Term Definition
Brace 0 likes
Cranked hand tool to clasp a bit for drilling holes
A diagonal component that strengthens and reinforces a structure
Braced Frame 3 likes
A truss system or its counterpart that opposes lateral forces; dependent on diagonal braces for stability and capability to oppose lateral forces
Braced Wall Line 0 likes
Braced wall panel series in a single story
Braces 0 likes
Pieces fitted and firmly secured to two others at any angle to reinforce the structure
Bracing 0 likes
Diagonal parts that stabilize a structure against lateral loads
Structural part that prevents buckling or rotation of wood studs
A projecting support for a shelf or other structure
In furring and lathing, a superficial structure generally in angles creating a frame to hold lath; saves material and weight in ornaments
Bracket Hanger 0 likes
Hanger supporting a wall-hung sink
Bracket, Wall1 like
wall bracket
Wall-mounted support for shelving or another object
Wall-mounted lighting fixture
Brad 0 likes
Small thin wire nail with a thick top for a head
Brake 0 likes
A machine for bending or folding sheet metal
Brake Metal2 likes
brake metal
Sheet metal bent into a specific configuration such as gravel stop, L-shaped, or Z-shaped; formed on a sheet metal brake
Branch 0 likes
A part of a system or structure that diverges from the main part; a smaller or subordinate duct, pipe, or circuit extending from the main line
Branch Breaker1 like
branch breaker
A switch which prevents the flow of current by opening the circuit automatically when additional electricity flows through the circuit than the circuit is capable of supporting; resetting can be automatic or manual
Branch Circuit 1 like
A circuit supplying localized electrical outlets from a single breaker
Branch Circuit, Lighting 0 likes
Circuits furnishing energy to lighting outlets
Branch Circuit, Motor 0 likes
Circuits from the motor branch circuit protective device to the motor, comprising of the controller and overload protective device
Branch Circuit, Multiwire 0 likes
A multiwire branch circuit has two or more ungrounded conductors with a potential difference between them, and a grounded conductor having equal potential difference between it and each ungrounded conductor of the circuit connected to the neutral conductor in the system
Branch Interval 0 likes
Vertical distance never less than 8 feet and usually a floor in height in which the horizontal branches from a floor of a building are connected to the main DWV stack
Branch Vent1 like
branch vent
A vent pipe connecting a branch of the drainage system to the main stack
Brass 0 likes
A metal compound mainly consisting of copper and zinc in variable amounts
Brass Fitting1 like
brass fitting
Threaded brass pipe connector that joins two pieces of pipe
Braze 0 likes
Solder with a brass and zinc alloy at a high temperature
Braze Welding 0 likes
Often performed as in fusion welding although the base metal is not melted; the base metal is brought up to a tinning temperature which presents as a dull red color, and a bead is dropped over the seam with a bronze filler rod; also known as Bronze Welding
Brazed Connection 0 likes
Parts toughened and combined by soldering with an alloy
Brazing 0 likes
A welding process where coalescence is created by heating to temperatures above 800° F. employing a nonferrous filler metal with a melting point below the base metals; the filler metal is spread between the closely fitting surfaces of the joint by capillary attraction
Breach of Contract 0 likes
Failure to perform an action required by a contract
Break 0 likes
Damage by separating into pieces as a result of a blow
Interruption in a circuit
Interruption in continuity such as a plastered wall or cornice
Break Joints 0 likes
Arranging joints so that they do not position immediately under or over the joints of adjoining pieces as in siding, shingling, and brick laying
Break-Even Point 0 likes
The financial position where total revenue received equals the sum of expenses for a particular project where there is no profit or loss
Breakdown 0 likes
Itemized list of building costs
Breaker Panel1 like
breaker panel
The electrical box that supplies electric power in the home to each plug and switch consisting of circuit breakers
Breaker Strip 1 like
Strip of wood or plastic that covers the joint between the outer case and inside liner of a refrigerator
Breaker, Circuit1 like
breaker, circuit
A switch that stops the flow of current by opening the circuit automatically when more electricity flows through the circuit than the circuit is capable of supporting; resetting may be either automatic or manual
Breaker, Main2 likes
main breaker
A switch in a main electrical service panel where the service wires attach
Breaker, Vacuum 0 likes
Electrical breaker with a space that contains reduced air pressure
Breaking Joints 0 likes
Laying of bricks so that no two vertical joints align directly over one another to reinforce the structure
Breakpoint 0 likes
Point where the concentration of chlorine in swimming pools kills germs and bacteria by oxidizing organic matter; the remaining chlorine is free or uncombined
Breast 0 likes
Front part of a fireplace around the firebox opening.
Projecting part of a chimney, particularly when projecting into a room
Breast Drill1 like
breast drill
A portable drill with a plate for the operator to lean against to provide pressure
Breastplate 1 like
Pressure plate of a breast drill
Breastsummer 0 likes
Beam to carry the load above a fireplace opening, also called bressumer
Breeching 0 likes
Area in hot water or steam boilers between the end of the tubing and the jacket
Bressumer 0 likes
See Breastsummer
BRI 1 like
Building-Related Illness
Brick1 like
A solid masonry unit having the shape of a rectangular prism; usually made from clay, shale, fire clay, or a mixture of them
Brick Anchor 0 likes
Fasteners that attach and secure a brick veneer to a concrete or brick wall
Brick and Brick 0 likes
Laying of bricks so the bricks touching and the mortar is just sufficient to fill the unevenness in the bricks
Brick Bat 0 likes
Portion of a brick, usually half a brick or less
Brick Bond 0 likes
Pattern or arrangement of bricks in a wall
Brick Firewall 0 likes
Wall that prevents or slows down the spread of fire
Brick Industry Association (BIA) 0 likes
1850 Centennial Park Drive, Reston, VA 20191 Tel: (703) 620-0010, Fax: (703) 620-3928, URL: http://www.gobrick.com/
Brick Ledge 0 likes
Part of the foundation wall where brick or brick veneer rests
Brick Lintel1 like
brick lintel
Metal angle iron that brick rests on, particularly above a window, door, or opening
Brick Manhole 0 likes
Vertical access shaft from the surface to an underground area made of bricks
Brick Mason 1 like
A mason who builds in brick; also called a brick layer; see Mason
Brick Molding 0 likes
Milled trim piece that fills the gap between finished milled parts such as door and window frames and uneven surfaces
Brick Tie 1 like
Small, corrugated metal strip 1 inch X 6 inch to 8 inch long nailed to wall sheeting or studs; inserted into the grout mortar joint of the veneer brick, and secures the veneer wall to the sheeted wall behind it
Brick Tongs 0 likes
Iron grasping device like scissors enabling two workers to lift and move a pile of bricks
Brick Trowel1 like
brick trowel
The brick trowel, larger than the buttering trowel, is the main tool of masons; used when any preparatory brick work is needed; used in the buttering and tapping in of block, brick, or larger tiles
Brick Veneer 0 likes
A one brick thick external brickwork facing used to cover a wall of other material
Brick, Chimney1 like
chimney brick
Brick specifically for chimneys able to withstand high temperatures without cracking
Brick, Fire 0 likes
Fire-resistant brick that has been graded for specific construction uses; suitable for masonry fireplace fire-boxes and fire chambers
Brick, Masonry 0 likes
Bricks shaped and molded in different sizes and shapes
Brick, Paver 0 likes
Brick units used in foot traffic areas; usually 4 inch wide by 8 inch long, and 1-5/8 inch to 2-1/4 inch thick
Bricklayer 0 likes
A brick mason
Brickwork 0 likes
Masonry of bricks and mortar
Bridge 0 likes
Straightedge employed as a starting line for laying of tile that can be blocked up to hold tile over an opening
Bridge Crane 0 likes
Hoisting device covering two overhead rails that moves laterally along the bridge with the bridge moving longitudinally along the rails
Bridge Deck 0 likes
Slab or other structure creating the travel surface of a bridge
Bridge Glaze 0 likes
High gloss ceramic glaze
Bridging 0 likes
Diagonal or longitudinal parts that ensure horizontal parts are correctly spaced laterally, vertically, and to distribute load; pieces fitted in pairs from the bottom of one floor joist to the top of adjacent joists, and crossed to distribute the floor load
Producing a skin over a depression in painting
Bridging Architect 0 likes
An owner’s architect who designs the project and then is replaced by the design/build entity’s architect who creates the construction documents
Briding 0 likes
An area sized to fit inside the flanges of studs and channels to brace construction
Bright Blast 0 likes
White blast
Bright Glaze 0 likes
A high-gloss coating
Brine 0 likes
Water saturated or strongly permeated with salt
Brinell Hardness Test 0 likes
Laboratory test to measure the hardness of a material by hydraulically pressing a steel ball into the surface
British Thermal Unit (BTU) 1 like
Quantity of heat required to raise temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit
Brittle 0 likes
Easily broken; not tough
Brittle Failure 0 likes
Failure in material that has a very limited plastic range or subject to sudden failure without warning
Broach 1 like
Pointed or tapered tools, implements, or parts
Drill bit
Pointed tool for dressing stone
Broad Knife1 like
broad knife
Wide flexible finishing knife used to apply joint finishing compound
Broad-Leaved Trees 0 likes
See Hardwoods
Broadcast 0 likes
Sprinkle solid particles on a surface
Broadloom1 like
Carpet woven on a broad loom in widths of 6 feet or more, generally 6 feet, 9 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet and 18 feet widths, and up to 30 feet in Chenille; a specification of width
Broker 0 likes
An agent who brings parties together for the leasing or sale of real property for a commission or fee
Bronze 0 likes
Alloy of copper and tin and at times other elements
Bronze Tools 0 likes
Non-sparking tools used when fire hazards are acute
Bronze Welding 0 likes
See Braze Welding
Bronzing 0 likes
Forming of metallic sheen on a paint film
Bronzing Liquid 0 likes
Used to bind aluminum, gold, or bronze powder
Broom1 like
Long handled brush of bristles for sweeping and brushing that is also employed for concrete finishing
To separate the fibers in a broom shape when a pile is partially crushed under the blows of the pile driver
Broom Finish 1 like
Finish added to an uncured concrete surface to provide skid or slip resistance created by dragging a broom across a freshly made concrete surface
Brown Coat 0 likes
The coat of plaster directly under the finish coat; in two-coat work, the basecoat plaster applied over the lath; in three coat work, the second coat applied over a scratch coat; applied with a rough surface to receive the finish coat
Brown Out 0 likes
Finish applying basecoat plaster
Brown Stain 1 like
Brown discoloration of sapwood of some pines due to a fungus
Brownfield Site 0 likes
A previously built on site that is possibly polluted with toxic chemicals; compare with Greenfield Site
Brownstone 0 likes
A building of sandstone brown color, or faced with sandstone
Brush1 like
Painter’s tool consisting of bristles set into a handle to apply paint and other coatings to a surface
Electrical conductor that makes contact with a moving part
Brush Cutting 0 likes
Removing unwanted plants to clear an area
Brush Hook 0 likes
A long handled tool for clearing brush
Brush-Off Blast 0 likes
Lowest blast cleaning standard
Brushability 0 likes
Adaptability of paint to apply with a brush, or ease with which paint can be brushed
Brushcoating 0 likes
Application of paint, stucco color, or other material with a broad brush
Brushed Surface 0 likes
Sandy texture created by brushing the surface of fresh or slightly hardened concrete with a stiff brush for architectural effect, or in pavements to increase skid resistance
Brussels 0 likes
Loop pile or roundwire carpet woven on the Wilton loom
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