Term Definition
Draft Gauge 1 like
Instrument employed to measure air movement due to air pressure differences
Draft Indicator 1 like
Instrument employed to measure and record chimney draft or combustion gas movement; draft is measured in units of .10 in. of water column
Draft Regulator 0 likes
Device maintaining a specific draft in a combustion-heated appliance, by automatically controlling the chimney draft to a particular level
Drafter 0 likes
Drafting Board 0 likes
A flat surface used by drafters to draw on
Drafting Machine 0 likes
A drafter’s mechanical device with adaptable straight edges that clamps onto a drawing board
Draftsman 0 likes
A person who prepares architectural, construction, or engineering drawings
A person who drafts documents
Drag 0 likes
Distance between the exit point for cutting oxygen stream and the projection on the exit surface of the entry point in welding
Drag Strut 0 likes
A structural part that transfers lateral forces from one vertical part to another
Dragging 0 likes
See Floating
Dragline 0 likes
A bucket attachment for a crane that excavates soft materials at some distance from the crane, and draws the bucket to itself using a cable; commonly employed in a marsh or marine areas
Dragons Blood 0 likes
A red gum employed for temporary coloring of varnish
Drain 0 likes
A trench, ditch, or pipe to move waste water away
A device that captures the flow of water from a roof
Drain Board 0 likes
The countertop next to a sink
Drain Field 0 likes
Trenches filled with sand, gravel or crushed stone, along with pipes, that transfer septic tank effluent into nearby soil
Drain Intercepting (Curtain Drain) 0 likes
A drain diverting ground water before it reaches an area to be safeguarded; See Intercepting Drain
Drain Pipe 0 likes
Pipe that transports waste in a building‘s drainage system
Drain Tile 0 likes
Perforated corrugated pipe laid at the bottom of the foundation wall to drain water from the foundation; stops ground water from leaking or seeping through the foundation wall; also called perimeter drain
Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) System 0 likes
Pipe system for the elimination of liquid or solid wastes, and sewer gases
Drainage 0 likes
Draining a building or land of moisture or sewage
A system of artificial or natural drains
Drainage Head 0 likes
The furthest or most elevated areas in a drainage area
Drainage Pipe 0 likes
Any pipe in a plumbing system which eliminates rainwater, wastewater, or sewage
Drainage System 0 likes
All drain and waste pipes that transfer water and wastes away from built up areas
Drainage, Underslab 0 likes
Continuously intercepting and removing ground water from under a concrete slab through crushed stone and perforated pipe
Drape 0 likes
A window covering or a curtain
Drapery 0 likes
Fabric hangings employed as a curtain
Drapery Rod 0 likes
A wall-mounted wood or metal rod that supports drapery
Drapery Track 0 likes
A U-shaped device installed on a door, ceiling, floor, or window header, to guide draperies
Draughtsman 0 likes
Draftsman; drafter
Draw 0 likes
Progress billings available to a contractor who is under contract with a fixed payment schedule
Draw Board 0 likes
A board fitted in a kitchen cabinet that may be pulled out like a breadboard to provide more work surface
Drawboard Joint 0 likes
A mortise-and-tenon joint with holes so that when a pin is inserted, the joint constricts
Drawbridge 0 likes
A bridge over water that is raised or lowered to control the passage of ships
Drawer 0 likes
A sliding, storage box forming part of a cabinet
Drawer Knob0 likes
drawer knob
A cabinet knob
Drawer Pull 0 likes
A handle used to open a drawer
Drawer Roller 0 likes
A device employed to facilitate a drawer sliding open or shut; commonly has a metal or fiber wheel that revolves in a metal frame
Drawer Slides 0 likes
A mechanism with guides and rollers to support the drawer to facilitate functionality
Drawing Room 0 likes
A formal reception area; a retiring room
Drawings 0 likes
Graphic illustrations of the design, whereabouts, and dimensions of the parts of a certain project
Line drawing
Drawn Glass 0 likes
Glass sheet pulled directly from a molten glass container
Drayage 0 likes
Delivery charge for goods shipped
Dredge 0 likes
To deepen a waterway with a dredging machine, normally mounted on a barge
Dressed and Matched (D&M) 0 likes
Tongued and grooved; Center Matched; see Tongue and Groove
Dressed Size 0 likes
Lumber dimensions after surfacing with a planing machine; generally ½ inch to ¾ inch less than the original size
Dressing Room 0 likes
Room for dressing, storing clothes, and applying makeup in a home or theater
Drier 0 likes
Substance or device employed to extricate moisture from a refrigeration system
A solution added to drying oils in paint to speed up drying
Composition of certain metals that accelerate drying action of oil when added to paint or varnish; available dry or as paste, but most are metallic soaps such as lead, manganese and cobalt in oils and volatile solvents; also known as driers, oil driers, liquid driers, Japan driers, and Japans
Drift 0 likes
Lateral displacement or movement of a structure due to lateral forces
Spray loss; occurs when using a spray gun; also called Overspray
Drift Pin 0 likes
A steel rod employed to align the holes for bolts in steel connections during assembly
Drill 0 likes
Common name for a small boring bit and for its electric drill
Drilled Well 0 likes
A well made from the process of using a rotary drill to dig for water
Drilling Rock 0 likes
Boring holes into a rock
Drip 0 likes
Part of a cornice or horizontal exterior finish course with a projection that facilitates water removal
Sill or drip cap groove positioned on the underside; ensures that water drips from the outer edge instead of drawing back and trickling down the building facade
Drip Cap 0 likes
Molding or metal flashing that is positioned on the outside top part of a door or window frame; enables water to dribble further than the exterior portion of the frame
Drip Edge 0 likes
A discontinuity or protruding strip mounted on roof eaves or above a window or wall member, redirecting drops of water away from the front of the building so that they don’t cause damage to the building
Drip Loop 0 likes
A low area in an airborne wire that permits moisture and rainwater to trickle off before the wire reaches the building or structure
Drip Pan 0 likes
Trough-shaped panel that collects condensation from an evaporator
Drippage 0 likes
Seepage of roofing bitumen through cracks in the roof deck or over its edges
Drive Screw 0 likes
A screw inserted with a hammer but must be removed with a screwdriver
Drive-Up Window 0 likes
An opening in a wall through which goods can be sold between people in vehicles and vendors behind the wall
Driveway 0 likes
A pathway that accommodates automobiles on private property
Driveway Apron 0 likes
Inclined transition from a public street to a private driveway
Driving Cap 0 likes
A steel cap located above a pile to protect vehicles
Drop Black 0 likes
Bone Black
Drop Cloth 0 likes
A canvas, plastic, or paper material employed by painters to cover floors and furniture to protect them from unnecessary damage
Drop Match 0 likes
See Set Match
Drop Panel 0 likes
Broadening of a two-way concrete floor structure at the column head
Dropback 0 likes
Softening Point Drift
Drum Trap 0 likes
A cylinder-shaped plumbing trap with a lid, closed at the base; the pipe from the fitting enters the trap near the base; the space between the pipe‘s entrance and the base is the settling area, and the outlet to the waste pipe is located higher in the trap
Dry Air 0 likes
Air without water vapor
Dry Bulb Temperature 0 likes
Air temperature measured by a standard thermometer; compared to Wet Bulb Temperature
Dry Bulb Thermometer 0 likes
A standard thermometer for measuring ambient air temperature; compare to Wet Bulb Thermometer
Dry Capacitor Condenser 0 likes
Electrical apparatus composed of dry metal and insulation
Dry Cell Battery 0 likes
Electrical device furnishing DC electricity, without liquid in its cells
Dry Cleaner 0 likes
An apparatus for laundering fabrics using mainly natural solvents that are not water-based
Dry Edging 0 likes
Coarse edges and corners of glazed ceramic ware as a result of inadequate coating
Dry Film Thickness 0 likes
Dry coating depth, expressed in mils
Dry Ice 0 likes
Refrigerating material composed of frozen carbon dioxide that transforms directly from a solid state to a gaseous state at -109 F (-78 C)
Dry In 0 likes
To mount black roofing felt onto a roof
Dry Kiln 0 likes
A cavity with regulated air flow, temperature, and humidity for employed for drying lumber, veneer, or other wood materials
Dry Lap 0 likes
Without bitumen when two roofing felts overly each other
Dry Location 0 likes
A location not normally exposed to moisture, but may be temporarily subject to dampness or moisture, such as during construction
Dry Mi 0 likes
A concrete or mortar mixture that has no water or very little water
Dry Oil 0 likes
See Dehydrated Oil
Dry Out 0 likes
Occasional condition associated with gypsum plaster work where too much evaporation or suction has lost water critical for crystallization; has a light colored, crumbly space appearance
Dry Pack 0 likes
Cement and fine aggregate mixture with sufficient moisture to achieve hydration, but dry enough to be forced into position
Dry Packing 0 likes
Positioning of close to zero or zero slump, concrete, mortar, or grout by forcing it into an enclosed space
Dry Press Brick 0 likes
Brick produced in molds from fairly dry clay under elevated pressure, with 5 to 7 percent moisture
Dry Rot 0 likes
Dry flakey rot when in an advanced stage, allows wood to be easily crushed into a dry powder; not application to any form of decay, as all fungi need substantial moisture for growth
Dry Set Mortar 0 likes
A water-retaining hydraulic cement mortar with sand or without it; when employed, the tile and walls do not need to be dampened during installation
Dry Set Tile 0 likes
Tile fixed into an adhesive that is seemingly dry, but sticks on contact
Dry Sheet 0 likes
Roofing felt ply mechanically secured to the deck to stop asphalt or pitch from dripping down into the building; not a component of built-up roofing units
Dry Spots 0 likes
Small areas on the front surface of tile that have not been unsatisfactorily glazed
Dry Spray 0 likes
A paint defect where the paint pigment is not being secured properly by the binder, or where the binder evaporates before the paint makes contact with the surface; atomized paint that produces a sandy finish, as the spray particles are only partly dry when connecting with the surface
Dry Sprinkler System 0 likes
A fire extinguishing sprinkler unit in which the pipes are empty until the system is galvanized
Dry Stone Wall 0 likes
A wall of stone that has been built without mortar or concrete in the joints
Dry System 0 likes
Refrigeration system which maintains evaporator liquid refrigerant primarily in the atomized or droplet state
Dry Tape 0 likes
Placing tape over gypsum board joints with adhesives other than normally used joint compound
Dry To Handle 0 likes
A film of paint hardened enough so that it is durable when handled
Time period between application and the ability to handle without harm
Dry To Recoat 0 likes
Time period between a paint application and the ability to properly add the next coat
Dry To Touch 0 likes
A layer of paint hardened enough so that it may be touched gently without any paint remaining on the fingers
Dry Type Extinguisher 0 likes
A fire extinguishing system that disperses dry powder through compressed gas
Dry Type Spray Booth 0 likes
A spray booth where inhibitor has been included in the paint to stop the surface from drying too quickly, producing wrinkling or ruptures
Dry Type Transformer 0 likes
A transformer whose coils and core are not submerged in an oil bath
Dry Vent 0 likes
A plumbing vent that does not convey liquids; it acts solely as a vent and simply conveys air
Dry Well 0 likes
A deep hole in the ground, covered and normally lined with rocks, that holds drainage water until it seeps into the ground
Dryer 0 likes
A device that dries out the aggregates, then heats them to specific temperatures
Dryer (Coin) 0 likes
See Coin Dryer
Dryer (Darkroom) 0 likes
See Darkroom Dryer
Dryer Receptacle 0 likes
An electrical outlet wired according to specific electric current requirements and the clothing dryer configuration
Drying 0 likes
Changing from liquid to solid state by means of evaporation of uncombined water and volatile thinners, and also by oxidation of oils
Drying Oil 0 likes
An oil which accepts oxygen, becoming hard, tough, and flexible when a thin film is in contact with the air; drying oils are employed while manufacturing paints and varnishes; linseed oil is a widely used drying oil
Drying Shrinkage 0 likes
Decrease in the size of concrete when it dries
Drying Time 0 likes
Time period between final cure and initial application
Dryness 0 likes
No liquid
Amount of free moisture in gypsum board products
Drywall (Gypsum Wallboard, Sheet Rock or Plasterboard) 0 likes
Drywall Panel Hoist0 likes
Drywall Panel Hoist
This hoist holds a 4 foot by 8-foot or a 4 foot  by 12-foot drywall sheet in place on the ceiling during fastening.
Drywall Removal 0 likes
Demolishing and removing old drywall from a building or structure
Drywall Studs 0 likes
Light gauge metal vertical members that fit into the light frame construction to support gypsum wallboard sheets; employed for constructing interior non-bearing partitions
Drywall Track 0 likes
The horizontal light gauge metal top and bottom wall framing in an inside gypsum wallboard non-bearing partition
Drywood Termites 0 likes
See Termite
DS 0 likes
DS Glass 0 likes
Double-strength window glass
Dual Duct Air Handling System 0 likes
A system resembling a multi-zone assembly, with the exception that segregated hot and cold ducts are positioned to the area to be conditioned where a terminal mixing box is located; a continual supply of air is provided
Dual Glazing 0 likes
Double Glazing
Dual Vents 0 likes
A plumbing vent connecting two fixture drains; serves as a back vent for the traps of both fixtures
Duct 0 likes
A channel, tube, or pipe that conveys gases, liquids, or wires
Duct Bank 0 likes
Group of rectangular or circular metal pipes that deliver warm or conditioned air throughout a structure or building
Duct Heater 0 likes
A hot water or electric-resistance heater installed in an air duct to furnish additional heat to the distributed air; Heating element in the duct of an air-handling system
Duct Insulation 0 likes
Material installed in the HVAC duct system to reduce fire hazards, and serve as thermal insulation
Duct Shaft 0 likes
An upright, lined shaft in a building, normally fire-rated, through which air ducts and piping are positioned
Duct Tape 0 likes
Sturdy adhesive tape that is employed to construct and restore light gauge air ducts
Duct, Bus 0 likes
See Bus Duct
Duct, Feeder 0 likes
See Feeder Duct
Duct, Underfloor 0 likes
See Underfloor Duct
Ductile 0 likes
1.Capable of being shaped into a new form
Metals that are capable of being drawn out into thin wires or threads
Ductile Iron Pipe 0 likes
Iron pipe that is fabricated so that it is flexible; has non-corrosive qualities of cast iron although it is not fragile; handles like steel
Ductile Moment Resisting Space Frame 0 likes
A three-dimensional structural assembly with no bearing walls, consisting of interconnecting components that can withstand lateral forces; may also receive the help of horizontal diaphragms
Ductility 0 likes
The ability to deform substantially under weight before breaking, as opposed to brittleness and inflexibility
The ability of a substance to be drawn out or stretched thin as in wires and threads
The characteristic of a material that enables it to be shaped or bent without breaking; for example, steel is less ductile than copper
Ducts 0 likes
Spherical or rectangular metal pipes installed that deliver conditioned air from the furnace to various rooms in a home; also a galvanized metal or stiff fiberglass tunnel that conveys air from the ventilation opening or heater to the various rooms in a building
Ductwork 0 likes
The rigid sheet material from which the HVAC system ducts are fabricated; usually produced from galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
Due Process 0 likes
A fundamental, constitutional assurance that all legal proceedings will be fair and that a party will be provided with notice of proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before any loss of life, liberty, or property; additionally, constitutional assurance that a law is reasonable, and not arbitrary or capricious
Due-on-Sale 0 likes
A clause in a mortgage agreement stipulating that a borrower must pay the remaining balance when the property is sold or transferred
Dull 0 likes
Colors, either neutral or grayish
Dull Rubbing 0 likes
Rubbing a dry layer of finishing material to a lackluster finish, frequently with abrasive paper, steel wool or pumice stone
Dulling 0 likes
Losing sheen or glossy characteristic
Dumbwaiter 0 likes
A small elevator employed for transporting food, utensils, or materials from to the various floors in a multilevel building
Dummy Joint 0 likes
A dummy joint is a joint in sidewalks and patios for design purposes;
Dummy Trim 0 likes
A hardware trim, with the exclusion of a lock, normally on the stationary door in a door pair
Dump Fee 0 likes
The money required to discard worksite garbage in a landfill or dumpsite
Dump Truck 0 likes
A truck employed for transporting and discarding junk and garbage
Dumpster1 like
A large metal receptacle that holds and transports garbage
Dumpy Level 0 likes
An Engineers Level
Dunnage 0 likes
Loose materials surrounding cargo to minimize damage
Scrap gypsum board that safeguards gypsum wallboard that is being transported
Dunting 0 likes
Cracks in fired ceramics as a result of heat-induced stresses
Duple 0 likes
A house for two families
Duplex apartment
Duplex Apartment 0 likes
An apartment that has rooms on two floors
Duplex Bo 0 likes
An electrical container that holds duplex outlets or wiring switches
Duplex Nail 0 likes
A double-headed nail
Duplex Paper 0 likes
Wallpaper where two separate papers are adhered to each other resulting in a remarkable embossed appearance
Duplex Plate 0 likes
A protective, finished plate mounted over duplex switches or outlets
Duplex Receptacle 0 likes
A double electric outlet
Dura Board, Dura Rock 0 likes
A panel composed of concrete and fiberglass, normally employed as ceramic tile backing and found on bathtub decks; also called Wonder board
Durability 0 likes
Ability to exist without significant deterioration for a long period of time; to endure; it can refer to durable goods with a long usable life in economics or durability (database systems) one of the ACID properties; in safety and technology, the following terms indicate durability:
a) Dust resistant
b) Fire resistant
c) Rot-proof
d) Rust-proof
e) Thermal resistant
f) Impact resistant
g) Waterproof
Duration 0 likes
The length of an activity, or period of time that something exists
Duress 0 likes
In jurisprudence, duress or coercion indicates a circumstance where a person performs an act as a result of violence, threat or other pressure against the person; Black’s Law Dictionary (6th ed.) defines duress as “any unlawful threat or coercion used… to induce another to act or not act in a manner they otherwise would not (or would)”; pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform; must be distinguished both from undue influence in the civil law and from necessity
Durham 0 likes
A steel or iron pipe system compose consisting of threaded screw joints; recessed drainage fittings are employed in this system
Dust Cap 0 likes
A cap placed over a mechanism or device to protect it from unwelcome, dust-related debris or materials
Dust Free 0 likes
When dust is not present on a film of paint
Dust Mask 1 like
A fabric mask worn on the face to filter out dust or other foreign materials
Dust Tight 0 likes
An item built so that dust cannot enter
Dusting 0 likes
The appearance of thin, powdered material on any hard surface, or on concrete due to inadequate curing
The addition of dry portland cement to a damp floor or deck mortar surface; a pure coat is produced by pressure on the dry cement
Dustproof 0 likes
An item built or protected from dust; dust cannot intrude or restrict its efficacious operations
Dutch Bond 0 likes
A bond with courses consisting of headers and stretchers, in masonry; same as English Bond
Dutch Door 0 likes
A door that has two separate hinged leaves, one residing above the other; one door can be opened while the other is shut
Dutch Door Bolt 0 likes
Device for locking the top and bottom leaves of a Dutch door together
Dutch Metal 0 likes
Thin leaves of bright brass that are overlaid in the same way that gold leaf is administered
Duty 0 likes
An obligation imposed by contract, by law, or for moral or religious reasons
Duty, Continuous 0 likes
See Continuous Duty
Dwarf Wall 0 likes
A short wall or partition that does not extend to the ceiling
Dwelling 0 likes
Place where people live, sleep, eat, and prepare food
Dwelling Unit 0 likes
One or more livable rooms inhabited by a single family with facilities for sleeping, living, preparing food, and eating
DWV 0 likes
Drain waste vent; the part of a plumbing system transports water and sewer gases from a home
DX 0 likes
Direct Expansion
Dye 0 likes
A material employed for staining or dyeing
Dynamic 0 likes
Matter in motion, implying movement or a change of state; such as a hurricane force; the antithesis of static
Dynamic Force 0 likes
A moving force; the equivalent of the product of mass and acceleration
Dynamite 0 likes
An explosive
Dynamo 0 likes
Electric power generator
Dynamometer 0 likes
A device that measures a mechanism’s power output or input
Dyne 0 likes
A unit of force that increases its velocity by one centimeter per second along the direction where it performs when acting on a mass of one gram
Denotes elasticity
Denotes electromotive force, expressed in volts
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