Term Definition
CP 0 likes
Chemically Pure
CPA 0 likes
Certified Public Accountant
CPE 0 likes
Chlorinated polyethylene, a type of single-ply roofing material
CPM 0 likes
Critical Path Method
CPSC 0 likes
Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSE 1 like
Single-ply roofing material available as a liquid coating or a membrane sheet
CPVC 0 likes
Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
Cr 0 likes
CRA 0 likes
California Redwood Association
Crab 0 likes
A hand tool that stretches carpet in a small area where a power stretcher or knee kicker cannot be employed
Crack 0 likes
To break, split, snap apart or produce fissures
Crack Control Reinforcement 0 likes
Reinforcement in concrete construction to eliminate cracks, or limit them to uniformly distributed small cracks
Crack Length Method 0 likes
A method of calculating the quantity of infiltration air into a building
Crack Monitor 0 likes
A two piece adhesive paper pattern attached to a wall over a crack to record differential structural movement of the wall on each side of the crack
Crack Patch1 like
crack patch
Repair a crack in a surface with materials such as plaster, concrete, or asphalt
Crack Repair 0 likes
To patch a crack in a surface with materials such as plaster, concrete, or asphalt
Crack Sealing 0 likes
Close the opening between two materials to stop moisture or air from passing through
Crackage 0 likes
Joint in a structure which enables movement of a gas or vapor through it even when there is a small pressure difference
Cracking 0 likes
Paint failure where breaks in film extend through all the coats
Cracking a Valve 0 likes
Opening a valve a little amount
Crackle Finish 0 likes
A finish which produces alligatoring, where the undercoat shows through the cracks; created by rapid drying of topcoat over slow drying undercoat
Craft 0 likes
An occupation or trade that requires artistic skill and manual dexterity
Craft Union 0 likes
A labor union whose membership is restricted to workers in the same trade or craft
Craftsmanship 0 likes
Quality of work performed in a trade or handicraft
Craftsperson 0 likes
A person skilled in a trade or handicraft; an artisan
Crane 0 likes
A machine for raising, shifting and lowering heavy loads by a projecting swinging arm or with the hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track
Crane Jib1 like
crane jib
The projecting arm of a crane
Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) 1 like
8720 Red Oak Boulevard, #201, Charlotte, North Carolina 28217, Tel: (704) 522-8644, URL: http://www.mhi.org/cmaa
Crane Mobilization 0 likes
Put a crane to work at a construction site
Crane, Travelling 0 likes
See Travelling Crane
Crankshaft Seal1 like
crankshaft seal
Leak proof joint between crankshaft and compressor body
Crater 0 likes
A depression at the end of an arc weld bead
Cratering 0 likes
Forming holes or deep depressions in paint film
Crawl Space 0 likes
A shallow space with a dirt floor under the living quarters of a house, normally enclosed by the foundation wall, accessed by crawling
Crawler 0 likes
A vehicle propelled by caterpillar tracks such as a crane
Crawler Crane 0 likes
A crane mounted on a pair of tracks employed to support and propel the crane
Crawling 0 likes
A parting and contraction of glaze on a ceramic surface during drying or firing, producing unglazed areas surrounded by coalesced glaze
Varnish flaw where poor adhesion of varnish to the surface causes it to crawl or form globules instead of covering the surface
Craze Cracks 0 likes
Fine random fissures or cracks that appear in a plaster surface caused by plaster shrinkage; also called Check Cracking; these cracks are usually caused by a lime finish coat that has not been correctly gauged or troweled
Crazing 0 likes
Minute, interlacing cracks on the surface of a finish
Tiny cracks in paint film
The cracking that occurs in fired glazes or other ceramic coatings
Cream Paper1 like
cream paper
Face paper in the manufacture of gypsum board
Credit 0 likes
A person’s financial standing
Money at a person’s disposal in a bank or other financial institution
Power to obtain goods and services before payment based on the trust that payment will be accomplished
The amount entered on the credit side of an account
Acknowledgement of a contributor’s services to the design or construction of a building project
A reputation for solvency and honesty
Credit Rating 0 likes
A report produced by a credit agency to describe a borrower’s credit habits
Creditor 0 likes
Persons or companies to whom money is owed
Creditors Equity 0 likes
The claims of outsiders against a business; amount that the business owes to people or companies besides the owners
Creek 0 likes
A small river
Creep 0 likes
A permanent, inelastic deformation that proceeds with time when certain materials such as concrete are subjected to constant stress over a long period
Shrinking or stretching of a roofing membrane due to changes in heat or moisture
Creep, Seismic 0 likes
See Seismic Creep
Crematorium 0 likes
A building with a furnace for cremating the dead; See Crematory
Creosote 0 likes
A brown oily liquid obtained by distillation of coal tar, employed as a wood preservative
Creosote Oil 1 like
Distillate from coal tar, heavier than water, employed most often as a wood preservative
Creosote Stain 0 likes
Creosote, made mostly from wood and coal tars, mixed with linseed oil and drier and thinned with benzine or kerosene
Creosoted Pole 0 likes
A wooden pole that has been infused with creosote to support its preservation
Crescent 0 likes
Curved sickle shape of the waning moon with a convex and a concave edge, and anything with this shape
Crescent Wrench1 like
crescent wrench
Adjustable wrench
Crest 0 likes
Ridge of a roof
Crew Trailer 0 likes
Trailer provided on a job site for the workers
CRI 0 likes
Carpet and Rug Institute
Cricket 0 likes
A roof built on top of the primary roof to amplify the slope of the roof or valley; a saddle-shaped construction connecting a sloping roof with a chimney to encourage water drainage away from the chimney joint
Crimping 0 likes
Method of texturizing staple and continuous filament yarn to furnish irregular alignment of fibers and augment bulk and covering power; also facilitates the interlocking of fibers necessary for spinning staple fibers into yarn
Crimping Pool 0 likes
A hand tool that applies metal corner beads or secures steel studs to a track by clinching part of metal
Cripple 0 likes
Short vertical 2 by 4’s or 6’s frame lumber mounted above a window or door
Cripple Rafter 0 likes
Roof framing system fillers that connect the valley and hip rafters
Cripple Stud 0 likes
Short wood stud in less than full height walls
Short wood stud over door or window headers or under window sills
Criterion 0 likes
A standard on which a judgment or decision can be based
Critical Path 0 likes
Set of activities with no slack time that must be completed on time for the project completion date to be met
Critical Path Method, CPM 0 likes
A planning scheduling and control line and symbol diagram to display the tasks and activities involved in constructing a project
Critical Pressure 0 likes
Compressed condition of refrigerant that gives liquid and gas the same characteristics
Critical Temperature 0 likes
Temperature where vapor and liquid have same characteristics
Critical Vibration 0 likes
Vibration which is evident and also harmful to structure
Crook 1 like
Lumber in which there is a deviation at right angles to the edge, from a straight line from end-to-end of the piece
Crooked Edges 0 likes
A curvature of the sides of a flat surface; the degree is the departure from the straight line between two corners measured in percentage of length
Cross Brace 0 likes
Bracing with two intersecting diagonals
Cross Break 0 likes
A crack or separation of wood cells across the grain of a board usually caused by uneven shrinkage or by external forces
Cross Bridging 0 likes
Diagonal bracing between adjacent floor joists, positioned near the center of the joist span to stop joists from twisting
Cross Connection 0 likes
Incorrect interconnection of electrical or communication wiring
Cross Fitting 0 likes
Plumbing fitting composed of two short pipes engaging at right angles on a pipe run
Cross Furring 0 likes
Furring components attached to other structural components to support lath in suspended ceilings; usually ¾ inch steel channels or pencil rods
Cross Grain 0 likes
Wood integrated into a structure so that the direction of its grain is perpendicular to the principal loads on the structure
Cross Hair 0 likes
The fine vertical and horizontal lines employed for sighting of an optical instrument such as a builders level
Cross Peen Hammer1 like
cross peen hammer
A hammer where the face opposite the flat face is shaped for cutting or grooving metal
Cross Slope 0 likes
A slope that is at right angles to the direction of travel
Cross Tee1 like
cross tee
Short metal T beam employed in suspended ceilings to bridge the spaces between the main beams
Cross-Cut Saw1 like
cross-cut saw
A hand saw with teeth that cut across wood grain
Cross-Grained Wood 1 like
Wood where the fibers deviate from a line parallel to the sides of the piece; cross grain may be either diagonal or spiral grain or a combination of both
Cross-Seam 0 likes
Seam made by joining the ends of carpet
Cross-Section 0 likes
A drawing signifying an orthogonal slice through an object
Cross-Sectional Area 0 likes
The area of a part perpendicular to its axis such as a steel angle or beam measured in square units as square inches or square millimeters
Cross-Spray 0 likes
Spraying first in one direction and then at right angles
Crossarm 0 likes
A horizontal part attached to a utility pole at a 90 degree angle that support cables
Crossarm Pole 0 likes
A vertical pole that supports a railroad warning cross-arm on a pivot, descending when an oncoming train trips an electrical signal to stop oncoming traffic on each side of the railroad tracks
Crossband 0 likes
Positioning the grain of wood layers at right angles to minimize shrinking and swelling
In plywood of three or more plies, a veneer layer where the grain direction is at right angles to the face plies
Crosslinking 0 likes
A way in which chemicals unite to produce films
Crosslot Bracing 0 likes
Horizontal compression parts running from a side of an excavation to the other to support sheeting
Crow Hop 0 likes
Tile joints that are not aligned
Crowbar1 like
An iron or steel bar with a flat wedge at one end that is used for prying
Crowding the Line 0 likes
The laying of the brick so that the line is not free of the brick wall, causing the line to be inaccurate and the wall to bulge or overhang
Crown 0 likes
In gypsum wallboard installation, the buildup of joint compound over a joint to hide the tape; also called Crowned Joint or Hump Joint
Additional elevation of the center of a road to enable drainage to the edges
The highest point of an arch or vault
Crown Glass 0 likes
Glass sheet produced by spinning an opened globe of heated glass
Crown Molding1 like
crown molding
Molding used on cornice or where an interior angle is covered, particularly at the corner of the roof and wall
Crown Venting 0 likes
A vent connection no longer allowed on modern installations
Crown Weir 1 like
Lower part of the outlet of a plumbing fixture trap
CRSI 1 like
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
CRT 1 like
Cathode Ray Tube
Crucible 0 likes
A heat-resistant vessel for melting materials
Cruciform 0 likes
Forming or positioned in a cross; floor plan of a church with nave and transepts
Crumbs 0 likes
Rough chunks of gypsum on cut outs or cut ends of gypsum wallboard
Crushed Gravel 0 likes
The product of artificial crushing of gravel with fragments having at least one fracture face
Crushed Marble 0 likes
Marble that has been crushed to smaller, uniform sizes so that one face of each stone is fractured
Crushed Stone 0 likes
The product of the artificial crushing of rocks, boulders, or large cobblestones
Crusher Run 1 like
Gravel, rock, boulders, or blasted rock reduced in size but not sorted for size; the unscreened product from a stone crushing machine
Crust 0 likes
External part of the earth, the lithosphere, composed of rocks, sediment, and basalt
Cryogenic Fluid 0 likes
Substance which exists as a liquid or gas at extremely low temperatures, -250° F or lower
Cryogenics 0 likes
Branch of physics concerning the production and consequences of ultra-low temperatures
Refrigeration producing temperatures of -250° F and lower
Crypt 0 likes
Vault under the main floor of a church
Cryptometer 0 likes
Device used to measure the opacity of paint
Crystalline Glaze 0 likes
Tile with an extremely heavy glaze employed on counter tops and light duty floor surfaces; a glaze that has microscopic crystals
Crystallizing Lacquer 0 likes
Unusual finish in crystal and floral patterns as it is drying
CS 0 likes
Commercial Standard
CSA 0 likes
Canadian Standards Association
CSI 0 likes
Construction Specification Institute
CSI Master Format 0 likes
The CSI Master Format is a system of numbers and titles for organizing construction information into a standard order or sequence; establishing a master list of titles and numbers Master Format promotes standardization, improves information retrieval and construction communication; provides a uniform system for organizing information in project manuals, managing project cost data, and filing product information and other technical data
CSTC 0 likes
Ceiling Sound Transmission Class
CTI 0 likes
Ceramic Tile Institute
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