Term Definition
CBD 1 like
Commerce Business Daily; a daily newspaper that has listings of governmental contracts for bidding
CC&Rs 2 likes
Covenants, conditions, and restrictions
CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) 2 likes
A pesticide forced into wood under high pressure to protect it from termites, other wood boring insects, and fungus decay
CCMCA 1 like
California Conference of Mason Contractor Associations, Inc
CCTV 0 likes
Closed Circuit Television
CCTV Cable2 likes
CCTV cable
Cable used for transmission of closed-circuit television
CDA 1 like
Copper Development Association
CDX 1 like
A grading system mark for plywood, grade C and D for exterior glue
CDX Plywood 0 likes
Plywood employed in external applications graded C and D for sheathing
CE 0 likes
Civil Engineer
Cedar 0 likes
Aromatic durable softwood of the pine family
Cedar Closet1 like
cedar closet
A closet lined with thin pieces of cedar wood; employed for its scent and ability to repel insects
Cedar Deck 0 likes
A flat-floored roofless platform attached to a structure made of cedar wood; planks for flooring, from cedar, usually 2 inch thick
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CASSB) 0 likes
515 116th Avenue, NE, #275, Bellevue, Washington 98004-5294, Tel: (206) 453-1323, URL: http://www.cedarbureau.org/
Ceiling 1 like
The overhead inside lining of a room
Ceiling Access Door1 like
ceiling access door
A hinged door or loose fitting panel that permits entry to an attic
Ceiling Blocking 1 like
Wood pieces inserted between ceiling joists and rafters to produce nailing surfaces for finishing ceiling materials
Ceiling Diffuser1 like
ceiling diffuser
Mechanical device through which air is blown to distribute conditioned air
Ceiling Framing 0 likes
Wood or metal pieces that produce the rough framing of ceilings
Ceiling Furring 0 likes
Wood or metal strips mounted on a ceiling or rafter to make the ceiling or rafter even, produce a nailing surface, or create an air space
Ceiling Grille 1 like
A grating, screen, or louvered panel that enables air to enter a ventilating duct
Ceiling Heater2 likes
ceiling heater
Electric heater mounted in a ceiling usually in a bathroom
Ceiling Insulation1 like
ceiling insulation
Loose, blown-in material or fiberglass rolls mounted at the ceiling plane
Ceiling Joist 0 likes
The horizontal parts in a building or structure to which the ceiling material is secured; also called Roof Joists
Ceiling Lath 0 likes
Sheets of expanded metal, gypsum or wood lath secured to a ceiling to provide a plaster base; ceiling lath is often used by contractors
Ceiling Molding1 like
Molding that forms a projection at the top of a wall
Ceiling Mortar 0 likes
Especially rich wall mortar
Ceiling Painting 1 like
Applying paint by brush, roller, or spray gun to the ceiling of a structure
Ceiling Plenum 0 likes
Space below the flooring and above the suspended ceiling that houses the mechanical and electrical equipment used as part of the air distribution system
Ceiling Price 1 like
Maximum price that a buyer will pay to buy or lease a property
Ceiling Removal 0 likes
Demolition and removal of ceiling materials
Ceiling Sound Transmission Class 0 likes
A measure of lowering of sound transmission via plenum path between two rooms
Cell 2 likes
A void space
A room in a prison or jail
Hollow openings in building tile or cement blocks
Cellar 0 likes
Cellular Concrete 2 likes
A light product for cellular concretes containing binder ingredients other than portland cement; also called Foam Concrete or Gas Concrete
Cellular Decking 0 likes
Metal floor or roof deck panels made of steel sheets which during construction supports wet concrete and construction loads, but has no structural function when construction is complete
Cellular Raceway 0 likes
Hollow areas of cellular metal floors with fittings that enclose electrical and telephone conductors
Cellulose 0 likes
The carbohydrate that is the main part of wood and the framework of wood cells
An organic substance from the cotton plant used in the manufacture of paints and other materials
Celotex ™ 0 likes
Black fibrous board used as exterior sheething
Cement1 like
The gray powder glue in concrete; portland cement
Cement Base Paint 2 likes
Paint made of portland cement, lime, pigment, and other ingredients sold as dry powder that needs to be mixed with water
Cement Body Tiles 1 like
Tiles formed from a mixture of sand and portland cement
Cement Color 0 likes
Colored powdered or liquid pigments added to a mix to add color to concrete
Cement Content 3 likes
The amount of cement in a unit volume of concrete or mortar defined in pounds, barrels, or bags per cubic yard
Cement Factor 0 likes
The number of bags or cubic feet of cement per cubic yard of concrete; see Cement Content
Cement Fiber 0 likes
A threadlike structure added to cement to toughen and strengthen the cement
Cement Fiber Board 1 like
A compressed, bonded concrete building sheet
Cement Gel 0 likes
The colloidal, glue like, material that makes up the major portion of the porous mass of which hydrated cement paste is composed
Cement Grout1 like
cement grout
A cementitious uniform paste that fill joints and cavities between masonry units
A thin mortar employed to finish joints between tile units
Cement Mortar1 like
cement mortar
A mixture for plastering over masonry or to lay brick, block, or tile
Cement Plaster2 likes
cement plaster
Plaster having portland cement as its binder; employed on external surfaces and damp areas
Gypsum plaster used with sand for basecoat plaster; also called Neat or Hardwall plaster
Cement, Keenes 2 likes
See Keenes Cement
Cement, Masonry 0 likes
Hydraulic cement used in mortars for masonry construction
Cementitious 0 likes
With cementing characteristics; generally employed with substances such as portland cement and lime
Cementitious Material 0 likes
A component of plaster, mortar, or concrete that when combined with water provides plasticity for placement; on setting or hardening it binds particles into a rigid heterogeneous mass
Cementitious Topping 0 likes
A compound that sets like concrete on a concrete base to produce a floor surface
Cenotaph 0 likes
A tomb or monument to honor a person or people whose remains are elsewhere
Center 1 like
The middle point of a line, circle, or sphere, equidistant from any point on the circumference or surface; a pivot or axis of rotation
A place or group of buildings creating a pivotal point in a district or city
Center Matched 2 likes
See Tongue and Groove
Center of Gravity 0 likes
The point at which the body weight may act; center of mass
Center Pole 1 like
Column in the center of a spiral stair that supports stair treads
Center to Center (C to C) 1 like
The dimension from the centerline of one part to the centerline of the next part
Center-Hung Sash 0 likes
A sash hung on its center that swings on a horizontal axis
Centering 0 likes
Transitory formwork for an arch, vault, dome or another overhead surface
Centering Shims 1 like
Small blocks of synthetic rubber or plastic that hold a sheet of glass in the frame center
Centerline 0 likes
A line equidistant from the sides of an object; drawn as a line of alternate dots and dashes
Centesimal Measure 0 likes
Division into hundredths
Division of the circle into 400 grads
Centigrade 0 likes
Thermometric scale where 0 degrees defines the freezing point of water and 100 degrees the boiling point; also known as Celsius
Centimeter 0 likes
A metric unit that equals one-hundredth of a meter or 10 millimeters and is equal to 2.54 inch
Centipose 0 likes
A metric unit of viscosity
Central Inverter 0 likes
A device that converts direct current to alternating current by mechanical or electronic means
Central System 1 like
An indoor system of conditioning air passed to various areas, serviced by the same source
Centrifugal 0 likes
Away from the center; opposite from centripetal
Centrifugal Compressor 0 likes
Pump that compresses gaseous refrigerants by centrifugal force
Centrifugal Force 1 like
A force that projects outwards on a body moving around a center
Centrifugal Pump1 like
centrifugal pump
A pump that draws water into the center of a high speed impeller and forces the fluid outward with velocity and pressure
Centrifuge, Laboratory 1 like
A laboratory device employing centrifugal force for separating substances of various densities, removing moisture, or simulating gravitational effects
Centripetal 1 like
Towards the center; opposite from centrifugal
Centripetal Force 1 like
A force that ensures a body moving around a center does not fly outwards
Centroid 0 likes
Center of mass
Ceramic 0 likes
Composed of clay and permanently hardened by heat
Ceramic Adhesive1 like
ceramic adhesive
Employed to bond tile to a surface
Ceramic Color Gaze 1 like
An opaque colored glaze of satin or gloss finish burned at high temperatures fusing glaze to body
Ceramic Insulator1 like
ceramic insulator
A device composed of ceramic non-conductive material employed in electrical installations
Ceramic Mosaic Tile2 likes
ceramic mosaic tile
An unglazed tile usually ¼ inch to 3/8 inch thick with a facial area of less than 6 inches usually installed on sheets around 2’ by 1’ to expedite setting
Ceramic Process 0 likes
Production of articles or coatings from inorganic, nonmetallic materials by applying heat at temperatures that cause sintering, solid-state reactions, bonding, or conversion partly or entirely to the glassy state
Ceramic Tile2 likes
ceramic tile
A clay tile used to finish a floor or wall usually used in bathtub and showers and on counter tops
Ceramic Veneer 1 like
A type of architectural terra cotta with larger face dimensions and thinner sections ranging from 1-1/8 inch to 2-1/2 inch in thickness
Ceresin1 like
A wax which is highly flexible
Certificate for Payment 1 like
A document provided to the general contractor by the architect, engineer, or owner approving payment for finished work
Certificate of Insurance 0 likes
A certificate provided by the general contractor confirming that he has the required insurance for the project; the certificate is issued by the insurance company or its agent and confirms insurance coverage and its expiration date
Certificate of Substantial Completion 1 like
A document provided to the general contractor by the architect, engineer, or owner stating that the project is complete, initiating the time for final payment to the contractor
Certified Check 0 likes
A depositor’s check guaranteed by the bank for payment
Cessation of Work 1 like
The end of work on a construction project without completion
CFC 0 likes
CFM 0 likes
The cubic feet per minute rating defines the amount of air a blower or fan can move. The volume of air (measured in cubic feet) that can pass through an opening in one minute
CFS 0 likes
Cubic Feet per Second
CGL Insurance 1 like
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
CGSB 0 likes
Canadian General Standards Board
Chain1 like
Flexible connected metal links to support a load
Chain Binders 0 likes
In carpet making, yarns running lengthwise in the back of the carpet, binding all construction yarns together
Chain Hoist, Door1 like
chain hoist, door
Chain in a grooved pulley or sheave with a chain hook employed to hoist a big door
Chain Link Fence1 like
chain link fence
A fence made of a wire mesh fabric
Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) 0 likes
10015 Old Columbia Road, Suite B-215, Columbia, MD 21046, Tel: (410) 290-6267 URL: http://www.associationsites.com/
Chain Trencher 0 likes
A self-propelled machine used to excavate trenches
Chain Warp 0 likes
Zigzag warp yarn that works over and under the shot yarns of the carpet, binding the backing yarns during carpet making; see Warp
Chair1 like
A seat with four legs and a back
A device that supports reinforcing bars while concrete is poured
Chair Rail 0 likes
Interior trim mounted around 3 feet to 4 feet up the wall horizontally
Chair, Hydrotherapy 0 likes
A device that enables immersion of a medical patient in water
Chair, Lifeguard 0 likes
A raised chair with a ladder that provides a lifeguard with an elevated view of a large area
Chair, Reinforcing 0 likes
Metal supports made of fabricated wire to secure reinforcing steel until concrete is poured
Chalk1 like
A form of calcium carbonate; see Whiting
A crayon for marking materials
Chalk Line 0 likes
A line created by snapping a taut string or cord dusted with chalk used for alignment
Chalk Rail 1 like
A trough installed under a chalkboard to store chalk and erasers and to catch the chalk dust
Chalk Reel1 like
chalk reel
A carpenter’s tool comprising a string reel and chalk in a container, employed to chalk a snap line and store the string
Chalkboard1 like
Board used for writing with chalk or liquid chalk
Chalking 1 like
The decomposing of paint film into loose powder on the surface
The powdering on an asphalt roof surface subject to ultraviolet degradation
Chamber 0 likes
A room; a bedroom
Chamfer 0 likes
A beveled surface cut on the corner of a wood piece
Chamfering 0 likes
Preparing a contour on the edge of a part for welding
Chamfering Strip 0 likes
Piece of stock positioned in an inside corner of a form to create a beveled edge
Chandelier1 like
Decorative, branched hanging fixture housing several candles or light bulbs
Change of State 1 like
Condition where a substance changes from a solid to a liquid or a liquid to a gas caused by heat, or the reverse
Change Order 0 likes
A document that modifies the plans, specifications and/or the price of the construction contract; may be signed by the architect or engineer, as long as they have written authority from the owner and that a copy of this written authority is provided to the contractor upon request; the contract amount and period may be changed only by change order
Change Order Proposal 0 likes
Written proposal document before it is approved and implemented by the contractor and owner; can be provided by the contractor or the owner; See Change Order
Change Order Request 1 like
A document provided by the owner requesting an adjustment to the contract amount or the contract period; usually issued by the architect or owner’s representative
Change Trailer 0 likes
A temporary vehicle used by personnel on a work site
Channel Block 0 likes
A concrete masonry unit used in a lintel
A hollow unit that serves as a channel for reinforcing steel and grout
Channel Closure Strip 1 like
A U-shaped resilient strip to close openings in metal panels and flashing
Channel Door Frame 0 likes
A U-shaped or L-shaped channel serving as a door frame
Channel Furring 0 likes
A sheet metal furring strip
Channel Slab 0 likes
A manmade watercourse of concrete
Channel Strap 0 likes
A U-shaped or L-shaped iron plate that connects two or more pieces of timber
Channel Valve 0 likes
A valve that controls the flow of water from a water course
Channels 0 likes
Ruts or grooves that develop in the wheel tracks of an asphalt pavement
Hot or coldrolled steel used for furring, studs and in suspended ceilings
Charcoal 0 likes
A shapeless form of carbon comprised of a porous black residue from partially burnt wood, bones or other substances; created by charring in a kiln where there is no air
Charge 0 likes
Amount of refrigerant in a refrigerating unit
Charging Board1 like
charging board
Panel or cabinet with gauges, valves, and refrigerant cylinders to charge refrigerant and oil into refrigerating mechanisms
Charles Law 0 likes
For a constant pressure, the volume varies directly as the absolute temperature, and for constant volume, pressure varies directly as absolute temperature
Chase 1 like
Framed closed space surrounding a flue pipe, channel in a wall, or through a ceiling for something to lie in or pass
Chattel 0 likes
Moveable personal property
Check Cracks 0 likes
See Craze Cracks
Check Valve1 like
check valve
A device which permits fluid or air to move in one direction; a valve which stops the backflow of water or other liquid by automatic closure
Checking 0 likes
Pattern of uneven surface cracks on the top of an asphalt roof; a preliminary stage of alligatoring
Cracks or fissures visible with age in exterior paint coatings
Checkrail 0 likes
A meeting rail thicker than a window sash that fills the opening between the top and bottom sash produced by the parting stop in the frame of double-hung windows; generally beveled
Checkroom Shelf1 like
checkroom shelf
A horizontal mounted surface where objects are stored and checked in a checkroom
Chemical Brown Stain 0 likes
A discoloration of wood that can happen during the air drying or kiln drying of several species due to the concentration and change of extractives
Chemical Extinguisher1 like
chemical extinguisher
A wheeled device or hand-held cylinder that holds chemicals that extinguish fire
Chemical Feed 0 likes
Injection of chemicals into pool water circulation to control pollution
Chemical Piping 1 like
Piping that carries concentrated chemical solutions from a feeding apparatus to the circulation piping
Chemical Porcelain 0 likes
Vitreous ceramic white wares for containing, transporting, or reactions of chemicals
Chemical Refrigeration System 0 likes
Cooling system employing a disposable refrigerant; also called an expendable refrigerant system
Chemical Resistance 0 likes
The effect of specific chemicals on the properties of materials
Chemical Toilet1 like
chemical toilet
A self-contained portable toilet unattached to a sewer line for shortterm use on a construction site
Chemically Active 0 likes
Pigments that react with acids at metal surface to stop rust formation
Chemically Pure (CP) 0 likes
Highest grade but not necessarily 100 percent pure
Chenille 0 likes
A pile fabric
Cherry Veneer 0 likes
Thin layer of cherry wood employed as a finished surface material
Chestnut Veneer 0 likes
Thin layer of chestnut wood employed as a finished surface material
Chicken Ladder 0 likes
A lightweight ladder that can be hung over the ridge on a steep roof
Chicken Wire1 like
chicken wire
Thin, galvanized, hexagonal, wire mesh on an external wall that serves as a base for stucco plaster
Chill Factor 0 likes
See Wind-chill
Chilled Water System 0 likes
A cooling system in which the entire refrigeration cycle happens in one piece of equipment; water brings the heat from the space to the evaporator section of the chiller and carries the heat outside from the condenser
Chiller1 like
Equipment that creates chilled water for circulation through a building
Chiller, Absorption 2 likes
A water cooling system that uses thermal energy – low pressure steam, hot water, or other hot liquids to produce the cooling effect
Chime 1 like
Device for chiming a bell or a set of bells
Electrical device employed as a door bell started with a push button
Chimney 0 likes
A vertical, noncombustible structure with one or more flues to convey smoke and other gases outside the building
Chimney Breast 0 likes
Projecting part of a chimney, particularly from the external wall of a building or into a room
Chimney Brick1 like
chimney brick
Brick used for constructing a chimney because it endures high temperatures without cracking
Chimney Connector1 like
chimney connector
Pipe connecting a heating appliance with the vertical flue
Chimney Effect 0 likes
Propensity of a gas to rise when heated
Chimney Flue 0 likes
A channel or shaft in a chimney for carrying smoke and exhaust gases outside
Chimney Lining 0 likes
Fire clay, terra cotta, or refractory cement inside a chimney
Chimney Pot 0 likes
An earthenware or metal pipe at the top of a chimney that reduces the opening and expands the updraft
Chimney Throat 0 likes
The narrowest part of a chimney next to the smoke shelf; damper location
Chimney, Masonry 0 likes
A vertical noncombustible structure with a flue to eliminate smoke and other gases
China1 like
Glazed or unglazed vitreous ceramic whiteware
China Clay 0 likes
China Process 0 likes
Method of creating glazed ware where the ceramic mass is fired to maturity, after which glaze is added and matured by firing at a lower temperature
China Wood Oil 0 likes
Tung oil
Chink 0 likes
Installing fiberglass insulation around external door and window frames, wall corners, and small gaps in the external wall
Chip Board 1 like
A wood panel made out of 1 inch to 2 inch wood chips and glue often employed as a substitute for plywood in the external wall and roof sheathing. Also called OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or Wafer Board
Chip Cracks 0 likes
See Eggshelling
Chipped 0 likes
Broken edges of fragments from the surface of a tile
Chipping 0 likes
Eliminating welding flaws and surface slag by a chipping chisel
Cleaning steel using special hammers
Paint failure
Chipping Hammer1 like
chipping hammer
A hand tool employed to chip excessive material from bricks, blocks, stones, or tiles
Chisel Edge 1 like
A tilted factory edge on gypsum board
Chisel, Cold1 like
chisel, cold
See Cold Chisel
Chisel, Wood0 likes
chisel, wood
See Wood Chisel
Chloramine 0 likes
See Ammonia
Chlordane 1 like
A chlorinated material employed as a pesticide
Chlorinated Isocyanurate 0 likes
Chlorine and cyanuric acid compound employed to maintain chlorine level in pool water and stop chlorine from dissolving due to sun exposure; see Conditioned Water
Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride 0 likes
Plastic employed to make pipe to convey hot water and chemicals
Chlorinated Rubber 0 likes
Employed as a binder and produced by chlorinating natural rubber
Chlorine1 like
A poisonous green-yellow gas employed for purifying water, bleaching, and manufacturing organic chemicals
Chlorine Demand 0 likes
Amount of chlorine needed to oxidize all organic material in pool water
Chlorine Residual 0 likes
Amount of chlorine left in pool water after the chlorine demand has been satisfied; the residual chlorine is on hand to oxidize other bacteria in water
Chlorofluorocarbon 0 likes
Commonly referred to as CFCs, were widely used in refrigerators and aerosol sprays, but are now considered toxic
Chock 0 likes
Heavy timber or wooden block secured under tires or wheels to stop movement
Choir 0 likes
Part of a cathedral or sizeable church between the altar and the nave
Choir Loft 0 likes
A gallery or balcony in a church to house a choir
Choke Tube1 like
choke tube
Throttling device employed to ensure accurate pressure difference between high-side and low-side in a refrigerating mechanism; also called Capillary tube
Chopper, Food1 like
food chopper
A device to chop food into smaller pieces
Chord 1 like
One of the main parts of a truss braced by web parts of the truss
Perimeter part of a building or structure that opposes lateral forces
Chroma 0 likes
Saturated, pure, or intensity of color
Chrome 0 likes
Chrome Green 0 likes
Mixture of chrome yellow and Prussian blue green pigment
Chrome Orange 0 likes
An orange pigment mainly made of basic lead chromate
Chrome Yellow 0 likes
Yellow pigment made by mixing solutions of lead acetate and potassium bichromate that resists corrosion very well
Chromium 0 likes
A blue-white metallic element employed as a shiny decorative coating
Chromium Oxide2 likes
chromium oxide
See Chromium Oxide Green
Chromium Oxide Green1 like
chromium oxide green
Green pigment permanent in color and resistant to alkali and heat
Chromometer1 like
Instrument employed to describe the color of light liquids and oils; also called a Colorimeter
Chronometer1 like
A time instrument; a clock
Chuck 0 likes
An attachment for securing a tool in a machine such as a bit on a drill
Chute 0 likes
A tilted plane or sloping channel which allows the passage of materials
Chute, Mail 0 likes
See Mail Chute
Chute, Trash0 likes
chute, trash
See Trash Chute
Product of the day

How to Fix Plumbing Noises In Your Home

plumbing fiberglass insulationTo diagnose loud plumbing, you must first determine whether the unwanted sounds occur on the system's inlet side - in other words, when water is turned on - or on the drain side. Noises on the inlet side have various causes: excessive water pressure, worn valve and faucet parts, poorly connected pumps or other appliances, incorrectly placed pipe fasteners, and plumbing runs with excessive tight bends or other restrictions. Noises on the drain side usually originate from poor location or, as with some inlet side noise, a layout with tight bends.


Hissing that occurs when a faucet is opened slightly generally signals excessive water pressure. Consult your local water company if you suspect this problem. They will tell you about the water pressure in your area and if necessary, can install a pressure reducing valve on the incoming water supply pipe.


Thudding, often accompanied by shuddering pipes when a faucet or appliance valve is turned off, is a condition called water hammer. The noise and vibration are caused by the reverberating wave of pressure in the water, which suddenly has no place to go. Sometimes opening a valve that discharges water quickly into a section of piping with a restriction, elbow, or tee fitting can produce the same condition. Water hammer can usually be fixed by installing fittings called air chambers or shock absorbers in the plumbing to which the problem valves or faucets are connected. These devices permit the shock wave produced by the halted flow of water to dissipate in the air, which unlike water, is compressible. Older plumbing systems may have short vertical sections of capped pipe behind walls on faucet runs for the same purpose; these can eventually fill with water, reducing or destroying their effectiveness. The solution is to drain the water system by turning off the main water supply valve and opening all faucets. Then open the main supply valve and close the faucets one at a time, starting with the faucet closest to the valve and ending with the one furthest away.

Chattering or Screeching

Intense chattering or screeching that occurs when a valve or faucet is turned on, and that usually disappears when the fitting is fully open, signals loose or defective internal parts. The solution is to replace the valve or faucet with a new one. Pumps and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers can transfer motor noise to pipes if they are improperly connected. Link these items to plumbing with plastic or rubber hoses - never rigid pipe - to separate them.

Other Inlet Side Noises

Creaking, squeaking, scratching, snapping, and tapping are usually caused by the expansion or contraction of pipes, generally copper ones supplying hot water. The sounds occur as the pipes slide against loose fasteners or strike nearby house framing. You can often pinpoint the location of the problem if the pipes are exposed; just follow the sound when the pipes are making noise. Most likely, you will discover a loose pipe hanger or an area where pipes lie so close to floor joists or other framing pieces that they clatter against them. Attaching foam pipe insulation around the pipes at the point of contact should resolve the problem. Be sure straps and hangers are secure and provide sufficient support. Where possible, pipe fasteners should be connected to large structural elements such as foundation walls instead of framing; doing this reduces the transmission of vibrations from plumbing to surfaces that can amplify and transfer them. If attaching fasteners to framing is unavoidable, wrap pipes with insulation or other resilient material where they contact fasteners, and sandwich the ends of new fasteners between rubber washers when installing them. Correcting plumbing runs that suffer from flow-restricting tight or numerous bends is a last resort that should be performed only after consulting a skilled plumbing contractor. Unfortunately, this situation is common in older homes that may not have been built with indoor plumbing or that have been through several remodels, particularly by unprofessional contractors.

Drainpipe Noise

On the drain side of plumbing, the main goals are to eradicate surfaces that can be struck by falling or rushing water and to insulate pipes to contain unavoidable sounds. In new construction, bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, and wall-mounted sinks and basins should be set on or against resilient under-layments to lower the transmission of sound through them. Water-saving toilets and faucets are less noisy than conventional models; install them instead of older types even if codes in your area still allow older fixtures. Drainpipes that do not run vertically to the basement or that branch into horizontal pipe runs supported at floor joists or other framing present especially troubling noise problems. These pipes are large enough to radiate substantial vibration; they also carry significant amounts of water, which makes the situation worse. In new construction, use cast-iron soil pipes (the large pipes that drain toilets) if you can afford them. Their immense size contains much of the noise made by water traversing them. Also, avoid routing drainpipes in walls shared with bedrooms and rooms where people gather. Walls containing drainpipes should be soundproofed as stated earlier, using double panels of sound-insulating fiberboard and wallboard. Pipes can be wrapped with special fiberglass insulation made for the purpose; these pipes have an impervious vinyl skin that sometimes containing lead. Results are not always acceptable.

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