Term Definition
Bead 2 likes
Narrow line of weld metal or sealant
Metal or wood strip that secures a sheet of glass
Metal edge or corner accessory for plaster or gypsum board
Narrow, convex molding profile
Bead Weld 2 likes
Weld type with one or more string or weave beads on an unbroken surface; the metal added in welding
Bead, Molding 1 like
Half-round narrow molding attached on a larger piece
Square or rectangular trim less than 1 inch in width
Bead, Parting 3 likes
Narrow strip between the upper and lower sashes in a double-hung window frame
Bead, Plaster 0 likes
Built-in edging usually metal to reinforce a plaster angle
Bead, Sash 0 likes
Strip with an edge molded against where a sash slides
Beaded Molding 0 likes
Cast plaster string of beads in a molding or cornice
Beading 1 like
Ridge or raised linear deformation that can emerge at finished gypsum board joints
Beam 1 like
Straight structural part that mainly resists transverse loads; a term for joists, girders, rafters, and purlins
Beam Bolster 2 likes
A fabricated wire device used to temporarily buoy reinforcing steel in structural formwork like beams and slabs
Beam Chair 0 likes
A wire seat or support for reinforcing bars that secures them while concrete for a beam is poured around them
Beam Clamp 1 like
A device which holds a horizontal structural part to a vertical part
Beam Compass1 like
beam compass
Drafting tool made of wood or a metal bar fitted with a point and a movable pen or pencil holder to use in drawing large radius arcs and circles; a Trammel
Beam Hanger1 like
beam hanger
A strap wire or other device to hang beam forms from another structural part
A steel strap used for supporting the end of a beam
Beam Rail 0 likes
Solid wood band connected to a horizontal structural part
Beam, Bond 1 like
Reinforced horizontal concrete masonry or concrete beam mounted in place to strengthen a masonry wall and keep a masonry wall together
Beam, Concrete 0 likes
Horizontal structural part which transversely supports a load and transfers the load to vertical parts made of a composite material of sand, coarse aggregate, cement and water
Beam, Grade 0 likes
End-supported horizontal load-bearing foundation part that supports an exterior wall or other building load
Beam, Precast 0 likes
Concrete horizontal structural part that is cast and cured somewhere other than its final place, on- or off-site
Beam, Reinforcing 1 like
Horizontal part installed to reinforce and support the load of a structure
Beam, Sheetrock 0 likes
Horizontal part made of plasterboard
Bearding 0 likes
In carpeting, long fiber fuzz on some loop pile fabrics, caused by fibers snagging and loosening due to a lack of anchorage
Bearing Block 1 like
Piece of wood secured to a column to support a beam or girder
Bearing Capacity 0 likes
Maximum allowable load on a structural element
Bearing Header 0 likes
A beam at right angle to joists and to which joists are nailed in framing for a chimney, stairway, or other opening
A wooden lintel
Horizontal structural part over an opening
Bearing Wall 0 likes
A wall that supports any vertical load more than its own weight
Beating Block 0 likes
Wooden block to embed tiles in a flat plane; the method is called beating in
Becquerel 0 likes
Unit for measuring radiation from radium and radon
Bed 0 likes
The horizontal surface on which the bricks of a wall rest, and the mortar on which the brick rests
See Bed Mold
Bed Coat 0 likes
See Bedding Coat
Bed Joint 0 likes
Horizontal layer of mortar in which a masonry unit is set
Bedding 0 likes
A filling of mortar, putty, or other substance in order to secure a firm bearing
Ground or supports in which pipe is laid
Bedding Coat 0 likes
In gypsum board, the first coat of joint compound over tape, bead, and fastener heads; also called Bed Coat
Coat of plaster to receive aggregate or other decorative material, impinged or embedded into its surface before it sets
Bedding Plane 0 likes
Separation or weakness between two layers of rock created by changes during the building up of the rockforming material
Bedrock 0 likes
Suitable subsurface layer of earth to support a structure
Bell 0 likes
Portion of a pipe which, for a short distance, is large enough to receive the end of another pipe of the same diameter to make a joint; also called Bell End or Hub
Bell Trap2 likes
bell trap
Floor drain trap that consists of an inverted bell with a water seal
Bellows1 like
An instrument or machine that draws in air through a valve or orifice by expansion and contraction and expels it through a tube
Bellows Copper 0 likes
Flexible joint in copper piping that can expand or contract to allow for thermal fluctuations
Bellows Seal 0 likes
Way of sealing the valve stem
Belt Course 0 likes
Course of bricks or other material projecting slightly from the face of the wall
Horizontal board across or around a building, usually made of a flat part and a molding
Horizontal course on the face of a building
Belt Marks 1 like
Surface defect in gypsum board made by the machines forming belt during manufacture
Belt Sander1 like
belt sander
Electric sanding tool where the sand paper abrasive is a continuous belt
Bema 0 likes
Part of an eastern church containing the altar
Bench1 like
Long seat for several people.
Working table or counter for a carpenter, artisan, or scientist
Bench Grinder1 like
bench grinder
A type of  benchtop grinding machine that drives abrasive wheels.
Bench Mark 0 likes
An elevation point used as a reference in determining and recording other elevations
Bench Saw2 likes
bench saw
Power saw held securely on a stationary bench
Bend, Soil 0 likes
Piece of short curved pipe like an elbow connecting two straight links of pipe in a sewage system
Bending 0 likes
The result of a force causing curvature in a linear element
Bending Moment 0 likes
The moment when a beam or other structural part bends
Bending Spring 0 likes
Coil spring on inside or outside of tubing to stop it collapsing while bending it
Bending Stress 1 like
Compressive or tensile stress caused by the applying non-axial force to a structural part
Beneficiary 0 likes
The person designated to receive the proceeds of an insurance policy
Lender for a trust deed
Bent Bar2 likes
bent bar
Steel reinforcing bar bent to a specific shape such as a truss bar, straight bar with hook, stirrup, or column tie
Bentonite 0 likes
Clay composed mainly of minerals, characterized by high absorption and very large volume change with wetting or drying, swelling to several times its volume when saturated with liquid
Bentonite Membrane 1 like
A thin, pliable sheet or layer made from bentonite; used for waterproofing retaining walls
Benzene1 like
Highly flammable petroleum product used by painters as thinning solvent and diluent; also used in dyeing and as a cleansing agent
Benzol 0 likes
See Benzene
Berm 0 likes
Small artificial ridge of soil at the top of an earth bank to stop water drainage onto the bank
Beryllium Oxide 0 likes
Material of extremely high thermal conductivity which is toxic in the powder form
Bevel 0 likes
A slanted surface; an end or edge cut at an angle other than a right angle
A type of edge preparation on metal for welding
Bevel Board 0 likes
Board used in framing roof or stairway to lay out bevels; also called Pitch Board
Bevel Gears0 likes
bevel gears
Meshing gears on intersecting axes
Beveled Concrete 0 likes
Angle in concrete or inclination of any line in concrete or concrete surface that joins another
Bezel 0 likes
Sloping surface on a cutting tool, as on a chisel
Frame around a glazed opening or a built-in appliance
BHMA 0 likes
Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
BHMA Hinge 0 likes
Hinge that has the seal of approval of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
Bi-Fold Door2 likes
bi-fold door
A door with two leaves, hinged together to close on itself
BIA 0 likes
Brick Institute of America
Bid 0 likes
A formal offer by a contractor based on the specifications for a project to do all or part of the work at a certain price in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the offer; an offer or proposal of a price or the amount offered or proposed
Bid Bond 2 likes
Issued by a surety on behalf of a contractor, a bid bond provides assurance to the recipient of the contractor‘s bid that if the bid is accepted, the contractor will execute a contract and provide a performance bond; the surety must pay the recipient of the bid the difference between the contractor‘s bid and the bid of the next lowest responsible bidder if the bid is accepted and the contractor doesn’t execute a contract or provide a performance bond
Bid Date/Time 0 likes
The final date and time set by the owner, architect, etc. or for receiving bids
Bid Form 0 likes
Standard written form provided to bidders in order to obtain the requested information and signatures from the bidding parties
Bid Opening 0 likes
Process of opening and tabulating bids received within the designated bid date and time and conforming with the bid procedures
Bid Package 0 likes
Documents provided to general contractors who are bidding for a construction project consisting of the bidding requirements and the contract documents; also called the Bidding Documents
Bid Price 1 like
Specific sum stated in the bidder’s bid
Bid Rigging 0 likes
Collusion in a fraudulent practice with secret agreements among competing contractors, owners or agents to control the outcome of a bid
Bid Security 1 like
Funds or a bid bond received with a bid as a guarantee to the recipient that the contractor, if awarded the contract, will execute the contract based on the bidding requirements of the contract documents
Bid Shopper 0 likes
Buyer who attempts to play a potential supplier or subcontractor against another in order to obtain a lower purchase price; a method by which contractors try to secure lower prices from potential subcontractors and material suppliers than the contractors’ original estimates or after a contract is awarded, attempt to induce subcontractors to lower the subcontract price in the bid
Bid Shopping 0 likes
Unethical procedure where a general contractor contacts subcontractors in order to receive lower subcontractor prices after having been awarded the contract for the project
Bid Tabulation 0 likes
Summary sheet listing all bid prices in order to analyze the bid results. Bid tabulations include the specified items of the request to bid, bid amount, completion date and time, addenda, contract exclusions, bonding rate, and other criteria
Bid Time 0 likes
Date and time defined by the architect and owner to receive bid proposals; also called Bid Date
Bidder 0 likes
Prime contractor who submits a bid directly to an owner
Bidding Documents 0 likes
Published advertisement or written request to bid, bidders instructions, bid form and the proposed contract documents with addenda provided before submission of bids
Bidding Period 0 likes
Time period allowed from issuing of bidding requirements and contract documents to the defined bid date/time
Bidding Requirements 0 likes
Procedures and conditions to submit a bid; the written minimum acceptable requirements are provided in documents by the owner during bidding process; the owner generally reserves the right to reject a bid if the requirements are not met; See Bidding Documents
Bidet1 like
A plumbing fixture, the size and shape of a toilet, with cold and hot running water, installed in the bath room
Bifold Door 1 like
Door hinged in the middle that opens in a smaller area than standard swing doors, most often used for closet doors
Bifunctional 0 likes
Having two functions
Billhook 0 likes
Tool with hooked blade employed for cutting and pruning
Bimetallic Strip 0 likes
A strip consisting of two metals that bends as the temperature changes; a bimetallic strip of iron and brass, when heated will bend and straightened on cooling; often used to open or close a switch
Bin 0 likes
Container or enclosed place for storage
Bin Method 0 likes
Way to compute cooling energy use requirements for commercial and industrial buildings and for homes using passive heating and cooling design with high mass thermal storage
Bin, Ice Storage1 like
bin, ice storage
Container for storing ice and keeping it in a solid state
Binder 0 likes
Substance that performs cohesively
Fines that hold dry gravel together
Chemical additive to gypsum board core formulation, often starch, to improve the bond
Nonvolatile part of a paint that binds or cements the pigment particles together; eg. oils, varnishes and proteins
Receipt of deposit to secure the right to purchase a home at agreed upon terms by a buyer and seller
Bindery 0 likes
Premises where books are bound
Binding 0 likes
Strip sewn over a carpet edge to protect unraveling
Biodegradability 0 likes
Ability of a material to rot after use as a result of microorganisms
Biological Contaminants 0 likes
Agents from living organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and antigens that can be inhaled and cause health issues including allergies, respiratory disorders, and infections; also known as microbiologicals or microbials
Bipass Doors 0 likes
Doors that slide by each other and often used as closet doors
BIPV 0 likes
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Cell
Birch 1 like
Hardwood, species Betula
Birch Door1 like
birch security door
Door made or faced with a strong fine-grained birch hardwood
Birch Paneling 0 likes
Rectangular sheets of paneling made with a strong fine-grained birch hardwood
Birch Veneer 0 likes
Thin sheets of strong fine-grained hardwood used in furniture, flooring, and paneling
Bird Peck 0 likes
Small hole or patch of distorted grain in wood caused by birds pecking through the growing cells in the tree
Birdbath 0 likes
Hollow round depression in asphaltic concrete paving or in portland cement concrete flatwork s
Birdcage 0 likes
End of a stair rail where the banisters are curved in a spiral to create a newel post
Birds-Eye 1 like
Small area in wood where the fibers are indented and contorted to form small circular or elliptical figures that look like birds eyes; often seen in sugar maple and used for decorative purposes
Birds-Mouth 0 likes
Notch cut on the bottom side of a rafter to fit it to the top plate
Birdscreen1 like
Wire screening connected to louvers, ventilators and openings to stop entry by birds and small animals
Biscuit Chips 0 likes
Glazed-over chips on the edge or corner of the tile body
Biscuit Cracks 0 likes
Fractures in the body of a tile on the face and back
Bisect 0 likes
Divide into two parts, sometimes equal
Bisque Fire 0 likes
Method of kilnfiring ceramic ware before glazing
Bit 0 likes
Projecting blade of a key cut to actuate the lock tumblers
Removable cutting edge of a drill, known as a drill bit
Replaceable tip or portion that sits in the slotted screw head of a screw gun
Biting 0 likes
Solvent in topcoat of a lacquer surface dissolves or bites into the coat below
Bitting 0 likes
Notches and hollows on the blade of a door lock key
Bitumen 0 likes
Type of black or dark-colored solid, semisolid, or viscous cementitious substances; bitumens are heated to a liquid state, dissolved with a solvent, or emulsified before use
Bituminous 0 likes
Looking like, composed of, or impregnated with hydrocarbon mixtures like tar or asphalt, along with their nonmetallic derivatives
Bituminous Dampproofing 0 likes
Impregnated mixture used on a surface to stop moisture from getting through; dampproofing does not generally resist water under hydrostatic pressure; see Dampproofing
Bituminous Emulsion 0 likes
Suspension of tiny globules of bituminous material in water or in a water solution; suspension of tiny globules of water or an aqueous solution in a liquid bituminous material
Bituminous Grout 0 likes
Bituminous material and fine sand mix that flows into position naturally when heated
Bituminous Membrane 0 likes
Thin layer or sheet of an impregnated mixture used as damp proofing
Bituminous Sidewalk 0 likes
A walkway made with an impregnated mixture of hydrocarbons with aggregate such as sand or stone; often called blacktop
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