Term Definition
DOC 1 like
U.S. Department of Commerce, c/o National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, 1401 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, D.C., 20230, Tel: (202) 482-2000, URL: www.commerce.gov/
Dock Board 0 likes
Heavyweight timber employed in the construction of the raised platform for loading and unloading trucks
Dock Bumper 3 likes
Thick rubber units positioned underneath loading dock openings to absorb shock and limit damage when trucks back in for loading or unloading
Dock Leveler 1 like
A mechanical device at a loading dock that adjusts to accommodate various truck bed heights
DOE 1 like
U.S. Department of Energy
Dog 0 likes
Fits on a steel bar to form a cramping and clamping tool
Dog Leg 2 likes
Any device curved or bent like a dogs hind leg
Dog’s Tooth 0 likes
Brick placed such that their corners project from the wall face
DOI 1 like
U.S. Department of the Interior
DOJ 0 likes
U.S. Department of Justice
Dolerite 1 like
Coarse basalts or diabase
Dolly Varden Siding 0 likes
Beveled wood siding with a groove or step cut on its bottom edge
Dolomite 1 like
A mineral of the double carbonate of lime and magnesia
Dolomitic 0 likes
Lime or limestone containing calcium carbonate with up to 50 percent magnesium carbonate
Dome 0 likes
An arch rotated about a vertical axis passing through its highest point, or crown
Dome Hat 2 likes
Sealed metal container for a refrigerating unit’s motor compressor
Dome Light 0 likes
Overhead light
Domestic Marble 0 likes
Marble that comes from the same region where it is employed
Domestic Well 2 likes
A water well that is used in a residence
Domicile 0 likes
A residence; home
A person’s permanent and principal home for legal purposes
Dominant Color 2 likes
Outstanding or predominate color
Doodlebug 0 likes
A device, such as a divining rod, employed to locate underground piping and conduits
Doohickey 1 like
A small mechanical device with an unknown or forgotten name
Door 1 like
A movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, closer or vehicle, usually sold, hinged to or sliding in a frame
Door & Hardware Institute (DHI) 0 likes
14150 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, Virginia 20151, Tel: (703) 222-2010, URL: www.dhi.org/
Door Access1 like
access door
See Access Door
Door Aluminum2 likes
aluminium door
Glazed door, made with aluminum stiles and rails
Door Buck 0 likes
Door frame
Door Bumper1 like
door bumper
Rubber tip installed on walls or baseboards, preventing door knobs from damaging walls
Door Chain Hoist2 likes
door chain hoist
A door operated by a chain in a pulley or sheave
Door Closer2 likes
door closer
A device secured to a door to ensure it closes automatically
Door Commercial2 likes
See Commercial Door
Door Coordinator1 like
door coordinator
A device employed on a pair of doors to ensure that the inactive leaf closes before the active leaf
Door Flush1 like
door flush
See Flush Door
Door Folding2 likes
Folding Door
See Folding Door
Door Frame1 like
Wood or metal parts completely surrounding a door where the hinges are attached
Door Frame Grout 0 likes
Grout to fill in the spaces where masonry meets metal door frames
Door Framing1 like
Exterior structure immediately surrounding the area of a door made of wood or metal
Door Guard2 likes
door guard
Guard made of steel parts, positioned over the interior face of a door to provide protection, prevent damage to glass, and stop intrusion
Door Head 0 likes
Parts at the top of a door frame including the frame, stop, casing, flashing, and shims
Door Header 2 likes
Horizontal beam positioned on vertical jack studs forming the uppermost portion of a door frame
Door Holder1 like
door holder
A device employed to keep a door open
Door Hollow Core 0 likes
See Hollow Core Door
Door Jamb1 like
door jamb
The vertical parts of a door frame
Door Jamb, Interior 0 likes
The surrounding case of a door, made of two upright pieces called side jambs, and a horizontal head jamb; the three jambs have the door stop installed on them
Door Knob3 likes
door knob
A projecting handle for a lock and opening a door
Door Louver2 likes
door louver
Slanted fins on a door for ventilation; can be fixed or movable
Door Motor 1 like
A device driven by an electric current that opens and closes a door
Door Opener1 like
door opener
An electronic device which opens a door by mechanically unlatching the doorknob throw bolt or opens a door on a pivot point on the door’s hinge side
Door Operator 1 like
An automatic opener; often used for garage doors
Door Overhead 2 likes
See Overhead Door
Door Paint1 like
door paint
Washable latex or alkyd enamel paint that can withstand cracking, and is scratch resistent
Door Pull2 likes
door pull
A handle which enables a door to be pulled
Door Rail Hanger2 likes
door rail hanger
Structural steel employed to support a large rolling door
Door Removal 1 like
Separating a door from its hinges
Door Revolving2 likes
door, revolving
See Revolving Door
Door Roll-Up2 likes
door roll-up
See Roll-Up Door
Door Seal2 likes
Door seal
Rubberized material fastened to door head, jamb, and bottom of a door to prevent air drafts from entering a room
Door Shower2 likes
door shower
See Shower Door
Door Sliding Glass2 likes
sliding glass door
See Sliding Glass Door
Door Solid Core 0 likes
See Solid Core Door
Door Special 0 likes
See Special Door
Door Stop2 likes
door stop
A wooden object that the door slab will rest on when it is closed; can also block a door from hitting a wall.
Door Switch1 like
door switch
An electric switch mounted in a door jamb which turns on a light in a closet when the door is opened, and switches the light off when the door is closed
Door Threshold 0 likes
See Threshold, Door
Door Trim 0 likes
Decorative wood or metal finishing work employed to cover joints between door jambs and plaster walls
Locks, knobs, and hinges on a door
Door Vault 0 likes
See Vault Door
Door Vertical Lift 0 likes
See Vertical Lift Door
Dope 0 likes
Mortar additives, such as those used to slow down or accelerate the setting process
Dope Coat 0 likes
Cement applied to the setting bed in tile setting
Dormer 0 likes
An opening in a sloping roof, where the framing protrudes to form a vertical wall for windows or other openings
Dormer Window1 like
dormer window
A window in a dormer
Dormitory 0 likes
A large room where many people sleep, such as at a college dormitory, boarding school, or hostel
Dormitory Wardrobe 0 likes
A closet in student housing where clothes are stored; usually a free-standing cabinet matching the dormitory room cabinetry
Dot 0 likes
A small lump of plaster on a surface between grounds; helps the plasterer to achieve the right plaster thickness and align the surface; see Screed
DOT 0 likes
U.S. Department of Transportation, 201 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Tel: (213) 202-3950; URL: www.dot.gov/
Double Back1 like
double back
Webbed backing cemented to the backing of tufted, knitted, or woven carpets as extra reinforcement and to add more dimensional stability; also called Scrim Back
Double Bevel Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Bullnose 0 likes
Trim with the same convex radius on opposite sides
Double Duty Case 0 likes
Commercial refrigerator where some space is used for refrigerated storage and additional space has glass windows for display
Double Glass 0 likes
Window or door in which two panes of glass have a sealed air space between them; also known as Insulating Glass
Double Glazing 0 likes
Two parallel sheets of glass with airspace between them; also called Dual Glazing or Double Glass
Double Headed Nail2 likes
double headed nail
A nail with two closely-spaced heads to allow for easy removal; employed in concrete formwork as a temporary fastener; also called a Duplex Nail
Double Hung Window 1 like
A window with two overlapping vertical sliding sashes, both able to move up or down; the two sashes slide vertically in parallel tracks
Double J Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Layer 0 likes
Two layers of gypsum board; different thicknesses may be layered to improve the fire, sound, or structural properties
Double Nailing 0 likes
Applying gypsum board with two nails approximately 2 inches apart, and every 12 inches along the framing member to achieve strong contact with the framing
Double Offset 0 likes
Two offsets, installed one after the other, on the same line in piping
Double Oven2 likes
double oven
An oven with two separate baking compartments
Double Plate 1 like
The two wood plates on the top of a wood framed wall
Double Regulation 1 like
Regulation of pot and gun air pressure
Double Reinforcement 0 likes
Concrete beam with steel on both sides of the neutral axis; employed to resist tension and compression
Double Reinforcing 2 likes
Doubling up on specific materials to enhance stability and strength
Double Spread 1 like
See Spread
Double Stud 0 likes
Two adjoining studs in a wood-framed wall
Double Tee3 likes
double tee
A precast concrete slab that looks like the letters TT in a cross-section
Double Thickness Flare 0 likes
Metal tubing end in two-wall thickness, with 37 to 45 degree angle bell mouth or flare
Double U Groove Weld 1 like
See Groove Weld
Double Up 0 likes
Applying plaster in successive operations with no setting or drying time between coats; also known as Double-Back, Doubled-Up, Laid Off, Laid On, or Two Coat Work
Double Vee Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Walled Tank 0 likes
A tank made with two walls to protect leaks, and to increase strength and stability
Double Wye1 like
double wye
A cast or wrought iron fitting or branch pipe with two side outlets at any angle except a right angle; normally a 45 degree angle, used in plumbing
Doubled Up 0 likes
See Double-Up
Douglas Fir1 like
douglas fir
An evergreen tree that yields long, straight, lumber for framing; also known as Red Fir, Douglas Spruce, and Yellow Fir
Douglas Fir Plywood Association (DFPA) 0 likes
c/o American Plywood Association, PO Box 11700 Tacoma, Washington 9841, Tel: (202) 272-2283; URL: www.apawood.org/plywoodcentennial/index.htm
Douglas Spruce 0 likes
Douglas Fir
Dovecote 1 like
Shelter that accommodates nesting doves
Dovetail Anchor Slot 0 likes
A matching interlocking strip or slot employed with a dovetail fastener
Dovetail Joint 0 likes
A joint in which a piece has dovetail-shaped pins or tenons that fit into openings on the other piece
Dovetail Saw1 like
dovetail saw
Saw employed for cutting precise joints; similar to a tenon saw but with a narrower blade and finer teeth
Dowel1 like
A long, cylindrical wood or metal strip that will be cut into dowels
A steel bar extending into two adjoining parts of concrete or masonry construction as a joint in a pavement slab, to attach the parts and transfer shear loads
A steel reinforcing bar that transmits tension or compression along with shear loads, employed in the construction of column and wall sections
A steel reinforcing bar that protrudes from a foundation to secure it to a column, slab, porch, steps, or wall
A short, cylindrical, headless wood or steel rod, inserted into adjoining components to keep them aligned and held together
Dowel Pin1 like
dowel pin
Dowel Sleeve 1 like
Light metal or cardboard can on one end of a steel dowel bar that enables an expansion joint to move freely
Down Payment 0 likes
The money paid by a buyer, which is the difference between the full price and the amount borrowed; the difference between sales price and mortgage amount, usually paid at closing
Down Time 0 likes
The time when equipment is unavailable due to necessary maintenance or emergency repairs
Downspout1 like
Vertical pipe normally made from sheet metal or plastic that carries rainwater from the roof’s horizontal gutters to the ground or a storm drain; also called a Leader
Downspout Boot 1 like
Device at bottom of downspout that receives water from the downspout and enables transition to drainage piping
Downspout Bracket2 likes
downspout bracket
A metal bracket for attaching a downspout to a wall
Dozer 0 likes
A bulldozer
Dozer Excavation 0 likes
The digging out of large plots of earth with a bulldozer
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