Term Definition
FAA 0 likes
Federal Arbitration Act
Federal Aviation Administration
Fabric 0 likes
A building’s basic structure
Quality and texture of textiles
Woven cloth of organic or inorganic yarns, filaments, or threads
A material that is similar to cloth, like steel reinforcing mesh
Fabric, Form 0 likes
Welded-wire fabric that strengthens concrete while it is both setting and gaining sufficient strength to be self-supportive
Fabrication 1 like
The assembly, processing, or construction of parts
Fabrication, Metal 0 likes
The construction, building, or production of metal devices or structures
Façade 0 likes
A building’s external face
Face 0 likes
The façade or front
Exposed surface
The long, narrow side of a brick; the exposed surface of a masonry or wall unit
The surface created to be viewed
Somewhat vertical rock surface exposed by excavating or blasting
See Steel Square
Face Amount 1 like
Amount of money mentioned on a bond, note, or check or other monetary instrument, excluding interest
Face Board 0 likes
External trim board of a roof soffit system
Face Brick 0 likes
Brick selected on its appearance and durability for use in a wall’s exposed surface
Face Frame 0 likes
Front-facing framework from which doors are hung and drawers inserted in cabinetry
Face Layer 1 like
External layer of gypsum board in multilayer applications
Face Mounted Tile 1 like
Tile assembled into sheets or units, then bonded to facilitate handling
Face Nail 1 like
To fit nails into the vertical face of a bearing header or beam
Face of Weld 0 likes
Exposed surface of a weld produced by arc or gas welding on the side where the welding occurred
Face Reinforcement 2 likes
Reinforcement of weld at the side of the joint where the welding occurred
Face Seam 2 likes
Cemented or sewed carpet seam produced without turning the entire carpet over or face-down; also produced during installation where it is impossible to create a back seam
Face Shell 0 likes
Hollow concrete or clay masonry unit side wall
Face-Mounted Tile 0 likes
Tile with paper applied to its face then removed with water before applying grout
Face-Nailing 0 likes
To nail at right angles to a surface or to the intersection of adjoining pieces; also called Direct Nailing
Faced Concrete 2 likes
Finish the front and vertical sides of a concrete patio, steps, or porch; usually the face is broom-finished
Faced Wall 0 likes
A wall where the masonry facing and backing consist of different materials, bonded and work together under a load
Facet 1 like
A level small surface
Facework 2 likes
Pipe valves and manifold fittings that connect a filter to circulation lines
Facia 0 likes
See Fascia
Facial Defect 0 likes
The nonconforming part of the facial surface of a tile that diminishes its aesthetics or serviceability
Facilities Planning 0 likes
Planning for long-term use of a building which could include furniture, equipment, operations, maintenance, and plans for expansion
Facility Design 0 likes
Engineering and architectural design of a facility
Facility Management 0 likes
Supervision, operation, and maintenance of a facility
Facility or Site Analysis 0 likes
Inspecting a building and on-site enhancements for physical or operating wear; prepare optional Replacement Cost Estimate for making recommendations to improve physical and functional shortcomings to enhance market value; and/or prepare a five-year Reserve Study to improve Net Operating Income for the site; See Site Analysis
Facility Requirements 1 like
Facility’s operational needs
Facility Services 2 likes
A facility’s operational needs such as including capital, personnel, equipment, transportation, and utilities
Facing 0 likes
Masonry forming an integral part of a wall as its finished surface; compare with Veneer
Facing Brick 0 likes
Brick employed and exposed on the outside of a wall, normally with a finished texture
Facing Tile Institute (FTI) 0 likes
P. O. Box 8880, Canton, Ohio 44711, Tel: (216) 488-1211, URL: http://penrose-press.com/SOC18947.idd
Factor of Safety 1 like
Ratio of a material’s ultimate strength to its working stress
Factored Load 1 like
The load imposed on a part multiplied by suitable factors, employed in the design of reinforced concrete parts
Factory 1 like
A building with equipment to produce machinery or merchandise
Factory and Shop Lumber 0 likes
Lumber for use in production
Factory Finished Flooring 1 like
Flooring produced in a factory ready for use
Factory Floor 1 like
See Industrial Wood Floor
Factory Mutual (FM) 0 likes
Insurance industry agency that sets standards for fire safety in buildings, compliance is required for fire insurance; 1151 Boston-Providence Turnpike, Norwood, Massachusetts 02062, Tel: (617) 762-4300; URL: http://www.fmglobal.com/
Factory Square 0 likes
108 square feet or 10 square meters of roofing materials
Fade-O-Meter 0 likes
Device employed to create the effect of sunlight on paint; measuring color preservation or fade resistance
Fading 2 likes
Reduction in a color’s brightness
FAF 0 likes
Forced air furnace
Fahrenheit 0 likes
A scale for measuring temperature where the freezing point of water is 32° and the boiling point is 212° under normal atmospheric conditions
FAIA 0 likes
Fellow of the American Institute of Architects
Faience Mosaic 0 likes
Faience tiles less than 6 inch by 2 inch facial area, commonly 5/16 inch to 3/8 inch or 8mm to 9.5 millimeters thick, and usually pre-mounted to help with installation
Faience Tile 2 likes
Glazed or unglazed decorative tiles with different faces, edges, and/or glaze appearing hand-crafted
Fail-Safe Control 1 like
Mechanism that opens a circuit when the pressure in a sensing element drops
Failure 0 likes
Unsuccessful; bankruptcy; collapse
Fall 2 likes
Amount of slope for horizontal piping runs to provide gravity flow
Fallback 1 like
Decrease of the bitumen softening point by combining asphalt with coal-tar pitch or overheating the bitumen
Fallout 0 likes
Spray gun overspray
False Body 0 likes
Property of paint that is viscous when static but thins when stirred
False Set 0 likes
Fast increase of rigidity in mixed portland cement paste, mortar, or concrete without creating much heat; this can be dissipated and plasticity regained by additional mixing without more water; also called Premature Stiffening and Rubber Set
Falsework 1 like
Shoring and formwork for concrete separated after curing the concrete beams, slabs, and columns
Fan1 like
Radial or axial flow device employed for diverting or producing gas flow
Spacing tile joints to widen certain areas to fit them into a nonparallel section; also called Fanning
Fan Coil Unit (FCU) 2 likes
A packaged unit made of a heating/cooling coil, fan, and filter without ductwork, and employed to serve a space or small space group
Fan Light1 like
fan light
A decorative curve-topped window above the transom of an entrance window or door
Fan Pattern 1 like
Geometry or shape of spray pattern for spray guns
Fan Truss 3 likes
Standard, peaked roof truss arrangement
Fan, Exhaust1 like
exhaust fan
See Exhaust Fan
Fanning 0 likes
Arcing technique for spray guns; moving the spray gun further away from the object
Far Face 1 like
Face of a wall furthest from the viewer; may be the outer or inner face depending on where one is viewing it from
Farad 0 likes
Measurement of the SI unit of capacitance where one coulomb of charge creates a potential difference of one volt
Faraday Experiment 0 likes
Silver chloride absorbs ammonia when cool and discharges it with the application of heat; this is how some absorption refrigerators function
Fascia 1 like
Horizontal boards secured to rafter/truss ends at the eaves and along gables; roof drain gutters are connected to the fascia
Fast Pin Hinge1 like
fast pin hinge
Hinge which holds the pin permanently in place; non-rising pin; See Quick Set
Fast Track Construction (Fast Tracking) 2 likes
Construction management with continuous designconstruction operation; when a prime contractor begins construction before the plans and specifications are complete
Fastener 0 likes
Welds, bolts, crews, rivets, and various connecting devices
Fastener, Insulation 1 like
See Insulation Fastener
Fastener, Pneumatically Driven 2 likes
See Pneumatically Driven Fastener
Fastener, Powder-Actuated 2 likes
See Powder-Actuated Fastener
Fat 0 likes
Material accumulated on a trowel during finishing; often employed to fill in small flaws
Working properties of mortar with a high percentage of cementitious material
Working properties of very plastic mortars
Fat Mortar 0 likes
Mortar containing a high ratio of cementitious components; mortar which normally doesn’t have enough sand; sticky mortar that clings to a trowel
Fat Mud 0 likes
Mortar that contains lime
Fat Paint 2 likes
Paint with excess oil.
Fathom 0 likes
A unit that measures the depth of water equivalent to 6 feet
Fatigue 0 likes
Structural failure resulting from a load being applied and eliminated or reversed repeatedly over a long duration or many cycles
Fatigue Resistance 1 like
Ability of asphalt pavement to endure flexing or slight bending by the motion of vehicles; usually, a higher asphalt content produces greater fatigue resistance
Fatty Acid 0 likes
Acid found in oils or fats with glycerine
Faucet2 likes
Valve for liquid
Fault 1 like
A break or fracture in a rock formation’s continuity due to a relocation of the earth’s crust
Fault Zone 0 likes
Area along a fault in the earth; may consist of many interlacing minor faults
Fault, Lateral Slip 1 like
See Lateral Slip Fault
Fault, Normal 1 like
See Normal Fault
Fault, Oblique Slip 1 like
See Oblique Slip Fault
Fault, Reverse Thrust 1 like
See Reverse Thrust
Fault, Strike Slip 2 likes
See Strike Slip Fault
Fault, Thrust 2 likes
See Thrust Fault
Faulting 0 likes
Movement creating displacement of adjacent rock masses along a fracture
Faux Marble3 likes
faux marble
Fake marble; marble simulated by painting marble graining on wood, plaster, or a metal
Feasibility Study 1 like
Analysis that ascertains financial, economic, technical, or other viability of a proposed project
Feather 0 likes
See Spline
Feather Edge 0 likes
A wood or metal tool with a beveled edge, employed to straighten re-entrant angles in finish plaster coat
Concrete, plaster, or mortar placement edge beveled at an acute angle
Tapered edge
Skived edge of joint tape
Featheredging Tile 0 likes
Chipping away the body from under a facial edge of tile to form a miter
Feathering 0 likes
Sanding or rubbing down a surface to create a feathery edge where coating material gradually thins around the edge and eventually disappears
Feature Strip 2 likes
A narrow strip of beautified liner tile with a distinct texture, color, or design
Featured Edge 0 likes
An arrangement of the paper-bound edge of gypsum boards providing distinctive design or performance
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 3 likes
26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278, Tel: (212) 680-3609, URL: www.fema.gov/
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 1 like
A federal government agency managing and regulating their insured real estate loans
Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) 0 likes
An organization issuing unsecured bonds to create secondary markets for the purchase of FHA and VA loans at market prices
Federal Specifications (FS) 1 like
Government requirements for constituents, products, and performance; Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20234
Fee Simple 0 likes
A total interest in real property
Fee, Professional 0 likes
See Professional Fee
Feeder Duct 2 likes
Enclosure for electrical conductors that run power from a central source to one or more distribution centers
Feel 0 likes
Painters’ term for the operational properties of paint
Feeler Gauge2 likes
feeler gauge
Thin flat metal strips employed to measure small distances between various surfaces
Feldspar 1 like
A mineral aggregate consisting mainly of microcline, albite or anorthite
Felt1 like
Tar paper; installed beneath roof shingles, usually 15 or 30 pounds
Felting 0 likes
Pressing or matting together various fibers to create continuous fabric, known as felt
FEMA 1 like
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Female 0 likes
A part where a male part is inserted; internal threads are female
Female Thread2 likes
female thread
Inner threads in a pipe or fitting
Fence2 likes
Barrier employed to prevent entry or exit, generally constructed with posts, wood boards or even wire
Fence Auger 0 likes
A rotating drill with a screw thread employed to drill thin, deep holes before installing fence posts
Fence Gate2 likes
gate fence
A fence’s hinged or sliding panel
Fence Hole 0 likes
A hole in the ground in which the main vertical support is inserted during construction
Fence Post Hole 0 likes
A cylindrical hole in the ground where a fence post is inserted
Fence Reuse 1 like
Reusing old fence boards and other fencing materials in new fencing
Fender Pile 0 likes
Outer row of piles shielding a pier or wharf from damage by ships
Fenestration 0 likes
Arrangement and design of doors and windows in a structure
Feng Shui 1 like
Chinese cultural organizational system for arranging, and shaping items and buildings
Ferroconcrete 0 likes
Reinforced concrete
Ferrous 1 like
Iron or having iron
Ferrous Metal2 likes
ferrous metal
Metal alloy that has iron; examples include cast iron, wrought iron, wrought steel and rolled steel
Ferrous Sulphate1 like
ferrous sulphate
Green pigment
Ferrule 0 likes
Metal tubes that enable roof gutters to remain open; long nails known as ferrule spikes are driven through these tubes and secure the gutters along the property’s fascia
Fertilizing 0 likes
Adding a substance (manure or a chemical mixture) to make soil more fertile
Festoon Lighting 1 like
Aerial span of outdoor conductors supplying attached weatherproof lamp holders
FG 1 like
Flat Grain
Fuel Gas
Finish Grade
Foundation Grade
FGMA 0 likes
Flat Glass Marketing Association
FHA 1 like
Federal Housing Administration
FHA Strap 1 like
Metal straps that repair a bearing wall’s cut-out, and tie together wall corners, splices, and bearing headers. They are also employed to hang stairs or landings to bearing headers
FHMS1 like
Flat Head Machine Screw
FHWS1 like
Flat Head Wood Screw
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