Term Definition
Eagle Beak 0 likes
6 x 3/4 inch outer corner trim ceramic tile
Earlywood 1 like
Earnest Money 0 likes
Money provided to a seller to demonstrate that a potential purchaser truly intends to buy
Earth Pigment 1 like
Permanent-colored pigment in the ground, excavated by mining; usually doesn’t bleed, and is not easy to change by applying light, heat, water or alkalis
Earthquake 3 likes
Motion in the earth’s crust that results in horizontal and upright motion on the surface
Earthquake Strap 0 likes
A metal strap that fastens gas-powered hot water heaters to the framing or foundation of a home; precautionary measure to prevent a water heater from tipping over during an earthquake that could result in a gas leak
Earthwork 4 likes
Construction composed of earth; any type of work where soil or other earthy material are moved or used
Eased Edges 1 like
Slightly curved corners of finished lumber
A tapered, slightly curved manufactured edge of gypsum board
Easement 1 like
A formal contract enabling a party to use the property of another party for a specific objective; a sewer easement could permit one party to run a sewer line along a neighbor’s property; an interest in land owned by another person, enabling the holder to have specific, limited use
Eastern Frame 2 likes
See Balloon Frame
Eastern Method 0 likes
See Pick and Dip
Eave Trough 0 likes
A gutter which collects rain water at the eaves of a slanted roof
Eave Vent1 like
eave vent
A normally screened opening at the eave line allowing ventilation air to flow freely into the under-roof section
Eaves 1 like
Horizontal extension that hangs over a horizontal roof
Eccentric 1 like
Off center; unconventional
Eccentrically Braced Frame (EBF) 1 like
A transverse, fixed frame where a minimum of one end of each bracing part is attached to a beam near a beam-to-column connection or from another beam-to-brace connection
Eclectic 0 likes
Architectural design where selections are made from different styles; see Pastiche
Eco-tech 1 like
Green design; environment friendly design
Ecology 1 like
Science that studies the relationships between organisms and their environments
Economic 3 likes
Profitable, prudent, efficient use of resources
Related to economics, the business activities of a country
Economic Life 0 likes
The time period a property produces enough profit to substantiate its continued existence
Economic Obsolescence 0 likes
Depreciation; decrease in real property value as a result of external factors such as industry downsizing, inappropriate zoning, or a flood zone
Economy 2 likes
Efficient and proficient use of resources
Economy Brick 0 likes
A brick that has greater dimensions than the basic standard
Ecosystem 0 likes
A biological community of interdependent organisms and their immediate, physical environment within which they inhabit
Edge 0 likes
The line or area that serves as a border of something; the outermost edge
A time prior to a drastic change
A line where two surfaces meet
The extreme brink of a cliff, where land falls away suddenly
A sharp blade
The fabricated paper bound edge of gypsum board
Edge Bead 0 likes
A plastic or metal strip that creates a tidy, sturdy edge where plaster or gypsum board meets another material
Edge Distance 1 like
The distance from a bolt, rivet, nail, or screw to a structural part’s edge
Edge Drip 1 like
See Drip Edge
Edge Form 1 like
A forming component that restricts the horizontal spread of newly applied concrete onto flat surfaces
Edge Grained Lumber 1 like
Lumber sawn so that wide surfaces extend roughly perpendicular to their annual growth rings; when the rings form an angle between 45 and 90 degrees with the wide surface
Edge Joint 1 like
Initially, jointing was performed with a jointer plane but nowadays, jointer machines, hand held routers, straight edge, or table-mounted router are employed; this joint occurs when an edge of a wood board is straight along its length and perpendicular to the face of the board; when panels are glued up and the edge is slightly concave along its length, the result is referred to as a sprung joint; when the two edges are secured and clamped, the sprung edges create greater tension at the join ends, helping in the production a seamless joint; when a hand plane is employed, two boards are often clamped face to face in the vice and both jointed simultaneously, producing two edges that are the mirror image of each other; even if the edges are not absolutely perpendicular to their respective faces, when the two board edges are secured, the result is a flat panel because the error in one edge cancels out the error in the other
Edge Matched 1 like
See Tongue and Groove
Lumber with tongues and grooves on both edges of each piece to provide a tight joint when securing two pieces together
Edge Mounted Tile 0 likes
When tiles are assembled into units or sheet, bonded and sealed to each other at the edges or corners of the back of the tiles onto a surface using a resinous or elastomeric substance
Edge Preparation 1 like
Preparing the shape on a metal’s edge for a welding operation
Edge Repair 0 likes
The repair of an edge of a construction component with plaster or concrete
Edge Sheets 1 like
Felt strips, narrower than the standard width of a 36 inch width felt roll to begin a felt-shingling pattern at the edge of a roof
Edge Stripping 0 likes
Applying felt strips with narrower widths than the standard 36 inch width felt roll to start the felt-shingling pattern at the edge of a roof
Edge Venting 0 likes
Uniform-spaced protected openings around the perimeter of a roof to release water vapor
Edger1 like
A finishing tool employed on fresh concrete edges to create curved corners
Edging 0 likes
Edifice 0 likes
A large impressive building
EDM 1 like
Electronic Distance Measuring
EE 1 like
Electrical Engineer
Effective 1 like
1.Capable of producing an expected or desired outcome
Capable of safely performing a specified function
Effective Area of Concrete 0 likes
Area of a section between the center of mass of the tension reinforcement and the compression face of the flexural part
Effective Area of Reinforcement 1 like
Area of reinforced concrete calculated using the product of the cross-sectional area of the steel reinforcement by the cosine of the angle between its direction and the direction for which the effectiveness
Effective Opening 2 likes
The minimum cross-section area of the opening where water exits a water supply pipe
Effective Pre-stress 0 likes
The stress in pre-stressing tendons after all losses, not including the impact of dead load and superimposed weight
Effective Stiffness 0 likes
Lateral force value in an isolation system or an element, divided by the equivalent lateral displacement
Effective Temperature 1 like
Overall consequence of air temperature, humidity, and air movement on human beings
Efficiency 1 like
The ratio of useful work conducted to the total energy or heat expended
Efficiency Living Unit 1 like
A room with cooking facilities and access to bathroom facilities for combined living, sleeping, and dining
Efflorescence 2 likes
A deposit of water soluble salts on the surface of masonry due to the dissolution of salts in the masonry; a powder that forms on the surface of brickwork; ensuring that no water is present in the masonry is the best protection; also known as Saltpetering and Whiskering
Effluent 1 like
Discharge of a fluid from a sewage system
Egg and Dart3 likes
egg and dart
An ornamental carved molding made of the alternation of egg and arrow-shaped components
Egg Shell 1 like
Finish that strongly resembles an eggshell’s sheen
Eggshelling 0 likes
Texture of a fired glaze that resembles an eggshell’s surface
Finish or base coat chip-cracked plaster that lies concave to the surface; the bond is partly broken
Egress 2 likes
Exit; outlet; an egress window, at least 4 feet by 4 feet, is mandated in bedrooms and basements
EIA 1 like
Environmental Impact Assessment;  Electronic Industries Association
EIFS 1 like
Exterior Insulation Finish System
Eight Bend 1 like
A pipe fitting allowing the pipe to bend 45 degrees
EIP 0 likes
Fire, chemical, oil, and tear-resistant membrane; normally reinforced with polyester fabric
EIR 3 likes
Environmental Impact Report
EIS 1 like
Environmental Impact Statement
Ejector 0 likes
Device using high fluid velocity to produce low pressure or a vacuum at its throat to draw in fluid from elsewhere
Elapsed Time Indicator 0 likes
Electronic or mechanical device measuring the duration of an event
Elastic 1 like
Ability to return to original size and shape after being stretched, squashed or bent
Elastic Analysis 1 like
An examination of the distortions and internal forces of structures or materials based on their reaction to the stress of bending or stretching
Elastic Limit 2 likes
The highest stress level a material can withstand without experiencing permanent deformation
Elastic Sheet Roof 0 likes
A thin, flexible roofing material that can expand or contract to its initial size in spite of weather changes
Elastic Shortening 0 likes
The decrease in size of a part of pre-stressed concrete due to the application of forces incurred by pre-stressing
Elastomer1 like
Any elastic substance similar to rubber; a material which can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice its original length at room temperature, and upon termination of the stress, returns forcefully to roughly its initial length
Elastomeric 0 likes
Possessing the properties of an elastomer
Elastomeric Flashing 2 likes
Rubber-like material employed as flashing for a roof assembly
Elastomeric/Plastomeric Membrane 1 like
A rubbery sheet material employed as a roof cover
Elbow Catch1 like
elbow catch
A spring-loaded mechanism consisting of an angle strike and rocker arm, used for locking the stationary leaf of a cabinet door pair
Elbow Ell2 likes
elbow ell
An electrical or plumbing fitting allow a change of direction in pipe or conduit runs
Electric Boiler1 like
electric boiler
A tank where hot water is kept or water is heated and regulated by an electric current
Electric Cord1 like
Cord, electric
A flexible, insulated electrical cable with a plug at one or both ends that conducts electric current
Electric Defrosting 1 like
Usage of electric resistance heating coils to melt ice and frost from evaporators whilst defrosting
Electric Elevator 1 like
See Electric Traction Elevator
Electric Eye 0 likes
Photoelectric cell; a tiny cathode ray tube
Electric Field 0 likes
An area where a force is present due to an electric charge
Electric Furnace1 like
electric furnace
An enclosed unit where heat is produced and regulated by electric current
Electric Grinder1 like
electric grinder
A mechanical device powered by an electric current that breaks down, crushes, or sharpens substances by friction
Electric Heater2 likes
electric heater
A heat-producing device that is driven with electricity
Electric Heating 0 likes
System in which heat from electrical resistance units warms a building
Electric Hoist 0 likes
A device for raising people and items that is driven by an electric current
Electric Insulation 0 likes
Substance which has very few free electrons
Electric Lockset1 like
electric lockset
A door knob and dead bolt unit located in a door that is powered by electric current
Electric Manhole 1 like
An access hole in the ground for subterranean electric lines; also employed at pull stations when putting down electric cable
Electric Meter3 likes
electric meter
A device that measures how much electrical power is used
Electric Pole2 likes
electric pole
An upright wood pole that holds electric utility wires; has opposite charged terminals, such as in an electric cell or battery
Electric Range1 like
A cooking stove with an oven and burners, operated by electric current
Electric Resistance Coils 0 likes
Metal wires that heat up due to the passage of electric current, used in baseboard heaters or electric water heaters
Electric Sign1 like
electric sign
A portable or stationary electrically-lit appliance that is used to attract attention or deliver information
Electric Steamer 1 like
A device producing steam to strip wallpaper off walls
Electric Strike1 like
electric strike
An electric device that releases a door latch via a remote control
Electric Traction Elevator 2 likes
Elevator powered by an electric motor, suspended by cables
Electric Water Valve1 like
electric water valve
Electrically powered solenoid valve that regulates water flow
Electrical Conductivity 2 likes
The conducting ability of a material; the reciprocal of electrical resistivity
Electrical Curing 0 likes
When a desirable temperature in fresh concrete is maintained with heat powered by electrical resistance
Electrical Engineer 0 likes
An engineer designing electrical systems
Electrical Entrance Package 0 likes
The electrical power entry point including:
a) the location where electrical lines connect to the home
b) the panel or circuit breaker box where power can be turned off
c) the meter measuring the amount of power employed
Electrical Fee 1 like
The money charged for the installation or inspection of the electrical wiring in a building
Electrical Metallic Tubing 0 likes
Lightweight, unthreaded piping for electrical conductors; easier to work with than rigid conduit and installed quicker due to the type of non-threaded fittings employed; also called Thin Wall Conduit
Electrical Porcelain 0 likes
Vitrified white ware that has an insulating electrical role
Electrical Potential 2 likes
Electrical force, measured in volts, which moves, or tries to relocate electrons along a resistance or conductor
Electrical Resistance (R) 1 like
The effort exerted by electrons when they pass through a conductor or substance
Electrical Resistivity 1 like
The resistant quality of a specific material; also the reciprocal of electrical conductivity
Electrical Rough 1 like
Electrical work performed after a phase of the plumber and heating contractor’s is accomplished and prior to insulation; electrical wires, fixture boxes, outlets, and switches are installed by the electrical contractor
Electrical Socket1 like
electrical socket
A container that connects electrical devices and appliances to the electrical supply
Electrical Trim 1 like
Electrical work performed to prepare a home for the municipal electrical final inspection; light fixtures, plugs, switches, smoke detectors, bathroom ventilation fans, appliance pig tails, electric house panel configuration, and the furnace wiring are installed by the electrical contractor
Electrically Welded Wire Fabric 0 likes
Large wire mesh used to fortify concrete slabs on grade; also called Electrically Welded Wire Mesh
Electrically Welded Wire Mesh 0 likes
Electrically Welded Wire Fabric
Electrician 0 likes
A licensed worker who installs, maintains and repairs electrical wiring or electrical goods in buildings
Electrochemical Coating 0 likes
Coating on metal by electron transfer (electrolysis) due to electrical current; also called Electroplating or Electro-deposition
Electrode2 likes
A conductor through which electricity enters and exits in electrical devices; in electric arc welding, the electrode is the end point from which the arc is produced; the electrode is normally melted and becomes part of the weld
Electrode Force 0 likes
The force between the electrodes, in pounds, during welding cycle in seam, spot, and projection welding
Electrode Holder1 like
electrode holder
Device employed to secure the electrode and conducting current
Electrolier 0 likes
Street light mounted on a pole
Electrolysis 0 likes
Method of employing a direct electric current to drive a chemical reaction in manufacturing; commercially viable in the separation of elements from naturally occurring sources such as ores with an electrolytic cell; passing current through an acidic liquid, otherwise known as an electrolyte, or damp earth
Electrolytic Condenser-Capacitor 0 likes
Plate or surface able to store small electrical charges
Electromagnet2 likes
A magnet in which the magnetic field is created by electric current and the magnetic field vanishes when the current is shut off; employed as components of electrical devices, such as generators, MRI machines, relays, loudspeakers, motors, hard disks, and scientific instruments; also employed to pick up and lift heavy iron items
Electromotive Force 2 likes
The force that drives the motion of electrons in an electric current
Electron 0 likes
Elementary particle of an atom orbiting the nucleus carrying a negative charge
Electronic 0 likes
Concerning the flow of electrons
Electronic Air Filter2 likes
electronic air filter
A filter attracts and charges dust particles with high voltage direct current and gathers these particles on an opposite-charged plate; also called Electrostatic Filter
Electronic Distance Measuring 0 likes
Accurate surveying instrument employed to measure distance by radio or lightfrequency electromagnetic waves that are reflected back to the source; the time taken is precisely measured and transformed into distance
Electronic Industries Association (EIA) 1 like
1111 Alderman Drive, Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30005, Tel: (678) 393-9990; URL: www.eciaonline.org/default.asp
Electronic Leak Detector1 like
electronic leak detector
Electronic device measuring electron flow across a gas gap; electronic flow changes revealing refrigerant gas molecules
Electronics 0 likes
A branch of technology concerned with the behavior and movement of electrons in vacuum tubes, gases, integrated circuits, or semiconductors and in relation to electronic devices; extensively employed in information processing, telecommunications, and signal processing; electronic devices can perform as switches and make digital information processing possible. Interconnection technologies complete circuit functionality and convert the mixed components into a regular working unit
Electroplate 0 likes
A coat that is deposited by electrolysis, on silver, copper, and other metals
Electrostatic Coating 0 likes
Spray painting that uses electrically charged particles to obtain total coverage
Electrostatic Filter1 like
electrostatic filter
See Electronic Air Filter
Element 2 likes
A component of a group
A substance that cannot be further broken down by chemical means into a simpler substance; a chemically indivisible material
Elevated Floor 0 likes
A raised floor
Elevated Slab 1 like
A roof or floor slab supported by structural components
Elevated Slab Concrete 0 likes
A concrete roof or floor system supported by structural components
Elevated Slab Formwork 0 likes
The support system for a new-poured concrete elevated slab
Elevated Slab Reinforcing 0 likes
Metal or steel bars set in freshly poured concrete in order to fortify a raised slab
Elevated Stairs 0 likes
Stairs that are not supported by a subgrade
Elevated Temperature Testing 0 likes
Plastic pipe tests above 23° C
Elevation 1 like
Height above a specific reference point
High position or place
Drawing or diagram made by projection on an upright plane; a scale drawing of the front, back, or side of a building or structure
An increase in something
Elevation Sheet 0 likes
Blue print page that illustrates the house or room as though an upright plane is passing through the building
Elevator 1 like
A hoisting machine located in a shaft; a cable or chain hoist pulley assembly employed for raising and lowering passengers or things in an enclosed compartment or platform in a building
A structure with a mechanism for taking in, elevating, storing, discharging, and even processing grain; for example, a grain elevator
Elevator Shaft 1 like
A lined upright shaft in a building in which the elevator cab travels; normally for fire-rated constructions
Ellipse 0 likes
A two-dimensional shape that resembles a stretched circle although the sides are a little flatter; oval shape
Ellipsoid 1 like
A solid similar to a flattened sphere
Elliptical 1 like
Oval shape
Elongation 0 likes
Longer; lengthened
Embankment 0 likes
A fill where the top is higher than the connecting surface
Embedment 1 like
Inserting a material into another material so that it becomes an integral part of the entire material
When a mat, fabric, aggregate, or felt is evenly and completely pressed into a hot adhesive or bitumen
To become lodged in something
Embezzlement 1 like
Theft of property that the thief now possesses; to appropriate property entrusted to a person’s care fraudulently for their own use
Emboss 0 likes
Form designs that a slightly raised on a surface
Embellish or decorate
Embossed 1 like
Carpet pattern that occurs when heavy twisted clumps are employed where straight yarns are located to produce an engraved appearance; the straight and twisted yarns are normally the same color
Embossed Paper 0 likes
Raised relief images and designs in paper; embossing provides a three-dimensional or raised effect on selected areas of paper; two dies are employed and fit into each other, one raised and the other recessed; when the paper is pressed between them, the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die, creating the embossed appearance
Emergency Generator 3 likes
A gasoline powered motor and electrical generator that provides power when the electrical supply is disrupted
Emery 0 likes
An abrasive
EMF 0 likes
Electromotive Force
Eminent Domain 2 likes
The ability of the state to procure private property for public use with fair payment
Emittance 0 likes
To send or give out; also a measure of the inclination of a material to radiate thermally
Empirical Formula 1 like
The simplest formula for a compound
Empty-Cell Process 2 likes
A process of producing deep permeation of a wood preservative with low retention; excess preservative is extricated from the wood cells by means of a vacuum
EMT Conduit 1 like
Electrical Metallic Tubing
Emulsified Asphalt Mi 2 likes
Emulsified asphalt and aggregate mixture produced at a central plant or at the location where it will be placed
Emulsifier 2 likes
A chemical agent which produces a stable emulsion (suspension of one liquid in another) when added to dissimilar materials that are normally immiscible
Emulsifying Agents 0 likes
Chemical substances that mix and scatter dissimilar materials that are ordinarily immiscible, such as asphalt and water and produce a stable emulsion; substances which facilitate the suspension of fine particles, globules, or beads when added to a liquid
Emulsion 0 likes
A suspension of one liquid in another, such as oil in water
A coating composed of fillers and asphalt suspended in water for roofing
Emulsion Paint 2 likes
Generally employed for walls and ceilings, there are three types of emulsion paints: vinyl matt, vinyl satin, for areas that can be washed and vinyl silk for kitchens and bathrooms; water-based emulsion paints are used for woodwork but are not as resilient as oil-based paints
Enamel Paint1 like
enamel paint
Paint that air dries to a hard, glossy finish to coat outdoor surfaces or surfaces subject to wear or changes in temperature
Enameling 0 likes
Painting with enamel
Encased Burial Conduit 0 likes
Plastic or metal conduit
Encased Knot 1 like
A wood knot where the annual growth rings are not mixed with rings of the surrounding wood
Enclosed Switch 1 like
An electric switch with by narrow metal shields on both sides to thwart accidental tripping of the mechanism
Enclosure, Telephone 2 likes
Partitions that create privacy on the sides of a public telephone and surround the user; also called a phone booth
Encroachment 0 likes
Personal property of a person that intrudes upon someone else’s real estate
Encumbrance 0 likes
A charge or claim against real property, such as a mortgage
End 0 likes
The extreme point or tip of an item
The termination of a procedure
A goal or purpose
End Bearing Pile 1 like
A pile that carries its entire weight on its point, without skin friction
End Bell 2 likes
Cast iron pipe that has a broad opening at one end to accept the small end of a connecting pipe; see Bell and Spigot Joint
End structure or electric motor plate that secures motor bearings
End Burn 0 likes
Overly-calcined gypsum board with easily impaired, flimsy soft ends
End Distance 0 likes
The distance between a screw, a bolt, or a nail to a wooden structural component end
End Grained Wood 0 likes
The grain visible as a perpendicular cut to the direction of the fibers
End Joint 0 likes
A joint produced by bonding two wood pieces end to end
End Matched 0 likes
A board that has a tongue and groove joint on the ends and sides
End Nail 0 likes
A nail driven through a piece of lumber into the end grain of another piece
End Play 3 likes
Minor movement along the center line of a shaft
End Support 1 like
Bearing point for a metal open-web joist at the end of the joist, normally a steel plate secured to a supporting part to evenly disperse the weight
End Truss 3 likes
A manufactured wood truss fastened to siding and sheathing, employed at the gable end of a building
End Wrench 1 like
A hand implement with one or both ends fabricated to clasp a nut or bolt head so that it can be held or turned
Endothermal 1 like
Chemical reaction that absorbs heat
Endothermic Reaction 1 like
A process requiring and absorbing heat
Energy 0 likes
Actual or potential ability to perform work; forms of power such as heat or electricity
Energy Absorption 0 likes
While the shape of a structure is changing, energy is absorbed
Energy Conservation 0 likes
The lowering or eliminating of needless use of all forms of energy and the utilization of unsustainable resources
Energy Dissipation 1 like
Decrease in the strength of earthquake shock waves due to distance and time
Energy Efficient Standards 1 like
Building code that establishes energy conservation standards in buildings and structure applicable to the code
Enforcing Agency 0 likes
The designated agency or department of the city, county or state specified in statutory law applicable to the building or structure or contract
Engaged Column 4 likes
A building column that is partly incorporated into the wall
Engineer 0 likes
A professionally trained and qualified person in engineering
Engineered Fill 1 like
Earth or crushed stone compacted into position and employed as a fill; has predictable physical characteristics
Engineering 1 like
Science and mathematics applied to the properties of matter and energy sources, and how they are used for human beings in machines, products, processes, and structures
Engineering Fee 0 likes
Money charged for engineering services
English Bond 1 like
Brickwork in alternating courses that consists of headers or stretchers; also called Old English Bond or Dutch Bond
English Chalk 0 likes
Chalk obtained from English cliffs
Engraved Plaque 0 likes
A commemorative tablet with inscriptions
ENR 0 likes
Engineering News Record; a publication for the construction industry
Enrichments 0 likes
Any cast ornament which cannot be implemented by a running mold
Entablature 0 likes
The horizontal components just above the columns, consisting of the cornice (the projecting part below the pediment), frieze (an unmolded strip that may or may not be ornamented), and architrave (the supporting part immediately above) in classical architecture
Entasis 1 like
A convex curvature added to the taper of a column’s shaft in Greek or Roman style for aesthetic purpose so the columns appear straight; also applies to modifications for spires and high walls
Enthalpy 1 like
A measure of the energy content of a system per unit of mass; the sum of a material’s sensible and latent heat; a measure of the total energy of a thermodynamic system that includes the system‘s internal energy, volume, and pressure
Entrained Air 0 likes
Microscopic air bubbles deliberately placed in mortar or concrete during mixing by a surface-active agent
Entraining Agent 0 likes
A substance included in mortar, concrete, or cement that creates air bubbles during mixing, enabling it to be easier to work with and enhancing its resistance to freezing and ice
Entrance 0 likes
The way in to a place, room, or building
Entrance Door 1 like
The door providing access to a building or room
Entrance Mat 1 like
A fabric or rubber mat to wipe shoes on, usually on the outside of a front door
Entrapped Air 0 likes
Air in a concrete mix that comes the atmosphere during mixing; after the concrete gets hard and the surplus moisture has evaporated, uneven holes are left; entrapped air bubbles are usually far larger and less uniform than entrained air bubbles
Entrepreneur 0 likes
A person who takes the risk to start and operate new commercial enterprises
Entropy 0 likes
A measure of the disorder of a system
Mathematical factor employed in calculations in engineering
The energy in a system
Entry 0 likes
1.An entrance area
An instance of documenting a business transaction in a record
Entry Lock 1 like
A deadbolt mechanism installed on a door; when unlocked, access to a building or room is available
Entry Lockset 1 like
A doorknob and deadbolt combination installed on a door; when unlocked, access to a building or room is available
Environment 1 like
External circumstances and conditions impacting the lives of people, animals and plants
Environmental Factors 0 likes
External conditions that may cause discomfort, distress, or health problems, such as extremes in humidity, poor air circulation, drafts, overcrowding and excessive noise
Environmental Impact Assessment 1 like
See Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Impact Report 1 like
A report examining and considering probable consequences on the environment caused by a proposed land development, and recommending measures to circumvent, decrease, or counterbalance any significant negative effects; also called Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement
Environmental Impact Statement 0 likes
See Environmental Impact Report
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 0 likes
401 M Street, SW, Washington, DC 20460, Tel: (202) 260-4700, URL: www.epa.gov/
Environmental Sustainability 1 like
When construction utilizes replaceable materials, while minimizing the use of irreplaceable materials or energy resources
Enzyme 1 like
Complex organic substance produced from living cells that accelerates chemical reactions in foods; a biochemical catalyst
Eolian 1 like
Produced, carried, or eroded by wind
EPA 0 likes
Environmental Protection Agency
EPDM 0 likes
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer
Epicenter 0 likes
The point on the earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake or subterranean nuclear explosion
Episcopal Throne 1 like
A bishop’s ceremonial seat in a cathedral
Epoxy Adduct 1 like
Epoxy resin already having all of the necessary amine but still requiring additional epoxy resin for curing purposes
Epoxy Adhesive 0 likes
A two-part adhesive process employing epoxy resin and hardener to secure ceramic tile to back-up materials
Epoxy Amine 1 like
Amine-cured epoxy resin
Epoxy Concrete 0 likes
Concrete that includes adhesive resin to facilitate binding
Epoxy Ester 0 likes
Epoxy-changed oil; a single package epoxy
Epoxy Flooring 0 likes
Resin applied on flooring to produce a tough, hard surface
Epoxy Grout 1 like
A two-part grout process with epoxy resin and hardener, impermeable to stains and resistant to chemicals, employed to fill joints between tile units
Epoxy Mortar 0 likes
A two-part mortar process consisting of epoxy resin and epoxy hardener to secure tile to back-up material, ensuring chemical resistance and bond strength
Epoxy Paint 0 likes
Paint with resin to enhance adhesive qualities and improve bonding in specific applications
Epoxy Resin 0 likes
Tough, rigid, chemical-resistant setting adhesive or grout that cures at room temperature, employed as a structural adhesive
Epoxy Terrazzo 1 like
A two-part adhesive, employing epoxy resins and hardener to bond marble or similar stone chips set in portland cement to a backup material
Equalizer 0 likes
Something that makes things uniform, even or equal
Equation 0 likes
A chemical equation illustrates the process and results of a chemical reaction
A mathematical equation indicates the equality of two quantities or expressions
Equi-Viscous Temperature 0 likes
The critical temperature where asphalt obtains optimal viscosity in order to adhere to roofing felt
Equilateral Triangle 0 likes
A triangle with three sides of equal dimensions
Equilibrium 1 like
A physical state of rest, with balanced forces; stable balanced state; implies no inclination to change
Equilibrium Moisture Content 1 like
When the moisture content of a material, such as wood, remains stable, surrounded by air at a specific humidity and temperature
Equipment 2 likes
Implements employed in a function or activity
Equipment Architectural 0 likes
See Architectural Equipment
Equipment Insulation 1 like
See Insulation Equipment
Equipment Mobilization 1 like
Moving equipment to a work site
Equipment Pad 1 like
A dense slab composed of stone or readymade concrete block positioned under mechanical equipment to disperse the weight and load of the machinery uniformly to preclude unwarranted vibration
Equipment Rack 0 likes
A device installed on a wall to hold gadgets and tools employed in an activity or function
Equitable Lien 0 likes
A lien provided to an entity that improves a property to avert unfair gain by a property owner or lender
Equity 0 likes
The value of an entity’s assets in excess of its liabilities
The property value without the outstanding mortgage loan
Deterrence of unfairness that might result from rigid enforcement of law
Eraser 0 likes
A rubbery substance employed by drafters to eliminate pencil or ink marks from their drawings
Erasing Machine 0 likes
A hand-held electric motor device that rotates an eraser that drafters employ to remove pencil or ink marks
Erasing Shield 0 likes
A narrow metal stencil with holes of different sizes and shapes, enabling a drafter to erase ink and pencil marks with accuracy
Erect 0 likes
To construct or build by assembling parts
Vertical or upright
Erection 2 likes
A structure or building
Ergonomics 0 likes
Applied science concerned with the effect of the physical environment on a person’s comfort and health; for example, ascertaining the correct chair height for office workers
Erode 1 like
Gradual deterioration or destruction
Erosion 0 likes
Gradual deterioration of material due to abrasive activity
Deterioration due to wind or water motion
Degeneration of paint films
Errors and Omissions Insurance 0 likes
Insurance held by architects and engineers to indemnify their clients against losses due to an architect or engineer’s professional negligence; also called E and O Insurance, Malpractice Insurance, or Professional Indemnity Insurance
Escalation 1 like
The acceleration of building expenses due to inflation or other issues
Escalator 0 likes
A power-driven stairway in an endless belt that goes up or down without interruption
Escheat 0 likes
The transfer of property to the state when a person passes away without a will or heirs
Escrow 2 likes
The handling of documents or funds by a third party on behalf of the buyer and/or seller that is released only after a specific condition has been met
Escutcheon 0 likes
A decorative plate surrounding a pipe that passes through a floor or wall to conceal the hole that has been cut
Essential Facilities 0 likes
Buildings, structures, or accommodations designated essential and projected to be secure and functional following an earthquake; includes hospitals and other medical facilities with surgery or emergency treatment areas, fire and police stations, or government communication and disaster facilities and accommodations
Essential Oils 1 like
Volatile, liquid compounds with an odor, usually derived from plants; not necessarily oils, but have low solubility in water; examples include cedar, bergamot, lavender, and camphor oil; used to flavor food, and in perfumery
Essential Services Act 0 likes
An act that that essential services buildings shall be ready to provide essential services to the public following a disaster; the building will be designed and built to minimize fire hazards, and to resist to the greatest extent, the forces created by an earthquake, gravity, water, and wind
Estate 1 like
The entire ownership of property, possessions and monies
The assets of the deceased
A large property, normally with a large residence
Ester 2 likes
Organic compound produced from an alcohol and an organic acid by removing water
Ester Gum 0 likes
Resin created synthetically by the reaction of rosin and glycerine
Estimate 1 like
The material, labor, and other expenses that a contractor forecasts for a project, described in the contractor‘s proposal bid
To roughly calculate the amount, or value of something
Estimate of Construction Cost, Detailed 1 like
A calculation of expenses based on detailed material and labor analysis for all work items
Estimating 1 like
A process of calculating the essential quantity of materials, labor and equipment for a particular project; might be formal and precise, or quick and inexact
ET 1 like
See Net Effective Temperature
Etch 0 likes
Transferring designs to metal or glass by using corrosive acidic action; employing acid to cut lines into metal or eliminate the surface of concrete
Etch Acid 0 likes
A chemical solution employed for etching
Etched Nails 1 like
Nails, chemically treated in order to enhance their holding power for wood framing
Ethane 0 likes
A highly flammable colorless odorless gas
Ethanol 0 likes
A colorless alcohol
Ethyl Acetate 0 likes
Fast evaporating solvent produced from acetic acid and ethyl alcohol
Ethyl Alcohol2 likes
ethyl alcohol
Alcohol produced by distilling fermented grain
Ethyl Chloride 0 likes
Toxic refrigerant, now rarely employed
Ethyl Lactate 1 like
Solvent produced by combining lactic acid and ethyl alcohol
Ethylene Plastic 2 likes
Plastics based on resins produced by polymerizing ethylene or copolymerizing ethylene with at least one unsaturated compound
ETS 0 likes
Environmental Tobacco Smoke
Eutectic 0 likes
A particular mixture of two substances, especially an alloy, providing the lowest freezing point of all combinations of the two constituents
Eutectic Point 0 likes
Freezing temperature for eutectic solutions
Eutectic Salts 0 likes
Materials that melt at low temperatures absorbing large amounts of heat; afterwards, during recrystallization, the heat is discharged
A method employed to store solar energy
Evaporate 0 likes
When a liquid changes into a gas or vapor below its boiling point; heat is absorbed in the process
Evaporation Rate 0 likes
Rate of evaporation of a solvent
Evaporation Rate, Final 2 likes
Time lapsed for the total evaporation of all solvents
Evaporation Rate, Initial 1 like
Time interval during which low-boiling solvents totally evaporate
Evaporative Condenser 0 likes
Device employing open spray or spill water to lower the temperature of a condenser; evaporation of some of the water cools down the condenser water and lowers water intake
Evaporator 0 likes
A device that turns the liquid form of a chemical into a gaseous state
Evaporator (Dry Type) 0 likes
Evaporator where the refrigerant is in droplets
Evaporator (Flooded) 1 like
Evaporator that always contains liquid refrigerant
Evaporator Coil 0 likes
The component of a cooling system absorbing heat from air; see condensing unit
Evaporator Fan 0 likes
Fan that boosts airflow over an evaporator’s heat exchange surface
Evaporator Pressure Regulator 0 likes
Automatic pressure regulating valve that maintains a specified temperature and pressure in the evaporator in the suction line between evaporator outlet and compressor inlet
Eviction 0 likes
The legal process of forcing a defaulting tenant to leave a property
Evidence 1 like
Testimony, documents, and items presented in a judicial proceeding to validate the assertions of either party
EVT 0 likes
Equi-Viscous Temperature
EWC 0 likes
Electric Water Cooler
EWWF 0 likes
Electrically Welded Wire Fabric
EWWM 0 likes
Electrically Welded Wire Mesh
Ex Parte Proceeding 0 likes
When a party in a dispute appears before a judge without the other person’s presence
Excavation 1 like
A hole formed by digging, hollowing out, or scooping
Excelsior 1 like
Wood wool
Exclusive Agency 0 likes
A listing agreement to sell or lease property during a given period with a real estate broker that excludes other brokers; the owner still has the right to sell the property without paying commission
Exclusive Listing 2 likes
Exclusive Agency listing
Exclusive Right to Sell 0 likes
A listing agreement to sell or lease ones property during a specified period with a real estate broker, excluding other brokers; the broker will still receive a commission if the property is sold by the owner
Excrete 0 likes
To isolate and discharge waste matter produced during the metabolic process
Exculpatory Clause 0 likes
A provision in a contract relieving a party of liability in executing the contract; usually issued by the party seeking to absolve itself of liability
Execute 0 likes
1.To carry out some intention, action, or work
To authenticate a legal document through signature
Executive Ability 0 likes
The ability to manage and delegate people and tasks, and deal with the various responsibilities involved in running a business; management ability
Executor 1 like
A person or entity designated to carry out the provisions of a will
Executri 1 like
A female executor
Exemplary Damages 0 likes
Damages awarded to a plaintiff and against a defendant in a lawsuit to punish the defendant’s wrongdoing when the acts were willfully malicious, oppressive, fraudulent, violent, or extremely negligent; also called punitive damages
Exercise Bicycle 0 likes
A stationary bicycle employed for fitness and health
Exfiltration 0 likes
Gradual flow of air from indoors to the exterior
Exfoliate 0 likes
Abrasion and elimination of fine layers or flakes from a surface
Exhaust Fan1 like
exhaust fan
An electrically driven device that extracts dust, fumes, or odors from an area
Exhaust Hood1 like
exhaust hood
A hood, generally square or rectangular, that accommodates an exhaust fan which extracts dust, fumes, or odors from an area
Exhaust Port 0 likes
An aperture that conveys fluid through to the downstream pressure of a system
Exhaust Valve 0 likes
A portable port which serves as a vent for cylinder gases in an engine or compressor
Exhaust Ventilation 1 like
Mechanical extraction of air from a section of a building
Exhibit 1 like
A document or item presented as evidence in a court of law
Exit 0 likes
A passage, door through which a person or object may leave a room or building; egress
Exit Device2 likes
exit device
Panic hardware
Exit Light 0 likes
A light device mounted above an exit door that remains illuminated in the event of a power outage; independently powered and deliberately positioned to guide those who want to leave a building or structure
Exit Lock 1 like
A dead bolt unit installed in an exit door
Exit Sign2 likes
exit sign
A sign that points the way out of a building or room
Exothermic Reaction 0 likes
A reaction which radiates heat
Expansion 1 like
An increase in dimensions, often when heat is applied
Expansion Coefficient 0 likes
The increase in volume or length per unit for each temperature rise of one degree Fahrenheit
Expansion Joint 0 likes
Fibrous material, 1/2 inch thick, mounted in and surrounding a concrete slab to enable it to move vertically along the stationary foundation wall
Expansion Screed 0 likes
A sheet metal plaster screed allowing for some movement of adjacent panels of external plaster
Expansion Shield 3 likes
Device placed in predrilled concrete or masonry holes that gets bigger while a bolt or screw is inserted tightly; employed to secure items
Expansion Valve0 likes
expansion valve
Pressure-operated, device in a refrigerating system that lowers the pressure from the high to low side
Expansive Soils 0 likes
Earth that expands and contracts based on its water content; Betonite is considered an expansive soil
Expendable Refrigerant System 1 like
See Chemical Refrigeration
Experimental Analysis 0 likes
Analysis characterized by empirical observation of measurable behavior which is predictable and controllable
Expert Witness 0 likes
A witness whose skill, experience, education, or knowledge of a subject is recognized as qualified to give an informed opinion on issues pertaining to that subject
Explosive 0 likes
A volatile material employed to dislodge or loosen certain formations of rock and earth; dramatic and sudden
Explosive Limits 0 likes
The ratio of solvent vapor to air range where the mixture will explode if lit; at atmospheric pressure, the critical ratio spans from about 1 to 12 percent of solvent vapor by volume
Exposed Aggregate Finish 1 like
A way of finishing concrete that cleans the cementsand mixture from the uppermost layer of the aggregate, normally gravel; commonly employed in patios, driveways and other outdoor surfaces
Exposed Grid 0 likes
A suspended acoustic ceiling framework that can be seen below, after construction is completed
Exposure 0 likes
Being in contact with an environmental or social situation that has consequences, beneficial or detrimental
The plate or film subjected to light when taking a photograph
Wooden shake or shingle component that is subjected to the elements
Expressway 0 likes
Multi-lane superhighway for fast moving vehicles that has entrance and exit ramps at specified distances, no cross roads, and no pedestrians; also known as a Freeway
Extender 0 likes
Low cost pigment that enhances flow, decreases gloss, and stabilizes the suspension
Extension Ladder1 like
extension ladder
A flat ladder that can be lengthened by sliding one part over another to add more height
Extension Link 0 likes
A device employed to increase a bored lock’s backset
Exterior Door 0 likes
A door fabricated to endure the elements; facilitates entry and exit from a building or structure to the exterior
Exterior Elevation 0 likes
Architectural drawing that illustrates the projection on an upright plane of a building’s exterior surface
Exterior Fixture 0 likes
An electrical lighting fitting that may be installed outside, due to its capacity to endure the elements
Exterior Painting 0 likes
Adding sealer or paint to an outside surface
Exterior Plywood 0 likes
Plywood that is bonded with adhesive and is highly resistant to the elements, water at varying temperatures, microorganisms, dry heat, and steam
Exterior Tile 0 likes
Tile used in outside functions
Exterior Veneer 0 likes
Veneer added to surfaces exposed to the elements
Exterior Wall 0 likes
Any external wall other than a party wall serving as a vertical enclosed area of a building
Exterior Wood Door Trim 0 likes
Finish parts of wood, such as moldings, applied around the openings of exterior doors
Exterior Wood Trim 0 likes
Finish components of wood including moldings, mounted around varying openings on outside surfaces
External Drive1 like
external drive
A drive with its own separate power supply and fan outside the computer system enclosure that can be connected to a computer by a cable
External Vibrator 0 likes
Vibrating device connected to formwork in order to strengthen fresh concrete; mainly employed in precast construction
Extinguisher, Fire1 like
fire extinguisher
See Fire Extinguisher
Extra Work 0 likes
Work performed by a contractor that was not within the scope of the work specified in the original contract
Extract 0 likes
To get something with effort
To separate from a mixture by physical or chemical means
To obtain something from its source
A concentrated product
Copy or take a passage of text from a larger piece of text
Obtaining a natural resource from the earth
Extractive Bleeding 0 likes
Stains appearing on the surface of wood as a result of extractives leached out by moisture or water
Extractor 0 likes
A laundry mechanism that eliminates water from laundered fabrics via high speed centrifugal spinning so they are damp and prepared for tumble drying with hot air
Extrados 0 likes
The outside curve in a vault or arch
Extraordinary Flood 1 like
A deluge of water of greater volume than is anticipated in a given place; overflow from a source such as a broken pipe or river
Extrapolate 0 likes
To employ known facts from which to draw inferences or conclusions about the unknown, assuming that existing trends will continue or similar approaches will be pertinent
Extras 0 likes
Additional work asked of a contractor that was not included in the original contract; invoiced separately but does not change the original contract, although building costs are increased
Extrusion 0 likes
Something that bulges out or protrudes from its surroundings; also forcing soft material through a mold or nozzle
Eye 0 likes
Organ of sight
Center of a tropical cyclone that has completely calm light wind and no rain; calm area at the center of a storm
A loop that receives a small hook
A metal through which a rod or rope can be inserted
When a person pays attention by gazing
Eyebolt, Forged1 like
forged eyebolt
A heavyweight metal bolt with an eye at its end that may be employed as a fastening mechanism
Eyebrow 0 likes
A small roofed protrusion that extends from a building or structure
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