Term Definition
Eagle Beak 0 likes
6 x 3/4 inch outer corner trim ceramic tile
Earlywood 1 like
Earnest Money 2 likes
Money provided to a seller to demonstrate that a potential purchaser truly intends to buy
Earth Pigment 1 like
Permanent-colored pigment in the ground, excavated by mining; usually doesn’t bleed, and is not easy to change by applying light, heat, water or alkalis
Earthquake 3 likes
Motion in the earth’s crust that results in horizontal and upright motion on the surface
Earthquake Strap 0 likes
A metal strap that fastens gas-powered hot water heaters to the framing or foundation of a home; precautionary measure to prevent a water heater from tipping over during an earthquake that could result in a gas leak
Earthwork 5 likes
Construction composed of earth; any type of work where soil or other earthy material are moved or used
Eased Edges 1 like
Slightly curved corners of finished lumber
A tapered, slightly curved manufactured edge of gypsum board
Easement 1 like
A formal contract enabling a party to use the property of another party for a specific objective; a sewer easement could permit one party to run a sewer line along a neighbor’s property; an interest in land owned by another person, enabling the holder to have specific, limited use
Eastern Frame 2 likes
See Balloon Frame
Eastern Method 0 likes
See Pick and Dip
Eave Trough 0 likes
A gutter which collects rain water at the eaves of a slanted roof
Eave Vent2 likes
eave vent
A normally screened opening at the eave line allowing ventilation air to flow freely into the under-roof section
Eaves 1 like
Horizontal extension that hangs over a horizontal roof
Eccentric 1 like
Off center; unconventional
Eccentrically Braced Frame (EBF) 1 like
A transverse, fixed frame where a minimum of one end of each bracing part is attached to a beam near a beam-to-column connection or from another beam-to-brace connection
Eclectic 0 likes
Architectural design where selections are made from different styles; see Pastiche
Eco-tech 1 like
Green design; environment friendly design
Ecology 1 like
Science that studies the relationships between organisms and their environments
Economic 3 likes
Profitable, prudent, efficient use of resources
Related to economics, the business activities of a country
Economic Life 0 likes
The time period a property produces enough profit to substantiate its continued existence
Economic Obsolescence 0 likes
Depreciation; decrease in real property value as a result of external factors such as industry downsizing, inappropriate zoning, or a flood zone
Economy 2 likes
Efficient and proficient use of resources
Economy Brick 0 likes
A brick that has greater dimensions than the basic standard
Ecosystem 0 likes
A biological community of interdependent organisms and their immediate, physical environment within which they inhabit
Edge 1 like
The line or area that serves as a border of something; the outermost edge
A time prior to a drastic change
A line where two surfaces meet
The extreme brink of a cliff, where land falls away suddenly
A sharp blade
The fabricated paper bound edge of gypsum board
Edge Bead 0 likes
A plastic or metal strip that creates a tidy, sturdy edge where plaster or gypsum board meets another material
Edge Distance 1 like
The distance from a bolt, rivet, nail, or screw to a structural part’s edge
Edge Drip 1 like
See Drip Edge
Edge Form 1 like
A forming component that restricts the horizontal spread of newly applied concrete onto flat surfaces
Edge Grained Lumber 1 like
Lumber sawn so that wide surfaces extend roughly perpendicular to their annual growth rings; when the rings form an angle between 45 and 90 degrees with the wide surface
Edge Joint 1 like
Initially, jointing was performed with a jointer plane but nowadays, jointer machines, hand held routers, straight edge, or table-mounted router are employed; this joint occurs when an edge of a wood board is straight along its length and perpendicular to the face of the board; when panels are glued up and the edge is slightly concave along its length, the result is referred to as a sprung joint; when the two edges are secured and clamped, the sprung edges create greater tension at the join ends, helping in the production a seamless joint; when a hand plane is employed, two boards are often clamped face to face in the vice and both jointed simultaneously, producing two edges that are the mirror image of each other; even if the edges are not absolutely perpendicular to their respective faces, when the two board edges are secured, the result is a flat panel because the error in one edge cancels out the error in the other
Edge Matched 1 like
See Tongue and Groove
Lumber with tongues and grooves on both edges of each piece to provide a tight joint when securing two pieces together
Edge Mounted Tile 0 likes
When tiles are assembled into units or sheet, bonded and sealed to each other at the edges or corners of the back of the tiles onto a surface using a resinous or elastomeric substance
Edge Preparation 1 like
Preparing the shape on a metal’s edge for a welding operation
Edge Repair 0 likes
The repair of an edge of a construction component with plaster or concrete
Edge Sheets 2 likes
Felt strips, narrower than the standard width of a 36 inch width felt roll to begin a felt-shingling pattern at the edge of a roof
Edge Stripping 0 likes
Applying felt strips with narrower widths than the standard 36 inch width felt roll to start the felt-shingling pattern at the edge of a roof
Edge Venting 0 likes
Uniform-spaced protected openings around the perimeter of a roof to release water vapor
Edger1 like
A finishing tool employed on fresh concrete edges to create curved corners
Edging 0 likes
Edifice 0 likes
A large impressive building
EDM 1 like
Electronic Distance Measuring
EE 2 likes
Electrical Engineer
Effective 1 like
1.Capable of producing an expected or desired outcome
Capable of safely performing a specified function
Effective Area of Concrete 0 likes
Area of a section between the center of mass of the tension reinforcement and the compression face of the flexural part
Effective Area of Reinforcement 1 like
Area of reinforced concrete calculated using the product of the cross-sectional area of the steel reinforcement by the cosine of the angle between its direction and the direction for which the effectiveness
Effective Opening 2 likes
The minimum cross-section area of the opening where water exits a water supply pipe
Effective Pre-stress 0 likes
The stress in pre-stressing tendons after all losses, not including the impact of dead load and superimposed weight
Effective Stiffness 1 like
Lateral force value in an isolation system or an element, divided by the equivalent lateral displacement
Effective Temperature 1 like
Overall consequence of air temperature, humidity, and air movement on human beings
Efficiency 1 like
The ratio of useful work conducted to the total energy or heat expended
Efficiency Living Unit 1 like
A room with cooking facilities and access to bathroom facilities for combined living, sleeping, and dining
Efflorescence 2 likes
A deposit of water soluble salts on the surface of masonry due to the dissolution of salts in the masonry; a powder that forms on the surface of brickwork; ensuring that no water is present in the masonry is the best protection; also known as Saltpetering and Whiskering
Effluent 2 likes
Discharge of a fluid from a sewage system
Egg and Dart3 likes
egg and dart
An ornamental carved molding made of the alternation of egg and arrow-shaped components
Egg Shell 1 like
Finish that strongly resembles an eggshell’s sheen
Eggshelling 0 likes
Texture of a fired glaze that resembles an eggshell’s surface
Finish or base coat chip-cracked plaster that lies concave to the surface; the bond is partly broken
Egress 2 likes
Exit; outlet; an egress window, at least 4 feet by 4 feet, is mandated in bedrooms and basements
EIA 1 like
Environmental Impact Assessment;  Electronic Industries Association
EIFS 1 like
Exterior Insulation Finish System
Eight Bend 1 like
A pipe fitting allowing the pipe to bend 45 degrees
EIP 0 likes
Fire, chemical, oil, and tear-resistant membrane; normally reinforced with polyester fabric
EIR 3 likes
Environmental Impact Report
EIS 1 like
Environmental Impact Statement
Ejector 1 like
Device using high fluid velocity to produce low pressure or a vacuum at its throat to draw in fluid from elsewhere
Elapsed Time Indicator 0 likes
Electronic or mechanical device measuring the duration of an event
Elastic 1 like
Ability to return to original size and shape after being stretched, squashed or bent
Elastic Analysis 1 like
An examination of the distortions and internal forces of structures or materials based on their reaction to the stress of bending or stretching
Elastic Limit 2 likes
The highest stress level a material can withstand without experiencing permanent deformation
Elastic Sheet Roof 0 likes
A thin, flexible roofing material that can expand or contract to its initial size in spite of weather changes
Elastic Shortening 0 likes
The decrease in size of a part of pre-stressed concrete due to the application of forces incurred by pre-stressing
Elastomer1 like
Any elastic substance similar to rubber; a material which can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice its original length at room temperature, and upon termination of the stress, returns forcefully to roughly its initial length
Elastomeric 0 likes
Possessing the properties of an elastomer
Elastomeric Flashing 2 likes
Rubber-like material employed as flashing for a roof assembly
Elastomeric/Plastomeric Membrane 2 likes
A rubbery sheet material employed as a roof cover
Elbow Catch1 like
elbow catch
A spring-loaded mechanism consisting of an angle strike and rocker arm, used for locking the stationary leaf of a cabinet door pair
Elbow Ell2 likes
elbow ell
An electrical or plumbing fitting allow a change of direction in pipe or conduit runs
Electric Boiler1 like
electric boiler
A tank where hot water is kept or water is heated and regulated by an electric current
Electric Cord1 like
Cord, electric
A flexible, insulated electrical cable with a plug at one or both ends that conducts electric current
Electric Defrosting 1 like
Usage of electric resistance heating coils to melt ice and frost from evaporators whilst defrosting
Electric Elevator 1 like
See Electric Traction Elevator
Electric Eye 0 likes
Photoelectric cell; a tiny cathode ray tube
Electric Field 1 like
An area where a force is present due to an electric charge
Electric Furnace2 likes
electric furnace
An enclosed unit where heat is produced and regulated by electric current
Electric Grinder1 like
electric grinder
A mechanical device powered by an electric current that breaks down, crushes, or sharpens substances by friction
Electric Heater2 likes
electric heater
A heat-producing device that is driven with electricity
Electric Heating 0 likes
System in which heat from electrical resistance units warms a building
Electric Hoist 0 likes
A device for raising people and items that is driven by an electric current
Electric Insulation 0 likes
Substance which has very few free electrons
Electric Lockset1 like
electric lockset
A door knob and dead bolt unit located in a door that is powered by electric current
Electric Manhole 1 like
An access hole in the ground for subterranean electric lines; also employed at pull stations when putting down electric cable
Electric Meter3 likes
electric meter
A device that measures how much electrical power is used
Electric Pole2 likes
electric pole
An upright wood pole that holds electric utility wires; has opposite charged terminals, such as in an electric cell or battery
Electric Range1 like
A cooking stove with an oven and burners, operated by electric current
Electric Resistance Coils 0 likes
Metal wires that heat up due to the passage of electric current, used in baseboard heaters or electric water heaters
Electric Sign1 like
electric sign
A portable or stationary electrically-lit appliance that is used to attract attention or deliver information
Electric Steamer 1 like
A device producing steam to strip wallpaper off walls
Electric Strike1 like
electric strike
An electric device that releases a door latch via a remote control
Electric Traction Elevator 2 likes
Elevator powered by an electric motor, suspended by cables
Electric Water Valve1 like
electric water valve
Electrically powered solenoid valve that regulates water flow
Electrical Conductivity 2 likes
The conducting ability of a material; the reciprocal of electrical resistivity
Electrical Curing 0 likes
When a desirable temperature in fresh concrete is maintained with heat powered by electrical resistance
Electrical Engineer 0 likes
An engineer designing electrical systems
Electrical Entrance Package 0 likes
The electrical power entry point including:
a) the location where electrical lines connect to the home
b) the panel or circuit breaker box where power can be turned off
c) the meter measuring the amount of power employed
Electrical Fee 1 like
The money charged for the installation or inspection of the electrical wiring in a building
Electrical Metallic Tubing 0 likes
Lightweight, unthreaded piping for electrical conductors; easier to work with than rigid conduit and installed quicker due to the type of non-threaded fittings employed; also called Thin Wall Conduit
Electrical Porcelain 0 likes
Vitrified white ware that has an insulating electrical role
Electrical Potential 2 likes
Electrical force, measured in volts, which moves, or tries to relocate electrons along a resistance or conductor
Electrical Resistance (R) 1 like
The effort exerted by electrons when they pass through a conductor or substance
Electrical Resistivity 1 like
The resistant quality of a specific material; also the reciprocal of electrical conductivity
Electrical Rough 1 like
Electrical work performed after a phase of the plumber and heating contractor’s is accomplished and prior to insulation; electrical wires, fixture boxes, outlets, and switches are installed by the electrical contractor
Electrical Socket1 like
electrical socket
A container that connects electrical devices and appliances to the electrical supply
Electrical Trim 1 like
Electrical work performed to prepare a home for the municipal electrical final inspection; light fixtures, plugs, switches, smoke detectors, bathroom ventilation fans, appliance pig tails, electric house panel configuration, and the furnace wiring are installed by the electrical contractor
Electrically Welded Wire Fabric 0 likes
Large wire mesh used to fortify concrete slabs on grade; also called Electrically Welded Wire Mesh
Electrically Welded Wire Mesh 0 likes
Electrically Welded Wire Fabric
Electrician 0 likes
A licensed worker who installs, maintains and repairs electrical wiring or electrical goods in buildings
Electrochemical Coating 0 likes
Coating on metal by electron transfer (electrolysis) due to electrical current; also called Electroplating or Electro-deposition
Electrode2 likes
A conductor through which electricity enters and exits in electrical devices; in electric arc welding, the electrode is the end point from which the arc is produced; the electrode is normally melted and becomes part of the weld
Electrode Force 0 likes
The force between the electrodes, in pounds, during welding cycle in seam, spot, and projection welding
Electrode Holder1 like
electrode holder
Device employed to secure the electrode and conducting current
Electrolier 0 likes
Street light mounted on a pole
Electrolysis 0 likes
Method of employing a direct electric current to drive a chemical reaction in manufacturing; commercially viable in the separation of elements from naturally occurring sources such as ores with an electrolytic cell; passing current through an acidic liquid, otherwise known as an electrolyte, or damp earth
Electrolytic Condenser-Capacitor 0 likes
Plate or surface able to store small electrical charges
Electromagnet2 likes
A magnet in which the magnetic field is created by electric current and the magnetic field vanishes when the current is shut off; employed as components of electrical devices, such as generators, MRI machines, relays, loudspeakers, motors, hard disks, and scientific instruments; also employed to pick up and lift heavy iron items
Electromotive Force 2 likes
The force that drives the motion of electrons in an electric current
Electron 0 likes
Elementary particle of an atom orbiting the nucleus carrying a negative charge
Electronic 0 likes
Concerning the flow of electrons
Electronic Air Filter2 likes
electronic air filter
A filter attracts and charges dust particles with high voltage direct current and gathers these particles on an opposite-charged plate; also called Electrostatic Filter
Electronic Distance Measuring 0 likes
Accurate surveying instrument employed to measure distance by radio or lightfrequency electromagnetic waves that are reflected back to the source; the time taken is precisely measured and transformed into distance
Electronic Industries Association (EIA) 1 like
1111 Alderman Drive, Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30005, Tel: (678) 393-9990; URL: www.eciaonline.org/default.asp
Electronic Leak Detector1 like
electronic leak detector
Electronic device measuring electron flow across a gas gap; electronic flow changes revealing refrigerant gas molecules
Electronics 0 likes
A branch of technology concerned with the behavior and movement of electrons in vacuum tubes, gases, integrated circuits, or semiconductors and in relation to electronic devices; extensively employed in information processing, telecommunications, and signal processing; electronic devices can perform as switches and make digital information processing possible. Interconnection technologies complete circuit functionality and convert the mixed components into a regular working unit
Electroplate 1 like
A coat that is deposited by electrolysis, on silver, copper, and other metals
Electrostatic Coating 0 likes
Spray painting that uses electrically charged particles to obtain total coverage
Electrostatic Filter1 like
electrostatic filter
See Electronic Air Filter
Element 2 likes
A component of a group
A substance that cannot be further broken down by chemical means into a simpler substance; a chemically indivisible material
Elevated Floor 0 likes
A raised floor
Elevated Slab 1 like
A roof or floor slab supported by structural components
Elevated Slab Concrete 0 likes
A concrete roof or floor system supported by structural components
Elevated Slab Formwork 0 likes
The support system for a new-poured concrete elevated slab
Elevated Slab Reinforcing 1 like
Metal or steel bars set in freshly poured concrete in order to fortify a raised slab
Elevated Stairs 0 likes
Stairs that are not supported by a subgrade
Elevated Temperature Testing 0 likes
Plastic pipe tests above 23° C
Elevation 1 like
Height above a specific reference point
High position or place
Drawing or diagram made by projection on an upright plane; a scale drawing of the front, back, or side of a building or structure
An increase in something
Elevation Sheet 0 likes
Blue print page that illustrates the house or room as though an upright plane is passing through the building
Elevator 2 likes
A hoisting machine located in a shaft; a cable or chain hoist pulley assembly employed for raising and lowering passengers or things in an enclosed compartment or platform in a building
A structure with a mechanism for taking in, elevating, storing, discharging, and even processing grain; for example, a grain elevator
Elevator Shaft 1 like
A lined upright shaft in a building in which the elevator cab travels; normally for fire-rated constructions
Ellipse 0 likes
A two-dimensional shape that resembles a stretched circle although the sides are a little flatter; oval shape
Ellipsoid 1 like
A solid similar to a flattened sphere
Elliptical 1 like
Oval shape
Elongation 0 likes
Longer; lengthened
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