Term Definition
CI 0 likes
Cast iron
Circle Cutter1 like
circle cutter
An adjustable scribe tool that cuts circular patterns and openings for light fixtures and other devices in gypsum board
Circuit 1 like
Path of an electric current from the source
Circuit Breaker2 likes
circuit breaker
A device similar to a switch usually inside the electrical breaker panel or circuit breaker box that shuts off the power to parts or all of a home, and regulates the amount of power flowing through a circuit; 110 volt household circuits need a fuse or circuit breaker with a rating of 15 to 20 amps; 220 volt circuits deal with higher amperage; a heater designed for a 25 amp load requires a 25 amp fuse or breaker
Circuit Protector1 like
circuit protector
A device that opens an electrical circuit during an overload to protecting operating equipment and other parts
Circuit Vent 0 likes
Group plumbing vent from the front of the last fixture of the horizontal group to the vent stack; employed when the circuit conveys drainage from urinals, sinks, water closets, or stall showers
Circuit, Parallel 0 likes
See Parallel Circuit
Circuit, Pilot 1 like
See Pilot Circuit
Circuit, Series 0 likes
See Series Circuit
Circular Mil 0 likes
Unit of length in wire sizes
Circular Saw1 like
circular saw
A power saw with a circular cutting blade; a portable hand tool or a stationary table saw
Circulation Path 1 like
Passageway for pedestrians, including aisles, hallways, corridors, walks, courtyards, and stairways
Circulation Piping System 1 like
The piping between a pool, spa or hot tub structure and the mechanical equipment; includes suction piping, face piping and return piping
Civil Engineer 0 likes
An engineer who designs public work such as roads, harbors, earthwork, piping, and waterworks
Cladding 1 like
Metal external building surfacing panels
In welding, see Surfacing
Cladding Panel 0 likes
A panel added to a structure to provide durability, weathering, corrosion and impact resistance
Clamp1 like
A mechanical tool that holds two or more pieces of material together
Clamp, Beam 0 likes
A device that holds a horizontal structural part to a vertical part
Clamp, Ground Rod 1 like
Device that connects the main ground wire to a cold water pipe in an electrical system
Clapboard 0 likes
Wood siding made of narrow boards thicker on one side than the other
Clarified Sewage 0 likes
Sewage from where some or all of the suspended matter has been eliminated
Class A 1 like
Optimum fire rating by Underwriter’s Laboratories on roofing; building codes in some places require this roofing to ensure fire safety
Class C 0 likes
Minimum fire rating provided by the Underwriters’ Laboratories for roofing materials
Classified Product 0 likes
A product labeled and listed by an approved laboratory with a factory follow up and inspection service
Classroom 0 likes
A room housing a class of students; part of a school
Classroom Lock2 likes
classroom lock
A doorknob in a classroom that can be locked from the inside
Classroom Lockset1 like
classroom lockset
A device in a classroom door that has a lockable doorknob and deadbolt
Claw Hammer2 likes
claw hammer
A hammer with one end of the head forked to extract nails
Clay1 like
A natural mineral aggregate; plastic when sufficiently wet, rigid when dry, and vitrified when fired to a high temperature used in the manufacture of brick
A heavy soil consisting of particles less than 1/256 mm in diameter
Clay Brick 1 like
Brick made from fine-grained materials primarily from hydrated silicates of aluminum
Clay Brick Floor 0 likes
Hard, baked or fired brick employed in flooring applications
Clay Coping 1 like
The use of clay to produce a cap or finish on top of a wall, pier, or chimney
Clay Court 1 like
Surface for athletic competition, such as tennis or track
Clay Floor Tile1 like
clay floor tile
Quarry tile that is fired and used for flooring
Clay Pipe1 like
clay pipe
Pipe used for drainage systems and sanitary sewers
Clay Tile2 likes
clay tile
Fired earthenware tile used on roofs and floors
Clay Tile Partition 0 likes
A group of hollow clay units to produce interior partitions; the surface is often grooved to accept plaster
Clean 2 likes
No foreign material
No binder in sand or gravel
Clean Out 1 like
Disposable drainage fitting which provides access to the inside of drainage piping to eliminate debris
Clean Out Door1 like
clean out door
Cast iron door at base of chimney to enable access to clean the ash pit
Clean Out Holes 0 likes
Openings in first course of a brick wall or cutouts in block wall to allow cleaning of mortar protrusions and droppings
Clean Room 0 likes
A dust-free room
Clean Surface 0 likes
Surface free of contamination
Cleaner2 likes
Detergent, alkali, acid, or another cleaning substance
Solvent for cleaning paint equipment
Cleaning Masonry 3 likes
The final removal of excessive grout, concrete, and construction soil from an external masonry structure
Cleanout Plug1 like
cleanout plug
A removable plug in a pipe fitting to eliminate blockages from a drainage pipe by cleaning
Cleanout, Storm Drain 1 like
An opening to a storm drain to enable removal of debris
Clear Ceramic Glaze 2 likes
A colorless or colored transparent ceramic glaze, translucent or slightly tinted, with a gloss finish
Clear Dimension 1 like
The dimension between opposing inside faces or walls of an opening or room; also called Clear Opening
Clear Glaze1 like
clear glaze
Colorless or colored transparent ceramic glaze; see Clear Ceramic Glaze
Clear Opening 1 like
See Clear Dimension
Clear Span 0 likes
The horizontal distance between supports of a structural component
Clearance Space 0 likes
See Clearance Pocket
Clearstory 0 likes
Cleat 1 like
A small strip or block of wood, affixed to a secure surface used for attachment or as a toe hold or stopping device for another supporting part
Cleavage 0 likes
The natural tendency of stones and crystals to break or split in definite directions
Cleavage Membrane 1 like
Layer of 15 lb. roofing felt, similar construction paper or polyethylene sheeting, that isolates a wire reinforced mortar bed for tile from the concrete substrate
Cleft, Natural 0 likes
See Natural Cleft
Clerestory 0 likes
Upper row of windows in a high ceiling room above a lower adjoining roof; also called Clearstory
Clerk of the Works 1 like
Architects representative on the jobsite; called Architects Project Representative
Clevis Hanger2 likes
clevis hanger
A U-shaped metal hanger with the ends drilled to accept a pin or bolt to attach or suspend parts or piping
Clevis Pin2 likes
clevis pin
The bolt or pin employed to complete the connection in a Clevis Hanger
CLFMI 1 like
Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute
Clinch 0 likes
To turn over or flatten the projecting point of a nail to stop withdrawal
Clinker 0 likes
A fused or partly fused by-product of the combustion of coal
Clinker Brick 0 likes
Hard-burned distorted or bloated brick as a result of almost complete vitrification
Clinometer2 likes
An instrument that measures sloping or inclined angles
Clip Course 0 likes
Course of bricks resting on a clip joint
Clip Joint 1 like
A brick masonry thicker than normal joint that brings the course up to a necessary height; the joint is not thicker than ½ inch
Clip Ties 1 like
Sharp, cut metal wires that jut out of a concrete foundation wall
Clock Receptacle1 like
clock receptacle
An electrical outlet box to connect and support a clock
Clock System1 like
clock system
A clock that controls the mechanical or electrical devices in a building
Cloister 0 likes
A covered passage on the side of a court
Close Nipple 1 like
The shortest length of a pipe that can be threaded externally from both ends that connects two internally threaded pipe fittings
Close-Coupled Toilet2 likes
close-coupled toilet
A toilet attached to its water tank
Close-Grained Wood 0 likes
Wood with narrow plain annual rings; wood with fine fibers and small close pores
Closed Circuit 0 likes
Electrical circuit
A television or telephone system where the signal is transmitted by wire to a limited number of receivers
Closed Joint 1 like
Zero root opening in welding
Closet3 likes
Storage cabinet or room
Closet Bend 0 likes
An elbow drainage fitting linking a water closet to a branch drain
Closet Flange2 likes
closet flange
Fitting secured to a subfloor on which the toilet bowl is attached
Closet Pole2 likes
A horizontal, round rod mounted in a closet to hang clothes
Closet, Cedar1 like
closet, cedar
See Cedar Closet
Closing Entries 0 likes
Entries created at the end of a financial period to close all temporary accounts and transfer the net profit or loss to the owner’s equity or retained earnings account
Closing the Ledger 0 likes
Closing income and expense accounts at the end of the period and transferring the net profit or loss to the capital or surplus accounts
Closure Strip 0 likes
Resilient strip used to close openings produced by joining metal panels and flashing
Clothing Locker1 like
clothing locker
Cabinet with a door lock to hold clothes
Cloud 0 likes
A flaw in the title of real estate or property; when a property has a cloud on it, it is hard to sell or complete escrow
Cluster Development 0 likes
Close group of residential units with larger parcels of open land around the group
Clutch, Magnetic 0 likes
See Magnetic Clutch
CM 0 likes
Construction manager
Construction management
CMAA 0 likes
Crane Manufacturers Association of America
CMACN 0 likes
Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada
Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada
CMU 0 likes
Concrete Masonry Unit
CMU Grout 1 like
Concrete masonry unit grout
CO 1 like
Carbon monoxide
CO2 1 like
Carbon dioxide
CO2 Extinguisher2 likes
A portable fire-fighting instrument that distributes carbon dioxide to extinguish small fires
CO2 Indicator1 like
CO2 indicator
Instrument used to indicate the percentage of carbon dioxide in stack gases
CO2 Sprinkler System 0 likes
An overhead sprinkler system with Carbon Dioxide installed and set to start when excess heat or smoke activates built-in sensors
Coagulant 0 likes
A chemical compound, usually alum, used in swimming pools to collect and precipitate suspended materials
Coagulate 0 likes
Change from liquid into a dense mass; solidify; curdle
Coagulation 2 likes
Precipitation of colloids into a single mass; generally caused by excessive heat or catalysts
Coal Hopper Door 2 likes
Steel door to permit addition of coal to burning chamber
Coal Tar1 like
coal tar
A dark brown to black cementitious material created by destructive distillation of bituminous coal
Coal Tar Bitumen 2 likes
Coal Tar Pitch
Coal Tar Felt 1 like
See Tarred Felt
Coal Tar Pitch 0 likes
A roofing pitch employed primarily in dead-level or low-slope roofs; coal-tar pitch comes in a narrow range of softening points from l40° F to l55° F
Coal Tar Solvent 0 likes
Made from distillation of coal tar
Coalesence 0 likes
Growth into one body of the base metal parts in welding
Coarse Aggregate 1 like
Concrete aggregate over ¼ inch diameter; crushed stone, gravel, slag, or other inert materials
Coarse Strainer1 like
coarse strainer
Basket in a pipeline that captures large debris before the pump
Coarse-Grained Wood 0 likes
Wood with noticeable wide annual rings; wood with large pores such as oak, ash, chestnut, and walnut; also called Coarse-Textured and Open-Grained
Coarse-Textured Wood 0 likes
See Coarse-Grained Wood
Coat of Paint2 likes
coat of paint
A layer of dry paint from a single application; single layer of paint provided at a particular time
Coat Rack2 likes
Coat Rack
Furniture used to hang coats
Coated Base Sheet 0 likes
A felt impregnated and saturated with asphalt then coated on both sides with harder, more viscous asphalt to reduce its permeability to moisture; a parting agent is included to stop the material from sticking in the roll
Coated Roof 0 likes
A roof with an asphaltic material to seal it against the elements
Coating 0 likes
A layer or covering added to a surface
Coating In 2 likes
Applying a coat of paint
Coatings 0 likes
Surface coverings
Coaxial Cable1 like
coaxial cable
A cable consisting of two concentric conductors separated by an insulating layer used for transmitting low voltage electronic signals
Cobalt Blue 1 like
Blue pigment produced by heating a mixture of cobalt oxide and aluminum hydrate
Cobalt Drier 0 likes
Powerful drier that is soluble in all drying oils; known as surface dryer
Cobble 2 likes
Small round stone used for paving; a Cobblestone
Cobblestone 0 likes
A Cobble
Cobwebbing 1 like
Premature drying of a liquid surface that produces a spider web effect
Cock1 like
A device such as a faucet or valve that controls the flow of a liquid
Cockle 0 likes
A wrinkle or small depression in gypsum board face paper generally in the long or machine direction; also called a wrinkle
Code Blue System 0 likes
Electronic warning device in hospital rooms or health care facilities employed to notify caregivers of health emergencies
Code Installation 1 like
Refrigeration or air conditioning installation that complies with the local and/or national code for safe and efficient installations
Codes 0 likes
Current regulations, ordinances or statutory requirements authorized by governmental agencies involved with building construction and owner occupancy, embraced and administered for the protection of public health, safety and welfare; see Building Code
Coefficient 1 like
A multiplier that quantifies a property of a substance or operation
Coefficient of Conductivity 1 like
Relative rate that materials conduct heat; copper is a good conductor of heat and has a high coefficient of conductivity
Coefficient of Cubical Expansion 0 likes
See Coefficient of Volumetric Expansion
Coefficient of Expansion 1 like
Change in unit length, area or volume for one degree rise in temperature
Coefficient of Friction 0 likes
Mathematical relationship between the weight of an object and the force needed to slide it, taking into account the properties of the two materials, the angle of the surfaces and the force
Coefficient of Heat Expansion 0 likes
The rate of heat loss in BTU per hour through 1 square foot of a wall or another building surface when the difference between the indoor and outdoor air temperatures is 1 degree F; U-Value
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 0 likes
The change in unit length for a rise in temperature of 1°F
Coefficient of Performance (COP) 2 likes
Ratio of work performed or achieved to the energy used
Coefficient of Static Friction 1 like
The ratio of the limiting friction to the normal pressure
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1 like
Change in unit length, area, or volume for each degree change of temperature
Coefficient of Volumetric Expansion 0 likes
The change in unit volume for a rise in temperature of 1°F; also called Coefficient of Cubical Expansion
Coffer 0 likes
Recessed panel in a ceiling or dome
Coffered Ceilings 0 likes
Ornamental ceilings that have depressed or recessed panels
Cog 1 like
A gear tooth
Cohesion 1 like
Sticking together tightly; tendency to cohere; soil quality of sticking together
Cohesive Failure 0 likes
Break down of an adhesive joint
Cohesive Soil 0 likes
A soil such as clay where the particles stick to each other by means of cohesive and adhesive forces
Coil 0 likes
A winding arrangement of a conductor around a core to convert voltage from low to high as in a transformer or to create a magnetic field as in a solenoid
Coil Deck 0 likes
Insulated horizontal partition between refrigerated and evaporator space
Coiled Pipe 0 likes
Tubing in rows, layers, or windings in steam and water heating, refrigeration condensers, and evaporators
Coin Washer1 like
A coin-operated public appliance for laundry of clothing
Cold 0 likes
Without heat; a temperature substantially below normal
Cold Air Return 0 likes
Ductwork and related grills that convey room air back to the furnace for re-heating
Cold Chisel1 like
cold chisel
A hand tool used for chipping concrete, stone, and similar materials
Cold Color 0 likes
See Cool Color
Cold Formed Steel 0 likes
Shaping steel without heat
Cold Joint 0 likes
A visible lineation produced when pouring of concrete is delayed; the concrete in place hardens before the pouring of adjacent concrete
A paving joint in road construction where one strip of asphalt is installed at a different time from the other and bonding is not enhanced
Cold Joint Lines 0 likes
Visible lines on the surfaces of formed concrete revealing the presence of joints where one layer of concrete had hardened before more concrete was poured
Cold Junction 0 likes
Part of a thermoelectric system that absorbs heat while the system is functioning
Cold Patch 0 likes
A roof repair achieved with cold material
Cold Rolled Steel1 like
cold rolled steel
Steel rolled to its final form at a temperature where it is no longer flexible
Cold Wall 1 like
Inner lining of a refrigerator serving as the cooling surface
Cold Water Paint 0 likes
Paint composed of casein, glue or a similar material dissolved in water; generally used on concrete, masonry or plaster surfaces
Cold-Checking 0 likes
Checking due to low temperature
Cold-Pressed Plywood 1 like
Internal plywood made in a press without external heat
Cold-Process Roofing 0 likes
A built-up roof made of coated felt layers bonded with cold-applied asphalt roof cement and surfaced with a cutback or emulsified asphalt roof coating
Cold-Setting Resin Glue 1 like
A resinbase glue powder that is mixed with water
Coliseum 0 likes
Large stadium or building like the Roman Coliseum for public entertainment
Collage 0 likes
Composition of materials such as photographs, fabric, metals, and wood glued to a backing
Collapse 0 likes
To cave, fall in or give way; failure of a structure
Collar 0 likes
Preformed flange positioned over a vent pipe to seal the roofing over the vent pipe opening; also called a Vent Sleeve
A compression ring surrounding a small round opening
Collar Beam 0 likes
Nominal 1 inch or 2 inch thick parts connecting opposite roof rafters that strengthen the roof structure
Collar Joint 0 likes
The vertical mortar joint between masonry wythes
Collar Tie 0 likes
See Collar Beam
Collateral 0 likes
Property promised or possessed by a creditor to guarantee payment of an obligation by a debtor
Collector2 likes
In structural analysis, a force transfer element that collects loads from a diaphragm (horizontal element) and transfers them to the shear walls (vertical element)
Devices used to collect solar energy and convert it to heat; a Solar Collector
Collector Efficiency 1 like
The ratio of heat energy removed from a collector to the quantity of solar energy striking the cover expressed in percent
Collet1 like
A metal band, flange, or ferrule
Colloid 0 likes
A mixture containing ultramicroscopic particles of a substance scattered evenly throughout another; also known as dispersion
Colloidal Suspension 0 likes
A substance composed of fine particles permanently suspended in a liquid
Collusion 0 likes
Illegal agreement between contractors to submit higher bids so that a chosen contractor’s bid is lower
Colonial Base 1 like
An architectural board or molding used against the bottom of walls to cover the joint with the floor and to protect the walls from damage
Colonial Molding 0 likes
Eighteenth century English Georgian molding style, reproduced and included in buildings
Colonnade 0 likes
A set of columns at regular intervals
Color 0 likes
Visual appearance of objects and light sources in terms of hue, lightness, and saturation for objects and hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources; a hue different from black, white, and gray
Color Retention 0 likes
When paint is exposed to the elements and maintains its color, it has good color retention
Color-Fast 1 like
Non fading
Color-In-Japan 0 likes
A paste produced by mixing a color pigment with Japan drier; used mainly for tinting
Color-In-Oil 0 likes
A paste produced by mixing a color pigment in linseed or another vegetable oil; used mainly for tinting
Color, Complementary 0 likes
See Complementary Color
Color, Primary 0 likes
See Primary Color
Colored Grout1 like
colored grout
Commercially prepared grout made of graded aggregate, portland cement, water dispersing agents, plasticizers, and color fast pigments
Colorimeter1 like
See Chromometer
Coloring Strength 1 like
The ability of pigments to color base material that is white or a light color
Colossus 0 likes
A statue of huge size or proportions
Columbarium 0 likes
A structure that has vaults for cinerary urns
Column2 likes
A structural component that supports axial compression loads; an upright structural part used mainly in compression
A square, rectangular, or cylindrical support for roofs and ceilings, made of base, shaft, and capital
Column Base 0 likes
The bottom part of a vertical supporting pillar
The plate below a column that disperses the load
Column Base Plate 0 likes
The part of a structure on which the column base is positioned
Column Cage 0 likes
A group of vertical reinforcing bars and ties for a concrete column
Column Capital 1 like
The top part of a column covering the shaft and absorbing the weight of the beam or girder
Column Cover 0 likes
The top part of a column
Column Fireproofing 0 likes
Applying fire-retardant materials to a column
Column Footing 0 likes
Concrete support for a column; known as individual footing and usually square or rectangular
Column Formwork 0 likes
The mold or outline of a column in which the concrete is poured
Column Furring 0 likes
Wood or metal strips on a column that create a fastening surface for a finish covering
Column Pier 1 like
Foundation part of plain or reinforced concrete to support a column
Column Reinforcing 0 likes
Embedded steel bars to reinforce a concrete column
Column Spiral 0 likes
A continuous steel coil reinforcing in a concrete column
Column Strip 0 likes
Two-way concrete floor or roof structure zone centered on a line of columns
Column Tie 2 likes
A steel bar loop that ties the reinforcing cage in a concrete column
Column, Concrete 0 likes
A long thin supporting pillar made from concrete and reinforcing steel
Column, Precast 1 like
A column cast and cured in another place other than its final position
Column, Sheetrock 0 likes
A column produced from gypsum wallboard
Column, Timber 1 like
Structural lumber, 5 inchor more in size, employed as a vertical compression component
Column, Wood 0 likes
Vertical wood structural component, generally carrying a beam
Columniation 0 likes
The arrangement of columns in a building
Comb Board 0 likes
See Saddle Board
Combination Switch1 like
combination switch
A switch that also has a receptacle
Combined Chlorine 0 likes
Chlorine combined with other substances; less effective than free chlorine
Combined Footing 1 like
A concrete footing that supports two or more columns
Combined Stress 0 likes
Combination of axial and bending stresses in a structural part
Combustible 1 like
Able to be burned
Combustion 1 like
Burning; consumption by fire; production of light and heat by combining a substance with oxygen
Combustion Air 0 likes
Duct work to convey fresh air from the outside to the furnace and/or hot water heater; usually two different supplies of air are brought in
Combustion Chamber1 like
combustion chamber
Part of a boiler, furnace or woodstove where the burn occurs
Comfort Chart 0 likes
Chart employed in air conditioning to display the dry bulb temperature, humidity and air movement for comfortable conditions
Comfort Cooler 0 likes
System employed to reduce the temperature in living spaces in homes; not complete air conditioners as they provide only partial control of heating, humidifying, dehumidification, and air circulation
Commerce 0 likes
Exchange, buying and selling of commodities, particularly on a large scale
Principles, strategies and techniques of business and office systems
Commercial Carpet1 like
commercial carpet
Carpet highly resistant to heavy traffic
Commercial Door1 like
Strong, durable door used in commercial buildings
Commercial Facilities 0 likes
Facilities that are intended for commercial use including factories, warehouses, office buildings, and other structures where people are employed
Commercial Matching 1 like
Matching of colors within acceptable parameters or with a variation that is barely discernable
Commercial Standard (CS) 1 like
U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Govt. Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.
Commercially Acceptable Standards 0 likes
Standard of work performed by the average competent worker with a reasonable amount of imperfections; commercially acceptable standards applicable in the construction industry
Commingling of Funds 0 likes
Combining funds from different accounts into one account
Commission 0 likes
Fee paid to a broker or agent for services as an agreed percentage of the sales or lease
Fee paid to an agent or employee for transacting business or performing a service
Commissioning 0 likes
Start-up of a building to insure correct functioning and compliance to design criteria; also includes the instruction of building representatives on how to use the building systems
Commitment 0 likes
A legally enforceable agreement
Agreement from a lending organization to provide a real estate loan under particular conditions
Commode 0 likes
Chest of drawers
Chamber pot hidden in a chair with a hinged cover
Common Bolt1 like
common bolt
Usual carbon steel bolt
Common Bond 1 like
Brickwork done with every five courses of alternating stretchers followed by a course of headers
Common Brick 0 likes
Inexpensive brick used as filler or backing; see Building Brick
Common Enemy Doctrine 0 likes
Legal doctrine that flood water is a common enemy and that property owners may protect their property even if it produces damage to a neighbor’s property
Common Vent 0 likes
A vent that connects two fixtures, performing as a vent for both fixtures
Communication 0 likes
Transmission of information
Communication Cable1 like
communication cable
A cable that transmits telephone, television, and computer signals
Communication Circuit 0 likes
A circuit that is part of a central station system such as telephone, telegraph, fire and burglar alarms along with their operating and signaling power supply equipment
Communication Manhole 0 likes
Manhole employed in the installation of communication conduits or cables
Community Kitchen 0 likes
Room for use by the occupants of two or more guest rooms for cooking or preparing food in a hotel or community center
Community Shopping Center 0 likes
An intermediate size shopping center
Commutator 0 likes
Part of rotor in electric motor that carries electric current to rotor windings
Compact Borrow 0 likes
Fill obtained from excavation that has been packed tightly
Compacted Concrete 0 likes
Freshly poured concrete that has been compressed to eliminate voids
Compacted Yards 0 likes
Cubic measurement of soil or rock after it has been positioned and packed tightly in a fill
Compaction 1 like
The process where the volume of freshly placed material is reduced or flattened by vibration or tamping, or some combination of these
Compaction Tile 0 likes
A hard tile surfacing unit produced from a mixture of chemicals
Compactor2 likes
A mechanical device that compresses objects into smaller units or enables the objects to take up less volume
Companion Flange0 likes
companion flange
A pipe connection device that matches another flange on a pipe or fitting
Comparative Negligence 0 likes
The legal doctrine that wrongdoers should pay damages directly proportional to their misdeeds
Compartment Kiln 0 likes
A kiln where the total charge of lumber is dried as a single unit
Compartment, Shower 0 likes
See Shower Compartment
Compass0 likes
A drafting tool used to drawing circles
A magnetic compass the defines direction
Compatibility 0 likes
Ability to mix with other components, substances, or situations
Compensating Errors 0 likes
Small errors where the pluses and minuses tend to cancel each other
Compensatory Damages 0 likes
A fee to compensate someone for economic loss due to the wrongful act of another person
Competitive Bidding 0 likes
When two or more contractors submit proposals for the same work
Complementary Color 1 like
A color when combined with its complement produces gray; complementary color pairs include red and green, yellow and violet, and blue and orange
Completion Bond 0 likes
A bond assuring the lender that the project will be finished without liens
Completion Date 0 likes
The date in the construction contract for completion
Completion of Construction 0 likes
When the work stipulated in the construction contract is complete
Component 1 like
A part or ingredient
Component Depreciation 0 likes
A way of determining depreciation of property by its individual parts instead of as a whole
Composite Beam 0 likes
A beam that made of two different materials in which the two materials perform as one such as a wood and steel beam
Composite Board 0 likes
A board made of compressed materials used for sheathing, wallboard, or as insulation
Composite Decking 0 likes
Decking made up of various materials such as concrete, wood, and steel
Composite Wall 0 likes
A wall that has two or more different types of masonry units, such as clay bricks and concrete blocks
Composition 0 likes
The parts of a substance or material
The constituents of any chemical
Composition Roofing 0 likes
Asphaltic roofing
Composition Shingles 0 likes
Shingles made or produced from composition roofing material
Compound Gauge1 like
compound gauge
Instrument for measuring pressures above and below atmospheric pressure
Compound Refrigerating Systems 0 likes
System employed to pump low-pressure vapors to condensing pressures
Compreg 0 likes
Wood which has been infused with synthetic resin and compressed reducing swelling and shrinking and increasing density and strength
Comprehensive General Liability 1 like
Insurance policy for comprehensive general liability
Compression 0 likes
Stress that tends to shorten or reduce the size of a material
Compression Bars 0 likes
Steel that opposes compression forces
Compression Block1 like
compression block
A very short wooden column
Compression Connector1 like
compression connector
A connecting device that uses a force to push together and squeeze
Compression Coupling1 like
compression coupling
A connecting device that produces a force that pushes together and crushes
Compression Elbow3 likes
compression elbow
A connecting device that joins two pipes at 90 degrees and uses a force that pushes together and crushes
Compression Faucet 0 likes
Faucet that prevents the flow of water by a flat washer closing against a seat
Compression Gasket1 like
compression gasket
A synthetic or rubber strip or washer that seals by being squeezed strongly
Compression Gauge2 likes
compression gauge
Instrument that measures positive pressures above atmospheric pressures usually calibrated from 0 to 300 psig (0-21.1 kg./cm2)
Compression Lug1 like
compression lug
A connector that fastens the end of a wire to a terminal using a force that pushes together and crushes
Compression Ratio 0 likes
Ratio of the absolute low-side pressure to the absolute high-side pressure in refrigeration
Compression Reinforcement 0 likes
Steel reinforcing bars in a reinforced beam positioned near the top of the beam to help resisting compressive forces
Compression Splice1 like
compression splice
A connection of two similar materials by a force that tends to shorten a component
Compression Strength 0 likes
Ability of a structural material to withstand compression forces as force per unit cross-sectional area or the specific resistance used in design calculations
Compression Valve2 likes
compression valve
Prevents the flow of water by a flat washer closing against a seat
Compressive Strength 0 likes
The measured resistance of concrete or mortar to axial loading in pounds per square inch of cross-sectional area
Compressor1 like
A machine that pressurizes a gas and transforms it into a liquid enabling heat to be removed or added; the main part of heat pumps and air conditioners
Compressor, Multiple Stage 0 likes
Compressor with two or more compressive steps
Compressor, Open Type 0 likes
Compressor where the crankshaft reaches through the crankcase and is run by an external motor; also called External Drive Compressor
Compressor, Reciprocating1 like
compressor, reciprocating
See Reciprocating Compressor
Compressor, Rotary1 like
compressor, rotary
Compressor which employs rotating devices to provide pumping action
Compressor, Single Stage 1 like
Compressor that has one compressive step between low-side pressure and high-side pressure
Computer Cable1 like
Computer Cable
Coaxial cable that transmits computer signals
Computer Floor 1 like
Special flooring that stops electrostatic buildup and sparking in a computer room; usually above the floor to enable wires to run between the components in the room
Computer Hardware1 like
Computer Hardware
Physical equipment, including the keyboard and mouse, processing unit, and the screen and printer
Computer Language 0 likes
A code used to write a computer program
Computer Software 0 likes
The programs that make a computer function
Computerese 0 likes
Arcane jargon employed by computer technologists
Concave 0 likes
Curved or rounded inward; the opposite of convex
Concave Joint 1 like
An inexpensive mortar joint formed with a special tool or a bent iron rod that is weather resistant
Concealed Grid 1 like
A suspended ceiling framework that supports tiles and panels and is completely concealed by them
Concealed Picture Mold 1 like
A recessed horizontal slot in a plaster wall used to hang pictures and other objects
Concealed Z Bar 0 likes
A hidden z-shaped bar employed as a wall tie, the concealed Z bar is a critical construction resource
Concentrated Load 0 likes
A load at one point or small area of a structure or component
Concentrating Collector 0 likes
A device that employs reflective surfaces to concentrate the sun’s rays onto a smaller area where they are absorbed and transformed into heat energy
Concentration 0 likes
The strength of a solution; a concentrated substance
Concentric 0 likes
A common center or axis
Concrete 0 likes
Mixture of portland cement, gravel, sand, and water used for garage and basement floors, sidewalks, patios, foundation walls, etc.
Concrete Admixture2 likes
concrete admixture
A substance combined with concrete to help impart color, regulate workability, assist in waterproofing, control setting, and entrain air
Concrete Beam 1 like
A horizontal structural component that transversely supports a load and conveys the load to vertical parts, made of a composite material consisting of coarse aggregate, cement, sand and water
Concrete Block 0 likes
A hollow concrete brick usually 8 inches x 8 inches x 16 inches in size
Concrete Block Bar Supports 1 like
Precast concrete blocks used to support bars above the subgrade, or to space bars off vertical forms and above horizontal forms
Concrete Block Removal 0 likes
Demolition of a concrete block structure
Concrete Board 2 likes
A panel composed of concrete and fiberglass usually employed as a tile backing material
Concrete Brick 0 likes
A solid concrete unit the same size and proportions as a clay brick
Concrete Column 0 likes
A long, thin supporting pillar composed of concrete and reinforcing steel
Concrete Cover 0 likes
Distance from a reinforcing bar to the exterior of a concrete component; also referred to as fireproofing, clearance, or concrete protection
Concrete Cutting 0 likes
Concrete cutting with a saw that has a carborundum blade; usually performed by specialty subcontractors with special equipment
Concrete Dowel1 like
concrete dowel
Reinforcing steel pin entrenched in concrete to reinforce two joining pieces or to provide a region where other pieces can be attached
Concrete Filled Pile 0 likes
A long thin concrete-filled construction element placed in the ground to support a load
Concrete Finish 3 likes
Final compression and finishing of curing concrete
Concrete Finish, Board 0 likes
Wooden board in the concrete formwork to provide a woodpattern finish to the finished reinforced concrete
Concrete Headwall 1 like
The end of a culvert or drain made of concrete
Concrete Manhole 0 likes
A vertical concrete access shaft extending from the surface to the underground
Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) 0 likes
See Concrete Block
Concrete Mat 1 like
A metal reinforcement grid for concrete foundations, mats, or slabs
Concrete Mix1 like
concrete mix
Quantity of portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, admixture, and water in concrete
Concrete Nail1 like
concrete nail
A harden steel nail that can be inserted into concrete or stonework
Concrete Paving 0 likes
Concrete employed for hard surfaces such as walks, ramps, and roads
Concrete Pile 0 likes
A precast thin reinforced concrete part embedded in soil by insertion into a predrilled hole
Concrete Pipe 0 likes
Pipe produced from concrete; the manufacturing is completed in a plant under controlled conditions; generally employed for drainage and sometimes for sanitary sewers
Concrete Placement 0 likes
The pouring of concrete
Concrete Plank 0 likes
A solid or hollow-core, precast and pre-stressed flat-beam used for floor or roof decking
Concrete Pole 0 likes
A vertical concrete component
Concrete Post 0 likes
A vertical concrete structure
Concrete Pump 0 likes
A device that forces concrete to the placing position via a pipeline or hose
Concrete Receptor1 like
concrete receptor
A precast concrete structure that forms the shower drain
Concrete Reinforcement 0 likes
Steel rods embedded in wet concrete to provide added reinforcement
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) 0 likes
933 North Plum Grove Road, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173-4758, Tel: (708) 517-1200, URL: http://www.crsi.org/
Concrete Removal 0 likes
Demolishing old concrete into manageable pieces
Concrete Repair 0 likes
Restore concrete by replacing a section or repairing the broken parts
Concrete Saw Cut 0 likes
A cut in hard concrete with diamond or silicone-carbide blades or discs
Concrete Sheet Piling 0 likes
Row of concrete piles to produce a tight wall to oppose the lateral pressure of water, earth or other substances
Concrete Sleeper 0 likes
Wood strips positioned on a rough concrete floor on which finished wood floor is nailed
Concrete Testing 0 likes
Testing to determine the flexibility or strength of concrete
Concrete Topping 0 likes
A fine aggregate concrete mixture used to top concrete floor surfaces for durability, safety and appearance
Concrete Waterproofing 0 likes
Adding a material to concrete to make it watertight
Concrete, Cellular 0 likes
See Cellular Concrete
Concrete, Fibrous 0 likes
See Fibrous Concrete
Concrete, Field 0 likes
See Field Concrete
Concrete, Foamed 0 likes
See Foamed Concrete
Concrete, Green 0 likes
See Green Concrete
Concrete, Lightweight 0 likes
Concrete that is much lighter in weight than that made from gravel or crushed stone
Concrete, Normal Weight 1 like
See Normal Weight Concrete
Concrete, Plain 0 likes
See Plain Concrete
Concrete, Precast 0 likes
Concrete parts that after curing and hardening are installed in their final useful place
Concrete, Prestressed 0 likes
See Prestressed Concrete
Concrete, Pumped 0 likes
See Pumped Concrete
Concrete, Reinforced 0 likes
See Reinforced Concrete
Concrete, Structural Lightweight 0 likes
Concrete containing lightweight aggregate, weighing no more than 115 pounds per cubic foot
Concrete, Terrazzo 0 likes
See Terrazzo
Concurrent 0 likes
The point where the line of action of various forces meet
Concurrent Heating 0 likes
Application of additional heat during welding or cutting
Condensate 0 likes
A product produced by cooling vapors of a substance that is being distilled
Condensate Pump1 like
condensate pump
A pump that eliminates water from an air-cooling unit
Condensation 0 likes
Drops of water and frost that accumulate on the inside of the external covering of a building; a vapor barrier beneath the gypsum lath or dry wall on exposed walls decreases condensation
Condensation Drain1 like
condensation drain
A drain pipe to convey condensed water from the atmosphere
Condense 0 likes
Changing a gas or vapor to a liquid
Condenser1 like
A heat exchanger in a refrigeration cycle that discharges heat to the exterior ranging from water cooled, air cooled, and evaporative; condenser water is usually circulated through a cooling tower from where heat is dispersed to the surrounding air
Condenser Comb1 like
condenser comb
Comb-like device that straightens the metal fins on condensers or evaporators
Condenser Fan1 like
condenser fan
Forced air device that moves air through an air-cooled condenser
Condenser, Air Cooled1 like
condenser, air-cooled
Heat exchanger that transfers heat to the atmosphere
Condenser, Water Cooled 0 likes
Heat exchanger that transfers heat from hot gaseous refrigerant to water
Condensing Pressure 0 likes
Pressure inside a condenser such that refrigerant vapor becomes a liquid; differs with the temperature
Condensing Temperature 0 likes
Temperature inside a condenser such that refrigerant vapor becomes a liquid; differs with the pressure
Condensing Unit1 like
condensing unit
Exterior component of a cooling system that includes a compressor and condensing coil to give off heat
Part of a refrigerating mechanism that pumps vaporized refrigerant from the evaporator, compresses it, liquefies it in the condenser and conveys it to the refrigerant control
Condensing Unit Service Valves 0 likes
Shutoff valves mounted on condensing unit that service technicians use to install or service a unit
Conditioned Air 0 likes
Air that is heated, cooled, humidified, or dehumidified to produce a comfortable interior area; also called Tempered Air
Conditioned Water 0 likes
Water treated with cyanuric acid or chlorinated isocyanurate to stop chlorine from evaporating in sunlight
Conditions, Convenants, and Restrictions (CC & Rs) 0 likes
The standards that define how a property can be employed and the protections for all owners in a subdivision
Condominium 0 likes
Individual ownership of a unit in a multi-unit development including ownership of an interest in common with other owners of common areas and facilities that support the structure
Conductance 0 likes
The ability of a substance to conduct electric current or heat
Conduction 0 likes
The direct transfer of heat energy through a material
Conductive 0 likes
Able to conduct or transmit heat, electricity, or static electricity
Conductive Floor 0 likes
Flooring material that stops electrostatic buildup and sparking
Conductive Mortar 0 likes
A tile mortar with electrical conductivity
Conductive Terrazzo 0 likes
A tile that stops electrostatic buildup and sparking made from conductive materials
Conductive Tile 0 likes
Tile with specific properties of electrical conductivity
Conductivity 0 likes
Rate of heat transmission through a material
Conductor1 like
A substance or body capable of transmitting electricity, heat or sound
Conductor, Aluminum 0 likes
An aluminum wire or cable that transmits electrical current
Conductor, Copper1 like
conductor, copper
A copper wire or cable that transmits electrical current
Conductor, Stranded1 like
conductor, stranded
Fine wires twisted around a center wire or core employed as an electric conductor
Conduit 0 likes
Protective sleeve or pipe used for individual electrical conductors
Conduit, Aluminum 0 likes
A pipe made of a light alloy material that encloses electric wires to protect them
Conduit, Cap1 like
Cap, conduit
A cap on the end of a length of conduit to protect the threads or end the conduit run
Conduit, Electrical 0 likes
A pipe with installed wire
Conduit, EMT 0 likes
See EMT Conduit
Conduit, Flexible 0 likes
See Flexible Conduit
Conduit, Galvanized 0 likes
See Galvanized Conduit
Conduit, Plastic Coated 0 likes
See Plastic Coated Conduit
Conduit, Plug1 like
conduit, plug
A fitting screwed into the ends of conduit or conduit fittings
Conduit, PVC 0 likes
See PVC Conduit
Conduit, Steel 0 likes
See Steel Conduit
Cone1 like
A solid shape with a circular or curved plane base that tapers up to a point
The conical part of a gas flame next to the orifice of the tip
Cone, Slump 0 likes
See Slump Cone
Conference Room 0 likes
A meeting room
Configuration 0 likes
An arrangement of components in a specific form
Congo Gum 0 likes
A gum resin obtained from the Congo area in Africa
Conifers 0 likes
Conifers produce softwood lumber
Connection 0 likes
The union or joint of two or more different elements
Connection, Bus Duct 0 likes
See Bus Duct Connection
Connector Set Screw 0 likes
A screw on a connector fitting that connects two components
Connector, Compression1 like
connector compression
See Compression Connector
Consent of Surety 0 likes
Written guarantee to release the final payment to the contractor or make changes in the contract
Conservation 0 likes
The careful preservation and protection of a building, structure, or the environment
Conservatism 0 likes
A principle of accounting where each asset item on the balance sheet is a conservative figure or at the low end of its price range
Conservatory 0 likes
Greenhouse for tending and displaying plants
Consideration 0 likes
Money or a benefit from a promisee to a promisor in exchange for the promisor’s agreement to perform an action
Consistency 0 likes
Fluidity or viscosity of a liquid or paste; resistance of a substance to flow
Degree of flexibility or plasticity of fresh concrete or mortar; normally slump for concrete, and flow for mortar
Degree of fluidity or plasticity of asphalt cement at any specific temperature; the standard test temperature being 140° F (60° C)
Console 0 likes
An ornamental bracket that support a shelf
A cabinet or panel with controls and switches to operate lighting, sound, television, radio or computerized equipment
Consolidation 0 likes
Organizing fresh concrete to compact the particles and reduce or eliminate the voids
Consortium 0 likes
Combination of companies that invest in an enterprise too large for them as individuals
Constant 0 likes
A component of a relationship between variables that maintains its value
Constant Air Volume System 0 likes
Air handling system that produces a constant air flow while changing the temperature during heating and cooling
Constrictor 0 likes
Tube or orifice that limits the flow of a gas or a liquid
Construct 0 likes
To assemble and combine construction materials, systems and methods to produce a structure
Constructibility 0 likes
Capacity of a design to be developed into construction
Construction 0 likes
The act or process of constructing
Construction Change Directive 0 likes
A document that directs a change in the project specifications prepared by the architect and signed off by the owner and architect; the change directive can adjust the contract sum and contract period and may be employed in the absence of the contractor’s agreement
Construction Contract 0 likes
A legal document which specifies all considerations in a construction project including:
The contractor’s registration number
A statement of work quality such as “Standard Practices of the Trades” or “According to Manufacturers Specifications
Blue Prints or plans
A construction timetable including start and completion dates
A set of specifications
A fixed price for the work, or a time and materials formula
A payment schedule
A clause describing how disputes will be resolved
1A warrantee
Construction Cost 0 likes
Contractor costs for labor, material, equipment, and services; contractor’s overhead and direct construction costs; construction cost does not include monies paid to the architect, engineer and consultants, the cost of the land, rights-of-way or other costs stated in the contract documents as the owner’s responsibility; see Soft Costs
Construction Document Review 0 likes
Owner’s review of the borrower’s construction plans and specifications, list of materials, and cost breakdowns to confirm that these documents and estimates are achievable and comply with the proposed loan or project appraisal
Construction Documents 0 likes
Term used to represent drawings, specifications, addenda and relevant information associated with the construction of a project
Construction Documents Phase 0 likes
Third phase of the architect‘s basic services where the architect prepares working drawings, specifications and bidding information; the architect may prepare bidding forms, conditions of the contract, and the form of agreement between the owner and contractor
Construction Drywall 0 likes
Construction in which the interior wall finish is installed in a dry condition, usually in the form of sheets or wood paneling rather than plaster
Construction Industry Arbitration Rules 0 likes
Arbitration rules administered by the AAA and referred to in AIAs standard agreements for construction and architectural services
Construction Inspector 0 likes
See Project Representative
Construction Lender 0 likes
An institution or individual that lends money to a borrower to produce improvements on a property
Construction Lime 0 likes
Industrial calcium oxide added to produce adhesion
Construction Loan 0 likes
A shortterm interim loan to pay for the construction of a building or structure
Construction Management 0 likes
Organizing and directing people, materials, and equipment to implement the design
Construction Management Contract 0 likes
Written agreement which details the responsibilities for the achievement of project planning, design and construction given to a construction management firm
Construction Manager 0 likes
A person or entity that provides construction management services as an advisor or as a contractor
Construction Phase 0 likes
Fifth and final phase of the architect‘s basic services that includes the architect‘s administration of the construction contract(s)
Construction Schedule 0 likes
A time table for starting and completing each of the operations needed for the construction of a building or project
Construction Terms 0 likes
Construction terms are words or word combinations, employed to mean something very specific, or utilized in a particular area of knowledge or work
Constructive Notice 0 likes
Giving notice by recording it in the office of the county recorder or in a newspaper
Consultant 0 likes
A person hired by the owner or client to provide professional advice
Consumable Insert 0 likes
See Backing Filler Metal
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 0 likes
4330 East West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814, Tel: (301) 504-7923, URL: http://www.cpsc.gov/
Contact Ceiling 0 likes
A ceiling secured in direct contact with the construction above without furring
Contact Cement 0 likes
Neoprene rubber-based adhesive that bonds instantly on contact of parts being secured
Contact Fireproofing 0 likes
See Fireproofing
Contact Splice 0 likes
Connecting reinforcing bars by lapping in direct contact
Contaminant 0 likes
A substance that taints, infects, or pollutes; an impurity
Dirt, moisture, or other matter foreign to refrigerant or refrigerant oil in a refrigerant system
Contaminated 0 likes
Impure due to contact with a foreign substance
Contingency Allowance 0 likes
Money in a construction budget to cover unforeseen expenses
Continuity 0 likes
Uninterrupted, intact
Continuity Tester1 like
A device that states whether a circuit is capable of carrying electricity
Continuous Beam 0 likes
A beam that is held up by more than two supports
Continuous Cycle Absorption System 0 likes
System with a continuous energy input flow
Continuous Duty 0 likes
Service requirement that demands operation at a constant load indefinitely in an electrical system
Continuous Footing 0 likes
A concrete footing that supports a wall or two or more columns; the footing may vary in width and depth, also called a Strip Footing
Continuous Hinge1 like
continuous hinge
A hinge the same length as the moving part where it is applied; also called Piano Hinge
Continuous Load 0 likes
An electrical load where the maximum current is expected to continue at least three hours
Continuous Mix Plant 0 likes
A manufacturing facility for producing asphalt paving mixtures by a continuous volumetric proportioning system without definite batch intervals
Continuous Ridge Vent1 like
continuous ridge vent
Continuous ridge vent is a screened water-shielded vent that runs continuously along the ridge of a gable roof
Continuous Vent 0 likes
A vertical vent pipe that is a continuation of the waste drain
Continuous Waste 0 likes
Two or more fixtures that utilize one trap
Continuous Waste and Vent 0 likes
A vertical vent pipe in a continuous line with the waste line; below the point where the fixture drains into the pipe is the waste line, while the vent is above the point
Contour Interval 0 likes
The difference vertically between adjacent contour lines on a topographic map
Contour Lines 0 likes
The lines connecting points of equal elevation on a topographic map
Contour Map 0 likes
See Topographic Map
Contract 0 likes
Agreement or covenant between two or more people where each is bound to do or desist from performing an action and each procures a right to what the other promises
Contract Administration 0 likes
Contractual responsibilities of the architect and engineer during the construction of a project
Contract Award 0 likes
Owner’s notice to a contractor that a bid has been accepted
Contract Bond 0 likes
A written form of security from a surety company on behalf of an acceptable prime contractor or subcontractor guaranteeing full execution of the contract and all supplemental agreements, and for the payment of all legal debts due to the construction of the project
Contract Date 0 likes
See Date of Agreement
Contract Documents 0 likes
Documents in a construction contract consisting of the agreement between the owner and contractor, conditions of the contract, drawings, specifications, and addenda delivered before the contract is signed, as well as changes issued after execution of the contract
Contract of Adhesion 0 likes
A contract offered to a person in an inferior position who does not have an adequate way to negotiate more favorable terms
Contract of Sale 0 likes
See Land Contract
Contract Over-run (Under-run) 1 like
Difference between the original contract price and the final cost including all adjustments by approved change order
Contract Payment Bond 0 likes
A written form of security from a surety company to the owner, on behalf of an acceptable prime contractor or subcontractor, guaranteeing payment to all persons providing labor, materials, equipment, or services according to the contract
Contract Performance Bond 0 likes
A written form of security from a surety company to the owner, on behalf of an acceptable prime contractor or subcontractor guaranteeing the completion of the work according to the terms of the contract
Contract Period 0 likes
Number of days from the specified date of starting work to the specified date of completion, as specified in the contract
Contract Sum 0 likes
The total agreed upon amount payable by the owner to the contractor for the performance of the work under the contract documents; See Change Order
Contract Time 0 likes
Amount of time established in the contract documents for completing a specific project; usually stated in working days or calendar days. The contract time can only be changed by valid time extensions through change order
Contracting Officer 0 likes
Official owner’s representative authorized to act on their behalf in a specific project
Contraction 0 likes
Become smaller
Contraction Joint 0 likes
Formed, sawed, or tooled groove in a structure to weaken the plane and control the location of cracking due to the dimensional change of parts of the structure
Contractor 0 likes
Electrical relay to furnish power to electrical equipment; an electrically operated switch containing one or more sets of contacts that control one or more circuits
A person who enters into a contract to construct a building or structure; a builder; a licensed individual of company that agrees to furnish labor, materials, equipment and related services to perform specified work for a specific price, such as:
a) General contractor – responsible for the execution, supervision and overall coordination of a project who may also perform individual construction tasks; most general contractors are not licensed to perform all specialty trades and hire specialty contractors for these tasks
b) Remodeling contractor – a general contractor who specializes in remodeling work
c) Specialty contractor – licensed to perform a specialty task e.g. electrical, side sewer, plumbing
d) Subcontractor – a general or specialty contractor who works for another general contractor
Contractor, CM 0 likes
Construction manager who performs as a contractor and who may guarantee the construction cost; contractor serving as a business manager
Contractors Level1 like
contractors level
Builders’ level
Contractors Option 0 likes
Provision in the contract documents allowing the contractor to choose certain specified materials, methods or systems without changing the contract sum
Contractors Qualification Statement 0 likes
Written statement of the contractor‘s experience and qualifications submitted to the Owner during the contractor selection process; The American Institute of Architects publishes a standard Contractor‘s Qualification Statement form
Contractual Liability 0 likes
The liability assumed by a party under a contract
Control Circuit 0 likes
The circuit which conveys the electric signals directing the performance of the controller but does not carry the main power
Control Joint 0 likes
An intentional linear discontinuity in a structure or component that forms a plane of weakness where cracking or movement could occur in response to various forces, to minimize cracking in the structure; see Control Joint and Relief Joint
Control Panel1 like
control panel
A panel or cabinet with control devices to control electrical circuits, equipment, apparatus or a system
Control System 0 likes
All components needed for automatic control of a process variable
Control Valve0 likes
control valve
A mechanical device that regulates an operation or function; a valve that controls the flow or pressure of a medium that affects a controlled process operated by remote signals from independent devices using control media such as pneumatic, electric, or electrohydraulic
Control, Compressor 0 likes
See Motor Control
Control, Defrosting 0 likes
See Defrosting Control
Control, Low Pressure 0 likes
Low pressure Control
Control, Motor1 like
control, motor
See Motor Control
Control, Pressure Motor0 likes
control, pressure motor
High or low-pressure control in the electrical circuit to start and stop motor, activated by need for refrigeration or safety
Control, Refrigerant 0 likes
See Refrigerant Control
Control, Temperature1 like
control, temperature
See Temperature Control
Controller 0 likes
A device that governs the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which it is conducted in a predefined way
Controls 0 likes
Mechanism that regulates the operation of a machine, apparatus, or system
Functional area of management to inform the manager when operations and results differ from those which were planned to help maintain the original budget and plan
Conurbation 0 likes
Combining of previously separate towns creating a large community
Convection 0 likes
Currents created by heating air, which then rises and pulls cooler air behind it; also see Radiation
Convection Oven1 like
Convection Oven
An oven operating by heat transfer through automatic heated air circulation
Convection, Forced 0 likes
See Forced Convection
Convection, Natural 0 likes
See Natural Convection
Convector1 like
A heat exchange device that employs heat to warm the air in a room; also called a Radiator
Conventional Installation 0 likes
Installing ceramic tile with portland cement mortar
Conventional Light-Frame Construction 0 likes
Construction whose primary structural components are formed by a system of repetitive woodframing parts
Conventional loan 0 likes
A mortgage loan that is not insured by a government agency such as FHA or VA
Converter 0 likes
Produces change to different state; catalyst; curing agent; promoter
Convertibility 0 likes
The ability to modify a loan from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate schedule
Convex 0 likes
A protruding rounded surface curved or rounded as in the exterior of a sphere or circle
Convex Fillet Weld 0 likes
A fillet weld with a convex face
Convexity 0 likes
Maximum distance from the face of a convex fillet weld at right angles to a line joining the toes
Conveyance 0 likes
Transfer of property between owners, usually by deed
Conveying System 0 likes
A device that moves material including elevators, escalators, moving walks, and conveyors
Cooking Unit, Counter-Mounted 0 likes
Domestic surface heating elements for cooking flush mounted in or supported by a counter; see Oven, Wall-Mounted
Cool Colors 0 likes
Hues or colors in which blue-green predominates; also called Cold Colors
Cooled Loop Run-Around 0 likes
Method of heat recovery from exhaust air that uses finned-tube coils in the incoming and exhaust air supply
Cooler0 likes
Heat exchanger that removes heat from a substance
Cooler, Bottle 0 likes
See Bottle Cooler
Cooler, Nail 1 like
A nail with a special size and head employed in gypsum board applications
Cooler, Water1 like
water cooler
See Water Cooler
Cooling Coil 0 likes
A heat exchange between a cooling element and the air stream; the cooling vehile may be chilled water or refrigerant gas
Cooling Load 0 likes
The amount of cooling needed to maintain a specific temperature during the summer, usually 78° F regardless of the exterior temperature
Cooling Tower1 like
cooling tower
A structure where warm water is circulated for cooling by exposure to the air; the water is cooled to the wet bulb air temperature
Cooper 0 likes
A barrel maker
Cooperage 0 likes
Barrels and kegs
A building where barrels are constructed
Coordinates 0 likes
A system of magnitudes that fixes the position of a point, plane, or line
COP 0 likes
Coefficient of Performance
Cope 0 likes
Cut or shape the end of a molded wood component so it encloses and fits the contour of a contiguous piece of molding; see Scribe and Scribing
Coped 0 likes
Taking off the top and bottom flange of the ends of a metal I-beam to enable it to fit in and bolted to the web of another I-beam in a T formation
Coped Joint 0 likes
Cut and fit woodwork to an uneven surface
Coping 0 likes
The material used to form a cap or finish on top of a wall, pier, or chimney; a protective waterproof cap at the top of a masonry wall at a slope to discard water
Edging around the perimeter of a swimming pool
Coping Saw1 like
coping saw
A handsaw with a very narrow blade that cuts curves in wood
Coping, Clay 0 likes
See Clay Coping
Coping, Limestone 0 likes
Using limestone to form a cap or finish on top of a wall, pier, or chimney
Coping, Precast 1 like
A precast concrete part employed to form a cap or finish on top of a wall, pier, or chimney
Copolymer 0 likes
A substance produced when two or more kinds of monomers polymerize
Copper 0 likes
Red ductile, malleable metal that is a great conductor of heat and electricity
Copper Bellows 0 likes
A flexible joint in copper piping that expands and contracts to permit thermal fluctuations
Copper Braid 0 likes
Three or more intertwined strands of copper
Copper Development Association (CDA) 1 like
260 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016 Tel: (212) 251-7200, URL: http://copperalliance.org.uk/
Copper Piping1 like
copper piping
Pipe and tubing made of copper classified as Type K, L or M; type K is the thickest walled, Type M is the thinnest walled
Copper Plating 0 likes
Abnormal situation in some units where copper is electrolytically deposited on some compressor surfaces
Copper Sulphate 1 like
A chemical compound employed in fungicides, electroplating solutions, textile dyeing, and as a timber preservative
A toxic algaecide that is incompatible with some compounds in swimming pools
Copperas 0 likes
See Ferrous Sulphate
Copyright 0 likes
Exclusive legal right to publish or sell artistic compositions
Corbel1 like
Triangular, decorative component that secures a mantel or horizontal shelf
Cord 0 likes
A small, highly flexible insulated electrical cable
A flexible thick string or thin rope made of woven thin strands
A volume measure of cut firewood of 128 cubic feet (3.63 cubic meters)
Cord, Electric1 like
Cord, electric
See Electric Cord
Cordierite Porcelain 0 likes
Vitreous ceramic white ware for technical application where cordierite is the necessary crystalline phase
Cordless Tool1 like
cordless tool
A hand tool that has a rechargeable battery
Cordwood 0 likes
Wood cut in 4 feet or shorter lengths to be employed as fuel; see Cord
Core 0 likes
Center of panel in plywood that may be veneer or lumber
Gypsum structure between the face and back papers of gypsum board
A hollow space within a concrete masonry unit formed by the face shells and webs
The holes in clay masonry units
Core Barrel 1 like
A hollow cylinder with a socket and choker springs to hold a section of drilled rock
Core Bracing 0 likes
Vertical parts of a lateral bracing system such as the walls for stairs or elevators
Core Cock 0 likes
Valve where water flow is regulated by a circular core or plug that fits in a machined seat; the core has a part that serves as a water passageway; also called Plug Valve
Core Drill1 like
core drill
A rotary drill, most often a diamond drill, with a hollow bit and a core lifter
Core Drilling 0 likes
Drilling process which removes a cylindrical sample of concrete, rock or soil; occasionally employed to install pipe or conduit through a concrete or masonry wall
Core Hardness 0 likes
Core resistance to penetration by a steel punch measured by the ASTM C 473 hardness test
Core Separation 0 likes
A split in the gypsum board core often accompanying an over-calcined condition
Core Stock 0 likes
A solid or disjointed center ply employed in panel-type glued structures such as solid or hollow core doors
Core, Air 0 likes
See Air Core
Core, Magenetic 0 likes
See Magnetic Core
Coreboard 0 likes
A gypsum board employed mainly in shaft wall systems, generally 1 inch thick or less, laminated or homogenous and usually made in 24 widths and lengths; may have either square, round, or tongue and groove edges
Cored Block 0 likes
See Gypsum Block
Cored Brick 0 likes
A brick with less than 25 percent of holes
Cored Plug1 like
cored plug
A wood plug positioned in a drilled hole where a nail, screw or other fastener has been
Cored Slab 0 likes
Concrete slab that has drilled holes for installing plumbing pipe or conduit
Cored Tile 0 likes
See Gypsum Tile
Coring Concrete 0 likes
Drilling concrete to get samples for testing, or drilling a hole in concrete masonry for conduits or pipe
Corinthian 0 likes
Order of Greek architecture differentiated by ornate decoration and flared capitals with acanthus leaves
Cork Running Track 0 likes
Cork running track is composed of compressed cork particles employed as the base in a running track
Cork Tile1 like
cork tile
Floor material made of a thin sheet of cork in a tile shape attached by adhesive
Cork Wall Covering1 like
cork wall covering
Cork particles bound and pressed into sheets to muffle sound and increase insulation value
Corner Bead 0 likes
Formed sheet metal strip positioned on outside corners of drywall before applying drywall mud
Corner Block1 like
corner block
A large triangular piece of wood or metal employed for added reinforcement at the corners of frames or where legs and rails join; see Glue Block
Corner Boards 0 likes
Used as trim for the external corners of a house or framed structure against which the ends of the siding are finished
Corner Braces1 like
corner braces
Diagonal braces at the corners of the framed structure designed to stiffen and reinforce the wall
Corner Bullnose 1 like
Ceramic tile bullnose trim with a convex radius on two adjacent edges
Corner Cabinet1 like
corner cabinet
A cabinet wall unit that spans two walls from the inside corner point
Corner Guard1 like
corner guard
Molding that is mounted on outside corners in a room for finishing purpose and to protect the corner
Corner Joint 0 likes
A joint between two perpendicular parts in the form of an L or 90 degrees
Corner Lath 0 likes
See Corner Reinforcement
Corner Post1 like
corner post
A vertical post in the corner of a timber structure
A glazing mullion in the corner of a structure that keeps glazing in both walls
Corner Protection 0 likes
Positioning molding to the outer corner of two walls to protect them
Corner Reinforcement 0 likes
Plaster reinforcement to provide continuity between two intersecting plaster planes, most often a diamond mesh metal lath strip bent to form a right angle; also called Cornerite or Corner Lath
Corner Studs 0 likes
The arrangement of studs on a corner of a wood frame building to provide nail backing for the lathing or finishes inside and outside
Corner Tool1 like
corner tool
Angular finishing knife for simultaneous joint treatment to both sides of a 90 degree interior angle in gypsum wallboard finishing
Corner Weld 0 likes
Weld in a joint between two components at right angles to each of them
Cornerite 0 likes
See Corner Reinforcement
Cornerstone 0 likes
A stone in a corner of a wall
A ceremonial stone with names of the sponsors, designers, and manufacturers, and the date of construction
Cornice 0 likes
Overhang of a pitched roof, usually made of a fascia board, a soffit and trim moldings; exterior detail at the meeting of a wall and a roof overhang; decorative molding at the intersection of a wall and a ceiling
Cornice Molding1 like
cornice molding
Molding that forms a projection at the top of a wall; a crowning part at the top course of a wall
Corporation 0 likes
A group of people authorized by law to act as an individual; an artificial member created by a State through a charter to engage in business
Corridor 0 likes
A passage or hallway from which doors lead to rooms
Corrosion 0 likes
Chemical reaction that produces deterioration of a metal
Corrosion-Resistant 0 likes
Ability of a metal to weather the effects of corrosion including nonferrous metals or metals with an unbroken surfacing
Corrugated Fastener1 like
corrugated fastener
A type of nail employed to secure butt joints; the small taper of the corrugations pull the joint together
Corrugated Glass 0 likes
Translucent glass that is corrugated in shape
Corrugated Panel 0 likes
Metal or fiberglass sheeting employed as siding on a building or structure
Corrugated Roof 0 likes
Metal or fiberglass with alternating ridges and valleys in parallel that are installed on rafters to serve as sheet roofing
Corrugations 0 likes
Pavement distortion in asphalt paving; a form of plastic movement with ripples across the pavement surface
Corundum 0 likes
Extremely hard crystallized alumina, employed as an abrasive
Cost Approach 0 likes
Real estate appraisal method where the replacement cost is estimated, then lowered by the accumulated depreciation
Cost Breakdown 0 likes
See Schedule of Values
Cost Codes 0 likes
A numbering system given to various work types to manage the cost control process of a project
Cost Estimate 0 likes
A preliminary statement of approximate cost determined by one of the following methods
Area and volume method – cost per square foot or cubic foot of the building
Unit cost method – cost of one unit multiplied by the number of units in the project
In place unit method – cost in-place of a unit, such as doors, or cubic yards of concrete
Cost of Work 0 likes
Costs incurred by the contractor to perform the work defined by the plans and specifications for a project
Cost Plus Contract 0 likes
See Cost Plus Fee Agreement
Cost Plus Fee Agreement (Cost-Plus) 0 likes
A written agreement with the owner where the contractor or the architect and engineer are reimbursed for direct and indirect costs and paid a fee for services; the fee is usually stated as a specific sum or as a percentage of cost
Cottage 0 likes
A small, simple house, often in the country
Cotter Pin1 like
cotter pin
A longitudinally split pin inserted in a pre-drilled hole at the end of a rod-type fastener; the ends of the pin are then spread apart to oppose removal of the pin
Coulomb 0 likes
An SI unit of electric charge, equal to the amount of electricity transferred in one second by a current of one ampere
Coumarone-Indene Resins 0 likes
Resins produced as by-products in creating coke from coal
Council of American Building Officials (CABO) 1 like
5303 Leesburg Pike, #798, Falls Church, Virginia 22401 Tel: (703) 931-4533, URL: http://publicecodes.cyberregs.com/icc/cabo/a117p1/index.htm
Counter Griddle1 like
counter griddle
A cooking device that mounted in a kitchen counter
Counter Lavatory 0 likes
A sink mounted in a counter top of a base cabinet
Counter Top Range1 like
counter top range
A burner assembly installed on the top of a kitchen counter to provide additional cabinet space beneath it
Counter, Laboratory 0 likes
See Laboratory Counter
Counterbalance 0 likes
A weight or force that balances another weight or force
Counterboring 0 likes
Enlarging a hole so that the head of a screw or bolt inserted in it can be completely covered
Counterbrace 0 likes
Bracing in opposite directions
Counterflashing 1 like
A metal flashing usually employed on chimneys at the roofline to cover shingle flashing and to stop moisture entering; or an inverted L-shaped metal strip built into a wall to overlap base flashing making a roof or wall watertight; also called Cap Flashing
Counterflow 0 likes
Flow in the opposite direction
Counterfort 0 likes
A buttress or part projecting from a wall and upward from the foundation to provide additional resistance to thrusts; a foundation wall section that reinforces a long section of foundation wall
Countersink 0 likes
A funnel-shaped expansion of a drilled hole that permits a screw head to be flush with the surface of the drilled material
Countersunk Plug 0 likes
A wooden peg that fills a drilled hole in a wooden surface
Countertop 1 like
The work surface positioned on base cabinets in a kitchen, lavatory, or laboratory
Couple 0 likes
Where two forces of equal magnitude acting in parallel but opposite directions can produce rotation
Coupling1 like
A pipe fitting with female threads on both ends used to join two or more pipes in a straight run or to join a pipe and fixture
Coupling Set Screw1 like
coupling set screw
A screw used to secure a fitting in the right place
Coupling, Compression1 like
compression coupling
A connecting device which employs a force that pushes together and squeezes
Coupling, Split1 like
split coupling
A coupling that is split longitudinally and brought together and secured with screws
Coupling, Threaded1 like
coupling, threaded
A fitting for joining two pipes that is threaded for connection to another fitting with connecting threads
Coupling, Threadless1 like
coupling, threadless
A fitting for joining two pipes that is slid over for connection by soldering, welding or cementing
Course 0 likes
A row of shingles or roll roofing spanning the length of the roof
Coursed 0 likes
Laid in courses with straight bed joints
Courtyard 0 likes
A court or enclosure next to a building
Cove 0 likes
A trim tile which has one edge with a concave radius that forms a junction between the bottom wall course and the floor or to form an inside corner
Cove Base 0 likes
A flexible plastic or synthetic rubber strip used that finishes the junction between a floor and wall
Cove Base, Glazed 0 likes
Cove base tile that has a hard, thin, glossy ceramic coating
Cove Base, Sanitary 0 likes
A trim tile with a concave radius on one edge and a convex radius with a flat landing on the opposite edge; employed as the only course of tile above the floor tile
Cove Base, Tile 0 likes
Tile that is positioned in the bottom course of a tiled wall
Cove molding1 like
cove molding
A molding with a concave face used as trim or to finish interior corners
Covenant 0 likes
A promise
Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) 0 likes
The basic rules establishing the rights and obligations of owners of real property within a subdivision in relation to other owners in the same tract, and in relation to an association of owners organized for the operation and maintenance of property owned in common by the individual owners
Cover, Catch Basin 0 likes
A cast iron plate or grate on top of a receptacle or reservoir that catches water runoff, or aids in drainage
Cover, Manhole 0 likes
A heavy round, steel or iron cover employed to access underground work through a manhole
Cover, Pool1 like
pool cover
A tarp employed to cover a pool when not in use
Coverage 0 likes
A measure of the quantity of material to cover a given surface
Covered Electrode 0 likes
A filler-metal electrode which protects the molten metal from the atmosphere, improves the properties of the weld metal, and stabilizes the arc
Covering Up 0 likes
Burying, sealing, or otherwise covering work before it is inspected
Coverplate1 like
Glass or transparent plastic sheet positioned above the absorber in a flat plate solar collector
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How to Fix Plumbing Noises In Your Home

plumbing fiberglass insulationTo diagnose loud plumbing, you must first determine whether the unwanted sounds occur on the system's inlet side - in other words, when water is turned on - or on the drain side. Noises on the inlet side have various causes: excessive water pressure, worn valve and faucet parts, poorly connected pumps or other appliances, incorrectly placed pipe fasteners, and plumbing runs with excessive tight bends or other restrictions. Noises on the drain side usually originate from poor location or, as with some inlet side noise, a layout with tight bends.


Hissing that occurs when a faucet is opened slightly generally signals excessive water pressure. Consult your local water company if you suspect this problem. They will tell you about the water pressure in your area and if necessary, can install a pressure reducing valve on the incoming water supply pipe.


Thudding, often accompanied by shuddering pipes when a faucet or appliance valve is turned off, is a condition called water hammer. The noise and vibration are caused by the reverberating wave of pressure in the water, which suddenly has no place to go. Sometimes opening a valve that discharges water quickly into a section of piping with a restriction, elbow, or tee fitting can produce the same condition. Water hammer can usually be fixed by installing fittings called air chambers or shock absorbers in the plumbing to which the problem valves or faucets are connected. These devices permit the shock wave produced by the halted flow of water to dissipate in the air, which unlike water, is compressible. Older plumbing systems may have short vertical sections of capped pipe behind walls on faucet runs for the same purpose; these can eventually fill with water, reducing or destroying their effectiveness. The solution is to drain the water system by turning off the main water supply valve and opening all faucets. Then open the main supply valve and close the faucets one at a time, starting with the faucet closest to the valve and ending with the one furthest away.

Chattering or Screeching

Intense chattering or screeching that occurs when a valve or faucet is turned on, and that usually disappears when the fitting is fully open, signals loose or defective internal parts. The solution is to replace the valve or faucet with a new one. Pumps and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers can transfer motor noise to pipes if they are improperly connected. Link these items to plumbing with plastic or rubber hoses - never rigid pipe - to separate them.

Other Inlet Side Noises

Creaking, squeaking, scratching, snapping, and tapping are usually caused by the expansion or contraction of pipes, generally copper ones supplying hot water. The sounds occur as the pipes slide against loose fasteners or strike nearby house framing. You can often pinpoint the location of the problem if the pipes are exposed; just follow the sound when the pipes are making noise. Most likely, you will discover a loose pipe hanger or an area where pipes lie so close to floor joists or other framing pieces that they clatter against them. Attaching foam pipe insulation around the pipes at the point of contact should resolve the problem. Be sure straps and hangers are secure and provide sufficient support. Where possible, pipe fasteners should be connected to large structural elements such as foundation walls instead of framing; doing this reduces the transmission of vibrations from plumbing to surfaces that can amplify and transfer them. If attaching fasteners to framing is unavoidable, wrap pipes with insulation or other resilient material where they contact fasteners, and sandwich the ends of new fasteners between rubber washers when installing them. Correcting plumbing runs that suffer from flow-restricting tight or numerous bends is a last resort that should be performed only after consulting a skilled plumbing contractor. Unfortunately, this situation is common in older homes that may not have been built with indoor plumbing or that have been through several remodels, particularly by unprofessional contractors.

Drainpipe Noise

On the drain side of plumbing, the main goals are to eradicate surfaces that can be struck by falling or rushing water and to insulate pipes to contain unavoidable sounds. In new construction, bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, and wall-mounted sinks and basins should be set on or against resilient under-layments to lower the transmission of sound through them. Water-saving toilets and faucets are less noisy than conventional models; install them instead of older types even if codes in your area still allow older fixtures. Drainpipes that do not run vertically to the basement or that branch into horizontal pipe runs supported at floor joists or other framing present especially troubling noise problems. These pipes are large enough to radiate substantial vibration; they also carry significant amounts of water, which makes the situation worse. In new construction, use cast-iron soil pipes (the large pipes that drain toilets) if you can afford them. Their immense size contains much of the noise made by water traversing them. Also, avoid routing drainpipes in walls shared with bedrooms and rooms where people gather. Walls containing drainpipes should be soundproofed as stated earlier, using double panels of sound-insulating fiberboard and wallboard. Pipes can be wrapped with special fiberglass insulation made for the purpose; these pipes have an impervious vinyl skin that sometimes containing lead. Results are not always acceptable.

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