Term Definition
Fiber 1 like
Long, thin, tapering wood cell, closed at both ends, in wood; also called a Tracheid
Additive such as cellulosic or glass fiber improving core flexibility and gypsum board integrity
Animal hair, manila, or glass fibers of suitable length included in plaster mortar to improve cohesiveness
Fiber Saturation Point 0 likes
Condition when the cell walls are saturated and cell cavities have no water during drying or wetting of wood; usually 23-30 percent moisture content, based on oven dry weight
Fiberboard3 likes
A prefabricated sheet of compressed plant or wood fibers; bonding agents and other materials are sometimes added to enhance strength, moisture resistance, fire, decay, or another characteristic; also called Insulation Board
Fiberboard Insulation 1 like
Insulation sheets made of cane or wood fibers
Fiberboard Panel 0 likes
Flat sheet wood material reduced to fibers and bonded to yield a specific density
Fiberboard Sheathing 1 like
Outdoor sheathing produced from cane or wood fibers
Fiberboard Wall Sheathing 1 like
Flat sheet of fiberboard fastened to the external side of exterior wall studs, employed for enhancing rigidity in the building structure and as a base for veneer or siding construction
Fibered Plaster 0 likes
Basecoat plaster that has animal, glass, or vegetable fiber
Fiberglass1 like
Glass in fibrous form employed in manufacturing textiles, thermal and acoustical insulation, and reinforcing plastics
Products containing glass fibers ranging from 5 – 600 hundred-thousandths of an inch in diameter
Fiberglass Insulation2 likes
fiberglass insulation
Insulation produced from glass fibers with the consistency of wool
Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe2 likes
fiberglass reinforced pipe
A pipe for gas or liquid, manufactured from glass fibers and resins to reinforce durability and add strength
Fiberglass Tank1 like
fiberglass tank
Sizeable fiberglass-reinforced plastic container employed for storing liquids
Fibrous Concrete 0 likes
Light concrete made from a fibrous aggregate for enhanced tensile strength and ease of nailing.
Fiddleback-Grained Woods 0 likes
Wood grain figure produced by a fine wavy grain commonly found in species of maple; traditionally employed in the back of violins
Fiduciary 0 likes
Person in a position or relationship of trust; a trusted supervisor
Fiduciary Relationship 0 likes
A relationship where trust and confidence exist between the principal and agent
Field 2 likes
Construction site; not including offices, factories, or work shops
Expanse or area of wall between corners and openings, composed mainly of stretcher units in brick masonry
Surface area of a piece of gypsum board
Field Concrete 0 likes
Concrete that is mixed, placed, and cured on the job site
Field Engineer 1 like
An engineer working mainly at the jobsite; usually representing the owner and often making minor engineering decisions at the site to expedite construction
Field House 2 likes
Building where athletic activities take place
Field Measure 1 like
To take measurements or articles in the home instead of using the blueprints
Field Order 0 likes
A written order that entails a minor change in the work to be performed; not involving any alteration in the contract sum or lengthening of the contract period
Field Painting 0 likes
Painting at the job site
Field Primed 2 likes
The first coat of paint utilized on a construction site
Field Report 0 likes
See Daily Construction Report
Field Tile 0 likes
Tiles covering a floor or wall; the field is surrounded by tile trim
Field Welded Truss 1 like
A truss welded and manufactured at a job site
Field Work Order 1 like
A written request to a subcontractor or vendor requesting services or materials, generally from the general contractor
Fiery Finish 1 like
Wood finish such that the hard grain stands out; created with a blowtorch and a bristled brush
Fifty-Fifty 0 likes
Dry or damp equal parts portland cement and extra-fine sand mixture employed to fill the joints of mounted ceramic mosaic tiles to ensure they are evenly spaced during installation
Figure 0 likes
Pattern created in a wood surface by annual growth rings, rays, knots, uneven coloration, or divergences from the standard grain
Filament2 likes
Conducting wire with a high melting point in an electric bulb that becomes luminous with the passage of an electric current
File 1 like
A scraping device that removes burrs and rough edges, and shapes wood and metal objects
Filigree1 like
Decorative, delicate openwork made from thin twisted wire in silver, gold, or another metal
Fill 1 like
An earth or broken rock structure or embankment
Soil without value except as bulk
Sand, gravel or other loose earth employed to raise the ground level around an existing structure
Fill, Gypsum 0 likes
Troweled on plaster material to level depressions
Filler Block 1 like
Concrete masonry unit employed with concrete joists for concrete floor or roof production
Filler Metal 0 likes
The metal included in producing a welded, brazed, or soldered joint
Filler, Joint2 likes
See Joint Filler
Filler, Wood1 like
filler, wood
See Wood Filler
Fillet Weld 0 likes
A weld at the inner intersection of two metal surfaces meeting at right angles in a lap joint, tee joint, or corner joint
Filling 0 likes
Cotton, jute, kraftcord or other yarns running across the fabric and employed with chain yarns to bind pile tufts to backing yarns in carpet making; see Weft
Filling In 0 likes
Laying brick or other masonry units between the face and the back of a wall, in the center
Film Build 0 likes
Dry thickness properties of a coat of paint
Film Former 0 likes
Substance forming skin or membrane when dried
Film Integrity 2 likes
The degree of continuity of film in paint
Film Thickness Gauge 0 likes
Device that measures film thickness above substrates in painting; available as dry or wet film thickness gauges
Filmogens 0 likes
Film-producing materials such as varnish resins and linseed oil
Filter3 likes
Strainer; purifier; sieve
Air cleaning device accessory to remove visible particles, microscopic particles, bacteria, or odors
Apparatus for removing suspended particles from pool water
Filter Aid 0 likes
A powdery substance employed in coating a septum-type filter; also alum to support sand filtration
Filter Block 1 like
Hollow, vitrified clay masonry item, occasionally salt-glazed for trickling filter floors in sewage disposal plants
Filter Cycle 0 likes
Filter operation duration between backwash processes; also called Filter Run
Filter Glass2 likes
filter glass
Glass, often colored, employed in goggles, helmets, and hand shields to prevent detrimental light rays
Filter Media 0 likes
Fine grained material that traps suspended materials as they pass through it
Filter Rate 1 like
Rate of water flow through a filter during filtering in gallons per minute per square foot of effective filter area
Filter Rock 0 likes
Graded, round rock, or gravel that doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to pool chemicals to enhance filter media
Filter Run 2 likes
See Filter Cycle
Filter Sand1 like
filter sand
Pool filter media consisting of hard sharp silica, quartz, or similar particles with suitable size and uniformity grading
Filter Septum 1 like
Filter component where diatomaceous earth or similar filter media is left
Filter Waste Discharge Piping 2 likes
Piping conducting waste water from a filter to a drainage system; drainage system is connected via an air gap and various approved methods
Filter, Sand 0 likes
See Sand Filter
Filtration 0 likes
Separating solid particles from a liquid; after passing through a filter, the filtrate is separate from the residue
Final Acceptance 0 likes
Owner accepts the contractor’s work as complete in accordance with the contract requirements; final acceptance is confirmed by the owner with the final payment to the contractor
Final Inspection 0 likes
Final site review by the contractor, owner or an authorized representative before issuing the final request for payment
Final Payment 0 likes
Last payment of the unpaid balance of the contract amount by the owner to the contractor, may be adjusted by approved change orders; See Final Acceptance
Final Setting Time 1 like
Time needed for fresh cement paste, mortar, or concrete to finally set
Financial Analysis 4 likes
Analysis includes comparison of current financial data with prior years, comparison of current financial data to the data of other businesses in the same industry, and ratio analysis
Financial Leverage 0 likes
Employing borrowed money to enhance the return on the owner’s investment
Financial Statement 1 like
A balance sheet, income and expense statement, or other presentation of financial data
Fine Aggregate 0 likes
Concrete aggregate less than ¼ inch in diameter; sand
Fine Mineral Surfacing 0 likes
A water insoluble material, where more than 50 percent passes through a No. 35 sieve; may be employed on the surface of roofing material
Fine Textured Wood 1 like
Wood with small, tightly packed pores
Fine-Graded Aggregate 0 likes
Aggregate with continuous grading in particle size from rough to fine particles, mostly fine
Fine-Grained Wood 1 like
See Close-Grained Wood
Fineness Modulus 0 likes
An abstract number employed to compare particles or gradations of aggregate; determined by adding the cumulative percentages on six standard screens and dividing the sum by 100
Fineness of Grind 1 like
Particle size or coarseness of liquid paint measure; amount of pigment dispersal in the binder
Fines 0 likes
Small aggregate particles that can pass through a #200 sieve
Finger joint 2 likes
Interlocking two short wood pieces to manufacture a longer piece of dimensional lumber or molding; commonly employed in jambs and casings and usually painted (not stained)
Fingers 0 likes
A broken spray pattern in airless spraying
Finial2 likes
An architectural decoration finishing the top of a roof, tower, cupola, or canopy
Finish 0 likes
Wood products employed in joinery and other fine work to complete a structure, particularly the interior
Adding stains, filler, or other materials to protect, preserve and beautify a wood surface.
Finish Carpentry 0 likes
Installing wood finish and materials such as moldings, doors, and window trim to a structure
Finish Coat 1 like
Final layer of any finishing material
Finish Coat Floating 0 likes
Bringing the aggregate to the surface to yield a uniform texture in plastering
Finish Date 2 likes
The date that an activity or project is finally complete
Finish Grade 1 like
The final earth grade needed to meet the specifications
Finish Paving 0 likes
Finish coats of asphalt, concrete, or coated macadam on sidewalks, streets, and parking lots
Finish Plaster 2 likes
Final layer of plaster coating
Finish Plywood 0 likes
Best plywood grade
Finish Shotcrete 0 likes
Final coat of air-blown mortar
Finisher 1 like
Skilled craftsman in finishing gypsum board joints
Finishing Brushes 0 likes
Brushes that apply water to a smooth lime finish coat during final troweling in plastering
Finishing Sheetrock 0 likes
Taping and sanding of sheetrock seams to prepare for painting or finish
Finishing Tools1 like
finishing tools
Knives, trowels and other special equipment needed to finish gypsum board joints
Fink Truss 1 like
A three-triangle symmetrical truss, usually employed to support large sloping roofs
Fir Decking 0 likes
2 inch or thicker softwood sheathing material for floors and decks
Fir Floor 2 likes
A flooring system made of softwood
Fir Siding 0 likes
External wall covering boards made from softwood.
Fire Alarm1 like
fire alarm
A warning device activated to warn of fire threat
Fire Alarm Cable 0 likes
Specific electrical system cable carrying electric current to a warning bell, horn or light
Fire Block 0 likes
Short horizontal parts nailed between studs, commonly around halfway up a wall; see Fire Stop
Fire Blocking 0 likes
Intermittent solid cross-framing inhibiting the spread of flame within the framing cavity
Fire Box 0 likes
Inside of a furnace or fireplace, acting as combustion space
Fire Brick 0 likes
Refractory ceramic brick that resists high temperatures, employed in a fireplace and boiler
Fire Clay 2 likes
Stony or earthy mineral aggregate in commercial refractory products that can withstand immense heat employed for fire brick; also employed as mortar for laying fire brick
Fire Damper 0 likes
Damper that automatically shuts an opening or duct when fire is detected
Fire Decorating 0 likes
Firing metallic or ceramic decorations on a glazed ceramic’s surface
Fire Detection Annunciator 0 likes
Mechanical device announcing a warning audibly to alert a fire
Fire Division Wall 0 likes
Any wall subdividing a building to resist the spread of fire
Fire Door 2 likes
Rated door produced with specific materials to inhibit the spread of fire
Fire Endurance 0 likes
Assembly’s ability to meet certain fire test criteria
Fire Escape 0 likes
Continuous and unobstructed escape route from a structure in case of fire, usually exterior with stairs, ladders, and landings
Fire Extinguisher1 like
fire extinguisher
A small, portable device that ejects chemicals to extinguish fires
Fire Hydrant 1 like
A discharge device with a valve and spout which can draw water from the mains of waterworks; employed mostly in fighting fires, also employed to service water mains and systems; also known as a Fire Plug
Fire Lines 0 likes
Complete wet standpipe system of buildings that includes the water service, roof manifold, standpipe, Siamese connections, and pumps
Fire Plug 0 likes
Fire Hydrant
Fire Rated Brick 0 likes
Brick tested for fire resistance and graded for specific construction operations
Fire Rated Door 0 likes
A door rated by how long it can withstand fire before failing
Fire Rated Frame 0 likes
A door frame rated by how long it can withstand fire before failing
Fire Rated Panel 0 likes
A panel rated by how long it can withstand fire before failing
Fire Resistance 0 likes
Ability of an assembly to maintain structural stability and prevent the transmission of heat for a specific time period
Fire Resistance Rating 1 like
The time, in hours or increments of an hour that an assembly can resist exposure to fire
Fire Resistant 0 likes
Incombustible or slow to experience fire damage; creating a barrier to fire transmission
Fire Resistant Sheetrock 1 like
Sheetrock produced with fire-resistant chemicals
Fire Retardant2 likes
fire retardant
A chemical treatment reducing the flammability of the treated material and inhibits the spread of fire
Fire Retardant Chemical 2 likes
A chemical preparation that diminishes combustion or inhibits the spread of flames
Fire Retardant Paint 0 likes
Paint containing material that inhibits combustion of flammable material, or prevents material from supporting flame
Fire Retardant Roof 2 likes
Roofing material with fire retardant chemicals
Fire Retardant Treated Lumber 1 like
Lumber treated to inhibit combustion
Fire Retardant Treated Plywood 0 likes
Plywood treated to slow combustion
Fire Separation Wall 1 like
Specified wall under the building code that divides two sections of a building to deter the spread of fire; a fire wall
Fire Sprinkler Detector 1 like
A water pressure actuated switch signaling when a sprinkler head has been triggered
Fire Sprinkler Head 0 likes
The water spray part of a fire sprinkling system
Fire Sprinkler System 2 likes
Arrangement of water pipes that sprays water through spaced heads triggered by heightened temperature
Fire Standpipe 0 likes
Lines and connections in buildings providing water sources for fire fighting
Fire Station 0 likes
A building that accommodates fire-fighting vehicles as well as fire fighters
Fire Stop 1 like
Material or member sealing open construction to prevent the spread of fire
Projection of brickwork from walls between joists to stop fire from moving between the plaster and the brick wall
A solid, tight closure of a hidden space to stop the spread of fire and smoke through the space; retarding the spread of fire and smoke in the walls and ceiling behind the drywall; packing wire holes in the top and bottom plates with insulation, and mounting wooden blocks between the wall studs at the drop soffit line; necessary to pass a Rough Frame inspection; see Fire Block
Fire Stopping 0 likes
Sealing of adjacent framing cavities or areas to inhibit rapid spread of fire and smoke; see Fire Blocking
Fire Tapping 0 likes
Taping of gypsumboard joints without additional finishing coats, employed in attic, plenum or mechanical areas where beautification is un necessary
Fire-Resistive or Fire Rated 0 likes
Incombustible materials in ordinary fires and will withstand these fires for at least one hour; Drywall employed in garage and party walls are fire rated, 5/8 inch, Type X
Fire-Retardant Chemical 1 like
Chemicals employed to lower the flammability of a material or inhibit the spread of flame
Fire-Trap 1 like
Building without adequate provision for escape in the event of fire
Fire, Bisque 3 likes
See Bisque Fire
Fire, Glost 2 likes
See Glost Fire
Fire, Single 0 likes
See Single Fire
Firebox 0 likes
The part of a fireplace that contains the fire
Firebrick 2 likes
Brick resistant to high temperatures and chemical disintegration, employed as lining for furnaces, fireboxes, and chimneys
Firecut 0 likes
A sloping end cut on a wood beam or joist where it enters a masonry wall, enabling the wood part to rotate out of the wall without pulling it apart if the floor or roof burns during a fire
Fireplace1 like
A masonry chamber in a building structure that enables an open fire; a flue to allow smoke and fumes to escape
Fireplace Chase Flashing Pan 2 likes
A large sheet of metal mounted around and at right angles to the fireplace flue pipe confining the spread of fire and smoke to a small area
Fireproof Vault 0 likes
An enclosure or room intended for the storing of valuables, and has been constructed to withstand fire and heat.
Fireproofing 0 likes
Application of material to a building element insulating it against excessive temperatures in the event of fire
Firewall 0 likes
A wall constructed to inhibit the spread of fire
Firewall, Brick 0 likes
See Brick Firewall
Firing 0 likes
Controlled heat treatment of ceramics in a kiln or furnace to develop specific properties
Firing Range 0 likes
The range of firing temperature where a ceramic develops commercially useful properties
A practicing environment for shooting weapons
First Aid Kit1 like
first aid kit
Container of non-prescription medical supplies for emergency use
Fiscal Year 0 likes
Financial year; a 12-month accounting period
Fish Eyes 0 likes
A term for small flaws sometimes found in lime finish coats; approximately ¼ inch in diameter, due to lumpy lime
Fish Oil 0 likes
The only animal oil employed in paint; obtained from fish such as sardine, menhaden, and pilchard
Fish Tape1 like
fish tape
A long steel tape employed by electricians to push through an electrical conduit and retrieve conductors
Fished 0 likes
Installation of electrical wiring in inaccessible hollow spaces in buildings with minimum damage to the building’s finish
Fished Joint 0 likes
An end butt splice reinforced by pieces nailed on the sides
Fishplate or Gusset 1 like
A wood or plywood piece employed to fasten the ends of two parts at a butt joint with nails or bolts; also called a Gang Nail Plate
Fissure 1 like
A thin, long, deep crack as a result of breaking or parting
Fitting 0 likes
A device that connects pipes
An accessory that performs a mechanical rather than an electrical function
Fitting Gain 0 likes
The space a pipe requires inside a fitting
Fixative 1 like
A protective coating applied to drawings in media such as crayons, pastel, charcoal, and pencil, usually by spraying, to stop the designs from being erased
Fixed 0 likes
Fastened or made immovable by nails, screws, bolts, conduit, piping systems, or other means
Fixed Assets 0 likes
Assets of some permanent nature and useful for more than a year, such as fixtures, equipment, real estate, and vehicles
Fixed Displacement Pump 0 likes
A pump of which the displacement per cycle remains constant
Fixed Door 1 like
The door of a pair that is kept closed
Fixed End Beam 0 likes
A beam fixed on a support that stops its rotating
Fixed Fee 0 likes
Set contract sum for labor, materials, equipment and services; includes contractors’ overhead and profit for the accomplishment of a specific scope of work
Fixed Liabilities 0 likes
Liabilities for more than a one year period, such as mortgage, vehicle, and equipment payments
Fixed Limit of Construction Costs 1 like
Construction cost ceiling set between the owner and architect or engineer for the design of a specific project; See Budget
Fixed Price Contract 0 likes
A contract with a specific set price for the work involved; See Time and Materials Contract
Fixed Rate 0 likes
A loan where initial payments are based on a set interest rate for a stated period; the rate does not change during this period even if there are changes in the lender’s standard variable rate
Fixed Rate Mortgage 0 likes
A mortgage with an interest rate that does not change over time
Fixed Window 0 likes
Sash or glass that is mounted in a wall and cannot be moved
Fixture Branch 0 likes
A pipe connecting a water supply with some fixtures
Fixture Carrier 0 likes
A mounting frame installed in a wall for the purpose of supporting a plumbing fixture
Fixture Drain 0 likes
The drain pipe from a fixture’s trap to where it joins with another drain pipe
Fixture Unit 0 likes
Design factor that ascertains the load-producing value from a given fixture to ensure the drainage piping is big enough to convey the liquids and wastes; the unit flow rate from fixtures is assumed to be one cubic foot or 7.5 gallons of liquid per minute; fixtures are graded as multiples of this unit of flow
Fixture, Lighting 1 like
See Lighting Fixture
Fixture, Plumbing 0 likes
See Plumbing Fixture.
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