gypsum Molding Plaster0 likes
casting plaster
Plaster employed in casting and in decorative plasterwork; can be employed neat or with lime
Gypsum Neat Plaster 0 likes
A plaster which has aggregate added on-site; may be without fiber or fibered
Gypsum Plaster 0 likes
Gypsum produced for use with water and sand for base-coat plaster
Gypsum Ready Mixed Plaster 1 like
A plaster mixed at the mill with mineral aggregate; may contain other ingredients that regulate set time and working characteristics; water must be included on-site; also called Mill-Mixed and Pre-Mixed
Gypsum Roof Deck 0 likes
A light roofing substrate made of gypsum as structural boards or poured in place over structural decking
Gypsum Sheathing 1 like
Flat sheet gypsum board with water repellent paper attached to the external side of a wall, roof or floor framing; produces rigidity in building’s superstructure, acts as a base for additional construction adding fire resistive properties; not for long term exposure to the elements
Gypsum Tile 0 likes
See Gypsum Block
Gypsum Trowel Finish 0 likes
Proprietary, previously-mixed finish coat materials primarily of calcined gypsum
Gypsum Wall Sheathing, Fire-Rated 0 likes
Flat sheet material of fire-rated gypsum board
Gypsum Wallboard 0 likes
A gypsum board employed mainly for interior surfaces in structures
Gypsum Wood-Fibered Plaster 0 likes
Plaster with a small amount of wood fiber as aggregate, employed to fireproof and for strengthen
Gypsum, Alpha 0 likes
See Alpha Gypsum
Gypsumboard 1 like
Interior-facing panel made of a gypsum core set between two paper faces; also called Drywall, Plasterboard, or Sheetrock
Gyrate 0 likes
To circle or spiral; whirl; revolve
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