Term Definition
Embankment 0 likes
A fill where the top is higher than the connecting surface
Embedment 2 likes
Inserting a material into another material so that it becomes an integral part of the entire material
When a mat, fabric, aggregate, or felt is evenly and completely pressed into a hot adhesive or bitumen
To become lodged in something
Embezzlement 1 like
Theft of property that the thief now possesses; to appropriate property entrusted to a person’s care fraudulently for their own use
Emboss 0 likes
Form designs that a slightly raised on a surface
Embellish or decorate
Embossed 1 like
Carpet pattern that occurs when heavy twisted clumps are employed where straight yarns are located to produce an engraved appearance; the straight and twisted yarns are normally the same color
Embossed Paper 0 likes
Raised relief images and designs in paper; embossing provides a three-dimensional or raised effect on selected areas of paper; two dies are employed and fit into each other, one raised and the other recessed; when the paper is pressed between them, the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die, creating the embossed appearance
Emergency Generator 3 likes
A gasoline powered motor and electrical generator that provides power when the electrical supply is disrupted
Emery 0 likes
An abrasive
EMF 0 likes
Electromotive Force
Eminent Domain 2 likes
The ability of the state to procure private property for public use with fair payment
Emittance 0 likes
To send or give out; also a measure of the inclination of a material to radiate thermally
Empirical Formula 1 like
The simplest formula for a compound
Empty-Cell Process 2 likes
A process of producing deep permeation of a wood preservative with low retention; excess preservative is extricated from the wood cells by means of a vacuum
EMT Conduit 1 like
Electrical Metallic Tubing
Emulsified Asphalt Mi 2 likes
Emulsified asphalt and aggregate mixture produced at a central plant or at the location where it will be placed
Emulsifier 2 likes
A chemical agent which produces a stable emulsion (suspension of one liquid in another) when added to dissimilar materials that are normally immiscible
Emulsifying Agents 2 likes
Chemical substances that mix and scatter dissimilar materials that are ordinarily immiscible, such as asphalt and water and produce a stable emulsion; substances which facilitate the suspension of fine particles, globules, or beads when added to a liquid
Emulsion 0 likes
A suspension of one liquid in another, such as oil in water
A coating composed of fillers and asphalt suspended in water for roofing
Emulsion Paint 2 likes
Generally employed for walls and ceilings, there are three types of emulsion paints: vinyl matt, vinyl satin, for areas that can be washed and vinyl silk for kitchens and bathrooms; water-based emulsion paints are used for woodwork but are not as resilient as oil-based paints
Enamel Paint1 like
enamel paint
Paint that air dries to a hard, glossy finish to coat outdoor surfaces or surfaces subject to wear or changes in temperature
Enameling 0 likes
Painting with enamel
Encased Burial Conduit 0 likes
Plastic or metal conduit
Encased Knot 1 like
A wood knot where the annual growth rings are not mixed with rings of the surrounding wood
Enclosed Switch 1 like
An electric switch with by narrow metal shields on both sides to thwart accidental tripping of the mechanism
Enclosure, Telephone 2 likes
Partitions that create privacy on the sides of a public telephone and surround the user; also called a phone booth
Encroachment 0 likes
Personal property of a person that intrudes upon someone else’s real estate
Encumbrance 0 likes
A charge or claim against real property, such as a mortgage
End 0 likes
The extreme point or tip of an item
The termination of a procedure
A goal or purpose
End Bearing Pile 1 like
A pile that carries its entire weight on its point, without skin friction
End Bell 2 likes
Cast iron pipe that has a broad opening at one end to accept the small end of a connecting pipe; see Bell and Spigot Joint
End structure or electric motor plate that secures motor bearings
End Burn 0 likes
Overly-calcined gypsum board with easily impaired, flimsy soft ends
End Distance 0 likes
The distance between a screw, a bolt, or a nail to a wooden structural component end
End Grained Wood 0 likes
The grain visible as a perpendicular cut to the direction of the fibers
End Joint 0 likes
A joint produced by bonding two wood pieces end to end
End Matched 0 likes
A board that has a tongue and groove joint on the ends and sides
End Nail 0 likes
A nail driven through a piece of lumber into the end grain of another piece
End Play 4 likes
Minor movement along the center line of a shaft
End Support 1 like
Bearing point for a metal open-web joist at the end of the joist, normally a steel plate secured to a supporting part to evenly disperse the weight
End Truss 3 likes
A manufactured wood truss fastened to siding and sheathing, employed at the gable end of a building
End Wrench 1 like
A hand implement with one or both ends fabricated to clasp a nut or bolt head so that it can be held or turned
Endothermal 1 like
Chemical reaction that absorbs heat
Endothermic Reaction 1 like
A process requiring and absorbing heat
Energy 0 likes
Actual or potential ability to perform work; forms of power such as heat or electricity
Energy Absorption 0 likes
While the shape of a structure is changing, energy is absorbed
Energy Conservation 0 likes
The lowering or eliminating of needless use of all forms of energy and the utilization of unsustainable resources
Energy Dissipation 1 like
Decrease in the strength of earthquake shock waves due to distance and time
Energy Efficient Standards 1 like
Building code that establishes energy conservation standards in buildings and structure applicable to the code
Enforcing Agency 0 likes
The designated agency or department of the city, county or state specified in statutory law applicable to the building or structure or contract
Engaged Column 4 likes
A building column that is partly incorporated into the wall
Engineer 0 likes
A professionally trained and qualified person in engineering
Engineered Fill 1 like
Earth or crushed stone compacted into position and employed as a fill; has predictable physical characteristics
Engineering 1 like
Science and mathematics applied to the properties of matter and energy sources, and how they are used for human beings in machines, products, processes, and structures
Engineering Fee 0 likes
Money charged for engineering services
English Bond 1 like
Brickwork in alternating courses that consists of headers or stretchers; also called Old English Bond or Dutch Bond
English Chalk 0 likes
Chalk obtained from English cliffs
Engraved Plaque 0 likes
A commemorative tablet with inscriptions
ENR 0 likes
Engineering News Record; a publication for the construction industry
Enrichments 0 likes
Any cast ornament which cannot be implemented by a running mold
Entablature 0 likes
The horizontal components just above the columns, consisting of the cornice (the projecting part below the pediment), frieze (an unmolded strip that may or may not be ornamented), and architrave (the supporting part immediately above) in classical architecture
Entasis 1 like
A convex curvature added to the taper of a column’s shaft in Greek or Roman style for aesthetic purpose so the columns appear straight; also applies to modifications for spires and high walls
Enthalpy 1 like
A measure of the energy content of a system per unit of mass; the sum of a material’s sensible and latent heat; a measure of the total energy of a thermodynamic system that includes the system‘s internal energy, volume, and pressure
Entrained Air 0 likes
Microscopic air bubbles deliberately placed in mortar or concrete during mixing by a surface-active agent
Entraining Agent 0 likes
A substance included in mortar, concrete, or cement that creates air bubbles during mixing, enabling it to be easier to work with and enhancing its resistance to freezing and ice
Entrance 0 likes
The way in to a place, room, or building
Entrance Door 1 like
The door providing access to a building or room
Entrance Mat 1 like
A fabric or rubber mat to wipe shoes on, usually on the outside of a front door
Entrapped Air 0 likes
Air in a concrete mix that comes the atmosphere during mixing; after the concrete gets hard and the surplus moisture has evaporated, uneven holes are left; entrapped air bubbles are usually far larger and less uniform than entrained air bubbles
Entrepreneur 0 likes
A person who takes the risk to start and operate new commercial enterprises
Entropy 0 likes
A measure of the disorder of a system
Mathematical factor employed in calculations in engineering
The energy in a system
Entry 0 likes
1.An entrance area
An instance of documenting a business transaction in a record
Entry Lock 1 like
A deadbolt mechanism installed on a door; when unlocked, access to a building or room is available
Entry Lockset 1 like
A doorknob and deadbolt combination installed on a door; when unlocked, access to a building or room is available
Environment 1 like
External circumstances and conditions impacting the lives of people, animals and plants
Environmental Factors 0 likes
External conditions that may cause discomfort, distress, or health problems, such as extremes in humidity, poor air circulation, drafts, overcrowding and excessive noise
Environmental Impact Assessment 1 like
See Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Impact Report 1 like
A report examining and considering probable consequences on the environment caused by a proposed land development, and recommending measures to circumvent, decrease, or counterbalance any significant negative effects; also called Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement
Environmental Impact Statement 0 likes
See Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 0 likes
401 M Street, SW, Washington, DC 20460, Tel: (202) 260-4700, URL: www.epa.gov/
Environmental Sustainability 1 like
When construction utilizes replaceable materials, while minimizing the use of irreplaceable materials or energy resources
Enzyme 1 like
Complex organic substance produced from living cells that accelerates chemical reactions in foods; a biochemical catalyst
Eolian 1 like
Produced, carried, or eroded by wind
EPA 0 likes
Environmental Protection Agency
EPDM 0 likes
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
Epicenter 0 likes
The point on the earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake or subterranean nuclear explosion
Episcopal Throne 1 like
A bishop’s ceremonial seat in a cathedral
Epoxy Adduct 1 like
Epoxy resin already having all of the necessary amine but still requiring additional epoxy resin for curing purposes
Epoxy Adhesive 0 likes
A two-part adhesive process employing epoxy resin and hardener to secure ceramic tile to back-up materials
Epoxy Amine 1 like
Amine-cured epoxy resin
Epoxy Concrete 0 likes
Concrete that includes adhesive resin to facilitate binding
Epoxy Ester 0 likes
Epoxy-changed oil; a single package epoxy
Epoxy Flooring 0 likes
Resin applied on flooring to produce a tough, hard surface
Epoxy Grout 1 like
A two-part grout process with epoxy resin and hardener, impermeable to stains and resistant to chemicals, employed to fill joints between tile units
Epoxy Mortar 0 likes
A two-part mortar process consisting of epoxy resin and epoxy hardener to secure tile to back-up material, ensuring chemical resistance and bond strength
Epoxy Paint 0 likes
Paint with resin to enhance adhesive qualities and improve bonding in specific applications
Epoxy Resin 0 likes
Tough, rigid, chemical-resistant setting adhesive or grout that cures at room temperature, employed as a structural adhesive
Epoxy Terrazzo 1 like
A two-part adhesive, employing epoxy resins and hardener to bond marble or similar stone chips set in portland cement to a backup material
Equalizer 0 likes
Something that makes things uniform, even or equal
Equation 0 likes
A chemical equation illustrates the process and results of a chemical reaction
A mathematical equation indicates the equality of two quantities or expressions
Equi-Viscous Temperature 0 likes
The critical temperature where asphalt obtains optimal viscosity in order to adhere to roofing felt
Equilateral Triangle 0 likes
A triangle with three sides of equal dimensions
Equilibrium 1 like
A physical state of rest, with balanced forces; stable balanced state; implies no inclination to change
Equilibrium Moisture Content 2 likes
When the moisture content of a material, such as wood, remains stable, surrounded by air at a specific humidity and temperature
Equipment 2 likes
Implements employed in a function or activity
Equipment Architectural 0 likes
See Architectural Equipment
Equipment Insulation 1 like
See Insulation Equipment
Equipment Mobilization 1 like
Moving equipment to a work site
Equipment Pad 1 like
A dense slab composed of stone or readymade concrete block positioned under mechanical equipment to disperse the weight and load of the machinery uniformly to preclude unwarranted vibration
Equipment Rack 0 likes
A device installed on a wall to hold gadgets and tools employed in an activity or function
Equitable Lien 0 likes
A lien provided to an entity that improves a property to avert unfair gain by a property owner or lender
Equity 0 likes
The value of an entity’s assets in excess of its liabilities
The property value without the outstanding mortgage loan
Deterrence of unfairness that might result from rigid enforcement of law
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