Term Definition
DF 0 likes
Douglas Fir
Drinking Fountain
DFPA 2 likes
Douglas Fir Plywood Association
DG 0 likes
Decomposed Granite
DHI 0 likes
Door & Hardware Institute
Diagnostic Architecture 0 likes
The science and process of analyzing building failures to understand their causes, and their solutions with specific repair strategies
Diagonal 1 like
Oblique direction in relation to a reference line
Inclined part of a truss or bracing system, utilized for stiffening or wind bracing
Diagonal Bond 0 likes
Raking bond where bricks are laid obliquely in the middle section of a thick wall; bricks may also be similarly laid in paving
Diagonal Bracing 0 likes
Bracing that diagonally attaches joints at differing levels
Diagonal Sheathing 0 likes
Wood sheathing where individual boards run at a 45 degree angle to the studs, joists, or rafters
Diagonal-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood in which annual rings are angled to the axis of another piece, due to sawing at an angle against the bark of the tree or log
A type of cross grain
Diameter 1 like
A straight line spanning from one side of a circle or other rounded geometric figure to the other side, or the length of this line
Diamond Mesh1 like
diamond mesh
Metal lath with a diamond pattern produced by the slitting and expansion of metal sheets
Diamond Mesh Window Guard 1 like
Guard made from diamond-shaped mesh to provide protection over a window, prevent damage to the glass and stop intrusion
Diaper 1 like
A pattern with one or more recurrent design units as geometric figures, interacting with one another with continuously flowing or straight lines
Continuous and recurrent pattern in brickwork, normally applied to diamond or other diagonal patterns
Diaphragm 0 likes
Flexible material normally made of thin metal, rubber, or plastic
A thin, usually rectangular or square part of a structure capable of resisting lateral forces on its plane, such as a floor or roof
Diaphragm Action 0 likes
A bracing action derived from the stiffness of a thin plane of material when loaded in a parallel direction; typically floor or roof surfaces of plywood, reinforced masonry, steel decking, or reinforced concrete
Diaphragm Pump 1 like
Water pump employed to continuously extricate water from excavations containing mud and small stones
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 1 like
Sedimentary rock deposits consisting of, or having many diatoms or their siliceous remains; diatomite as employed in water filters
Diatomaceous Earth Filter 0 likes
Pool filter using DE as its medium; one designed to filter water through a thin layer of filtering material like diatomaceous earth or volcanic ash; diatomite filters may be of the Pressure or Vacuum type
Dichlorodifluromethane 1 like
Refrigerant commonly called R-12
Dichromatic 0 likes
Of two colors
Die 0 likes
To stop living
To stop (general use)
An engraved metal template for stamping coins or medals
A perforated steel block against which a material is pressed to form a shape by extrusion
An internally threaded tool employed to cut threads off of a pipe or rod
Die Casting 0 likes
Process of molding low-melting temperature metals in shaped metal molds
Diecast Set Screw 0 likes
A set screw cast by pouring molten metal into a mold
Dielectric Fluid 0 likes
Fluid having high electrical resistance
Diesel Generator2 likes
diesel generator
An electrical generator running on diesel fuel
Different Systems 0 likes
Systems which derive their supply from different sources, individual transformers or their banks which do not have their secondary windings interconnected, or from individual service switches
Differential 0 likes
The difference between two values on a scale, such as the difference in the time taken to lay the same tiles with different grout in the same area
Differential Settlement 0 likes
The irregular sinking of various sections of a building‘s foundation
Diffuse Porous Wood 2 likes
Hardwoods where pores are uniform in size and distribution in each annual ring, or decrease in size slowly toward the outer border of the ring
Diffuse Radiation 0 likes
Sun rays that are scattered by air molecules, dust and water vapor; comes from the sky vault
Diffuse Transmission 2 likes
Transmitted light that is evenly scattered in all directions as it moves through a material
Diffuser1 like
A device that circulates air in a forced heating/cooling system; often flush-mounted on a ceiling with slats to evenly direct the processed air into a room or area; parts of the ventilation system that diffuse air to promote circulation in the room or space
Light fixture lens that disperses light
Diffuser, Suction 0 likes
See Suction Diffuser
Diffusion 2 likes
The natural blending of two or more substances to produce a mixture or solution
Digital1 like
digital watch
A digital instrument displays a measurement as a number, such as the LED display on a digital watch; compared to an analog display
Dike 0 likes
A long wall or embankment, built for flooding prevention
Dilapidation 0 likes
A state of neglect, disrepair, decay, ruin, or deterioration through neglect or misuse
Diluent1 like
A substance that dilutes another substance
Diluents 0 likes
See Thinners
Dimension 0 likes
A measurement of any kind, such as width, length, height, volume or weight
Dimension Lumber, See Dimension Stock
Dimension Lumber 1 like
Lumber with a trifling thickness of 2 inches up to but not including 5 inches, and a nominal width of 2 inches or more; includes joists, planks, rafters, studs, and small timbers; see also Dimension Stock
Dimension Ratio 2 likes
Diameter of a pipe divided by the wall thickness; each pipe may have two dimension ratios, based on whether the outer or inner diameter is employed; the outer diameter is employed if the standard requirements and manufacturing controls are based on it; the inside diameter is employed when this measurement is the controlling one
Dimension Stock 0 likes
Hardwood stock processed to a point so the user obtains maximum utility; stock of specific thickness, width, and length; may be solid or glued together, rough or surfaced, semi-fabricated or totally fabricated; generally known as Hardwood Dimension Lumber
Dimensional Stability 0 likes
A fabric’s ability to keep its original dimensions despite service and wet cleaning
The ability of any material to maintain its original dimensions in the conditions in which it is employed
Dimensional Stabilization 1 like
Actions taken to reduce or stop warping, swelling, or shrinking
Dimensions of Concrete Masonry Units 1 like
The first dimension of a CMU denotes thickness; the second, height; and the third, length
Dimer 0 likes
Product of a chemical combination of two similar molecules
Diminish 1 like
To lessen or make smaller
Diminishing Return 0 likes
Greater expenditure, investment, or taxes that no longer produce a proportional yield
Diminution in Value 0 likes
The amount a property’s market value is reduced
Dimmer Switch2 likes
dimmer switch
A switch controlling the brightness emitted from a light fixture
Dimple 1 like
A depression in gypsum board‘s surface due to a hammer as the nail head is set a little below the surface of the gypsum board to conceal with joint compound
Diode2 likes
A semiconductor with two terminals that permits the flow of current in only one direction
Dip Coating 0 likes
Finishing an article by immersing or covering it in finishing material
Dip of a Trap 0 likes
The lowest part of the inside top surface of the channel in a plumbing trap; compare with Weir of a Trap
Dipentene 0 likes
Solvent created by the destructive distillation of pine stumps; also stronger than turpentine
Direct Burial Cable 0 likes
Electrical cable appropriate for burial directly in the earth, without being placed in a conduit
Direct Burial Conduit 0 likes
Electric conduit appropriate for burial in outside applications that have an exterior surface that opposes moisture, fungus, and corrosion
Direct Cost 0 likes
All expenses directly incurred or attributed to a specific project, task, or assignment; synonymous with Direct Costs, Hard Costs, and Construction Costs; See Construction Costs and Hard Costs
Direct Current (DC) 0 likes
An electric current of steady voltage that only flows in one direction
Direct Drive Fan1 like
direct drive fan
A fan positively connected in line with a motor, functioning at the same speed
Direct Expansion (DX) 1 like
Interior air cooled by passing over an evaporator where refrigerant expands from a fixed reference point
Direct Expansion Evaporator 0 likes
Evaporator utilizing an automatic expansion valve (AEV) or a thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) for refrigerant control
Direct Job Overhead 1 like
A firm’s overhead expense, directly attributed to completing work under way, that would not be incurred if no projects were currently in progress
Direct Labor 0 likes
The actual cost of labor for all tasks undertaken during the period covered by the income statement
Direct Labor Burden 0 likes
Includes all payroll taxes, insurance, and employee benefits related to the labor payroll
Direct Methods 0 likes
Techniques of solar heating where sunlight enters a building through its windows and is absorbed in the interior of the building
Direct Nailing 2 likes
See Face-Nailing
Direct Process 0 likes
See American Process Zinc Oxide
Direct Radiation 0 likes
Solar radiation emanating from the sun, casting shadows on a clear day
Direct Transmission 0 likes
Light traversing a transparent material
Direction of Irrigation 1 like
Direction of irrigated water flow; normally perpendicular to the supply ditch or pipe
Directional Arrow1 like
directional arrow
Symbol employed to indicate direction
Directional Sign1 like
directional sign
A publicly displayed notice indicating a recommended direction or route of travel, with words or symbols
Directory Board1 like
A panel that displays information
Disability 0 likes
A physical or mental impairment that considerably limits an important capability of an individual
Considered as having an impairment
Disappearing Stair 0 likes
A folding, hinged stairway that is pulled down from the ceiling and normally hidden behind a trap door
Discharge Valve2 likes
discharge valve
Special purpose valve
Discharging Arch 1 like
An arch built over a lintel or header to reduce pressure from the wall above the arch; also known as a Relieving Arch or Safety Arch
Discoloration 0 likes
Change of color from the norm or the desired color
Disconnect 1 like
Shut of something such as a telephone line, supply of water, gas, or electricity to a building or customer
Disconnecting Means 0 likes
A device, group of devices, or other means by which the conductors of a circuit can be disconnected from their supply source
Discount 0 likes
A reduction in the amount of a bill
To sell an item for less than its original cost; this increases the value of the buyer’s purchase
Discount Rate 0 likes
A mortgage interest rate lower than the current rate for a given period of time, for example 1.75 percent below variable rate for two years
Discovery 0 likes
Process in which parties in a lawsuit must provide information
Dish Drawer1 like
Fisher &PaykelDishDrawer Series DD24SHTI7 Semi-Integrated Single Dish Drawer
A dishdrawer is a type of dishwashing machine invented, designed and manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. They are available under several brands depending on geographic location.
Dishwasher1 like
An electrical appliance for washing crockery and cutlery
Disinfect Pipe 0 likes
Transmission of an antimicrobial agent through a pipe
Disinfectant1 like
Chemical that eliminates germs and bacteria; also called Bacteriacide
Disintegration 1 like
Decomposition into fragments or elements
Disk Sander1 like
disk sander
An electric sanding tool with sandpaper abrasive mounted on a rotating disk
Dismissal 0 likes
The dropping of a lawsuit
Dispensary 0 likes
A location where medicines and medical or dental aid are dispensed
Dispenser, Tissue2 likes
dispenser, tissue
See Tissue Dispenser
Dispersed 2 likes
Finely divided or separated in nature
Dispersing Agent 0 likes
A mixture that increases the fluidity of pastes, mortars, or concretes by reducing inter-particle attraction; material employed to keep a finely divided substance in a dispersed state
Dispersion 2 likes
A substance suspended in another substance
A suspension of tiny particles in a liquid medium, like paints
Displacement 1 like
Motion away from a fixed point
Displacement, Piston 0 likes
See Piston Displacement
Disposal 1 like
The process of getting rid of something
A garbage disposal unit
Disposal Field 0 likes
See Leaching Field
Disposal Suit 2 likes
A total bodysuit used by workers in areas with hazardous materials
Distemper 1 like
A water-based paint where pigment is mixed with the white or yolk of an egg; employed for mural decoration
Water-based paints for household, use
Distensibility 2 likes
A material‘s ability to stretch
Distillate 0 likes
A condensed product made by cooling vapors of a given material, heated to eliminate part of the material in vapor form
Distillation 1 like
Vaporizing a liquid with heat and condensing the vapor to a liquid to purify, fractionate, and produce new substances
Distillery 0 likes
A location where alcohol is distilled
Distilling Apparatus 2 likes
Fluid-reclaiming device for used refrigerants; reclaiming is normally done by vaporizing, then re-condensing the refrigerant
Distortion 2 likes
The state of being warped from a natural or original shape or condition
The change of a pavement’s surface from its original shape
A lack of proportion in an image, due to defects in the optical system
Erroneous reproduction of radio sound or a television picture, due to changes in the original signal’s wave form
Distributed Load 0 likes
A load on a structural piece, evenly distributed along its entire length
Distributing Pipes 1 like
Piping in a building that distributes water from the Service Pipe
Distribution 0 likes
Moving fresh concrete to its placement area
The movement of fluids or currents to their end point
The circulation of heat to living areas from storage or collectors
Distribution Bo 1 like
The main terminus of an electrical service where branch circuits are connected
Distribution Panel2 likes
distribution panel
The main electrical control center; contains switches or circuit breakers, is attached to service wires, and delivers a current to branch circuits
Distribution Rib 0 likes
Transverse thickening of a one-way concrete joist structure; employed to enable the joists to share concentrated loads
Distyle 0 likes
A structure with two columns in front
Ditch 0 likes
A long, narrow trench dug in the earth for foundation walls, sewerage, irrigation systems, electrical cable lines, and utilities
Divider, Hospital1 like
hospital divider
See Hospital Divider
Divider, Terrazzo 2 likes
See Terrazzo Divider
Dividers 1 like
A drafting implement similar to a compass, but with two adjustable sharp points; employed for marking and scribing edges
Diving Board1 like
diving board
A narrow platform, often equipped with a spring raised off the pool deck by a ladder, attached to the edge of a pool and extending over the water; employed to give divers altitude and lift
Diving Platform 0 likes
Rigid standing space for diving
DIY 0 likes
Do it yourself
DLH Series 1 like
Standard Steel Joist Institute designation for long span steel joists
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