Term Definition
Cubage 0 likes
Cubic contents of a vessel, area, or building in cubic units such as cubic feet or cubic meters; also called Cubature
Cubature 0 likes
See Cubage
Cubicle Adapter 0 likes
A device for connecting partitions in different positions
Cubicle, Hospital 1 like
See Hospital Cubicle
Cubicle, Office 1 like
See Office Cubicle
Cul De Sac 0 likes
A dead end road no longer than 400 feet with a turnaround no less than 80 feet in diameter
Culling 0 likes
Sorting of brick for quality, size and color
Culls 1 like
Rejected bricks in culling
Cultured Marble 0 likes
A plastic imitation marble used in interior areas
Culvert 0 likes
Round, corrugated drain pipe 15 inch or 18 inch in diameter installed beneath a driveway near the street
Culvert Formwork 0 likes
Temporary support for the pouring, placing and curing of a concrete drain pipe made under a road or embankment to allow the passage of water
Culvert Reinforcement 0 likes
The placing of metal or steel bars in concrete forms for drainage systems or pipe; usually refers to a box culvert shape made under a road or embankment to provide for the passage of water
Cumulative Errors 0 likes
Errors, either positive or negative
Cupola 0 likes
A small domed structure embellishing a roof
Cupping 0 likes
Warping that causes boards to curl up at their edges
Cuprous 0 likes
Of or similar to copper
Curb 0 likes
Short elevation of an external wall above the deck of a roof
Protective rim
A concrete edging above a roadway creating the edge of a drainage gutter
Curb and Gutter 0 likes
Concrete or stone structure that forms the edging of a sidewalk separating it from the paved street; the adjacent gutter serves as a drainage channel
Curb Cock 1 like
A valve positioned on the water service near the curb line; also called the Curb Stop
Curb Cut 0 likes
Interruption of a curb at a pedestrian driveway
Curb Form 0 likes
A mold of the required shape to produce a concrete curb
Curb Formwork 0 likes
Temporary support for a freshly placed or poured curb system
Curb Granite 0 likes
Very hard rock used in a curb system in sections
Curb Inlet 0 likes
Opening in a curb through which water flows and drains
Curb Inlet Frame 1 like
Steel or metal framing around an opening in a curb through which water passes and drains
Curb Ramp 1 like
A sloping pedestrian way for pedestrian traffic that enables access between a sidewalk to a surface above or below an adjacent curb face
Curb Removal 0 likes
Demolition of a curb into manageable parts
Curb Roof 0 likes
See Gambrel Roof
Curb Stop 1 like
Cast iron pipe with a lid inserted vertically into the ground near the water tap in the yard where an underground water cut-off valve to the home is positioned; a long pole with a special end is inserted into the curb stop to turn the water on and off
Curb, Terrazzo 1 like
A curb made of decorative mosaic material made by inserting little pieces of marble or granite in mortar and polishing
Cure 0 likes
When concrete hardens, rubber vulcanizes, or adhesive reaches maximum strength
To change the properties of an adhesive by chemical reaction and develop maximum strength; usually achieved by applying heat or adding a catalyst
Enabling completion of the hydration process in portland cement concrete or plaster
Strengthening or hardening of paint film
Cured 0 likes
Completely dry; no moisture
Curing 0 likes
Maintaining humidity and temperature of freshly placed concrete after placing, casting, or finishing ensuring satisfactory hydration of the cementitious materials and appropriate hardening of the concrete
Curing Agent 1 like
Curing Blanket 0 likes
A covering over freshly finished concrete to stop premature dehydration
Curing Compound1 like
curing compound
Liquid applied as a sprayed coating to the surface of newly placed concrete to inhibit water loss to reflect heat; forms a water-resistant layer to stop premature dehydration of the concrete
Curing Concrete 0 likes
Regulation of the humidity and temperature of freshly finished concrete to insure that appropriate drying and hardening of the concrete take place
Curing Paper 0 likes
Curing paper is waterproof paper placed over freshly finished concrete to help regulate the humidity and temperature aiding in the correct curing of concrete
Curing Period 0 likes
The amount of time that concrete is damp after placing, usually about a week
Curing Temperature 0 likes
The temperature to which an adhesive is exposed to cure the adhesive
Curing, Electrical 1 like
See Electrical Curing
Curing, Steam 0 likes
See Steam Curing
Curling 0 likes
The distortion of a linear or planar part into a curved shape
Curly-Grained Wood 0 likes
Wood where the fibers are distorted so they have a curled appearance
Current 0 likes
Electrical flow through conductor in amperes
Present time
Current Assets 1 like
Cash and assets that can be quickly converted into cash usually within a year
Current Date Line 0 likes
A vertical line on the chart displaying the current date
Current Liabilities 0 likes
Liabilities to be paid within a certain time, usually a year
Current Ratio 0 likes
The ratio of current assets to current liabilities
Current Regulator1 like
current regulator
An automatic electrical control device for sustaining a constant current
Current Relay1 like
current relay
Device that opens or closes a circuit; performs when there is a change of current flow in the circuit
Current-Limiting Overcurrent Protective Device 1 like
A device that consistently limits the shortcircuit current more than a solid conductor having similar impedance
Curtain1 like
Single layer of reinforcing bars in a wall
Window drapery
Curtain Drain 0 likes
See Intercepting Drain
Curtain Rod1 like
curtain rod
A horizontal bar that supports window coverings
Curtain, Gym1 like
gym curtain
See Gym Curtain
Curtilage 0 likes
The ground or yard around a home up until the fence
Curvature Friction 0 likes
Friction produced from bends or curves in the specified pre-stressing tendon profile
Curved Curb Form 0 likes
A curve shaped support for the placing, pouring and curing of a concrete curb
Curved Stair Terrazzo 0 likes
Terrazzo tile used in a curved stairway
Curved Wall Form 0 likes
A curved shaped support for the placing, pouring, and curing of concrete in a curved wall system
Cushioning, Carpet1 like
cushioning, carpet
See Carpet Padding
Cusp 0 likes
Projecting point between small arcs in Gothic tracery
Custom and Usage 0 likes
How the majority of trades people and professionals conduct themselves when performing their work
Custom Door 0 likes
A door that has been manufactured according to custom specifications
Cut and Cover 0 likes
Excavation in the open, and erecting a temporary roof to carry traffic during further work
Cut and Fill 0 likes
Excavated material taken from one location and employed as fill material in another location
Cut End 0 likes
End of gypsum board with the exposed core
Cut Joints 0 likes
Masonry bed and head joints cut flush
Cut Loop Pile 0 likes
Pile surface where the tufts are cut to expose the fiber ends in carpet production
Cut Out 0 likes
A mechanical or electrical device that breaks an electrical circuit due to overload
An opening in a wall or countertop to access or install equipment
A piece stamped out of metal
Cut Stock 0 likes
Softwood stock similar to dimension stock in hardwoods; see Dimension Stock
Cut Stone 0 likes
Building stone cut to size and shape for specified applications and locations in a building or structure
Cut-In 0 likes
Temperature or pressure value when a control circuit closes
Cut-in Brace 0 likes
Nominal 2 inch thick parts, generally 2 by 4’s, cut in between each stud diagonally
Cutback 0 likes
Asphalt or tar diluted with solvents and oils so the resulting material is fluid
Cutting 0 likes
Cutting Attachment 0 likes
A device attached to a gas welding torch to convert it into an oxygencutting torch
Cutting Tip 0 likes
Part of an oxygencutting torch from where the gases issue
Cutting Torch1 like
cutting torch
A device used in oxygen cutting for controlling and directing the gases used
Cuttings 0 likes
Obtained from a board by crosscutting or ripping
CW 0 likes
Cold Water
Cyanic 0 likes
Containing blue or relating to blue color
Cyanuric Acid1 like
cyanuric acid
Acid employed in pool water to stop chlorine loss
Cybernetics 0 likes
Science of communications and automatic control systems in machines and living things
Cycle 0 likes
A complete electrical oscillation or current alternation
Events or operations that repeat in the same order
Cyclopean Aggregate 0 likes
Concrete aggregate where the individual pieces are more than 100 pounds
Cylinder 0 likes
A device that converts fluid power into linear mechanical force and motion; usually made of movable parts functioning within a cylindrical bore
A closed container for fluids
Portable cylindrical container used for transportation and storage of a compressed gas
Cylinder Piling 0 likes
Concrete filled steel pipes or tubes inserted in the ground to reach bedrock employed as a foundation for tall buildings
Cylinder Plug1 like
cylinder plug
The round part of a door lock rotated by the key to transfer motion to the bolt
Cylinder Test 0 likes
A test to determine the compressive strength of concrete
Cylinder, Refrigerant1 like
refrigerant cylinder
Refrigerant Cylinder
Cylindrical Commutator 0 likes
Commutator with contact surfaces parallel to the rotor shaft
Cylindrical Lock1 like
cylindrical lock
A door lock that can be mounted in a cylindrical hole; also called a Tubular Lock
Cyma 0 likes
Cove molding where the surface of the face changes from concave to convex; usually made of wood, plaster, or masonry
Product of the day

How to Plan Your Bathroom | Bathroom Maintenance Tips

Vanity CabinetThe planning process for your new bathroom must include future access to the bathroom plumbing fixtures. You will need to create a suitable access area.  With proper preparation, the replacement of plumbing fittings can be straight forward. To plan your bathroom and enjoy easy bathroom maintenance, consider the following:

Cleaning Agents

There are many  suitable bathroom cleaning agents in the marketplace, including regular soap and water. It is usually best to wash bathroom fittings after use with warm soapy water, and polish them dry with a soft dry cloth where applicable. Natural vitreous china is impervious to bleach and other acid-based cleaners and can be safely cleaned. However, more care and attention is necessary when cleaning cast iron baths, or gold or chrome plated items such as faucets and accessories.

Power Shower

A power shower pumps hot and cold water to your shower where there is low pressure but does not heat the water. Usually found in homes where pressure is low, an electric pumped shower pressures and heats the water at the same time. You will need to buy a cubicle or over bath screen that is suitable for use with your power shower.  When purchasing these items, make sure you get plenty of good advice.  You may want to screen interview bathroom remodeling contractors in your local area to decide who should install your shower.

Wood Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Wood bathroom vanity cabinets must be treated with the utmost care. Even though wood products are coated with a special finished lacquer that is specifically produced to withstand splashes and condensation, you will need to ensure that water is not in prolonged contact with them to avoid damage to the surface.

Bathroom Mirrors

Always ensure that your bathroom mirror is suitable for such use. Quality bathroom mirrors are specifically coated on the rear to withstand continually subjection to steam and condensation.

Acrylic Bath

Fitted properly, an acrylic bath will provide rigidity and longevity on par with the steel or cast iron equivalent. Although each bath comes with a supporting, height adjustable cradle, it is best to fit a supporting timber batten along the underside of the entire bath. This provides much stronger weight support, stops the bath from moving while being fitted, and helps prevent the sealant between tiles and bath from coming apart.

Positioning A Basin

Place a sink or basin slightly away from the wall, especially when fitting to an exterior wall.   This practice prevents thermal shock due to temperature variations between the basin and the wall, and helps reduce condensation on the surface.

Wastes and Sealing

Use a good silicon sealant to ensure a water tight seal between the metal waste and porcelain. Never fit a dry waste. An overly tight waste can produce undue stress to earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware and in some cases, crack porcelain.   When you take the time to plan your bathroom and enjoy easy bathroom maintenance, you can only reap rewards.

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