Term Definition
Cubage 0 likes
Cubic contents of a vessel, area, or building in cubic units such as cubic feet or cubic meters; also called Cubature
Cubature 0 likes
See Cubage
Cubicle Adapter 0 likes
A device for connecting partitions in different positions
Cubicle, Hospital 1 like
See Hospital Cubicle
Cubicle, Office 1 like
See Office Cubicle
Cul De Sac 0 likes
A dead end road no longer than 400 feet with a turnaround no less than 80 feet in diameter
Culling 0 likes
Sorting of brick for quality, size and color
Culls 0 likes
Rejected bricks in culling
Cultured Marble 0 likes
A plastic imitation marble used in interior areas
Culvert 0 likes
Round, corrugated drain pipe 15 inch or 18 inch in diameter installed beneath a driveway near the street
Culvert Formwork 0 likes
Temporary support for the pouring, placing and curing of a concrete drain pipe made under a road or embankment to allow the passage of water
Culvert Reinforcement 0 likes
The placing of metal or steel bars in concrete forms for drainage systems or pipe; usually refers to a box culvert shape made under a road or embankment to provide for the passage of water
Cumulative Errors 0 likes
Errors, either positive or negative
Cupola 0 likes
A small domed structure embellishing a roof
Cupping 0 likes
Warping that causes boards to curl up at their edges
Cuprous 0 likes
Of or similar to copper
Curb 0 likes
Short elevation of an external wall above the deck of a roof
Protective rim
A concrete edging above a roadway creating the edge of a drainage gutter
Curb and Gutter 0 likes
Concrete or stone structure that forms the edging of a sidewalk separating it from the paved street; the adjacent gutter serves as a drainage channel
Curb Cock 1 like
A valve positioned on the water service near the curb line; also called the Curb Stop
Curb Cut 0 likes
Interruption of a curb at a pedestrian driveway
Curb Form 0 likes
A mold of the required shape to produce a concrete curb
Curb Formwork 0 likes
Temporary support for a freshly placed or poured curb system
Curb Granite 0 likes
Very hard rock used in a curb system in sections
Curb Inlet 0 likes
Opening in a curb through which water flows and drains
Curb Inlet Frame 0 likes
Steel or metal framing around an opening in a curb through which water passes and drains
Curb Ramp 0 likes
A sloping pedestrian way for pedestrian traffic that enables access between a sidewalk to a surface above or below an adjacent curb face
Curb Removal 0 likes
Demolition of a curb into manageable parts
Curb Roof 0 likes
See Gambrel Roof
Curb Stop 1 like
Cast iron pipe with a lid inserted vertically into the ground near the water tap in the yard where an underground water cut-off valve to the home is positioned; a long pole with a special end is inserted into the curb stop to turn the water on and off
Curb, Terrazzo 1 like
A curb made of decorative mosaic material made by inserting little pieces of marble or granite in mortar and polishing
Cure 0 likes
When concrete hardens, rubber vulcanizes, or adhesive reaches maximum strength
To change the properties of an adhesive by chemical reaction and develop maximum strength; usually achieved by applying heat or adding a catalyst
Enabling completion of the hydration process in portland cement concrete or plaster
Strengthening or hardening of paint film
Cured 0 likes
Completely dry; no moisture
Curing 0 likes
Maintaining humidity and temperature of freshly placed concrete after placing, casting, or finishing ensuring satisfactory hydration of the cementitious materials and appropriate hardening of the concrete
Curing Agent 0 likes
Curing Blanket 0 likes
A covering over freshly finished concrete to stop premature dehydration
Curing Compound 1 like
Liquid applied as a sprayed coating to the surface of newly placed concrete to inhibit water loss to reflect heat; forms a water-resistant layer to stop premature dehydration of the concrete
Curing Concrete 0 likes
Regulation of the humidity and temperature of freshly finished concrete to insure that appropriate drying and hardening of the concrete take place
Curing Paper 0 likes
Curing paper is waterproof paper placed over freshly finished concrete to help regulate the humidity and temperature aiding in the correct curing of concrete
Curing Period 0 likes
The amount of time that concrete is damp after placing, usually about a week
Curing Temperature 0 likes
The temperature to which an adhesive is exposed to cure the adhesive
Curing, Electrical 1 like
See Electrical Curing
Curing, Steam 0 likes
See Steam Curing
Curling 0 likes
The distortion of a linear or planar part into a curved shape
Curly-Grained Wood 0 likes
Wood where the fibers are distorted so they have a curled appearance
Current 0 likes
Electrical flow through conductor in amperes
Present time
Current Assets 0 likes
Cash and assets that can be quickly converted into cash usually within a year
Current Date Line 0 likes
A vertical line on the chart displaying the current date
Current Liabilities 0 likes
Liabilities to be paid within a certain time, usually a year
Current Ratio 0 likes
The ratio of current assets to current liabilities
Current Regulator 1 like
An automatic electrical control device for sustaining a constant current
Current Relay 0 likes
Device that opens or closes a circuit; performs when there is a change of current flow in the circuit
Current-Limiting Overcurrent Protective Device 1 like
A device that consistently limits the shortcircuit current more than a solid conductor having similar impedance
Curtain 0 likes
Single layer of reinforcing bars in a wall
Window drapery
Curtain Drain 0 likes
See Intercepting Drain
Curtain Rod 0 likes
A horizontal bar that supports window coverings
Curtain, Gym 0 likes
See Gym Curtain
Curtilage 0 likes
The ground or yard around a home up until the fence
Curvature Friction 0 likes
Friction produced from bends or curves in the specified pre-stressing tendon profile
Curved Curb Form 0 likes
A curve shaped support for the placing, pouring and curing of a concrete curb
Curved Stair Terrazzo 0 likes
Terrazzo tile used in a curved stairway
Curved Wall Form 0 likes
A curved shaped support for the placing, pouring, and curing of concrete in a curved wall system
Cushioning, Carpet 1 like
See Carpet Padding
Cusp 0 likes
Projecting point between small arcs in Gothic tracery
Custom and Usage 0 likes
How the majority of trades people and professionals conduct themselves when performing their work
Custom Door 0 likes
A door that has been manufactured according to custom specifications
Cut and Cover 0 likes
Excavation in the open, and erecting a temporary roof to carry traffic during further work
Cut and Fill 0 likes
Excavated material taken from one location and employed as fill material in another location
Cut End 0 likes
End of gypsum board with the exposed core
Cut Joints 0 likes
Masonry bed and head joints cut flush
Cut Loop Pile 0 likes
Pile surface where the tufts are cut to expose the fiber ends in carpet production
Cut Out 0 likes
A mechanical or electrical device that breaks an electrical circuit due to overload
An opening in a wall or countertop to access or install equipment
A piece stamped out of metal
Cut Stock 0 likes
Softwood stock similar to dimension stock in hardwoods; see Dimension Stock
Cut Stone 0 likes
Building stone cut to size and shape for specified applications and locations in a building or structure
Cut-In 0 likes
Temperature or pressure value when a control circuit closes
Cut-in Brace 0 likes
Nominal 2 inch thick parts, generally 2 by 4’s, cut in between each stud diagonally
Cutback 0 likes
Asphalt or tar diluted with solvents and oils so the resulting material is fluid
Cutting 0 likes
Cutting Attachment 0 likes
A device attached to a gas welding torch to convert it into an oxygencutting torch
Cutting Tip 0 likes
Part of an oxygencutting torch from where the gases issue
Cutting Torch 1 like
A device used in oxygen cutting for controlling and directing the gases used
Cuttings 0 likes
Obtained from a board by crosscutting or ripping
CW 0 likes
Cold Water
Cyanic 0 likes
Containing blue or relating to blue color
Cyanuric Acid 1 like
Acid employed in pool water to stop chlorine loss
Cybernetics 0 likes
Science of communications and automatic control systems in machines and living things
Cycle 0 likes
A complete electrical oscillation or current alternation
Events or operations that repeat in the same order
Cyclopean Aggregate 0 likes
Concrete aggregate where the individual pieces are more than 100 pounds
Cylinder 0 likes
A device that converts fluid power into linear mechanical force and motion; usually made of movable parts functioning within a cylindrical bore
A closed container for fluids
Portable cylindrical container used for transportation and storage of a compressed gas
Cylinder Piling 0 likes
Concrete filled steel pipes or tubes inserted in the ground to reach bedrock employed as a foundation for tall buildings
Cylinder Plug 0 likes
The round part of a door lock rotated by the key to transfer motion to the bolt
Cylinder Test 0 likes
A test to determine the compressive strength of concrete
Cylinder, Refrigerant 0 likes
Refrigerant Cylinder
Cylindrical Commutator 0 likes
Commutator with contact surfaces parallel to the rotor shaft
Cylindrical Lock 0 likes
A door lock that can be mounted in a cylindrical hole; also called a Tubular Lock
Cyma 0 likes
Cove molding where the surface of the face changes from concave to convex; usually made of wood, plaster, or masonry
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