Term Definition
D & M 0 likes
Dressed and Matched
D Line Cracks 1 like
See D Cracking
D Load 0 likes
A steady load due to the mass of structure parts, the supported structure, and permanent accessories or attachments
Dado 1 like
Groove in a board or panel to attach the edges of connecting boards or panels
Dado Joint 2 likes
A joint with a groove attaching the piece that forms the joint’s other part
Dairy 3 likes
A room or building for the processing, sales, or storage of milk and milk products
Dalton’s Law 2 likes
Vapor pressure created in a container by a combination of gases is equal to the sum of the individual vapor pressures of the gases
Damages 2 likes
Money awarded to a plaintiff to compensate for loss as a result of a defendant’s wrongful conduct
Dammar 4 likes
A natural resin extensively used to prepare lacquers and varnishes; normally classified according to the place from which it is shipped to market, such as Hong Kong dammar
Damp Check 1 like
See Damp Course
Damp Course 2 likes
A course or layer of impervious material which stops capillary moisture entry from the ground or a lower course; also called Damp Check
Damp Location 1 like
A location with a reasonable amount of moisture, such as cold storage warehouses, basements, barns, and similar areas
Damper 1 like
A metal door installed in a fireplace’s chimney; normally closed when the fireplace is not being used
Damping 2 likes
Dissipation of structure-borne noise by the transformation to an alternate form of energy, such as heat; normally achieved by utilizing a materials with a high internal energy-absorbing limit
The rate at which natural vibration decays due to energy absorption
Dampproofing 1 like
Tar-like black waterproofing material applied to a foundation wall’s exterior
Dap 1 like
To cut and produce a recess in timber to create a dapped joint; also referred to as a let-in joint, where 1 by 6 inch diagonal bracing is cut into 2 by 4 inch studs
Darby 2 likes
A straightedge manipulated by hand, normally 3 feet to 8 feet (1 meter to 2.5 meter) long, employed in leveling during the early stages of concrete placement, before additional finishing and floating
A stiff straightedge, about 42 inches long and 4 inches wide with of metal or wood handles, employed to level wet plaster’s surface
Darkroom 1 like
A room for photography work, without normal light
Darkroom Dryer 2 likes
A mechanical device for drying employed by a photographer to dry prints in a darkroom
Darkroom Equipment 3 likes
Equipment employed to develop photographs
Darkroom Sink 1 like
A photographic darkroom’s basin for holding or dispensing liquids
Dash Bond Coat 1 like
A thick mixture of portland cement, water, and sand; flecked onto surfaces with paddles or brushes to provide a base for additional portland cement plaster coats; sometimes employed to finish plaster
Dash Brush2 likes
dash brush
A long-bristled brush, employed to fling a plaster mixture as a dash coat on a wall
Date of Agreement 1 like
Normally on an agreement’s front page; if not located on the front page, the date may be opposite the signatures when the agreement was signed, when it was recorded or when the contractor was actually awarded the contract
Date of Commencement of the Work 1 like
The date established to proceed, in a written notice from the owner to the contractor
Date of Substantial Completion 1 like
The date certified by the architect to signify the completion of work or a specific part in accordance with contract documents, enabling the owner to occupy the property or use the specific part for the desired purpose
Datum 1 like
A fixed starting point for measuring or surveying
An amount of information
Daub 4 likes
A dollop of adhesive
Daylight 2 likes
The terminal end of a pipe, unattached to anything
Db 3 likes
DB 2 likes
Dry Bulb
DBA 1 like
Doing Business As
DBIA 1 like
Design/Build Institute of America
Dbl Conduit 2 likes
Double thick conduit
Dbl Duct 2 likes
Double thick metal duct
DC 1 like
Direct Current
DE 4 likes
Diatomaceous Earth
De Facto 3 likes
In reality; actually; in fact, even though not official
De Jure 3 likes
Legally accepted; by right or of right
De-humidistat 1 like
A control device that regulates a mechanical ventilation system, based on the relative humidity in a home
Dead Bolt2 likes
dead bolt
A security lock installed on exterior entry doors activated only with a thumb-turn or key; a lock bolt with no spring action or bevel that is operated by a key or a turn piece
Dead Burned 1 like
Totally removing water content during the process of calcining gypsum
Dead End 1 like
A branch leading from a vent, soil, or wastepipe-building drain sewer that does not let air or water enter the piping system
Dead Flat 1 like
Paint that has no gloss
Dead Front 1 like
Switches, circuit breakers, switchboards, control panels, and panel boards designed, constructed, then installed so that no current-carrying parts are exposed on the front
Dead Knot 1 like
Loose wood knot, normally darker in color
Dead Level 1 like
A precisely horizontal roof slope
Dead Level Asphalt 2 likes
Roofing asphalt with softening point of 140° F (60° C)
Dead Light 2 likes
The immovable, non-operable section of a window
Dead Load 1 like
The load created by the vertical weight of all permanent structural and nonstructural facets of a building, including roofs, walls, and floors
Dead Man’s Switch 2 likes
A switch remaining in the on or off position only if it is held there manually
Dead Space 0 likes
Space with a lot of absorptive surfaces that does not support sound
The space between walls, or a floor and the ceiling
Deadening 2 likes
Construction to inhibit the transfer of sound
Deadlock4 likes
A lock equipped solely with a deadbolt
Deadman 2 likes
A heavy or large object buried in the ground to serve as an anchor
Deaeration 2 likes
Process of taking out air from substances
Deal 1 like
Softwood timber
Debris 2 likes
Accumulated fragments of waste; rubbish, trash and the like
Debt 0 likes
Owed money
Debt, Long Term 2 likes
See Long Term Debt
Debt, Short Term 1 like
See Short Term Debt
Debtors 0 likes
Entities or individuals that owe money to a business; accounts or notes receivable
Decal 1 like
Decalcomania 3 likes
Images on specially prepared paper, that are transferable to glass or other surfaces; also called a Decal
Decay 2 likes
The decomposition of wood or other substances and surfaces as a result of fungi or bacteria
Dechlorination2 likes
Chlorine Neutralizer - 40 Lb
Removing chlorine from water
Decibel (db) 1 like
Standard unit to measure the transmission of airborne sound levels; the ratio of sound pressure to a base level selected at the hearing threshold, ranging up to 130 for the average pain level
Deciduous 1 like
Trees that lose their leaves every year
Decimal 1 like
A real number stated in base 10
Decimal Fraction 2 likes
A fraction or mixed number where the denominator is a power of 10, normally notated with decimal points, as 3/4 = 75/100 = 0.75
Deck 2 likes
Installing plywood or wafer board sheeting on the floor joists, rafters, or trusses
Deck Coil 2 likes
See Coil Deck
Deck Insulation4 likes
deck insulation
Narrow sheets of insulation placed on a concrete surface preceding flooring system installation
Deck Level Pool 0 likes
Water surface level at the same level as the deck
Deck Mud 0 likes
See Floor Mud
Deck Paint3 likes
deck paint
Enamel with high resistance to mechanical wear; used on surfaces such as deck floors
Decking 2 likes
Material employed to span across beams or joists to create flooring or roof surfaces
Surfaced area around a swimming pool
Weighted plank flooring on a pier or bridge
Decking, Cellular 1 like
See Cellular Decking
Decking, Metal2 likes
decking metal
See Metal Decking
Decking, Open 1 like
See Open Decking
Decking, Wood 1 like
See Wood Decking
Declaration of Homestead 1 like
See Homestead
Declining Balance 4 likes
Increased depreciation where a larger amount is taken in the beginning years, slowly declining in later years
Decor 1 like
The style, decoration, furnishing, and layout of building interiors
Decorated 0 likes
Adorned, embellished, or made more appealing with color or surface detail
Decoration 1 like
The undertaking of decorating
Finish employed over gypsum board face
Decoration, Inglaze 0 likes
See Inglaze Decoration
Decoration, Overglaze 2 likes
See Overglaze Decoration
Decoration, Underglaze 0 likes
See Underglaze Decoration
Decorative Painting 1 like
Architectural or aesthetic painting
Decorative Tile1 like
decorative tile
Tile with ceramic decor on its surface
Decoupling 1 like
Taking apart elements to slow the transmission of structural-borne sound, thermal conductance, or physical loads
Dedicated Circuit 0 likes
An electrical circuit that services only one appliance such as a refrigerator, or several electric heaters or smoke detectors
Dedication 0 likes
Appropriating land or easements for public purposes or usage by a private owner
Deed of Trust 0 likes
See Trust Deed
Deed Restrictions 2 likes
Limiting covenants often provided in a deed which may restrict future uses of the land, and other limitations such as height, size, and aesthetics, so long as they do not compromise public interests
Deeds 0 likes
All documents conveying property, from one person to another
Deep Color 2 likes
Intense or vivid color with no obvious presence of black
Deep Seal-P Trap 1 like
A P-trap with a water seal depth of four inches or more
Default 1 like
To breach of mortgage contract by not meeting the required payments
Defect 0 likes
An imperfection, a flaw
Defendant 0 likes
A party who is accused of wrongdoing via a legal claim in a law suit
Deferred Maintenance 0 likes
Repair or upkeep that has been ignore, neglected or postponed
Deficit 2 likes
An economic shortfall, where expenses surpass income; a negative balance in the retained earnings account
Deflection 3 likes
A variation in the position or shape of a structure or structural part as a result of load or volume change, normally measured as a linear deviation from an established plane
Displacement or bending of a structural part by an external force
Deformation 0 likes
The change in shape of a body caused by a force being applied; deformation is proportional to the force within the material’s elasticity limits
Deformation, Eutectic 2 likes
See Eutectic Deformation
Deformed Bar 0 likes
A steel reinforcing bar with deformations such as bumps, lugs, or ridges to provide a locking anchorage with the concrete around it
Deformed Reinforcement 0 likes
Warped reinforcing bars, bar and rod mats, and wire fabric
Defrost Device 4 likes
Refrigerating cycle in which ice and evaporator frost are melted
Defrost Timer1 like
defrost timer
Device connected to electrical circuit which turns the unit off for enough time to enable ice and frost accumulation on the evaporator to melt
Defrosting 0 likes
Removing frost from evaporators
Defrosting Control 3 likes
Device that automatically defrosts the evaporator; may operate using a clock, door cycling mechanism, or during the off part of a refrigerating cycle
Defrosting Type Evaporator 0 likes
Evaporator operating at temperatures so that ice and frost on the surface can melt during the off part of operating cycle
Degradation 0 likes
Reduction in quality; degeneration of quality
Degreaser1 like
Chemical solution that removes grease
Degreasing 0 likes
Solution or solvent employed to take oil or grease off refrigerator parts
Degree 0 likes
Unit of measurement on one of the temperature scales
Unit of measurement of angles, equal to 60 minutes; a right angle is 90 degrees
Degree Day 1 like
Unit representing one degree of difference from inside temperature and the average outdoor temperature for one day; estimates fuel requirements for a building
Degree Day Method 1 like
Method of calculating fuel requirements for HVAC systems; see Degree Day
Degree of Saturation 0 likes
Amount of water in the air in relation to the maximum capacity it can hold at a specific temperature without causing condensation
Dehumidification 1 like
Removal of moisture from air
Dehumidifier5 likes
A device which extracts moisture from the air
Dehydrated Castor Oil 0 likes
A drying oil produced from castor oil
Dehydrated Oil 0 likes
Lubricant which has little to no water content after a removal process, also called Dry Oil
Dehydration 1 like
The procedure of extracting water from another substance
Dehydrator 1 like
See Drier
Dehydrator Receiver 0 likes
A small tank serving as a liquid refrigerant reservoir which also contains desiccant to extract moisture; frequently employed in automobile air conditioning installations
Delamination 1 like
Separation of the plies or folds in a panel as a result of failed adhesive; normally due to too much moisture
Delay 1 like
Time loss; or postponing a part of a construction schedule
Delicatessen Case 0 likes
A refrigerated cabinet employed for the displaying and storing of perishable food items
Delignification 2 likes
Elimination of part or all of the lignin from wood through treatment with chemicals
Deliquescence 0 likes
Absorbing atmospheric moisture by a solid substance
Delivery Cart2 likes
delivery cart
A two or four-wheeled vehicle employed to move goods; can be lightweight or heavy
Delivery Tolerances 1 like
In asphaltic concrete making, allowed variables from the precise, desired proportions of aggregate and bituminous material delivered into a pugmill
Delta 2 likes
4th letter in the Greek alphabet, the capital symbol has an equilateral triangle shape
Numbered marking on contract drawings to identify adjustments
Anything justly shaped
The alluvial material deposit at the mouth of a river, where it meets a larger body of water
Delta Transformer 0 likes
Three-phase electrical transformer in which the ends of each of three windings connects electrically to form a triangle
Delustered Nylon 1 like
Nylon of which the normally high sheen has been treated and removed
Demand Factor 1 like
The demand of any system; the ratio of the maximum demand of the system to its total connected load; the loads of a system are rarely on simultaneously due to the multiple uses of power; between the maximum connected load and the actual usage, a load exists that is considered to be the maximum demand
Demand Meter 1 like
Instrument which records the kilowatt-hour usage of a circuit or group of circuits
Demise 1 like
Transfer of property by means of a will, grant, or lease
Demised Premises 0 likes
Property leased
Demising Walls 2 likes
Boundaries that separate personal space from the neighbors’ space and from the public corridor
Demography 0 likes
Study of human populations, including their size, growth, density, and distribution, and statistics regarding birth, marriage, disease, and death; employed to identify markets
Demolish 1 like
To destroy, raze, or tear down a structure or building
Demountable Partition 0 likes
An assembly created to be dismantled and reassembled with a minimal loss of the parts
Demur 2 likes
To object, or take exception
Demurrage 0 likes
A charge for detaining a freight car, ship, or truck during the unloading period
Demurrer 1 like
A response in a court proceeding in which the defendant does not refute an allegation’s truth, but instead claims there are not sufficient grounds to justify legal action; also known as an objection
Den 1 like
Private room in a home, where people pursue their hobbies and recreation
Denatured Alcohol2 likes
denatured alcohol
Ethyl alcohol or grain inappropriate for beverages due to the addition of poisonous compounds
Dendrochronology 0 likes
The science of dating events and variations in environment from former periods by comparing growth rings in trees or aged wood
Dendroid 1 like
Treelike in form
Dendrology 0 likes
Study of trees
Denier 1 like
System of yarn count in synthetic fibers; the weight in grams for each 9,000 meters of yarn length; one denier is equivalent to 4,464,528 yards per pound or 279,033 yards per ounce
Dense-Graded Aggregate 0 likes
An aggregate with a particle size distribution such that when it is compacted, the resulting space between the particles is relatively minor
Densification 0 likes
Increasing the density of a mixture during compaction
Density 3 likes
Amount per unit volume, unit area, or unit length; expressed as pounds per cubic foot, kilograms per cubic meter, or grams per cubic centimeter for wood with specific moisture content
Closeness in texture or consistency of particles in a material
Density, Pile Yarn 0 likes
See Pile Yarn Density
Dental Equipment 0 likes
Equipment employed for dental work on patients
Dental Light 1 like
An adjustable lamp employed by dentists, with an arm-like extension that allows it to be manipulated in any direction, and focuses light in one direction
Dentil 0 likes
One of a set of small, projecting rectangular blocks which form a molding, or part of a cornice
Deodorizer1 like
Mechanism which absorbs or adsorbs odors, normally through absorption; activated charcoal is commonly employed
Deposit 1 like
Natural resource, such as iron ore
Material, such as sediment, which has settled
A returnable sum of currency usually paid for safekeeping purposes, or to guarantee the return of an object
Deposited Metal 1 like
Filler metal included during welding operations
Deposition 0 likes
The testimony of a witness given under oath, outside of the court
The written record of this testimony
Depository, Night 0 likes
See Night Depository
Depreciation 0 likes
The decrease in value of property due to any reason
Derrick 2 likes
A hoisting frame with gear, ropes, a long beam, and pulleys that raises a heavy load and swings it to the side
Desiccant1 like
A drying material
Substance employed to collect and retain moisture in refrigerating system; common desiccants include silica gel and activated aluminum
Design 1 like
A graphical representation consisting of plan views, exterior and interior levels, sections, and other drawings and details to visualize the purpose or goal for a building or structure; conceive or plan mentally
Design Concept 0 likes
An architectural idea displayed in drawings and in its specifications, anticipated to be properly executed by the contractor
Design Development Drawings 1 like
Drawings drafted by architects for the Design Development Phase
Design Development Phase 1 like
Second phase of an architect‘s basic services in which the architect prepares drawings and other presentation documents to describe the size and character of the entire project pertaining to architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems; materials and other essentials are included where appropriate; the architect also submits a statement of the probable construction cost
Design Displacement 0 likes
The design-basis earthquake lateral displacement, excluding displacement caused by actual and accidental torsion, necessary to design the seismic isolation system
Design Filter Rate 0 likes
See Design Rate of Flow
Design Head 0 likes
The total head requisite of a circulation system at the design flow rate
Design Heat Load 2 likes
Total heat loss from a building under the potential, harshest winter conditions
Design Pressure 0 likes
Highest or most intense pressure anticipated during operation; sometimes calculates operating pressure with an allowance for safety
Design Professional 0 likes
Skilled person educated in the areas of building design or related structural and environmental systems
Design Rate of Flow 0 likes
Rate of flow (in gallons) divided by the turnover time (in minutes) in a pool or spa; also known as the Design Filter Rate
Design Temperature 1 like
A temperature near the lowest anticipated for a location, employed to gauge design heat load
Design-Build 1 like
A project completion system in which the same entity is responsible for both the design and its construction
Design-Build Construction 1 like
When a prime contractor negotiates or bids to provide design and construction services for an entire project
Design-Build Institute of America 1 like
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20004, Tel: (202) 682-0110, URL: www.dbia.org/
Design-Construct Contract 2 likes
A written agreement between a contractor and owner where the contractor undertakes providing both design and construction services
Destructive Distillation 0 likes
Distilling a solution at a temperature so high that the resulting products have a different chemical composition than the original material
Destructive Testing 0 likes
Testing of building materials in a destructive manner
Detail 0 likes
An individual separable part of something
Large, graphic scale representation of construction components, displaying all the materials, composition and dimensions
Detectable Warning 0 likes
A standardized surface or feature on walking surfaces or similar elements to warn visually impaired persons of dangers and hazards in their path
Detector, Leak2 likes
detector leak
See Leak Detector
Detector, Smoke1 like
detector, smoke
See Smoke Detector
Detergent2 likes
Cleaning solution or powdery substance
Deterioration 0 likes
Depreciation; value loss of property due to physical wear and tear; worsen in quality, value or strength
Determinate 0 likes
With defined definite limits
Statically Determinate; see Statically Determinate Structures
Developed Length 0 likes
The length measured along the center line of a pipe and its fittings
Development Length 1 like
Length of steel needed to develop the required bond between reinforcing and adjacent concrete in reinforced concrete
Device 1 like
A specifically designed piece of equipment or a mechanism that serves a given purpose or function
A unit of an electrical system intended to transfer electric energy without using it
Device Control 0 likes
Device for operating a refrigerating system to melt the accumulated ice and frost
Device Cover2 likes
device cover
Protective or ornamental removable cover enclosing an electrical device
Devil’s Float 1 like
Wood float with two nails jutting out from its toe to coarsen the surface of the brown coat in plastering
Dew 0 likes
Condensed atmospheric moisture deposited on cool surfaces in droplets
Dew Point 1 like
Temperature at which vapor, at 100 percent humidity, starts condensing and depositing itself onto cold surfaces as a liquid
Dew-Point Temperature 1 like
Temperature at which condensation begins
Dewatering 1 like
Extraction of water from the ground or excavations by pumps, well points, or drainage systems
Dextral 1 like
Right handed
DF 0 likes
Douglas Fir
Drinking Fountain
DFPA 2 likes
Douglas Fir Plywood Association
DG 0 likes
Decomposed Granite
DHI 0 likes
Door & Hardware Institute
Diagnostic Architecture 0 likes
The science and process of analyzing building failures to understand their causes, and their solutions with specific repair strategies
Diagonal 1 like
Oblique direction in relation to a reference line
Inclined part of a truss or bracing system, utilized for stiffening or wind bracing
Diagonal Bond 0 likes
Raking bond where bricks are laid obliquely in the middle section of a thick wall; bricks may also be similarly laid in paving
Diagonal Bracing 0 likes
Bracing that diagonally attaches joints at differing levels
Diagonal Sheathing 0 likes
Wood sheathing where individual boards run at a 45 degree angle to the studs, joists, or rafters
Diagonal-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood in which annual rings are angled to the axis of another piece, due to sawing at an angle against the bark of the tree or log
A type of cross grain
Diameter 0 likes
A straight line spanning from one side of a circle or other rounded geometric figure to the other side, or the length of this line
Diamond Mesh1 like
diamond mesh
Metal lath with a diamond pattern produced by the slitting and expansion of metal sheets
Diamond Mesh Window Guard 1 like
Guard made from diamond-shaped mesh to provide protection over a window, prevent damage to the glass and stop intrusion
Diaper 1 like
A pattern with one or more recurrent design units as geometric figures, interacting with one another with continuously flowing or straight lines
Continuous and recurrent pattern in brickwork, normally applied to diamond or other diagonal patterns
Diaphragm 0 likes
Flexible material normally made of thin metal, rubber, or plastic
A thin, usually rectangular or square part of a structure capable of resisting lateral forces on its plane, such as a floor or roof
Diaphragm Action 0 likes
A bracing action derived from the stiffness of a thin plane of material when loaded in a parallel direction; typically floor or roof surfaces of plywood, reinforced masonry, steel decking, or reinforced concrete
Diaphragm Pump 1 like
Water pump employed to continuously extricate water from excavations containing mud and small stones
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 1 like
Sedimentary rock deposits consisting of, or having many diatoms or their siliceous remains; diatomite as employed in water filters
Diatomaceous Earth Filter 0 likes
Pool filter using DE as its medium; one designed to filter water through a thin layer of filtering material like diatomaceous earth or volcanic ash; diatomite filters may be of the Pressure or Vacuum type
Dichlorodifluromethane 1 like
Refrigerant commonly called R-12
Dichromatic 0 likes
Of two colors
Die 0 likes
To stop living
To stop (general use)
An engraved metal template for stamping coins or medals
A perforated steel block against which a material is pressed to form a shape by extrusion
An internally threaded tool employed to cut threads off of a pipe or rod
Die Casting 0 likes
Process of molding low-melting temperature metals in shaped metal molds
Diecast Set Screw 0 likes
A set screw cast by pouring molten metal into a mold
Dielectric Fluid 0 likes
Fluid having high electrical resistance
Diesel Generator2 likes
diesel generator
An electrical generator running on diesel fuel
Different Systems 0 likes
Systems which derive their supply from different sources, individual transformers or their banks which do not have their secondary windings interconnected, or from individual service switches
Differential 0 likes
The difference between two values on a scale, such as the difference in the time taken to lay the same tiles with different grout in the same area
Differential Settlement 0 likes
The irregular sinking of various sections of a building‘s foundation
Diffuse Porous Wood 2 likes
Hardwoods where pores are uniform in size and distribution in each annual ring, or decrease in size slowly toward the outer border of the ring
Diffuse Radiation 0 likes
Sun rays that are scattered by air molecules, dust and water vapor; comes from the sky vault
Diffuse Transmission 2 likes
Transmitted light that is evenly scattered in all directions as it moves through a material
Diffuser1 like
A device that circulates air in a forced heating/cooling system; often flush-mounted on a ceiling with slats to evenly direct the processed air into a room or area; parts of the ventilation system that diffuse air to promote circulation in the room or space
Light fixture lens that disperses light
Diffuser, Suction 0 likes
See Suction Diffuser
Diffusion 2 likes
The natural blending of two or more substances to produce a mixture or solution
Digital1 like
digital watch
A digital instrument displays a measurement as a number, such as the LED display on a digital watch; compared to an analog display
Dike 0 likes
A long wall or embankment, built for flooding prevention
Dilapidation 0 likes
A state of neglect, disrepair, decay, ruin, or deterioration through neglect or misuse
Diluent1 like
A substance that dilutes another substance
Diluents 0 likes
See Thinners
Dimension 0 likes
A measurement of any kind, such as width, length, height, volume or weight
Dimension Lumber, See Dimension Stock
Dimension Lumber 1 like
Lumber with a trifling thickness of 2 inches up to but not including 5 inches, and a nominal width of 2 inches or more; includes joists, planks, rafters, studs, and small timbers; see also Dimension Stock
Dimension Ratio 1 like
Diameter of a pipe divided by the wall thickness; each pipe may have two dimension ratios, based on whether the outer or inner diameter is employed; the outer diameter is employed if the standard requirements and manufacturing controls are based on it; the inside diameter is employed when this measurement is the controlling one
Dimension Stock 0 likes
Hardwood stock processed to a point so the user obtains maximum utility; stock of specific thickness, width, and length; may be solid or glued together, rough or surfaced, semi-fabricated or totally fabricated; generally known as Hardwood Dimension Lumber
Dimensional Stability 0 likes
A fabric’s ability to keep its original dimensions despite service and wet cleaning
The ability of any material to maintain its original dimensions in the conditions in which it is employed
Dimensional Stabilization 1 like
Actions taken to reduce or stop warping, swelling, or shrinking
Dimensions of Concrete Masonry Units 1 like
The first dimension of a CMU denotes thickness; the second, height; and the third, length
Dimer 0 likes
Product of a chemical combination of two similar molecules
Diminish 0 likes
To lessen or make smaller
Diminishing Return 0 likes
Greater expenditure, investment, or taxes that no longer produce a proportional yield
Diminution in Value 0 likes
The amount a property’s market value is reduced
Dimmer Switch2 likes
dimmer switch
A switch controlling the brightness emitted from a light fixture
Dimple 1 like
A depression in gypsum board‘s surface due to a hammer as the nail head is set a little below the surface of the gypsum board to conceal with joint compound
Diode2 likes
A semiconductor with two terminals that permits the flow of current in only one direction
Dip Coating 0 likes
Finishing an article by immersing or covering it in finishing material
Dip of a Trap 0 likes
The lowest part of the inside top surface of the channel in a plumbing trap; compare with Weir of a Trap
Dipentene 0 likes
Solvent created by the destructive distillation of pine stumps; also stronger than turpentine
Direct Burial Cable 0 likes
Electrical cable appropriate for burial directly in the earth, without being placed in a conduit
Direct Burial Conduit 0 likes
Electric conduit appropriate for burial in outside applications that have an exterior surface that opposes moisture, fungus, and corrosion
Direct Cost 0 likes
All expenses directly incurred or attributed to a specific project, task, or assignment; synonymous with Direct Costs, Hard Costs, and Construction Costs; See Construction Costs and Hard Costs
Direct Current (DC) 0 likes
An electric current of steady voltage that only flows in one direction
Direct Drive Fan1 like
direct drive fan
A fan positively connected in line with a motor, functioning at the same speed
Direct Expansion (DX) 1 like
Interior air cooled by passing over an evaporator where refrigerant expands from a fixed reference point
Direct Expansion Evaporator 0 likes
Evaporator utilizing an automatic expansion valve (AEV) or a thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) for refrigerant control
Direct Job Overhead 1 like
A firm’s overhead expense, directly attributed to completing work under way, that would not be incurred if no projects were currently in progress
Direct Labor 0 likes
The actual cost of labor for all tasks undertaken during the period covered by the income statement
Direct Labor Burden 0 likes
Includes all payroll taxes, insurance, and employee benefits related to the labor payroll
Direct Methods 0 likes
Techniques of solar heating where sunlight enters a building through its windows and is absorbed in the interior of the building
Direct Nailing 2 likes
See Face-Nailing
Direct Process 0 likes
See American Process Zinc Oxide
Direct Radiation 0 likes
Solar radiation emanating from the sun, casting shadows on a clear day
Direct Transmission 0 likes
Light traversing a transparent material
Direction of Irrigation 1 like
Direction of irrigated water flow; normally perpendicular to the supply ditch or pipe
Directional Arrow1 like
directional arrow
Symbol employed to indicate direction
Directional Sign1 like
directional sign
A publicly displayed notice indicating a recommended direction or route of travel, with words or symbols
Directory Board1 like
A panel that displays information
Disability 0 likes
A physical or mental impairment that considerably limits an important capability of an individual
Considered as having an impairment
Disappearing Stair 0 likes
A folding, hinged stairway that is pulled down from the ceiling and normally hidden behind a trap door
Discharge Valve2 likes
discharge valve
Special purpose valve
Discharging Arch 1 like
An arch built over a lintel or header to reduce pressure from the wall above the arch; also known as a Relieving Arch or Safety Arch
Discoloration 0 likes
Change of color from the norm or the desired color
Disconnect 1 like
Shut of something such as a telephone line, supply of water, gas, or electricity to a building or customer
Disconnecting Means 0 likes
A device, group of devices, or other means by which the conductors of a circuit can be disconnected from their supply source
Discount 0 likes
A reduction in the amount of a bill
To sell an item for less than its original cost; this increases the value of the buyer’s purchase
Discount Rate 0 likes
A mortgage interest rate lower than the current rate for a given period of time, for example 1.75 percent below variable rate for two years
Discovery 0 likes
Process in which parties in a lawsuit must provide information
Dish Drawer1 like
Fisher &PaykelDishDrawer Series DD24SHTI7 Semi-Integrated Single Dish Drawer
A dishdrawer is a type of dishwashing machine invented, designed and manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. They are available under several brands depending on geographic location.
Dishwasher1 like
An electrical appliance for washing crockery and cutlery
Disinfect Pipe 0 likes
Transmission of an antimicrobial agent through a pipe
Disinfectant1 like
Chemical that eliminates germs and bacteria; also called Bacteriacide
Disintegration 1 like
Decomposition into fragments or elements
Disk Sander1 like
disk sander
An electric sanding tool with sandpaper abrasive mounted on a rotating disk
Dismissal 0 likes
The dropping of a lawsuit
Dispensary 0 likes
A location where medicines and medical or dental aid are dispensed
Dispenser, Tissue1 like
dispenser, tissue
See Tissue Dispenser
Dispersed 2 likes
Finely divided or separated in nature
Dispersing Agent 0 likes
A mixture that increases the fluidity of pastes, mortars, or concretes by reducing inter-particle attraction; material employed to keep a finely divided substance in a dispersed state
Dispersion 2 likes
A substance suspended in another substance
A suspension of tiny particles in a liquid medium, like paints
Displacement 1 like
Motion away from a fixed point
Displacement, Piston 0 likes
See Piston Displacement
Disposal 0 likes
The process of getting rid of something
A garbage disposal unit
Disposal Field 0 likes
See Leaching Field
Disposal Suit 2 likes
A total bodysuit used by workers in areas with hazardous materials
Distemper 1 like
A water-based paint where pigment is mixed with the white or yolk of an egg; employed for mural decoration
Water-based paints for household, use
Distensibility 1 like
A material‘s ability to stretch
Distillate 0 likes
A condensed product made by cooling vapors of a given material, heated to eliminate part of the material in vapor form
Distillation 1 like
Vaporizing a liquid with heat and condensing the vapor to a liquid to purify, fractionate, and produce new substances
Distillery 0 likes
A location where alcohol is distilled
Distilling Apparatus 2 likes
Fluid-reclaiming device for used refrigerants; reclaiming is normally done by vaporizing, then re-condensing the refrigerant
Distortion 1 like
The state of being warped from a natural or original shape or condition
The change of a pavement’s surface from its original shape
A lack of proportion in an image, due to defects in the optical system
Erroneous reproduction of radio sound or a television picture, due to changes in the original signal’s wave form
Distributed Load 0 likes
A load on a structural piece, evenly distributed along its entire length
Distributing Pipes 1 like
Piping in a building that distributes water from the Service Pipe
Distribution 0 likes
Moving fresh concrete to its placement area
The movement of fluids or currents to their end point
The circulation of heat to living areas from storage or collectors
Distribution Bo 1 like
The main terminus of an electrical service where branch circuits are connected
Distribution Panel2 likes
distribution panel
The main electrical control center; contains switches or circuit breakers, is attached to service wires, and delivers a current to branch circuits
Distribution Rib 0 likes
Transverse thickening of a one-way concrete joist structure; employed to enable the joists to share concentrated loads
Distyle 0 likes
A structure with two columns in front
Ditch 0 likes
A long, narrow trench dug in the earth for foundation walls, sewerage, irrigation systems, electrical cable lines, and utilities
Divider, Hospital1 like
hospital divider
See Hospital Divider
Divider, Terrazzo 2 likes
See Terrazzo Divider
Dividers 1 like
A drafting implement similar to a compass, but with two adjustable sharp points; employed for marking and scribing edges
Diving Board1 like
diving board
A narrow platform, often equipped with a spring raised off the pool deck by a ladder, attached to the edge of a pool and extending over the water; employed to give divers altitude and lift
Diving Platform 0 likes
Rigid standing space for diving
DIY 0 likes
Do it yourself
DLH Series 1 like
Standard Steel Joist Institute designation for long span steel joists
DOC 1 like
U.S. Department of Commerce, c/o National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, 1401 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, D.C., 20230, Tel: (202) 482-2000, URL: www.commerce.gov/
Dock Board 0 likes
Heavyweight timber employed in the construction of the raised platform for loading and unloading trucks
Dock Bumper 2 likes
Thick rubber units positioned underneath loading dock openings to absorb shock and limit damage when trucks back in for loading or unloading
Dock Leveler 1 like
A mechanical device at a loading dock that adjusts to accommodate various truck bed heights
DOE 1 like
U.S. Department of Energy
Dog 0 likes
Fits on a steel bar to form a cramping and clamping tool
Dog Leg 2 likes
Any device curved or bent like a dogs hind leg
Dog’s Tooth 0 likes
Brick placed such that their corners project from the wall face
DOI 1 like
U.S. Department of the Interior
DOJ 0 likes
U.S. Department of Justice
Dolerite 1 like
Coarse basalts or diabase
Dolly Varden Siding 0 likes
Beveled wood siding with a groove or step cut on its bottom edge
Dolomite 0 likes
A mineral of the double carbonate of lime and magnesia
Dolomitic 0 likes
Lime or limestone containing calcium carbonate with up to 50 percent magnesium carbonate
Dome 0 likes
An arch rotated about a vertical axis passing through its highest point, or crown
Dome Hat 0 likes
Sealed metal container for a refrigerating unit’s motor compressor
Dome Light 0 likes
Overhead light
Domestic Marble 0 likes
Marble that comes from the same region where it is employed
Domestic Well 2 likes
A water well that is used in a residence
Domicile 0 likes
A residence; home
A person’s permanent and principal home for legal purposes
Dominant Color 2 likes
Outstanding or predominate color
Doodlebug 0 likes
A device, such as a divining rod, employed to locate underground piping and conduits
Doohickey 0 likes
A small mechanical device with an unknown or forgotten name
Door 1 like
A movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, closer or vehicle, usually sold, hinged to or sliding in a frame
Door & Hardware Institute (DHI) 0 likes
14150 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, Virginia 20151, Tel: (703) 222-2010, URL: www.dhi.org/
Door Access1 like
access door
See Access Door
Door Aluminum1 like
aluminium door
Glazed door, made with aluminum stiles and rails
Door Buck 0 likes
Door frame
Door Bumper1 like
door bumper
Rubber tip installed on walls or baseboards, preventing door knobs from damaging walls
Door Chain Hoist2 likes
door chain hoist
A door operated by a chain in a pulley or sheave
Door Closer2 likes
door closer
A device secured to a door to ensure it closes automatically
Door Commercial2 likes
See Commercial Door
Door Coordinator1 like
door coordinator
A device employed on a pair of doors to ensure that the inactive leaf closes before the active leaf
Door Flush1 like
door flush
See Flush Door
Door Folding2 likes
Folding Door
See Folding Door
Door Frame1 like
Wood or metal parts completely surrounding a door where the hinges are attached
Door Frame Grout 0 likes
Grout to fill in the spaces where masonry meets metal door frames
Door Framing1 like
Exterior structure immediately surrounding the area of a door made of wood or metal
Door Guard2 likes
door guard
Guard made of steel parts, positioned over the interior face of a door to provide protection, prevent damage to glass, and stop intrusion
Door Head 0 likes
Parts at the top of a door frame including the frame, stop, casing, flashing, and shims
Door Header 2 likes
Horizontal beam positioned on vertical jack studs forming the uppermost portion of a door frame
Door Holder1 like
door holder
A device employed to keep a door open
Door Hollow Core 0 likes
See Hollow Core Door
Door Jamb1 like
door jamb
The vertical parts of a door frame
Door Jamb, Interior 0 likes
The surrounding case of a door, made of two upright pieces called side jambs, and a horizontal head jamb; the three jambs have the door stop installed on them
Door Knob3 likes
door knob
A projecting handle for a lock and opening a door
Door Louver2 likes
door louver
Slanted fins on a door for ventilation; can be fixed or movable
Door Motor 1 like
A device driven by an electric current that opens and closes a door
Door Opener1 like
door opener
An electronic device which opens a door by mechanically unlatching the doorknob throw bolt or opens a door on a pivot point on the door’s hinge side
Door Operator 1 like
An automatic opener; often used for garage doors
Door Overhead 2 likes
See Overhead Door
Door Paint1 like
door paint
Washable latex or alkyd enamel paint that can withstand cracking, and is scratch resistent
Door Pull2 likes
door pull
A handle which enables a door to be pulled
Door Rail Hanger2 likes
door rail hanger
Structural steel employed to support a large rolling door
Door Removal 1 like
Separating a door from its hinges
Door Revolving2 likes
door, revolving
See Revolving Door
Door Roll-Up1 like
door roll-up
See Roll-Up Door
Door Seal2 likes
Door seal
Rubberized material fastened to door head, jamb, and bottom of a door to prevent air drafts from entering a room
Door Shower2 likes
door shower
See Shower Door
Door Sliding Glass2 likes
sliding glass door
See Sliding Glass Door
Door Solid Core 0 likes
See Solid Core Door
Door Special 0 likes
See Special Door
Door Stop1 like
door stop
A wooden object that the door slab will rest on when it is closed; can also block a door from hitting a wall.
Door Switch1 like
door switch
An electric switch mounted in a door jamb which turns on a light in a closet when the door is opened, and switches the light off when the door is closed
Door Threshold 0 likes
See Threshold, Door
Door Trim 0 likes
Decorative wood or metal finishing work employed to cover joints between door jambs and plaster walls
Locks, knobs, and hinges on a door
Door Vault 0 likes
See Vault Door
Door Vertical Lift 0 likes
See Vertical Lift Door
Dope 0 likes
Mortar additives, such as those used to slow down or accelerate the setting process
Dope Coat 0 likes
Cement applied to the setting bed in tile setting
Dormer 0 likes
An opening in a sloping roof, where the framing protrudes to form a vertical wall for windows or other openings
Dormer Window1 like
dormer window
A window in a dormer
Dormitory 0 likes
A large room where many people sleep, such as at a college dormitory, boarding school, or hostel
Dormitory Wardrobe 0 likes
A closet in student housing where clothes are stored; usually a free-standing cabinet matching the dormitory room cabinetry
Dot 0 likes
A small lump of plaster on a surface between grounds; helps the plasterer to achieve the right plaster thickness and align the surface; see Screed
DOT 0 likes
U.S. Department of Transportation, 201 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, Tel: (213) 202-3950; URL: www.dot.gov/
Double Back1 like
double back
Webbed backing cemented to the backing of tufted, knitted, or woven carpets as extra reinforcement and to add more dimensional stability; also called Scrim Back
Double Bevel Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Bullnose 0 likes
Trim with the same convex radius on opposite sides
Double Duty Case 0 likes
Commercial refrigerator where some space is used for refrigerated storage and additional space has glass windows for display
Double Glass 0 likes
Window or door in which two panes of glass have a sealed air space between them; also known as Insulating Glass
Double Glazing 0 likes
Two parallel sheets of glass with airspace between them; also called Dual Glazing or Double Glass
Double Headed Nail2 likes
double headed nail
A nail with two closely-spaced heads to allow for easy removal; employed in concrete formwork as a temporary fastener; also called a Duplex Nail
Double Hung Window 0 likes
A window with two overlapping vertical sliding sashes, both able to move up or down; the two sashes slide vertically in parallel tracks
Double J Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Layer 0 likes
Two layers of gypsum board; different thicknesses may be layered to improve the fire, sound, or structural properties
Double Nailing 0 likes
Applying gypsum board with two nails approximately 2 inches apart, and every 12 inches along the framing member to achieve strong contact with the framing
Double Offset 0 likes
Two offsets, installed one after the other, on the same line in piping
Double Oven2 likes
double oven
An oven with two separate baking compartments
Double Plate 1 like
The two wood plates on the top of a wood framed wall
Double Regulation 1 like
Regulation of pot and gun air pressure
Double Reinforcement 0 likes
Concrete beam with steel on both sides of the neutral axis; employed to resist tension and compression
Double Reinforcing 1 like
Doubling up on specific materials to enhance stability and strength
Double Spread 1 like
See Spread
Double Stud 0 likes
Two adjoining studs in a wood-framed wall
Double Tee3 likes
double tee
A precast concrete slab that looks like the letters TT in a cross-section
Double Thickness Flare 0 likes
Metal tubing end in two-wall thickness, with 37 to 45 degree angle bell mouth or flare
Double U Groove Weld 1 like
See Groove Weld
Double Up 0 likes
Applying plaster in successive operations with no setting or drying time between coats; also known as Double-Back, Doubled-Up, Laid Off, Laid On, or Two Coat Work
Double Vee Groove Weld 0 likes
See Groove Weld
Double Walled Tank 0 likes
A tank made with two walls to protect leaks, and to increase strength and stability
Double Wye1 like
double wye
A cast or wrought iron fitting or branch pipe with two side outlets at any angle except a right angle; normally a 45 degree angle, used in plumbing
Doubled Up 0 likes
See Double-Up
Douglas Fir1 like
douglas fir
An evergreen tree that yields long, straight, lumber for framing; also known as Red Fir, Douglas Spruce, and Yellow Fir
Douglas Fir Plywood Association (DFPA) 0 likes
c/o American Plywood Association, PO Box 11700 Tacoma, Washington 9841, Tel: (202) 272-2283; URL: www.apawood.org/plywoodcentennial/index.htm
Douglas Spruce 0 likes
Douglas Fir
Dovecote 1 like
Shelter that accommodates nesting doves
Dovetail Anchor Slot 0 likes
A matching interlocking strip or slot employed with a dovetail fastener
Dovetail Joint 0 likes
A joint in which a piece has dovetail-shaped pins or tenons that fit into openings on the other piece
Dovetail Saw1 like
dovetail saw
Saw employed for cutting precise joints; similar to a tenon saw but with a narrower blade and finer teeth
Dowel1 like
A long, cylindrical wood or metal strip that will be cut into dowels
A steel bar extending into two adjoining parts of concrete or masonry construction as a joint in a pavement slab, to attach the parts and transfer shear loads
A steel reinforcing bar that transmits tension or compression along with shear loads, employed in the construction of column and wall sections
A steel reinforcing bar that protrudes from a foundation to secure it to a column, slab, porch, steps, or wall
A short, cylindrical, headless wood or steel rod, inserted into adjoining components to keep them aligned and held together
Dowel Pin1 like
dowel pin
Dowel Sleeve 0 likes
Light metal or cardboard can on one end of a steel dowel bar that enables an expansion joint to move freely
Down Payment 0 likes
The money paid by a buyer, which is the difference between the full price and the amount borrowed; the difference between sales price and mortgage amount, usually paid at closing
Down Time 0 likes
The time when equipment is unavailable due to necessary maintenance or emergency repairs
Downspout1 like
Vertical pipe normally made from sheet metal or plastic that carries rainwater from the roof’s horizontal gutters to the ground or a storm drain; also called a Leader
Downspout Boot 1 like
Device at bottom of downspout that receives water from the downspout and enables transition to drainage piping
Downspout Bracket2 likes
downspout bracket
A metal bracket for attaching a downspout to a wall
Dozer 0 likes
A bulldozer
Dozer Excavation 0 likes
The digging out of large plots of earth with a bulldozer
Draft Gauge 1 like
Instrument employed to measure air movement due to air pressure differences
Draft Indicator 1 like
Instrument employed to measure and record chimney draft or combustion gas movement; draft is measured in units of .10 in. of water column
Draft Regulator2 likes
draft regulator
Device maintaining a specific draft in a combustion-heated appliance, by automatically controlling the chimney draft to a particular level
Drafter 0 likes
Drafting Board1 like
drafting board
A flat surface used by drafters to draw on
Drafting Machine 0 likes
A drafter’s mechanical device with adaptable straight edges that clamps onto a drawing board
Draftsman 0 likes
A person who prepares architectural, construction, or engineering drawings
A person who drafts documents
Drag 0 likes
Distance between the exit point for cutting oxygen stream and the projection on the exit surface of the entry point in welding
Drag Strut 0 likes
A structural part that transfers lateral forces from one vertical part to another
Dragging 0 likes
See Floating
Dragline 0 likes
A bucket attachment for a crane that excavates soft materials at some distance from the crane, and draws the bucket to itself using a cable; commonly employed in a marsh or marine areas
Dragons Blood 0 likes
A red gum employed for temporary coloring of varnish
Drain1 like
A trench, ditch, or pipe to move waste water away
A device that captures the flow of water from a roof
Drain Board1 like
drain board
The countertop next to a sink; a sloping tray that drains liquids.
Drain Field 0 likes
Trenches filled with sand, gravel or crushed stone, along with pipes, that transfer septic tank effluent into nearby soil
Drain Intercepting (Curtain Drain) 1 like
A drain diverting ground water before it reaches an area to be safeguarded; See Intercepting Drain
Drain Pipe1 like
drain pipe
Pipe that transports waste in a building‘s drainage system
Drain Tile1 like
drain tile
Perforated corrugated pipe laid at the bottom of the foundation wall to drain water from the foundation; stops ground water from leaking or seeping through the foundation wall; also called perimeter drain
Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) System 0 likes
Pipe system for the elimination of liquid or solid wastes, and sewer gases
Drainage 0 likes
Draining a building or land of moisture or sewage
A system of artificial or natural drains
Drainage Head 0 likes
The furthest or most elevated areas in a drainage area
Drainage Pipe1 like
drainage pipe
Any pipe in a plumbing system which eliminates rainwater, wastewater, or sewage
Drainage System 0 likes
All drain and waste pipes that transfer water and wastes away from built up areas
Drainage, Underslab 0 likes
Continuously intercepting and removing ground water from under a concrete slab through crushed stone and perforated pipe
Drape1 like
A window covering or a curtain
Drapery 0 likes
Fabric hangings employed as a curtain
Drapery Rod2 likes
drapery rod
A wall-mounted wood or metal rod that supports drapery
Drapery Track 0 likes
A U-shaped device installed on a door, ceiling, floor, or window header, to guide draperies
Draughtsman 0 likes
Draftsman; drafter
Draw 1 like
Progress billings available to a contractor who is under contract with a fixed payment schedule
Draw Board 0 likes
A board fitted in a kitchen cabinet that may be pulled out like a breadboard to provide more work surface
Drawboard Joint 0 likes
A mortise-and-tenon joint with holes so that when a pin is inserted, the joint constricts
Drawbridge 1 like
A bridge over water that is raised or lowered to control the passage of ships
Drawer1 like
A sliding, storage box forming part of a cabinet
Drawer Knob1 like
drawer knob
A cabinet knob
Drawer Pull1 like
drawer pull
A handle used to open a drawer
Drawer Roller1 like
drawer roller
A device employed to facilitate a drawer sliding open or shut; commonly has a metal or fiber wheel that revolves in a metal frame
Drawer Slides1 like
drawer slides
A mechanism with guides and rollers to support the drawer to facilitate functionality
Drawing Room 1 like
A formal reception area; a retiring room
Drawings 0 likes
Graphic illustrations of the design, whereabouts, and dimensions of the parts of a certain project
Line drawing
Drawn Glass 2 likes
Glass sheet pulled directly from a molten glass container
Drayage 0 likes
Delivery charge for goods shipped
Dredge 0 likes
To deepen a waterway with a dredging machine, normally mounted on a barge
Dressed and Matched (D&M) 1 like
Tongued and grooved; Center Matched; see Tongue and Groove
Dressed Size 0 likes
Lumber dimensions after surfacing with a planing machine; generally ½ inch to ¾ inch less than the original size
Dressing Room 0 likes
Room for dressing, storing clothes, and applying makeup in a home or theater
Drier1 like
Substance or device employed to extricate moisture from a refrigeration system
A solution added to drying oils in paint to speed up drying
Composition of certain metals that accelerate drying action of oil when added to paint or varnish; available dry or as paste, but most are metallic soaps such as lead, manganese and cobalt in oils and volatile solvents; also known as driers, oil driers, liquid driers, Japan driers, and Japans
Drift 0 likes
Lateral displacement or movement of a structure due to lateral forces
Spray loss; occurs when using a spray gun; also called Overspray
Drift Pin1 like
drift pin
A steel rod employed to align the holes for bolts in steel connections during assembly
Drill1 like
Common name for a small boring bit and for its electric drill
Drilled Well 1 like
A well made from the process of using a rotary drill to dig for water
Drilling Rock 0 likes
Boring holes into a rock
Drip 1 like
Part of a cornice or horizontal exterior finish course with a projection that facilitates water removal
Sill or drip cap groove positioned on the underside; ensures that water drips from the outer edge instead of drawing back and trickling down the building facade
Drip Cap2 likes
drip cap
Molding or metal flashing that is positioned on the outside top part of a door or window frame; enables water to dribble further than the exterior portion of the frame
Drip Edge 0 likes
A discontinuity or protruding strip mounted on roof eaves or above a window or wall member, redirecting drops of water away from the front of the building so that they don’t cause damage to the building
Drip Loop 0 likes
A low area in an airborne wire that permits moisture and rainwater to trickle off before the wire reaches the building or structure
Drip Pan1 like
drip pan
Trough-shaped panel that collects condensation from an evaporator
Drippage 0 likes
Seepage of roofing bitumen through cracks in the roof deck or over its edges
Drive Screw1 like
drive screw
A screw inserted with a hammer but must be removed with a screwdriver
Drive-Up Window 0 likes
An opening in a wall through which goods can be sold between people in vehicles and vendors behind the wall
Driveway 0 likes
A pathway that accommodates automobiles on private property
Driveway Apron 1 like
Inclined transition from a public street to a private driveway
Driving Cap 0 likes
A steel cap located above a pile to protect vehicles
Drop Black 0 likes
Bone Black
Drop Cloth1 like
drop cloth
A canvas, plastic, or paper material employed by painters to cover floors and furniture to protect them from unnecessary damage
Drop Match 0 likes
See Set Match
Drop Panel 0 likes
Broadening of a two-way concrete floor structure at the column head
Dropback 0 likes
Softening Point Drift
Drum Trap1 like
drum trap
A cylinder-shaped plumbing trap with a lid, closed at the base; the pipe from the fitting enters the trap near the base; the space between the pipe‘s entrance and the base is the settling area, and the outlet to the waste pipe is located higher in the trap
Dry Air 0 likes
Air without water vapor
Dry Bulb Temperature 1 like
Air temperature measured by a standard thermometer; compared to Wet Bulb Temperature
Dry Bulb Thermometer 0 likes
A standard thermometer for measuring ambient air temperature; compare to Wet Bulb Thermometer
Dry Capacitor Condenser 0 likes
Electrical apparatus composed of dry metal and insulation
Dry Cell Battery2 likes
dry cell battery
Electrical device furnishing DC electricity, without liquid in its cells
Dry Cleaner1 like
dry cleaner
An apparatus for laundering fabrics using mainly natural solvents that are not water-based
Dry Edging 0 likes
Coarse edges and corners of glazed ceramic ware as a result of inadequate coating
Dry Film Thickness 0 likes
Dry coating depth, expressed in mils
Dry Ice 0 likes
Refrigerating material composed of frozen carbon dioxide that transforms directly from a solid state to a gaseous state at -109 F (-78 C)
Dry In 0 likes
To mount black roofing felt onto a roof
Dry Kiln 0 likes
A cavity with regulated air flow, temperature, and humidity for employed for drying lumber, veneer, or other wood materials
Dry Lap 0 likes
Without bitumen when two roofing felts overly each other
Dry Location 0 likes
A location not normally exposed to moisture, but may be temporarily subject to dampness or moisture, such as during construction
Dry Mi 0 likes
A concrete or mortar mixture that has no water or very little water
Dry Oil 1 like
See Dehydrated Oil
Dry Out 0 likes
Occasional condition associated with gypsum plaster work where too much evaporation or suction has lost water critical for crystallization; has a light colored, crumbly space appearance
Dry Pack 0 likes
Cement and fine aggregate mixture with sufficient moisture to achieve hydration, but dry enough to be forced into position
Dry Packing 0 likes
Positioning of close to zero or zero slump, concrete, mortar, or grout by forcing it into an enclosed space
Dry Press Brick 0 likes
Brick produced in molds from fairly dry clay under elevated pressure, with 5 to 7 percent moisture
Dry Rot 0 likes
Dry flakey rot when in an advanced stage, allows wood to be easily crushed into a dry powder; not application to any form of decay, as all fungi need substantial moisture for growth
Dry Set Mortar 0 likes
A water-retaining hydraulic cement mortar with sand or without it; when employed, the tile and walls do not need to be dampened during installation
Dry Set Tile 0 likes
Tile fixed into an adhesive that is seemingly dry, but sticks on contact
Dry Sheet 0 likes
Roofing felt ply mechanically secured to the deck to stop asphalt or pitch from dripping down into the building; not a component of built-up roofing units
Dry Spots 0 likes
Small areas on the front surface of tile that have not been unsatisfactorily glazed
Dry Spray 0 likes
A paint defect where the paint pigment is not being secured properly by the binder, or where the binder evaporates before the paint makes contact with the surface; atomized paint that produces a sandy finish, as the spray particles are only partly dry when connecting with the surface
Dry Sprinkler System 0 likes
A fire extinguishing sprinkler unit in which the pipes are empty until the system is galvanized
Dry Stone Wall 0 likes
A wall of stone that has been built without mortar or concrete in the joints
Dry System 0 likes
Refrigeration system which maintains evaporator liquid refrigerant primarily in the atomized or droplet state
Dry Tape 0 likes
Placing tape over gypsum board joints with adhesives other than normally used joint compound
Dry To Handle 0 likes
A film of paint hardened enough so that it is durable when handled
Time period between application and the ability to handle without harm
Dry To Recoat 0 likes
Time period between a paint application and the ability to properly add the next coat
Dry To Touch 0 likes
A layer of paint hardened enough so that it may be touched gently without any paint remaining on the fingers
Dry Type Extinguisher1 like
dry type extinguisher
A fire extinguishing system that disperses dry powder through compressed gas
Dry Type Spray Booth 0 likes
A spray booth where inhibitor has been included in the paint to stop the surface from drying too quickly, producing wrinkling or ruptures
Dry Type Transformer 0 likes
A transformer whose coils and core are not submerged in an oil bath
Dry Vent1 like
dry vent
A plumbing vent that does not convey liquids; it acts solely as a vent and simply conveys air
Dry Well 0 likes
A deep hole in the ground, covered and normally lined with rocks, that holds drainage water until it seeps into the ground
Dryer 0 likes
A device that dries out the aggregates, then heats them to specific temperatures
Dryer (Coin) 0 likes
See Coin Dryer
Dryer (Darkroom) 0 likes
See Darkroom Dryer
Dryer Receptacle1 like
dryer receptacle
An electrical outlet wired according to specific electric current requirements and the clothing dryer configuration
Drying 0 likes
Changing from liquid to solid state by means of evaporation of uncombined water and volatile thinners, and also by oxidation of oils
Drying Oil 0 likes
An oil which accepts oxygen, becoming hard, tough, and flexible when a thin film is in contact with the air; drying oils are employed while manufacturing paints and varnishes; linseed oil is a widely used drying oil
Drying Shrinkage 0 likes
Decrease in the size of concrete when it dries
Drying Time 0 likes
Time period between final cure and initial application
Dryness 0 likes
No liquid
Amount of free moisture in gypsum board products
Drywall (Gypsum Wallboard, Sheet Rock or Plasterboard) 0 likes
Drywall Panel Hoist1 like
Drywall Panel Hoist
This hoist holds a 4 foot by 8-foot or a 4 foot  by 12-foot drywall sheet in place on the ceiling during fastening.
Drywall Removal 0 likes
Demolishing and removing old drywall from a building or structure
Drywall Studs 0 likes
Light gauge metal vertical members that fit into the light frame construction to support gypsum wallboard sheets; employed for constructing interior non-bearing partitions
Drywall Track 0 likes
The horizontal light gauge metal top and bottom wall framing in an inside gypsum wallboard non-bearing partition
Drywood Termites 0 likes
See Termite
DS 0 likes
DS Glass 1 like
Double-strength window glass
Dual Duct Air Handling System 0 likes
A system resembling a multi-zone assembly, with the exception that segregated hot and cold ducts are positioned to the area to be conditioned where a terminal mixing box is located; a continual supply of air is provided
Dual Glazing 0 likes
Double Glazing
Dual Vents 0 likes
A plumbing vent connecting two fixture drains; serves as a back vent for the traps of both fixtures
Duct1 like
A channel, tube, or pipe that conveys gases, liquids, or wires
Duct Bank 0 likes
Group of rectangular or circular metal pipes that deliver warm or conditioned air throughout a structure or building
Duct Heater1 like
duct heater
A hot water or electric-resistance heater installed in an air duct to furnish additional heat to the distributed air; Heating element in the duct of an air-handling system
Duct Insulation2 likes
duct insulation
Material installed in the HVAC duct system to reduce fire hazards, and serve as thermal insulation
Duct Shaft 0 likes
An upright, lined shaft in a building, normally fire-rated, through which air ducts and piping are positioned
Duct Tape1 like
duct tape
Sturdy adhesive tape that is employed to construct and restore light gauge air ducts
Duct, Bus 0 likes
See Bus Duct
Duct, Feeder 0 likes
See Feeder Duct
Duct, Underfloor 0 likes
See Underfloor Duct
Ductile 0 likes
1.Capable of being shaped into a new form
Metals that are capable of being drawn out into thin wires or threads
Ductile Iron Pipe 0 likes
Iron pipe that is fabricated so that it is flexible; has non-corrosive qualities of cast iron although it is not fragile; handles like steel
Ductile Moment Resisting Space Frame 0 likes
A three-dimensional structural assembly with no bearing walls, consisting of interconnecting components that can withstand lateral forces; may also receive the help of horizontal diaphragms
Ductility 0 likes
The ability to deform substantially under weight before breaking, as opposed to brittleness and inflexibility
The ability of a substance to be drawn out or stretched thin as in wires and threads
The characteristic of a material that enables it to be shaped or bent without breaking; for example, steel is less ductile than copper
Ducts1 like
Spherical or rectangular metal pipes installed that deliver conditioned air from the furnace to various rooms in a home; also a galvanized metal or stiff fiberglass tunnel that conveys air from the ventilation opening or heater to the various rooms in a building
Ductwork 0 likes
The rigid sheet material from which the HVAC system ducts are fabricated; usually produced from galvanized sheet steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
Due Process 0 likes
A fundamental, constitutional assurance that all legal proceedings will be fair and that a party will be provided with notice of proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before any loss of life, liberty, or property; additionally, constitutional assurance that a law is reasonable, and not arbitrary or capricious
Due-on-Sale 0 likes
A clause in a mortgage agreement stipulating that a borrower must pay the remaining balance when the property is sold or transferred
Dull 1 like
Colors, either neutral or grayish
Dull Rubbing 0 likes
Rubbing a dry layer of finishing material to a lackluster finish, frequently with abrasive paper, steel wool or pumice stone
Dulling 0 likes
Losing sheen or glossy characteristic
Dumbwaiter 0 likes
A small elevator employed for transporting food, utensils, or materials from to the various floors in a multilevel building
Dummy Joint 1 like
A dummy joint is a joint in sidewalks and patios for design purposes;
Dummy Trim1 like
dummy trim
A hardware trim, with the exclusion of a lock, normally on the stationary door in a door pair
Dump Fee 0 likes
The money required to discard worksite garbage in a landfill or dumpsite
Dump Truck 0 likes
A truck employed for transporting and discarding junk and garbage
Dumpster 1 like
A large metal receptacle that holds and transports garbage
Dumpy Level 0 likes
An Engineers Level
Dunnage 0 likes
Loose materials surrounding cargo to minimize damage
Scrap gypsum board that safeguards gypsum wallboard that is being transported
Dunting 0 likes
Cracks in fired ceramics as a result of heat-induced stresses
Duple 0 likes
A house for two families
Duplex apartment
Duplex Apartment 0 likes
An apartment that has rooms on two floors
Duplex Bo 0 likes
An electrical container that holds duplex outlets or wiring switches
Duplex Nail1 like
duplex nail
A double-headed nail
Duplex Paper 0 likes
Wallpaper where two separate papers are adhered to each other resulting in a remarkable embossed appearance
Duplex Plate1 like
duplex plate
A protective, finished plate mounted over duplex switches or outlets
Duplex Receptacle1 like
duplex receptacle
A double electric outlet
Dura Board, Dura Rock1 like
dura board
A panel composed of concrete and fiberglass, normally employed as ceramic tile backing and found on bathtub decks; also called Wonder board
Durability 0 likes
Ability to exist without significant deterioration for a long period of time; to endure; it can refer to durable goods with a long usable life in economics or durability (database systems) one of the ACID properties; in safety and technology, the following terms indicate durability:
a) Dust resistant
b) Fire resistant
c) Rot-proof
d) Rust-proof
e) Thermal resistant
f) Impact resistant
g) Waterproof
Duration 1 like
The length of an activity, or period of time that something exists
Duress 0 likes
In jurisprudence, duress or coercion indicates a circumstance where a person performs an act as a result of violence, threat or other pressure against the person; Black’s Law Dictionary (6th ed.) defines duress as “any unlawful threat or coercion used… to induce another to act or not act in a manner they otherwise would not (or would)”; pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform; must be distinguished both from undue influence in the civil law and from necessity
Durham 0 likes
A steel or iron pipe system compose consisting of threaded screw joints; recessed drainage fittings are employed in this system
Dust Cap1 like
dust cap
A cap placed over a mechanism or device to protect it from unwelcome, dust-related debris or materials
Dust Free 0 likes
When dust is not present on a film of paint
Dust Mask1 like
dust mask
A fabric mask worn on the face to filter out dust or other foreign materials
Dust Tight 0 likes
An item built so that dust cannot enter
Dusting 0 likes
The appearance of thin, powdered material on any hard surface, or on concrete due to inadequate curing
The addition of dry portland cement to a damp floor or deck mortar surface; a pure coat is produced by pressure on the dry cement
Dustproof 0 likes
An item built or protected from dust; dust cannot intrude or restrict its efficacious operations
Dutch Bond 0 likes
A bond with courses consisting of headers and stretchers, in masonry; same as English Bond
Dutch Door 0 likes
A door that has two separate hinged leaves, one residing above the other; one door can be opened while the other is shut
Dutch Door Bolt1 like
dutch door bolt
Device for locking the top and bottom leaves of a Dutch door together
Dutch Metal 1 like
Thin leaves of bright brass that are overlaid in the same way that gold leaf is administered
Duty 0 likes
An obligation imposed by contract, by law, or for moral or religious reasons
Duty, Continuous 0 likes
See Continuous Duty
Dwarf Wall 0 likes
A short wall or partition that does not extend to the ceiling
Dwelling 0 likes
Place where people live, sleep, eat, and prepare food
Dwelling Unit 0 likes
One or more livable rooms inhabited by a single family with facilities for sleeping, living, preparing food, and eating
DWV 1 like
Drain waste vent; the part of a plumbing system transports water and sewer gases from a home
DX 0 likes
Direct Expansion
Dye 0 likes
A material employed for staining or dyeing
Dynamic 0 likes
Matter in motion, implying movement or a change of state; such as a hurricane force; the antithesis of static
Dynamic Force 0 likes
A moving force; the equivalent of the product of mass and acceleration
Dynamite 0 likes
An explosive
Dynamo1 like
Electric power generator
Dynamometer1 like
A device that measures a mechanism’s power output or input
Dyne 0 likes
A unit of force that increases its velocity by one centimeter per second along the direction where it performs when acting on a mass of one gram
Denotes elasticity
Denotes electromotive force, expressed in volts
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