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DOC 0 likes
U.S. Department of Commerce, c/o National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, 1401 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, D.C., 20230, Tel: (202) 482-2000, URL: www.commerce.gov/
Dock Board 0 likes
Heavyweight timber employed in the construction of the raised platform for loading and unloading trucks
Dock Bumper 1 like
Thick rubber units positioned underneath loading dock openings to absorb shock and limit damage when trucks back in for loading or unloading
Dock Leveler 0 likes
A mechanical device at a loading dock that adjusts to accommodate various truck bed heights
DOE 0 likes
U.S. Department of Energy
Dog 0 likes
Fits on a steel bar to form a cramping and clamping tool
Dog Leg 0 likes
Any device curved or bent like a dogs hind leg
Dog’s Tooth 0 likes
Brick placed such that their corners project from the wall face
DOI 0 likes
U.S. Department of the Interior
DOJ 0 likes
U.S. Department of Justice
Dolerite 0 likes
Coarse basalts or diabase
Dolly Varden Siding 0 likes
Beveled wood siding with a groove or step cut on its bottom edge
Dolomite 0 likes
A mineral of the double carbonate of lime and magnesia
Dolomitic 0 likes
Lime or limestone containing calcium carbonate with up to 50 percent magnesium carbonate
Dome 0 likes
An arch rotated about a vertical axis passing through its highest point, or crown
Dome Hat 0 likes
Sealed metal container for a refrigerating unit’s motor compressor
Dome Light 0 likes
Overhead light
Domestic Marble 0 likes
Marble that comes from the same region where it is employed
Domestic Well 0 likes
A water well that is used in a residence
Domicile 0 likes
A residence; home
A person’s permanent and principal home for legal purposes
Dominant Color 0 likes
Outstanding or predominate color
Doodlebug 0 likes
A device, such as a divining rod, employed to locate underground piping and conduits
Doohickey 0 likes
A small mechanical device with an unknown or forgotten name
Door 0 likes
A movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, closer or vehicle, usually sold, hinged to or sliding in a frame
Door & Hardware Institute (DHI) 0 likes
14150 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, Virginia 20151, Tel: (703) 222-2010, URL: www.dhi.org/
Door Access 0 likes
See Access Door
Door Aluminum 0 likes
Glazed door, made with aluminum stiles and rails
Door Buck 0 likes
Door frame
Door Bumper0 likes
door bumper
Rubber tip installed on walls or baseboards, preventing door knobs from damaging walls
Door Chain Hoist1 like
door chain hoist
A door operated by a chain in a pulley or sheave
Door Closer 0 likes
A device secured to a door to ensure it closes automatically
Door Commercial 0 likes
See Commercial Door
Door Coordinator 0 likes
A device employed on a pair of doors to ensure that the inactive leaf closes before the active leaf
Door Flush 0 likes
See Flush Door
Door Folding 0 likes
See Folding Door
Door Frame 0 likes
Wood or metal parts completely surrounding a door where the hinges are attached
Door Frame Grout 0 likes
Grout to fill in the spaces where masonry meets metal door frames
Door Framing 0 likes
Rough wall structure immediately surrounding the area of a door made of wood or metal
Door Guard 0 likes
Guard made of steel parts, positioned over the interior face of a door to provide protection, prevent damage to glass, and stop intrusion
Door Head 0 likes
Parts at the top of a door frame including the frame, stop, casing, flashing, and shims
Door Header 0 likes
Horizontal beam positioned on vertical jack studs forming the uppermost portion of a door frame
Door Holder 0 likes
A device employed to keep a door open
Door Hollow Core 0 likes
See Hollow Core Door
Door Jamb 0 likes
The vertical parts of a door frame
Door Jamb, Interior 0 likes
The surrounding case of a door, made of two upright pieces called side jambs, and a horizontal head jamb; the three jambs have the door stop installed on them
Door Knob 0 likes
A projecting handle for a lock and opening a door
Door Louver 0 likes
Slanted fins on a door for ventilation; can be fixed or movable
Door Motor 0 likes
A device driven by an electric current that opens and closes a door
Door Opener 0 likes
An electronic device which opens a door by mechanically unlatching the doorknob throw bolt or opens a door on a pivot point on the door’s hinge side
Door Operator 0 likes
An automatic opener; often used for garage doors
Door Overhead 0 likes
See Overhead Door
Door Paint 0 likes
Washable latex or alkyd enamel paint that can withstand cracking, and is scratch resistent
Door Pull 0 likes
A handle which enables a door to be pulled
Door Rail Hanger 0 likes
Structural steel employed to support a large rolling door
Door Removal 0 likes
Separating a door from its hinges
Door Revolving 0 likes
See Revolving Door
Door Roll-Up 0 likes
See Roll-Up Door
Door Seal 0 likes
Rubberized material fastened to door head, jamb, and bottom of a door to prevent air drafts from entering a room
Door Shower 0 likes
See Shower Door
Door Sliding Glass 0 likes
See Sliding Glass Door
Door Solid Core 0 likes
See Solid Core Door
Door Special 0 likes
See Special Door
Door Stop 0 likes
A wooden object that the door slab will rest on when it is closed
Door Switch 0 likes
An electric switch mounted in a door jamb which turns on a light in a closet when the door is opened, and switches the light off when the door is closed
Door Threshold 0 likes
See Threshold, Door
Door Trim 0 likes
Decorative wood or metal finishing work employed to cover joints between door jambs and plaster walls
Locks, knobs, and hinges on a door
Door Vault 0 likes
See Vault Door
Door Vertical Lift 0 likes
See Vertical Lift Door
Dope 0 likes
Mortar additives, such as those used to slow down or accelerate the setting process
Dope Coat 0 likes
Cement applied to the setting bed in tile setting
Dormer 0 likes
An opening in a sloping roof, where the framing protrudes to form a vertical wall for windows or other openings
Dormer Window 0 likes
A window in a dormer
Dormitory 0 likes
A large room where many people sleep, such as at a college dormitory, boarding school, or hostel
Dormitory Wardrobe 0 likes
A closet in student housing where clothes are stored; usually a free-standing cabinet matching the dormitory room cabinetry
Dot 0 likes
A small lump of plaster on a surface between grounds; helps the plasterer to achieve the right plaster thickness and align the surface; see Screed
DOT 0 likes
U.S. Department of Transportation, 201 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Tel: (213) 202-3950; URL: www.dot.gov/
Double Back 0 likes
Webbed backing cemented to the backing of tufted, knitted, or woven carpets as extra reinforcement and to add more dimensional stability; also called Scrim Back
Double Bevel Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Bullnose 0 likes
Trim with the same convex radius on opposite sides
Double Duty Case 0 likes
Commercial refrigerator where some space is used for refrigerated storage and additional space has glass windows for display
Double Glass 0 likes
Window or door in which two panes of glass have a sealed air space between them; also known as Insulating Glass
Double Glazing 0 likes
Two parallel sheets of glass with airspace between them; also called Dual Glazing or Double Glass
Double Headed Nail 0 likes
A nail with two closely-spaced heads to allow for easy removal; employed in concrete formwork as a temporary fastener; also called a Duplex Nail
Double Hung Window 0 likes
A window with two overlapping vertical sliding sashes, both able to move up or down; the two sashes slide vertically in parallel tracks
Double J Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Layer 0 likes
Two layers of gypsum board; different thicknesses may be layered to improve the fire, sound, or structural properties
Double Nailing 0 likes
Applying gypsum board with two nails approximately 2 inches apart, and every 12 inches along the framing member to achieve strong contact with the framing
Double Offset 0 likes
Two offsets, installed one after the other, on the same line in piping
Double Oven 0 likes
An oven with two separate baking compartments
Double Plate 0 likes
The two wood plates on the top of a wood framed wall
Double Regulation 0 likes
Regulation of pot and gun air pressure
Double Reinforcement 0 likes
Concrete beam with steel on both sides of the neutral axis; employed to resist tension and compression
Double Reinforcing 0 likes
Doubling up on specific materials to enhance stability and strength
Double Spread 0 likes
See Spread
Double Stud 0 likes
Two adjoining studs in a wood-framed wall
Double Tee 0 likes
A precast concrete slab that looks like the letters TT in a cross-section
Double Thickness Flare 0 likes
Metal tubing end in two-wall thickness, with 37 to 45 degree angle bell mouth or flare
Double U Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Up 0 likes
Applying plaster in successive operations with no setting or drying time between coats; also known as Double-Back, Doubled-Up, Laid Off, Laid On, or Two Coat Work
Double Vee Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Walled Tank 0 likes
A tank made with two walls to protect leaks, and to increase strength and stability
Double Wye 0 likes
A cast or wrought iron fitting or branch pipe with two side outlets at any angle except a right angle; normally a 45 degree angle, used in plumbing
Doubled Up 0 likes
See Double-Up
Douglas Fir 0 likes
An evergreen tree that yields long, straight, lumber for framing; also known as Red Fir, Douglas Spruce, and Yellow Fir
Douglas Fir Plywood Association (DFPA) 0 likes
c/o American Plywood Association, PO Box 11700 Tacoma, Washington 9841, Tel: (202) 272-2283; URL: www.apawood.org/plywoodcentennial/index.htm
Douglas Spruce 0 likes
Douglas Fir
Dovecote 0 likes
Shelter that accommodates nesting doves
Dovetail Anchor Slot 0 likes
A matching interlocking strip or slot employed with a dovetail fastener
Dovetail Joint 0 likes
A joint in which a piece has dovetail-shaped pins or tenons that fit into openings on the other piece
Dovetail Saw 0 likes
Saw employed for cutting precise joints; similar to a tenon saw but with a narrower blade and finer teeth
Dowel 0 likes
A long, cylindrical wood or metal strip that will be cut into dowels
A steel bar extending into two adjoining parts of concrete or masonry construction as a joint in a pavement slab, to attach the parts and transfer shear loads
A steel reinforcing bar that transmits tension or compression along with shear loads, employed in the construction of column and wall sections
A steel reinforcing bar that protrudes from a foundation to secure it to a column, slab, porch, steps, or wall
A short, cylindrical, headless wood or steel rod, inserted into adjoining components to keep them aligned and held together
Dowel Pin1 like
dowel pin
Dowel Sleeve 0 likes
Light metal or cardboard can on one end of a steel dowel bar that enables an expansion joint to move freely
Down Payment 0 likes
The money paid by a buyer, which is the difference between the full price and the amount borrowed; the difference between sales price and mortgage amount, usually paid at closing
Down Time 0 likes
The time when equipment is unavailable due to necessary maintenance or emergency repairs
Downspout 0 likes
Vertical pipe normally made from sheet metal or plastic that carries rainwater from the roof’s horizontal gutters to the ground or a storm drain; also called a Leader
Downspout Boot 0 likes
Device at bottom of downspout that receives water from the downspout and enables transition to drainage piping
Downspout Bracket 0 likes
A metal bracket for attaching a downspout to a wall
Dozer 0 likes
A bulldozer
Dozer Excavation 0 likes
The digging out of large plots of earth with a bulldozer
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