Term Definition
Back 5 likes
The part or surface behind the front; the rear or opposite side from the face
The back surface of gypsum board that is usually concealed or in contact with the framing; it may be referred to as the Code Side
Back Blocking 3 likes
A small piece of gypsum wallboard laminated adhesively behind the joints between each framing member to strengthen the joint
Back Charge 4 likes
An offsetting charge against an invoice created by the owner against a prime contractor or a by prime contractor against a subcontractor as a result of defective work
Back Clip 3 likes
Specially designed clips connected to the back of gypsum board that fit into slots or other parts of the framing to secure the gypsum board often used in demountable partition designs
Back Gouging 4 likes
The forming of a bevel or groove on the other side of a partly welded joint to insure total penetration during later welding from that side
Back Mounted Tile 1 like
Mounted tile with perforated paper, fiber mesh, or other bonding material on the back or edges of the tile so that a large part of the tile area is exposed to the setting bed
Back Nailing 2 likes
The nailing of felts under the overlap to stop slippage of the felts during roofing
Back Pressure 2 likes
In the trap during plumbing, a higher air pressure at the sewer side than on the fixture side. In some situations, water can be forced out of the trap in the wrong direction towards the fixture
In a refrigerating system, the pressure on the low side; this is also called suction pressure or low-side pressure
Back Priming 4 likes
A coat of paint applied to wood and exterior siding to stop moisture from entering the wood
Back Saw4 likes
back saw
Jointcutting small toothed saw with a metal back strip to maintain the saw in the right line
Back Seam 3 likes
Carpet seams created when the carpet is face-down are called back seams, rather than face-seams that are created when the carpet is face-up
Back Siphonage 3 likes
The flow of water or other substances into the distributing pipes of a portable water supply from sources other than its intended course, as a result of negative pressure in the pipe
Back Splash5 likes
back splash
A protective panel mounted on the wall behind a counter, sink or toilet
Back Vent 2 likes
A branch vent to protect fixture traps from siphoning; these vents are not installed to allow circulation between the vent stacks and soil or waste stacks
Back Wall 2 likes
The wall facing the entrance to a room
Back-Mopping 4 likes
Mopping the back or underside of roofing
Back-Plastering 4 likes
Plaster applied to one face of a lath system following application and hardening of plaster on the opposite face that is used mainly in construction of solid plaster partitions and specific exterior wall systems
Backband 3 likes
A simple decorative molding installed around the outer edge of plain rectangular casing
Backboard4 likes
A vertical structure that protects against the loss of thrown objects, often viewed in the design of athletic playing fields and surfaces
Backcheck 3 likes
A backcheck valve that only allows liquid to flow in one direction. It prevents backflow
Backer Board 3 likes
See Backing Board
Backfill 4 likes
Earth used to fill the excavation around a foundation or the act of filling around a foundation
Replacing excavated earth into a trench around or against a basement/crawl space foundation wall
Backfill, Hand 3 likes
A person with a hand shovel excavates earth in a trench or back against the foundation of a structure
Backfire 3 likes
In welding, a quick pop of the flame from the torch tip followed by immediate reappearance or termination of the flame
Backflow 4 likes
The unintentional flow of water into the supply pipes of a plumbing system from a non-supply source; one type of backflow, back-siphonage, usually results from temporary negative pressure in the pipes
Backflow Connection 2 likes
Any arrangement of pipe or fixtures which can cause backflow
Backflow Preventer4 likes
backflow preventer
Backcheck valve stops sewage from flowing back into a building’s plumbing system
Background Noise 4 likes
The sound level in a room or area above which speech, music, signals, or sound must be raised in order to be heard or clearly distinguishable
Backhoe 3 likes
An excavating machine with a bucket secured to a hinged stick on a boom that is drawn toward the machine in operation
Backhoe/Loader 3 likes
An excavation machine that combines a bucket on a hinged stick on a boom on one end, and a bucket or scoop at the other end
Backing 3 likes
Anything that creates a back, including wood blocking behind plastering that supports the load of lighting fixtures, cabinets, and hardware connected to a wall or ceiling
Any material used as a base over which a finished material is to be added
Material backing up the joint during welding to facilitate a sound weld at the root
The part of a wall behind the face brick
The carpet foundation that secures the pile yarns and provides strength and dimensional stability
Frame lumber between the wall studs to provide more support for drywall or an interior item such as handrail brackets, cabinets, and towel bars; items are mounted into solid wood rather than weak drywall that could cause the item to break away from the wall
Backing Board 4 likes
Gypsum board that serves as the first layer in a multilayer system; it also called Backer Board
Backing Board 5 likes
Backing ring, usually used in the welding of piping
Backing Filler Material 4 likes
Filler metal ring, strip or consumable insert, fused in a single-welded joint
Backing Off 4 likes
See Featheredging tile
Backing Rod 4 likes
A foam plastic rod inserted in a joint to be sealed that regulates the depth of sealant
Backing Up 3 likes
Constructing the inner section of a brick wall after the facing brick of the wall has been laid header high
Backing, Carpet 2 likes
Keeps the pile fabric in place
Backlog 5 likes
Incomplete work
Backnailing 3 likes
In roofing, the process of blind nailing (in addition to hot- mopping) all the plies to a substrate to stop slippage on slopes of 1-1/2 inch or more for steep asphalt, 1/2 inch or more for coal-tar pitch and dead-level asphalt
Backout 3 likes
Work the framing contractor does after the mechanical subcontractors complete their work before insulation to insure the home is ready for a municipal frame inspection; the framing contractor usually repairs any disturbances caused by others and finishes all framing required to pass a Rough Frame Inspection
Backset of a Hinge 5 likes
Distance from the edge of the door to the hinge
Backset of a Lock 3 likes
Distance from the centerline of a tubular door lock or cylinder to the edge of the door, measured on the high side of a beveled door
Backstep Sequence 4 likes
Longitudinal sequence in which the weld bead increments are placed opposite to the progress of welding a joint
Backstop 2 likes
To support, bolster or strengthen
Backup 3 likes
The part of a masonry wall behind the exterior facing
Backup Bar 4 likes
A small rectangular strip of steel applied beneath a joint to provide a solid base to start a weld between two steel structural members
Backup Block 3 likes
Concrete block used as a non-exposed structural wall and backs a finished surface to provide a complete wall system
Backwash 4 likes
A way to clean the swimming pool filter by reversing the water flow
Backwash Pipe 1 like
See Filter Waste Discharge Piping
Bacteria 4 likes
Microorganisms present in all water supplies and swimming pools
Bacteriacide 3 likes
Any of a number of chemicals including chlorine used to kill bacteria
Bad Debt 2 likes
An uncollectable debt
Baffle 4 likes
Plate or vane used to direct or control movement of fluid or air within a confined area.
Bain-Marie3 likes
A kitchen tool, also known as a steam table that has a hot water compartment under an upper compartment to keep food warm
Bake Oven5 likes
bake oven
Cooking device where food is baked by dry heat
Bakelite 3 likes
Trademarked; various thermosetting resins or plastics made from formaldehyde and phenol
Baking Finishes 3 likes
Baking at high temperatures improves various coatings used on metal articles such as automobiles and refrigerators; baking may be accomplished in an oven, under infrared lamps or by induction heating; the article that is coated must be able to withstand the temperature required to create the finish
Baking Japan 4 likes
Enamel to which artificial oven heat is usually applied to obtain the maximum film hardness or toughness
Balance4 likes
An instrument that measures mass consisting of a central pivot, a horizontal beam, and two scales
Balance Box 6 likes
A loaded box at the far side of a crane from the jib and the load that counterbalances them
Balance Sheet 2 likes
Statement of financial situation pertaining to a specific period of time
Balanced Construction 3 likes
A method of constructing manufactured wood products so that moisture content changes are uniformly distributed and do not cause warping
Balanced Cuts 5 likes
Cuts of tile at the perimeter of a space that will not take full tiles; the cuts on opposite sides of such an area are the same size
The same sized cuts on each side of a miter
Balanced Door 3 likes
A door swung on an arm and pivot that is spaced out from the jamb so that some of the wind impacting the door will help in opening the door
Balancing Valve 3 likes
A pipe valve used to control the flow of a liquid rather than to shut it off
Balcony 3 likes
A platform that distends from the wall of a building
Baldachin 3 likes
An ornamental canopy over an altar
Ball 4 likes
A round object
Ball Bearing 6 likes
A bearing with two halves separated by a ring of small metal balls to reduce friction
Ball Bearing Hinge4 likes
ball bearing hinge
A hinge with ball bearings placed between the protruding, cylindrical parts of the hinge, to inhibit friction
Ball Check Valve 5 likes
Valve assembly that allows flow of fluid in one direction
Ball Clay 4 likes
Secondary clay of organic matter, high dry strength, high plasticity, long verification range, and a light color when fired
Ball Cock6 likes
ball cock
An automatic valve controlled by a spherical float at the end of a lever, such as on a flush toilet
Ball Milling 3 likes
A method of grinding and mixing material in a rotating cylinder or conical mill partly filled with grinding media such as balls or pebbles
Ball Peen Hammer4 likes
ball peen hammer
A hammer which has a rounded head at its opposite end, often used in machine shops
Ball Valve 4 likes
A valve in which a ball controls the opening by rising and falling due to fluid pressure, a spring, or its own weight
Ball, Tree 3 likes
See Root Ball
Ballast5 likes
A transformer that steps up the voltage in a florescent lamp
Ballast Replacement 4 likes
Replacement of the device that controls the current in a fluorescent lamp
Balloon 3 likes
A loan with monthly payments has the remaining balance (balloon) as a large lump sum payment at the end
Balloon Frame 3 likes
A wood building frame consisting of closely spaced studs which are continuous from the sill to the top plate of the roof line
Balloon Framed Wall 4 likes
Framed walls usually over 10 feet that run the entire vertical length from the floor sill plate to the roof to remove the need for a gable end truss
Balloon Payment 4 likes
A lump sum final payment of an installment loan in which the earlier payments were considerably smaller
Ballrace 4 likes
Round or straight retainer to secure ball bearings in their proper operating place
Ballroom 3 likes
A large room designed for dancing, balls, and festivities
Balusters3 likes
Vertical parts in a railing used between a top rail and bottom rail or the stair treads. Also known as ‘pickets’ or ‘spindles’
Balustrade 5 likes
Rail, posts and vertical balusters along the edge of a staircase or elevated walkway
Bamboo3 likes
Giant tropical woody grass with hollow stems used in floors and furniture
Band 6 likes
A low, flat molding
A group of bars distributed in a slab or wall or footing
Band Joist 4 likes
A wooden joist perpendicular to the joists in a floor framing system, closing off the floor platform at the outside face of the building
Band-Aid Approach 3 likes
See Quick Fix
Banding 3 likes
Metal or plastic strapping to secure bundles of building products in a shipping unit
Bandsaw3 likes
A machine saw with a narrow ceaseless blade that runs over pulleys
Banister 3 likes
A light baluster that supports a stair handrail
Banjo Taper4 likes
banjo taper
A mechanical device which dispenses tape and taping compound at the same time
Bank 3 likes
A financial establishment that specializes in money and finance
Bank Gravel 3 likes
Gravel in natural deposits usually mixed with fine material such as sand or clay or combinations of them
Bank Measure 3 likes
Volume of earth in its natural site
Bank Run Gravel 3 likes
Excavated material that is usually ¼ inch to 6 inch maximum
Bank, Duct 3 likes
See Duct Bank
Bankruptcy 3 likes
A legal proceeding where a debtor can avoid legal and financial obligations
Baptistry 3 likes
Part of a church, or previously a separate building for baptism
Bar 3 likes
A barrier of any shape or size
A straight piece of wood or metal employed as a lever, support, fastening, or barrier
Unit of pressure; one bar equals 0.9869 atmospheres (one million dynes per square centimeter)
A steel member used to reinforce concrete
An area in a room where food and beverages are served
A small shop or stall serving food and beverages
A special department in a store, such as a shoe repair bar
Bar Chart 3 likes
A graphic technique that demonstrates the start and end times for the various tasks in a job
Bar Hanger 3 likes
Curved or straight metal bar that enables the mounting of a ceiling outlet box between ceiling joists, or an outlet box or switch box between wall studs; an adjustable hanger can be made to fit the various distances between floor and ceiling joists or rafters to secure electrical outlet boxes and devices
Bar Hook 3 likes
A 180 degree or a 90 degree turn at the steel reinforcing bar free end to anchor concrete
Bar Joist3 likes
bar joist
A truss-like floor joist or rafter fabricated from steel bars
Bar Lap 3 likes
How steel reinforcing bars must lap to bond sufficiently to transfer their full load capacity
Bar Number 2 likes
A number describing the approximate bar diameter of a steel reinforcing bar in eighths of inches; for example, a #7 bar is approximately 7/8 inch in diameter; a #11 bar is approximately 1 3/8 inch in diameter (11/8). The bar numbers are on the bar
Bar Spacing 4 likes
The distance between parallel reinforcing bars from center to center of the bars perpendicular to their longitudinal axis
Bar Support 5 likes
A rigid device used to support or secure reinforcing bars in position to prevent displacement before or during concrete positioning; wire, plastic or concrete device, to support, hold and space reinforcing bars
Bar, Parallel3 likes
bar, parallel
A pair of parallel bars on a support that are adjustable in height and spacing, used for gymnastic exercises
Bar, Reinforcing 2 likes
See Reinforcing Bar
Barbed Nail 3 likes
A nail with a barbed shank to resist withdrawal
Barbed Wire3 likes
barbed wire
Twisted wire with barbs or sharp points
Barbican 3 likes
The outer defense of a city or castle; it is usually part of several barrier walls which has a double tower over a gate or drawbridge
Bare Electrode 1 like
A filler-metal electrode used in arc welding made of metal wire without coating other than that incidental to the drawing of the wire
Bare Solid Wire 4 likes
Un-insulated wire used as an electric conductor
Bare Stranded Wire 3 likes
Un-insulated group of fine wires employed as an electric conductor
Barge 3 likes
Horizontal beam rafter that reinforces shorter rafters
Barge Board 3 likes
A decorative board covering the projecting rafter of the gable end. At the cornice, it is a fascia board
Barium Sulphate 3 likes
Heavy, white extender pigment made from the mineral, barite that is not affected by acids or alkalis
Bark 3 likes
A tree’s tough outer layer
Bark Pocket 3 likes
An opening between a tree’s annual growth rings which contains bark
Barn 4 likes
A large farm building that stores hay, grain and equipment and lodges farm animals
A large building that stores a fleet of trucks or trolleys
Barometer5 likes
An instrument that measures atmospheric air pressure, calibrated in pounds per square inch, inches, or millimeters of mercury in a column
Baroque 5 likes
Flamboyant, ornate, extravagant architecture, art and music of the 17th and 18th centuries
Barracks 3 likes
A building or building complex that lodges soldiers
A large basic building
Barratry 3 likes
The dogged incitement of litigation
Barrel 2 likes
Unit of weight for cement; 376 lbs. net, equal to four U. S. bags of Portland cement
Barrel Ceiling 3 likes
Round or semi-circular ceiling
Barrel Shell 5 likes
A scalloped reinforced concrete roof structure which traverses one direction as a barrel vault, and traverses the other as a folded plate
Barrel Tile 3 likes
Ceramic or castroofing tile
Barrel Vault 4 likes
A part of a cylinder that spans as an arch used as a structural technique to hold a ceiling or roof where the components act in compression as an arched ceiling; this cylinder was used extensively in ancient buildings and into the 19th century as it doesn’t require structural steel or timber
Barricade3 likes
A barrier or obstruction to inhibit access
Barrier 5 likes
A blockade or other obstacle that prevents advance or access
Barrier Coating 2 likes
Shield or blocking coating or film
See Transition Coating
Barrier, Vapor3 likes
barrier vapor
Plastic sheet that eliminates drafts and prevents moisture from damaging a building or structure
Barroom 0 likes
A room or establishment in which the main feature is a bar alcohol is served
Bas-Relief 2 likes
Sculpture or carving in which the figures project marginally from the background surface with no undercutting
Basalt 2 likes
A dark volcanic rock that can form columns
Basalt Ware 2 likes
A black, unglazed, vitreous, ceramic ware that looks like basalt rock
Base 4 likes
The lowermost part of a column.
A molding or board along the bottom of a wall next to the floor; also called Baseboard
A wood, vinyl, or metal trim at the floor line to protect the wall
One or more rows of tile above the floor
The bottom part or the lowest main division of a building, column, or wall
The lowest part of any vertical pipe
Base Bead 2 likes
See Base Screed
Base Bid 2 likes
A specified construction sum based on the contract documents
Base Cabinet3 likes
base cabinet
Case, box, or piece of furniture with drawers or shelves with doors, mainly used for storage on the floor
Floor-mounted cabinets, usually with a counter, sink or appliance
Base Cap 2 likes
A finish fitting for tile
Base Coat Floating 3 likes
The final process of spreading, compacting, and smoothing base coat plaster to a somewhat true plane
Base Course 1 like
The lowest row of masonry in a wall, foundation, or footing
In asphaltic concrete paving, the layer of material immediately below the surface or intermediate course; consists of crushed stone, crushed slag, crushed or uncrushed gravel and sand, or combinations of them; it may be held together with asphalt
Base Flashing 3 likes
A waterproof membrane connected to a roof and bent up the side of a chimney
A waterproof membrane connected at a joint between any vertical part and a roof
Base Grouting 3 likes
Grout that fills voids in subfloor slabs, concrete slabs, or foundations
Base Layer 3 likes
The first or interior layer of gypsum board in a multilayer system
Base Line 2 likes
The main traverse or surveyed line running through a proposed construction from which he buildings, property and street lines are found and plotted on the plan.
Base Lines 4 likes
Part of a governmental land surveying grid system spanning the country, with base lines running east and west and meridians running north and south; townships are located with reference to a specific base line and meridian; for example, T4N R11W, MDBM is read Township 4 North, Range 11 West, Mount Diablo Base Line and Meridian
Base Metal 1 like
The metal that is welded, cut or brazed
Base Molding3 likes
base molding
A wood strip that trims the upper edge of a baseboard
Base of Structure 2 likes
The level which earthquake motions are assumed to impact a building; this does not necessarily equal the ground level
Base Ply 3 likes
The first layer in a built-up roof
Base Screed 3 likes
A metal screed with perforated or enlarged flanges; provides a base for plaster and separates areas of unlike materials
Base Shear 3 likes
Complete shear force at the base of a structure
Base Sheet 3 likes
First ply in some multi-ply built-up roofing membranes; usually a saturated or a coated felt
Base Shoe3 likes
base shoe
Molding used next to the floor on interior base board; also called a carpet strip
Base Shoe Molding 1 like
See Base Shoe
Base, Column 2 likes
Plate underneath a column that spreads the load
Base, Manhole 2 likes
Cast iron frame in which a manhole cover fits
Base, Mogul 3 likes
Screw-in style base for an incandescent lamp of 300 watts or more
Base, Stone 0 likes
Beginning stone of a fieldstone wall
Base, Terrazzo 1 like
A subfloor slab or foundation using a marble flooring material or other stone chips set in Portland cement and polished when dry
Baseboard2 likes
A trim wood board against the wall next to the floor in a room
Baseboard Heater2 likes
Heating strips at the juncture of the wall and floor, either recessed or surface-mounted; generally along outside walls
Baseboard Radiator 2 likes
A heating unit along a baseboard, usually for hot water or steam
Basecoat 2 likes
Plaster coat applied before application of the finish coat
Basement 4 likes
Part of a building that is totally or partially below ground level; also called a cellar
Basement Soil 1 like
See Subgrade
Basement Window Inserts 0 likes
The window frame and glass unit in the window buck
Baseplate 1 like
A steel plate between a column and the foundation to level the column and distribute the load of the column to a bigger area of the foundation
Basic Lead Carbonate 0 likes
White lead pigment
Basic Lead Sulphate 0 likes
White lead
Basilica 1 like
An ancient Roman public hall with an apse and colonnades, used as a law court and place of assembly
Building employed as a Christian church
Basin 1 like
Hollow round depression
Wide open shallow container
Sheltered area of water where boats are safe
Round valley
Basin Wrench2 likes
basin wrench
Plumbers tool for installing tough to reach fittings
Basis for Acceptance 1 like
Method of ascertaining whether specifications are acceptable
Basket 3 likes
Wire assembly that supports and spaces dowel bars and expansion joints in concrete slabs on the ground
Basketweave Bound 1 like
Module groups of brick laid perpendicular to those adjacent
Bastard File 1 like
A rough file for rough shaping of metal or wood
Bastard Granite 0 likes
Almost any stone which is not true granite, especially gneiss
Bastard Sawn 0 likes
Timber, mainly hardwoods, in which the annual rings make angles of 30 to 60 degrees with the surface
Bat 1 like
A half-brick
Batch Disposal 0 likes
Placement of fresh mixed concrete or masonry
Batch Mixer 1 like
Machine that mixes batches of concrete or mortar
Batch Plant 2 likes
Manufacturing property for creating asphalt paving mixtures that insures the correct ratio of the ingredients in weighed batches and adds asphalt material by weight or volume
Operating installation of equipment including batchers and mixers for batching or batching and mixing concrete materials; also called mixing plant where equipment is incorporated
Bath 1 like
A tub for bathing
Liquid used for cleaning, plating, or ensuring a specific temperature
Bath Accessory1 like
bath accessory
Bathroom equipment such as towel bars, grab rails, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and medicine cabinets
Bath Faucet2 likes
bath faucet
Valve that draws water into a bathtub
Bath Tub3 likes
bath tub
Tub in a bath room
Bath Tub Door3 likes
bath tub door
For a shower over the bath, a folding or sliding door installed on the bath tub rim to keep water spray within the tub
Bath Vanity 1 like
Bathroom cabinet with a toilet installed in the counter top
Bathhouse 2 likes
Building with baths and dressing rooms for public use
Bathroom 1 like
A room containing a bath tub or shower and usually a toilet; also a toilet room
Bathroom Lock1 like
bathroom lock
A keyless privacy lock that is locked from the inside by push-button and opened from the outside by a small device; a privacy lock
Batt 1 like
Section of fiberglass or rockwool insulation 15 or 23 inches wide by four to eight feet long and varying thickness; faced (having a paper covering on one side) or un-faced (without paper)
Batten 3 likes
Narrow wood strips employed to cover joints, or as decorative vertical parts over plywood or wide boards
Batten Seam 1 like
Sheet metal roof seam
Batten Siding 3 likes
Vertical siding with narrow strips of metal or wood covering the joints
Batter 1 like
A slight receding upward slope to the outer building wall face or a retaining wall
Stepping or sloping masonry back in successive courses; the antithesis of corbel
Batter Board 2 likes
Temporary framework to assist in finding the corners when laying a foundation; also used to secure proper elevations of structures, excavations and trenches in construction below the ground
Batter Pile 0 likes
Pile driven at an angle to secure a structure against horizontal or lateral thrust
Battery1 like
One or more cells connected together to produce electric current by the interaction of metals and chemicals
Battery of Fixtures 1 like
Any group of similar adjacent plumbing fixtures that discharge into a common horizontal waste or soil branch
Baudelot Cooler 0 likes
Heat exchanger in which water flows over the outside of the tubes or plates
Bauxite 1 like
Claylike mineral consisting of varying amounts of alumina, the main source of aluminum
Bay 2 likes
Space in a building plan divided by columns, piers, or division walls
Bay Window 4 likes
Any window space projecting out from the building walls, either square or polygonal
Bead 2 likes
Narrow line of weld metal or sealant
Metal or wood strip that secures a sheet of glass
Metal edge or corner accessory for plaster or gypsum board
Narrow, convex molding profile
Bead Weld 2 likes
Weld type with one or more string or weave beads on an unbroken surface; the metal added in welding
Bead, Molding 1 like
Half-round narrow molding attached on a larger piece
Square or rectangular trim less than 1 inch in width
Bead, Parting 3 likes
Narrow strip between the upper and lower sashes in a double-hung window frame
Bead, Plaster 0 likes
Built-in edging usually metal to reinforce a plaster angle
Bead, Sash 0 likes
Strip with an edge molded against where a sash slides
Beaded Molding 0 likes
Cast plaster string of beads in a molding or cornice
Beading 1 like
Ridge or raised linear deformation that can emerge at finished gypsum board joints
Beam 1 like
Straight structural part that mainly resists transverse loads; a term for joists, girders, rafters, and purlins
Beam Bolster 2 likes
A fabricated wire device used to temporarily buoy reinforcing steel in structural formwork like beams and slabs
Beam Chair 0 likes
A wire seat or support for reinforcing bars that secures them while concrete for a beam is poured around them
Beam Clamp 1 like
A device which holds a horizontal structural part to a vertical part
Beam Compass1 like
beam compass
Drafting tool made of wood or a metal bar fitted with a point and a movable pen or pencil holder to use in drawing large radius arcs and circles; a Trammel
Beam Hanger1 like
beam hanger
A strap wire or other device to hang beam forms from another structural part
A steel strap used for supporting the end of a beam
Beam Rail 0 likes
Solid wood band connected to a horizontal structural part
Beam, Bond 1 like
Reinforced horizontal concrete masonry or concrete beam mounted in place to strengthen a masonry wall and keep a masonry wall together
Beam, Concrete 0 likes
Horizontal structural part which transversely supports a load and transfers the load to vertical parts made of a composite material of sand, coarse aggregate, cement and water
Beam, Grade 0 likes
End-supported horizontal load-bearing foundation part that supports an exterior wall or other building load
Beam, Precast 0 likes
Concrete horizontal structural part that is cast and cured somewhere other than its final place, on- or off-site
Beam, Reinforcing 1 like
Horizontal part installed to reinforce and support the load of a structure
Beam, Sheetrock 0 likes
Horizontal part made of plasterboard
Bearding 0 likes
In carpeting, long fiber fuzz on some loop pile fabrics, caused by fibers snagging and loosening due to a lack of anchorage
Bearing Block 0 likes
Piece of wood secured to a column to support a beam or girder
Bearing Capacity 0 likes
Maximum allowable load on a structural element
Bearing Header 0 likes
A beam at right angle to joists and to which joists are nailed in framing for a chimney, stairway, or other opening
A wooden lintel
Horizontal structural part over an opening
Bearing Wall 0 likes
A wall that supports any vertical load more than its own weight
Beating Block 0 likes
Wooden block to embed tiles in a flat plane; the method is called beating in
Becquerel 0 likes
Unit for measuring radiation from radium and radon
Bed 0 likes
The horizontal surface on which the bricks of a wall rest, and the mortar on which the brick rests
See Bed Mold
Bed Coat 0 likes
See Bedding Coat
Bed Joint 0 likes
Horizontal layer of mortar in which a masonry unit is set
Bedding 0 likes
A filling of mortar, putty, or other substance in order to secure a firm bearing
Ground or supports in which pipe is laid
Bedding Coat 0 likes
In gypsum board, the first coat of joint compound over tape, bead, and fastener heads; also called Bed Coat
Coat of plaster to receive aggregate or other decorative material, impinged or embedded into its surface before it sets
Bedding Plane 0 likes
Separation or weakness between two layers of rock created by changes during the building up of the rockforming material
Bedrock 0 likes
Suitable subsurface layer of earth to support a structure
Bell 0 likes
Portion of a pipe which, for a short distance, is large enough to receive the end of another pipe of the same diameter to make a joint; also called Bell End or Hub
Bell Trap2 likes
bell trap
Floor drain trap that consists of an inverted bell with a water seal
Bellows1 like
An instrument or machine that draws in air through a valve or orifice by expansion and contraction and expels it through a tube
Bellows Copper 0 likes
Flexible joint in copper piping that can expand or contract to allow for thermal fluctuations
Bellows Seal 0 likes
Way of sealing the valve stem
Belt Course 0 likes
Course of bricks or other material projecting slightly from the face of the wall
Horizontal board across or around a building, usually made of a flat part and a molding
Horizontal course on the face of a building
Belt Marks 1 like
Surface defect in gypsum board made by the machines forming belt during manufacture
Belt Sander1 like
belt sander
Electric sanding tool where the sand paper abrasive is a continuous belt
Bema 0 likes
Part of an eastern church containing the altar
Bench1 like
Long seat for several people.
Working table or counter for a carpenter, artisan, or scientist
Bench Grinder1 like
bench grinder
A type of  benchtop grinding machine that drives abrasive wheels.
Bench Mark 0 likes
An elevation point used as a reference in determining and recording other elevations
Bench Saw2 likes
bench saw
Power saw held securely on a stationary bench
Bend, Soil 0 likes
Piece of short curved pipe like an elbow connecting two straight links of pipe in a sewage system
Bending 0 likes
The result of a force causing curvature in a linear element
Bending Moment 0 likes
The moment when a beam or other structural part bends
Bending Spring 0 likes
Coil spring on inside or outside of tubing to stop it collapsing while bending it
Bending Stress 0 likes
Compressive or tensile stress caused by the applying non-axial force to a structural part
Beneficiary 0 likes
The person designated to receive the proceeds of an insurance policy
Lender for a trust deed
Bent Bar2 likes
bent bar
Steel reinforcing bar bent to a specific shape such as a truss bar, straight bar with hook, stirrup, or column tie
Bentonite 0 likes
Clay composed mainly of minerals, characterized by high absorption and very large volume change with wetting or drying, swelling to several times its volume when saturated with liquid
Bentonite Membrane 1 like
A thin, pliable sheet or layer made from bentonite; used for waterproofing retaining walls
Benzene1 like
Highly flammable petroleum product used by painters as thinning solvent and diluent; also used in dyeing and as a cleansing agent
Benzol 0 likes
See Benzene
Berm 0 likes
Small artificial ridge of soil at the top of an earth bank to stop water drainage onto the bank
Beryllium Oxide 0 likes
Material of extremely high thermal conductivity which is toxic in the powder form
Bevel 0 likes
A slanted surface; an end or edge cut at an angle other than a right angle
A type of edge preparation on metal for welding
Bevel Board 0 likes
Board used in framing roof or stairway to lay out bevels; also called Pitch Board
Bevel Gears0 likes
bevel gears
Meshing gears on intersecting axes
Beveled Concrete 0 likes
Angle in concrete or inclination of any line in concrete or concrete surface that joins another
Bezel 0 likes
Sloping surface on a cutting tool, as on a chisel
Frame around a glazed opening or a built-in appliance
BHMA 0 likes
Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
BHMA Hinge 0 likes
Hinge that has the seal of approval of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
Bi-Fold Door2 likes
bi-fold door
A door with two leaves, hinged together to close on itself
BIA 0 likes
Brick Institute of America
Bid 0 likes
A formal offer by a contractor based on the specifications for a project to do all or part of the work at a certain price in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the offer; an offer or proposal of a price or the amount offered or proposed
Bid Bond 2 likes
Issued by a surety on behalf of a contractor, a bid bond provides assurance to the recipient of the contractor‘s bid that if the bid is accepted, the contractor will execute a contract and provide a performance bond; the surety must pay the recipient of the bid the difference between the contractor‘s bid and the bid of the next lowest responsible bidder if the bid is accepted and the contractor doesn’t execute a contract or provide a performance bond
Bid Date/Time 0 likes
The final date and time set by the owner, architect, etc. or for receiving bids
Bid Form 0 likes
Standard written form provided to bidders in order to obtain the requested information and signatures from the bidding parties
Bid Opening 0 likes
Process of opening and tabulating bids received within the designated bid date and time and conforming with the bid procedures
Bid Package 0 likes
Documents provided to general contractors who are bidding for a construction project consisting of the bidding requirements and the contract documents; also called the Bidding Documents
Bid Price 1 like
Specific sum stated in the bidder’s bid
Bid Rigging 0 likes
Collusion in a fraudulent practice with secret agreements among competing contractors, owners or agents to control the outcome of a bid
Bid Security 1 like
Funds or a bid bond received with a bid as a guarantee to the recipient that the contractor, if awarded the contract, will execute the contract based on the bidding requirements of the contract documents
Bid Shopper 0 likes
Buyer who attempts to play a potential supplier or subcontractor against another in order to obtain a lower purchase price; a method by which contractors try to secure lower prices from potential subcontractors and material suppliers than the contractors’ original estimates or after a contract is awarded, attempt to induce subcontractors to lower the subcontract price in the bid
Bid Shopping 0 likes
Unethical procedure where a general contractor contacts subcontractors in order to receive lower subcontractor prices after having been awarded the contract for the project
Bid Tabulation 0 likes
Summary sheet listing all bid prices in order to analyze the bid results. Bid tabulations include the specified items of the request to bid, bid amount, completion date and time, addenda, contract exclusions, bonding rate, and other criteria
Bid Time 0 likes
Date and time defined by the architect and owner to receive bid proposals; also called Bid Date
Bidder 0 likes
Prime contractor who submits a bid directly to an owner
Bidding Documents 0 likes
Published advertisement or written request to bid, bidders instructions, bid form and the proposed contract documents with addenda provided before submission of bids
Bidding Period 0 likes
Time period allowed from issuing of bidding requirements and contract documents to the defined bid date/time
Bidding Requirements 0 likes
Procedures and conditions to submit a bid; the written minimum acceptable requirements are provided in documents by the owner during bidding process; the owner generally reserves the right to reject a bid if the requirements are not met; See Bidding Documents
Bidet1 like
A plumbing fixture, the size and shape of a toilet, with cold and hot running water, installed in the bath room
Bifold Door 1 like
Door hinged in the middle that opens in a smaller area than standard swing doors, most often used for closet doors
Bifunctional 0 likes
Having two functions
Billhook 0 likes
Tool with hooked blade employed for cutting and pruning
Bimetallic Strip 0 likes
A strip consisting of two metals that bends as the temperature changes; a bimetallic strip of iron and brass, when heated will bend and straightened on cooling; often used to open or close a switch
Bin 0 likes
Container or enclosed place for storage
Bin Method 0 likes
Way to compute cooling energy use requirements for commercial and industrial buildings and for homes using passive heating and cooling design with high mass thermal storage
Bin, Ice Storage1 like
bin, ice storage
Container for storing ice and keeping it in a solid state
Binder 0 likes
Substance that performs cohesively
Fines that hold dry gravel together
Chemical additive to gypsum board core formulation, often starch, to improve the bond
Nonvolatile part of a paint that binds or cements the pigment particles together; eg. oils, varnishes and proteins
Receipt of deposit to secure the right to purchase a home at agreed upon terms by a buyer and seller
Bindery 0 likes
Premises where books are bound
Binding 0 likes
Strip sewn over a carpet edge to protect unraveling
Biodegradability 0 likes
Ability of a material to rot after use as a result of microorganisms
Biological Contaminants 0 likes
Agents from living organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and antigens that can be inhaled and cause health issues including allergies, respiratory disorders, and infections; also known as microbiologicals or microbials
Bipass Doors 0 likes
Doors that slide by each other and often used as closet doors
BIPV 0 likes
Building Integrated Photovoltaic Cell
Birch 1 like
Hardwood, species Betula
Birch Door1 like
birch security door
Door made or faced with a strong fine-grained birch hardwood
Birch Paneling 0 likes
Rectangular sheets of paneling made with a strong fine-grained birch hardwood
Birch Veneer 0 likes
Thin sheets of strong fine-grained hardwood used in furniture, flooring, and paneling
Bird Peck 0 likes
Small hole or patch of distorted grain in wood caused by birds pecking through the growing cells in the tree
Birdbath 0 likes
Hollow round depression in asphaltic concrete paving or in portland cement concrete flatwork s
Birdcage 0 likes
End of a stair rail where the banisters are curved in a spiral to create a newel post
Birds-Eye 1 like
Small area in wood where the fibers are indented and contorted to form small circular or elliptical figures that look like birds eyes; often seen in sugar maple and used for decorative purposes
Birds-Mouth 0 likes
Notch cut on the bottom side of a rafter to fit it to the top plate
Birdscreen1 like
Wire screening connected to louvers, ventilators and openings to stop entry by birds and small animals
Biscuit Chips 0 likes
Glazed-over chips on the edge or corner of the tile body
Biscuit Cracks 0 likes
Fractures in the body of a tile on the face and back
Bisect 0 likes
Divide into two parts, sometimes equal
Bisque Fire 0 likes
Method of kilnfiring ceramic ware before glazing
Bit 0 likes
Projecting blade of a key cut to actuate the lock tumblers
Removable cutting edge of a drill, known as a drill bit
Replaceable tip or portion that sits in the slotted screw head of a screw gun
Biting 0 likes
Solvent in topcoat of a lacquer surface dissolves or bites into the coat below
Bitting 0 likes
Notches and hollows on the blade of a door lock key
Bitumen 0 likes
Type of black or dark-colored solid, semisolid, or viscous cementitious substances; bitumens are heated to a liquid state, dissolved with a solvent, or emulsified before use
Bituminous 0 likes
Looking like, composed of, or impregnated with hydrocarbon mixtures like tar or asphalt, along with their nonmetallic derivatives
Bituminous Dampproofing 0 likes
Impregnated mixture used on a surface to stop moisture from getting through; dampproofing does not generally resist water under hydrostatic pressure; see Dampproofing
Bituminous Emulsion 0 likes
Suspension of tiny globules of bituminous material in water or in a water solution; suspension of tiny globules of water or an aqueous solution in a liquid bituminous material
Bituminous Grout 0 likes
Bituminous material and fine sand mix that flows into position naturally when heated
Bituminous Membrane 0 likes
Thin layer or sheet of an impregnated mixture used as damp proofing
Bituminous Sidewalk 0 likes
A walkway made with an impregnated mixture of hydrocarbons with aggregate such as sand or stone; often called blacktop
Black Iron Cap 1 like
Steel fitting with female threads which seals the end of a pipe
Blackboard1 like
Panel or board with a smooth dark surface to writing on using chalk
Blacktop 0 likes
Asphaltic concrete paving
Blade1 like
The flat cutting edge of a knife, saw, or other tool or weapon.
Blanc Fixe 0 likes
Artificially manufactured barium sulphate; an extender pigment
Blanket Insulation1 like
blanket insulation
Thermal insulating material made of fibrous glass or mineral wool, at times with paper or foil surfacing, formed in batts or rolls
Blanket Mortgage 0 likes
Single trust deed or mortgage that covers two or more parcels of real property
Blankets 0 likes
Fiberglass or rockwool insulation in long rolls 15 inch or 23 inch wide
Blast Angle 0 likes
Angle of sand blasting nozzle with reference to surface
Blast Cleaning 0 likes
Cleaning with propelled abrasives
Blast Freezer1 like
blast freezer
Low temperature evaporator using a fan to force air quickly over the evaporator surface
Blast Furnace 1 like
Smelting furnace in which compressed hot air is driven
Blast Furnace Slag 0 likes
Non-metallic waste product used both in the manufacture of portland blast furnace slag cement and as an aggregate for lightweight concrete
Bleach1 like
Removes color and stains
Bleacher 1 like
Outdoor tiered stand of benches for seating at a sports center
Bleaching 1 like
Restore discolored or stained wood to its normal color or lighten with bleaching agents
Bleb 0 likes
Small blister or bubble
Bleed-Valve1 like
Valve with a small opening inside that allows a minimum fluid flow when valve is closed
Bleeder Gun 0 likes
Spray gun with no air valve; trigger controls fluid flow
Bleeding 0 likes
Upward motion of asphalt in an asphalt pavement producing a film of asphalt on the surface
Discoloration usually at a joint on a finished wall or ceiling in gypsum board
Penetration of color from the underlying surface; seeping of a stain or lower coat through the top coat, ruining the appearance of the top coat
The draining or loosening of saturants from the roofing material
When coloring material from the wood or undercoat works into succeeding coats and imparts to them a certain amount of color; see Extractive Bleeding.
Slowly reducing the pressure of liquid or gas from a system or cylinder by slightly opening a valve
Bleeding Stain 1 like
Stain which moves through coats of finishing materials
Blend 0 likes
Mix or make homogeneous
Blending 1 like
Mixing a color with another so the colors mix or merge gradually
Blind1 like
Panel, shade, shutter, or screen mounted on a window to block out light, provide protection, insulate or serve as decoration
Blind Header 0 likes
A concealed header in the interior of a wall not appearing on the faces
Blind Nailing 0 likes
Attaching boards to framing or sheathing with nails driven through the edge of each piece so they are hidden by the next board
Nailing the back portion of a roofing ply so the nails will be hidden by the next ply of roofing
Blind Stop 0 likes
Rectangular wood molding in a window assembly that receives the window screen frame
Blind Story 0 likes
Building story without windows
Blind Vent 0 likes
Ineffectual vent in a wall with the appearance of a vent but does not function as a vent
Blinding 1 like
Compacting soil immediately over a tile drain to limit its tendency to move into the tile
Blister 0 likes
Raised sg pot in a built-up roof due to the expansion of trapped moisture, water vapor, or other gases, between any of the layers of roofing or moppin
Loose raised spot on the gypsum board face as a result of an air space or void in the core
Blistering 0 likes
During firing of ceramic tile, the creation of enclosed or broken macroscopic vesicles or bubbles in a body, glaze, or other coating
Bulging of the finish plaster coat as it separates from the basecoat; the resulting protuberances are often called Turtle Backs
Forming of bubbles on surface of paint or varnish film, generally due to moisture behind the film or excessive heat
Blisters 0 likes
Cloudy or milky-looking raised spots on finished surfaces
Protrusions on the finish coat of plaster as a result of applying an overly damp base coat or troweling too early
Block 0 likes
Building split into separate functional parts; distinctive part of a building or structure
Rectangular area of land in a town or city
Block Coating 0 likes
See Transition Primer
Block Dampproofing 0 likes
Applying a water-resistant material to the surface of a concrete or masonry block to stop transfer or absorption of water or moisture; see Dampproofing
Block Demolition 0 likes
Tearing down a block wall
Block Grout 0 likes
Mortar mixes employed in block walls to fill voids and joints
Block Out 0 likes
Mounting a box or barrier in a foundation wall to stop the concrete from entering an area; foundation walls are sometimes blocked to enable mechanical pipes to pass through the wall, to install a crawl space door, and to depress the concrete where a garage door is located
Block Plane2 likes
block plane
Woodworking hand tool used for final smoothing
Block Sequence 0 likes
Combined longitudinal and buildup progression for a continuous multiple-pass weld where separated lengths are totally or partly built up in cross-section prior to intervening lengths being deposited; see Backstep Sequence
Block Vent 1 like
Opening outlet or inlet for air in a block structure
Block, Angle 0 likes
Tile square to change the direction of the trim
Block, Concrete 0 likes
Hollow concretemasonry unit composed of a composite material of sand, cement, coarse aggregate, and water
Block, Glass 0 likes
A hollow masonry unit made of glass
Block, Granite 0 likes
Masonry unit consisting of a tough natural igneous rock
Block, Splash 0 likes
Small masonry block positioned in the ground under a downspout to obtain roof drainage and stop stagnant water or soil erosion
Block, Terminal1 like
block, terminal
Decorative end of a block structure
Blocked Diaphragm 0 likes
Diaphragm with all sheathing edges not on framing parts are secured and connected to wood blocking
Blocked, Door Blocking 0 likes
Wood shims used between the door frame and the vertical structural wall framing elements
Blocked, Rafters 0 likes
Short 2 feet by 4 feet used to keep rafters from twisting at the ends and at mid-span
Blocking 0 likes
Small wood pieces tightly positioned between joists, studs, or rafters in a building frame to stabilize the structure, prevent fire transfer, preserve insulation, or provide a nailing surface for finish materials
System of combining two brick walls that were not built simultaneously; the two adjoining or intersecting walls are joined by offset and overhanging blocks of courses of bricks
Bloom 0 likes
Whitening; blushing; cloudy appearance on varnished surface
Clouding or fogging of paint film, generally due to reactive materials in paint film connecting with dust, oil, gases in air or soluble particles in rain
Blots 0 likes
Marks or stains on the tile face
Blow 0 likes
Large paper area separated from the core during manufacturing in gypsum board; seen as a large swollen blister or a full loose paper sheet
Blow Back 0 likes
Rebound of atomized sprayed substance
Blown-In Insulation 0 likes
Loose cellulose insulation placed in an attic, crawl space, or wall by a blowing machine
Blowout 2 likes
Concrete form giving way
Blowtorch1 like
Gasoline torch employed in burning off paint film by seasoned painters
Blue Lead 0 likes
Bluish-gray lead sulphate that prevents rust
Blue Print 0 likes
Copying method used for architectural drawings to describe the drawing of a structure prepared by an architect or designer
Blue Stain 0 likes
A blue or grey discoloration of the sapwood as a result of the growth of certain dark-colored fungi on the surface and interior of wood
Blue Stake 0 likes
When a utility company comes to the job site, locates and spray paints the ground or installs small flags to display the location of their underground service; also called Utility Notification
Blue-Tops 0 likes
Surveyor’s stakes marked with a blue lumber marking crayon
Blueprint 2 likes
Construction drawing
Bluestone 0 likes
Dark-green to blue-gray sandstone, used in thin slabs to pave surfaces for pedestrian traffic
Blunging 0 likes
Wet agitation process of blending or suspending ceramic material in liquid
Blushing 0 likes
Finish that takes on white or grey cast during the drying period generally due to the precipitation or separating of part of the solid content of the material, creating an opaque appearance
Applied to lacquer when it becomes flat or opaque and white on drying; usually occurs when applied in a humid atmosphere
BM 0 likes
Bench mark
Board1 like
Flat thin piece of sawn lumber, usually long, narrow and less than 2 inches thick
Flat panel of compressed fibers
Group of people having supervisory, investigatory, or advisory powers
Sheet of insulating material with circuit elements and terminals that can be inserted in an electronic apparatus
Board and Batten 0 likes
Linear vertical wood boards with wood strips covering vertical joints employed as an exterior cladding for a framed wall
Board Cement 0 likes
Adhesive that bond pieces of wood
Board Foot 2 likes
Unit of lumber volume, a rectangular solid nominally 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inches; 2 inches x 12 inches x 16 feet = 32 board feet
Board Insulation1 like
board insulation
Rigid form of plastic foam employed as a rigid application insulating surface, usually of polyurethane.
Board Knife2 likes
board knife
Hand tool, such as a Stanley knife, with a disposable blade to sharply score or trim gypsum board products
Board Measure 0 likes
Standard system for measuring lumber; see Board Foot
Board Rafter 0 likes
Wood structural part of the sloping parallel beams used to support a roof
Board Saw1 like
board saw
Short hand saw with rough teeth for cutting gypsum board for door and window frame openings
Board Siding 0 likes
Lumber installed on the exterior walls of a structure employed as the finish sheathing
Board Sub-Flooring 0 likes
Wooden positioned on floor joists where the finished floor is fastened
Board, Composite 0 likes
Board consisting of several compressed materials used for wallboard, sheathing, insulation or an acoustical barrier
Board, Concrete Finish 0 likes
Wood boards placed in the concrete formwork that provide a woodpattern finish to the finished reinforced concrete
Board, Diving1 like
board, diving
A raised narrow platform, often with a sprig at the edge of a swimming pool, extending over the water
Board, Dock 0 likes
Heavy timber in the raised platform used for the loading and unloading of trucks
Board, Ridge 0 likes
Board against which the tips of rafters are secured; the top line of a roof; the ridge
Boarding In 0 likes
Process of nailing boards on the external studding of a home
Boatswain Chair1 like
boatswain chair
Trapeze-like seat slung from rigging to support a worker; a Bosuns Chair
BOCA 0 likes
Building Officials and Code Administrators International, an organization that publishes model building codes
Bodega 0 likes
Wine vault or cellar; a wine shop where wine is drawn from barrels
Bodied Linseed Oil 0 likes
Thickened linseed oil; some are just a little thicker than raw linseed oil; others are almost jelly like
Body 0 likes
Structural portion of ceramic articles or structural portion of an article covered with ceramic tile
Thickness, consistency, or viscosity of a fluid
See Steel Square
Body Coat 0 likes
Intermediate coat of paint between prime and finished coat
Body Feed 0 likes
Continuous inclusion of small amounts of filter aid during the operating of a diatomaceous earth filter
Boiled Linseed Oil 0 likes
Linseed oil that hardens more rapidly when spread in thin coatings
Boiled Oil 0 likes
Drying oil treated with driers to shorten the drying period
Boiler 0 likes
Fuel-burning apparatus that produces hot water or steam
Heating system where water is employed as the distribution medium
Boiler Bow Off 0 likes
Outlet on a boiler to allow emptying or discharging of materials in the boiler
Boiler Horsepower 0 likes
Heating capacity of 33,475 Btu/hour (983 watts)
Boiler Plate 0 likes
Standardized or hackneyed language in a contract
Boiler Room 0 likes
Area for a hot water or steam boiler, circulating pumps, and other equipment; engine room
Boiler, High-Pressure 0 likes
Boiler producing steam at pressures of 15 pounds per square inch gauge or higher
Boiler, Hot-Water and Low-Pressure Steam 0 likes
Boiler producing hot water at pressures no greater than 30 pounds per square inch gauge or steam at pressures no greater than 15 pounds per square inch gauge
Boiling Point 1 like
Temperature at which liquid boils, or when a liquid begins transform to gas; water boils at 100° C or 212° F
Boiling Temperature 0 likes
Boiling point; temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas
Bole 0 likes
Fine soft clay, yellow or dark, used as a pigment
Bollard Pipe1 like
bollard pipe
Short steel post, usually filled with concrete to prevent vehicular access or to protect property from damage
Steel or cast iron post where ships are tied
Bolster 1 like
Short length of timber mounted horizontally across the top of a post to produce a greater bearing surface for a girder or girders, or to allow a post above to set between the ends of the girders, or to shorten the span of girders
Long wire chair that supports steel reinforcing bars in a concrete slab while the concrete is being positioned
Bolster, Slab 0 likes
Continuous, individual support that secures steel reinforcing bars in the right position
Bolt2 likes
Threaded metal rod or pin for joining part used with a threaded nut
Sliding bar used to lock a door or gate
A bar in a lock that is moved by a key
Bolt Cutter1 like
bolt cutter
Hand tool using leverage that shears bolts and steel reinforcing rods
Bolt, Anchor 0 likes
Steel bolt that secures wood construction to concrete or masonry
Bolt, Carriage0 likes
bolt, carriage
Threaded bolt with a rounded smooth head and a square neck under the head to stop rotation
Bolt, Dead1 like
dead bolt
Lock bolt without spring action or bevel, operated by a key or a turn piece
Bolt, Door1 like
bolt door
Tongue of a lock to stop a door from opening
Bolt, Wood 0 likes
Bolts specifically used in wood applications that sink into the wood to stop turning
Bolted Steel 0 likes
Steel structural system where the parts are combined and connected with bolts
Bolted Truss 0 likes
Beams, frames, trusses, or other supports connected to secure a roof, bridge, or floor system, fastened with bolts
Bolting Pattern 0 likes
Arrangement, spacings, and dimensions of bolts used to attach two or more structural parts
Bond Beam 0 likes
Horizontal reinforced masonry beam serving as an integral part of the wall
Bond Breaker 1 like
Material that prevents adhesion of newly positioned concrete to other surfaces
Bond Coat 0 likes
Material between the back of the tile and the prepared surface such as pure portland cement, dry-set portland cement mortar, latex-type portland cement mortar or organic adhesive
Bond or Bonding 0 likes
Money deposited with a governmental agency to secure a contractor‘s license; may be used to pay for unpaid bills or disputed work of the contractor; rarely employed in residential construction, the bond serves as an insurance policy to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project; See Bid Bond; Contract Bond; Contract Payment Bond; Contract Performance Bond; Labor and Material Payment Bond; Performance Bond; Subcontractor Bond; surety
Bond Plaster 1 like
Formulated gypsum plaster used a first coat application over monolithic concrete
Bondability 0 likes
Ease or difficulty in bonding a material with adhesive
Ease or difficulty of a contractor in obtaining a surety bond
Bonded Stop Notice 0 likes
Stop notice with a surety bond that guarantees any costs assessed against the claimant if the claimant loses its lawsuit; see Stop Notice
Bonded Tendon 0 likes
Pre-stressed tendon bonded to concrete directly or through grouting.
Bonder 0 likes
Bonding unit
Bonderized Flagpole 0 likes
Metal flagpole for protection against the elements
Bonderizing 0 likes
Five-step proprietary custom process for phosphatizing
Bonding 0 likes
Bonding Agent2 likes
bonding agent
Substance that creates a bond between it and the next layer between a subsurface and a terrazzo topping or a next plaster application
Bonding Company 0 likes
Licensed firm willing to execute a surety bond(s) payable to the owner, securing the performance on a contract either in whole or partially; or securing payment for labor and materials
Bonding Jumper 0 likes
Reliable conductor ensuring the necessary electrical conductivity between metal parts that will be electrically connected
Connection between the grounded circuit conductor and the equipment grounding conductor
Connection between two or more portions of the equipment grounding conductor
Connection between parts of a conductor in a circuit to maintain required amps of the circuit.
Bonnet 0 likes
Upper part of the gate valve body in which the disc of a gate valve rises when opened
Bonus 1 like
Extra payment to a contractor for achieving a specific objective
Book Matched 0 likes
Wood veneer where the grain matches like an open book
Boom 0 likes
A long beam extending out to lift or carry an object and guide it; a derrick boom
A barrier across a river or around an area of water to stop floating logs from dispersing or to contain an oil spill
Truck used to lift heavy material into place
Booster 0 likes
Compressor used as the first stage in the cascade refrigerating system
Booth 0 likes
Small temporary structure used as a market stall
Small enclosure used for purposes such as for telephoning or voting
Table and benches in a restaurant or bar
Booth, Spray 0 likes
Area in a building utilized for spray painting; blocked off by walls to stop dust and dirt from work surface
Border 1 like
Edge or boundary
Bore 0 likes
Drill a hole
Diameter of a tube
Internal diameter of a motor cylinder
Bored Lock 0 likes
Door lock inserted in a circular hole.
Boring 0 likes
Creating holes in wood or metal to insert bolts, nails and other fasteners
Rotary drilling
Drilling into the ground to draw samples of earth for testing
Boring Bar Head 1 like
The head of a tool used in metalwork and woodwork.
Borrow Pit 0 likes
Area specified as the source of earth removal used somewhere else for fill
Borrowed Light Opening 0 likes
Glazed window unit in an interior partition
Boss 1 like
Round knob, stud, or other protrusion on the center of a shield or ornament
Ornamental carving enveloping the juncture of the ribs in a vault and the ceiling
Boston Ridge 0 likes
Creating a finish of asphalt or wood shingles at the ridge or at the hips of a roof
Bosuns Chair1 like
bosuns chair
See Boatswains Chair
Bottom Bars 0 likes
Reinforcing bars positioned close to the bottom of a reinforced concrete beam or slab
Bottom Beam 0 likes
Lowest horizontal part securing a building
Bottom Chord 0 likes
Lower or bottom horizontal part of a truss
Bottom Dip 0 likes
Deepest water or waste point in a trap
Bottom Pivot Hinge 0 likes
Flexible pair of plates secured with a pin to permit swinging of a door installed at the bottom
Bottom Plate 0 likes
Bottom continuous horizontal part supporting the studs in wood stud framing construction; also called the sole plate
Boulder 0 likes
Large stone worn smooth by erosion; a rock which is too heavy to be lifted easily
Bounce-Back 0 likes
Spray back similar to blowback
Boundary 0 likes
Separating line that defines a limit
Boundary Elements 0 likes
Parts along wall and diaphragm edges fortified by longitudinal and transverse reinforcement
Boundary Survey 0 likes
Survey of the property lines of a land lot
Bourdon Tube 1 like
Thin-walled circular flat tube of elastic metal used in pressure gauges
Bow 0 likes
Distortion of lumber perpendicular to the flat face from a straight line from end-to-end of the piece
Bow Trowel 0 likes
Finishing trowel used for the final application of gypsum board joint treatment
Bow Window 0 likes
Bay window with a curved front
Bowl, Toilet1 like
bowl toilet
Oval part of a toilet that receives the waste and fills with water after flushing the toilet tank
Box Beam 0 likes
Beam which in cross section has the appearance of a closed rectangular box
Box Culvert 0 likes
Concrete rectangular reinforced drainage structure cast in place or made of precast sections
Box Culvert Formwork 0 likes
Temporary wood structure that secures wet concrete for the final curing of a rectangular-shaped, reinforced concrete drainage system
Box Culvert Reinforcing 0 likes
Iron or steel rods embedded in the wet concrete of a rectangular-shaped drainage system as reinforcement
Box Cutter1 like
box cutter
Hand tool that cuts electrical outlet holes in gypsum board
Box System 0 likes
Framing system that consists of bearing walls with lateral forces resisted by shear walls and diaphragms
Box Wrench1 like
box wrench
End wrench where the gripping end encircles the nut or bolt head
Box, Distribution 0 likes
Box that contains circuit breakers, connects to the service wires, and distributes current to the outlets in a building
Box, Gang1 like
box, gang
Electrical rough-in that provides for two or more outlets or switches
Box, Junction1 like
box junction
Metal or hard plastic electrical rough-in box containing wire or cable connections
Box, Plastic 0 likes
Plastic electrical box that joins electrical wires nailed in place
Box, Screw Cover1 like
box, screw cover
Removable ornamental or protective plate installed on an electrical rough-in box
Box, Tap 0 likes
Electrical box where the public service electrical supply line is connected with a branch to serve a building
Box, Terminal1 like
box, terminal
Metal electrical box with a removable cover that contains leads from electrical equipment to connect to a power source
Box, Weatherproof1 like
box, weatherproof
An electrical box for exterior installation that is impermeable to outside elements
Boxing 0 likes
Mixing by pouring back and forth from one container to another
Boyles Law 0 likes
Physical law asserting that the volume of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature and inversely proportional to its pressure
Brace 0 likes
Cranked hand tool to clasp a bit for drilling holes
A diagonal component that strengthens and reinforces a structure
Braced Frame 2 likes
A truss system or its counterpart that opposes lateral forces; dependent on diagonal braces for stability and capability to oppose lateral forces
Braced Wall Line 0 likes
Braced wall panel series in a single story
Braces 0 likes
Pieces fitted and firmly secured to two others at any angle to reinforce the structure
Bracing 0 likes
Diagonal parts that stabilize a structure against lateral loads
Structural part that prevents buckling or rotation of wood studs
A projecting support for a shelf or other structure
In furring and lathing, a superficial structure generally in angles creating a frame to hold lath; saves material and weight in ornaments
Bracket Hanger 0 likes
Hanger supporting a wall-hung sink
Bracket, Wall1 like
wall bracket
Wall-mounted support for shelving or another object
Wall-mounted lighting fixture
Brad 0 likes
Small thin wire nail with a thick top for a head
Brake 0 likes
A machine for bending or folding sheet metal
Brake Metal2 likes
brake metal
Sheet metal bent into a specific configuration such as gravel stop, L-shaped, or Z-shaped; formed on a sheet metal brake
Branch 0 likes
A part of a system or structure that diverges from the main part; a smaller or subordinate duct, pipe, or circuit extending from the main line
Branch Breaker1 like
branch breaker
A switch which prevents the flow of current by opening the circuit automatically when additional electricity flows through the circuit than the circuit is capable of supporting; resetting can be automatic or manual
Branch Circuit 1 like
A circuit supplying localized electrical outlets from a single breaker
Branch Circuit, Lighting 0 likes
Circuits furnishing energy to lighting outlets
Branch Circuit, Motor 0 likes
Circuits from the motor branch circuit protective device to the motor, comprising of the controller and overload protective device
Branch Circuit, Multiwire 0 likes
A multiwire branch circuit has two or more ungrounded conductors with a potential difference between them, and a grounded conductor having equal potential difference between it and each ungrounded conductor of the circuit connected to the neutral conductor in the system
Branch Interval 0 likes
Vertical distance never less than 8 feet and usually a floor in height in which the horizontal branches from a floor of a building are connected to the main DWV stack
Branch Vent1 like
branch vent
A vent pipe connecting a branch of the drainage system to the main stack
Brass 0 likes
A metal compound mainly consisting of copper and zinc in variable amounts
Brass Fitting1 like
brass fitting
Threaded brass pipe connector that joins two pieces of pipe
Braze 0 likes
Solder with a brass and zinc alloy at a high temperature
Braze Welding 0 likes
Often performed as in fusion welding although the base metal is not melted; the base metal is brought up to a tinning temperature which presents as a dull red color, and a bead is dropped over the seam with a bronze filler rod; also known as Bronze Welding
Brazed Connection 0 likes
Parts toughened and combined by soldering with an alloy
Brazing 0 likes
A welding process where coalescence is created by heating to temperatures above 800° F. employing a nonferrous filler metal with a melting point below the base metals; the filler metal is spread between the closely fitting surfaces of the joint by capillary attraction
Breach of Contract 0 likes
Failure to perform an action required by a contract
Break 0 likes
Damage by separating into pieces as a result of a blow
Interruption in a circuit
Interruption in continuity such as a plastered wall or cornice
Break Joints 0 likes
Arranging joints so that they do not position immediately under or over the joints of adjoining pieces as in siding, shingling, and brick laying
Break-Even Point 0 likes
The financial position where total revenue received equals the sum of expenses for a particular project where there is no profit or loss
Breakdown 0 likes
Itemized list of building costs
Breaker Panel1 like
breaker panel
The electrical box that supplies electric power in the home to each plug and switch consisting of circuit breakers
Breaker Strip 1 like
Strip of wood or plastic that covers the joint between the outer case and inside liner of a refrigerator
Breaker, Circuit1 like
breaker, circuit
A switch that stops the flow of current by opening the circuit automatically when more electricity flows through the circuit than the circuit is capable of supporting; resetting may be either automatic or manual
Breaker, Main2 likes
main breaker
A switch in a main electrical service panel where the service wires attach
Breaker, Vacuum 0 likes
Electrical breaker with a space that contains reduced air pressure
Breaking Joints 0 likes
Laying of bricks so that no two vertical joints align directly over one another to reinforce the structure
Breakpoint 0 likes
Point where the concentration of chlorine in swimming pools kills germs and bacteria by oxidizing organic matter; the remaining chlorine is free or uncombined
Breast 0 likes
Front part of a fireplace around the firebox opening.
Projecting part of a chimney, particularly when projecting into a room
Breast Drill1 like
breast drill
A portable drill with a plate for the operator to lean against to provide pressure
Breastplate 1 like
Pressure plate of a breast drill
Breastsummer 0 likes
Beam to carry the load above a fireplace opening, also called bressumer
Breeching 0 likes
Area in hot water or steam boilers between the end of the tubing and the jacket
Bressumer 0 likes
See Breastsummer
BRI 0 likes
Building-Related Illness
Brick1 like
A solid masonry unit having the shape of a rectangular prism; usually made from clay, shale, fire clay, or a mixture of them
Brick Anchor 0 likes
Fasteners that attach and secure a brick veneer to a concrete or brick wall
Brick and Brick 0 likes
Laying of bricks so the bricks touching and the mortar is just sufficient to fill the unevenness in the bricks
Brick Bat 0 likes
Portion of a brick, usually half a brick or less
Brick Bond 0 likes
Pattern or arrangement of bricks in a wall
Brick Firewall 0 likes
Wall that prevents or slows down the spread of fire
Brick Industry Association (BIA) 0 likes
1850 Centennial Park Drive, Reston, VA 20191 Tel: (703) 620-0010, Fax: (703) 620-3928, URL: http://www.gobrick.com/
Brick Ledge 0 likes
Part of the foundation wall where brick or brick veneer rests
Brick Lintel1 like
brick lintel
Metal angle iron that brick rests on, particularly above a window, door, or opening
Brick Manhole 0 likes
Vertical access shaft from the surface to an underground area made of bricks
Brick Mason 1 like
A mason who builds in brick; also called a brick layer; see Mason
Brick Molding 0 likes
Milled trim piece that fills the gap between finished milled parts such as door and window frames and uneven surfaces
Brick Tie 1 like
Small, corrugated metal strip 1 inch X 6 inch to 8 inch long nailed to wall sheeting or studs; inserted into the grout mortar joint of the veneer brick, and secures the veneer wall to the sheeted wall behind it
Brick Tongs 0 likes
Iron grasping device like scissors enabling two workers to lift and move a pile of bricks
Brick Trowel1 like
brick trowel
The brick trowel, larger than the buttering trowel, is the main tool of masons; used when any preparatory brick work is needed; used in the buttering and tapping in of block, brick, or larger tiles
Brick Veneer 0 likes
A one brick thick external brickwork facing used to cover a wall of other material
Brick, Chimney1 like
chimney brick
Brick specifically for chimneys able to withstand high temperatures without cracking
Brick, Fire 0 likes
Fire-resistant brick that has been graded for specific construction uses; suitable for masonry fireplace fire-boxes and fire chambers
Brick, Masonry 0 likes
Bricks shaped and molded in different sizes and shapes
Brick, Paver 0 likes
Brick units used in foot traffic areas; usually 4 inch wide by 8 inch long, and 1-5/8 inch to 2-1/4 inch thick
Bricklayer 0 likes
A brick mason
Brickwork 0 likes
Masonry of bricks and mortar
Bridge 0 likes
Straightedge employed as a starting line for laying of tile that can be blocked up to hold tile over an opening
Bridge Crane 0 likes
Hoisting device covering two overhead rails that moves laterally along the bridge with the bridge moving longitudinally along the rails
Bridge Deck 0 likes
Slab or other structure creating the travel surface of a bridge
Bridge Glaze 0 likes
High gloss ceramic glaze
Bridging 0 likes
Diagonal or longitudinal parts that ensure horizontal parts are correctly spaced laterally, vertically, and to distribute load; pieces fitted in pairs from the bottom of one floor joist to the top of adjacent joists, and crossed to distribute the floor load
Producing a skin over a depression in painting
Bridging Architect 0 likes
An owner’s architect who designs the project and then is replaced by the design/build entity’s architect who creates the construction documents
Briding 0 likes
An area sized to fit inside the flanges of studs and channels to brace construction
Bright Blast 0 likes
White blast
Bright Glaze 0 likes
A high-gloss coating
Brine 0 likes
Water saturated or strongly permeated with salt
Brinell Hardness Test 0 likes
Laboratory test to measure the hardness of a material by hydraulically pressing a steel ball into the surface
British Thermal Unit (BTU) 1 like
Quantity of heat required to raise temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit
Brittle 0 likes
Easily broken; not tough
Brittle Failure 0 likes
Failure in material that has a very limited plastic range or subject to sudden failure without warning
Broach 1 like
Pointed or tapered tools, implements, or parts
Drill bit
Pointed tool for dressing stone
Broad Knife1 like
broad knife
Wide flexible finishing knife used to apply joint finishing compound
Broad-Leaved Trees 0 likes
See Hardwoods
Broadcast 0 likes
Sprinkle solid particles on a surface
Broadloom1 like
Carpet woven on a broad loom in widths of 6 feet or more, generally 6 feet, 9 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet and 18 feet widths, and up to 30 feet in Chenille; a specification of width
Broker 0 likes
An agent who brings parties together for the leasing or sale of real property for a commission or fee
Bronze 0 likes
Alloy of copper and tin and at times other elements
Bronze Tools 0 likes
Non-sparking tools used when fire hazards are acute
Bronze Welding 0 likes
See Braze Welding
Bronzing 0 likes
Forming of metallic sheen on a paint film
Bronzing Liquid 0 likes
Used to bind aluminum, gold, or bronze powder
Broom1 like
Long handled brush of bristles for sweeping and brushing that is also employed for concrete finishing
To separate the fibers in a broom shape when a pile is partially crushed under the blows of the pile driver
Broom Finish 1 like
Finish added to an uncured concrete surface to provide skid or slip resistance created by dragging a broom across a freshly made concrete surface
Brown Coat 0 likes
The coat of plaster directly under the finish coat; in two-coat work, the basecoat plaster applied over the lath; in three coat work, the second coat applied over a scratch coat; applied with a rough surface to receive the finish coat
Brown Out 0 likes
Finish applying basecoat plaster
Brown Stain 1 like
Brown discoloration of sapwood of some pines due to a fungus
Brownfield Site 0 likes
A previously built on site that is possibly polluted with toxic chemicals; compare with Greenfield Site
Brownstone 0 likes
A building of sandstone brown color, or faced with sandstone
Brush1 like
Painter’s tool consisting of bristles set into a handle to apply paint and other coatings to a surface
Electrical conductor that makes contact with a moving part
Brush Cutting 0 likes
Removing unwanted plants to clear an area
Brush Hook 0 likes
A long handled tool for clearing brush
Brush-Off Blast 0 likes
Lowest blast cleaning standard
Brushability 0 likes
Adaptability of paint to apply with a brush, or ease with which paint can be brushed
Brushcoating 0 likes
Application of paint, stucco color, or other material with a broad brush
Brushed Surface 0 likes
Sandy texture created by brushing the surface of fresh or slightly hardened concrete with a stiff brush for architectural effect, or in pavements to increase skid resistance
Brussels 0 likes
Loop pile or roundwire carpet woven on the Wilton loom
BSSC 0 likes
Building Seismic Safety Council
BTU 0 likes
British thermal unit; measurement of the heat energy to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit
Bubble 4 likes
A large void in the core of gypsum board due to trapping air while the core is fluid during production
Bubbling 0 likes
Appearance of bubbles while a coat is being applied
Buck 0 likes
Assembly of the framing for a rough door or window opening; see Window Bucks
Bucket2 likes
Large metal container in which concrete is discharged; raised by a crane to the placement area
A cylindrical open container comprised of metal or plastic with a handle that holds and carries liquids or other materials.
Bucket Trap 0 likes
Mechanical steam trap that works on buoyancy to stop the passage of steam through the mechanical system it is protecting
Buckles 1 like
In old plastering, raised or ruptured spots which eventually crack exposing the lath beneath; usually due to applying plaster over dry, broken or improperly applied wood lath
Buckling 0 likes
Collapse in a sudden sideways deflection; structural failure by gross lateral deflection of a slender element under compressive stress
Wrinkling or ridging of the carpet after installation due to inadequate stretching, dimensional instability, or manufacturing flaws
Budget, Construction Budget 0 likes
Itemized summary of forecasted or proposed expenditures for a given period
Amount of money set aside for a specific project
Buffer 1 like
Pile of blasted rock left against or near a face that enhances fragmentation and reduces dispersion from the next blast
Buffing Compound1 like
buffing compound
Soft abrasive stick bonded with wax
Buglehead Screw 0 likes
Screw that sits under the plane of the gypsum board surface without tearing the paper
Build 0 likes
Construct by combining materials or parts
Builder 0 likes
A person who constructs; a building contractor
Builder’s Risk Insurance 0 likes
Insurance coverage during a construction project, with extended coverage that may be included to protect the client
Builders Hardware 0 likes
Hardware used in construction, such as bolts, nails, nuts, screws, hinges, and other fastenings, metal and plastic parts, butts, and similar items
Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) 0 likes
355 Lexington Ave, 15th Floor, New York, New York 10017, Tel: (212) 297-2122, URL: http://www.buildershardware.com/
Builders Level1 like
builders level
Measures and sets levels on a construction property; also called a Contractors Level
Building 0 likes
Combining materials or parts
A fixed structure enclosed by a roof and exterior walls
Building Brick 1 like
Brick for building purposes; also called Common Brick
Building Codes 0 likes
Legal requirements set forth by governing agencies defining the minimum acceptable standards for all types of construction; see Codes
Building Coverage 0 likes
Percentage of land covered by building structures
Building Demolition 1 like
The destruction of an existing structure
Building Drainage System 0 likes
Pipe system that carries away waste water and sewage; also called House Drainage System
Building Envelope 0 likes
Waterproof parts of a building that enclose spaces through which thermal energy may be transferred to or from the outside
Exterior structure of the building
Building Excavation 0 likes
Removing earth and rock to make room for a foundation
Building Inspector/Official 2 likes
Government representative authorized to inspect construction for compliance with applicable building codes, regulations and ordinances
Building Insurance 1 like
Insurance that covers the structure of the building
Building Lime 1 like
Lime suited for usual or special construction; also called construction lime
Building Main 0 likes
Water supply pipe that transports the water from the supply source to the first branch of the building’s water distribution system
Building Official 0 likes
Representative charged with administration and enforcement of the pertinent building code
Building Paper1 like
building paper
Papers, felts, and similar sheet materials used in buildings; usually in long rolls
Building Permit 0 likes
Document issued by the appropriate governmental authority allowing construction to commence on a specified project according to specifications
Building Process 0 likes
Specified steps of a construction project from its concept to final acceptance and habitation
Building Related Illness 0 likes
Diagnosable illness where symptoms are identifiable and the cause is directly attributed to airborne building pollutants
Building Residual 0 likes
A real estate appraisal technique where a judicious return on the land is subtracted from the income, the balance then ascribed to the improvements
Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) 0 likes
A council of the National Association of Building Sciences 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005-4905 Tel: (202) 289-7800, http://www.nibs.org/
Building Sewer 0 likes
Piping that transfers soil and waste water from the building drain to the public sewer or private sewage disposal system; also called House Sewer
Building Sub-Drain 1 like
Part of the drainage system that collects the discharge from the fixtures and cannot drain into the building sewer because it is located below the building sewer or building drain
Building Trap 0 likes
A trap placed in the building drain to stop sewer gases from the sewer main entering
Building, Metal 0 likes
Building made of a structural steel frame, metal roof and wall panels; usually prefabricated offsite and assembled at the site
Built-In Oven1 like
built-in oven
An oven installed in a wall or cabinet
Built-In Shelving 1 like
Shelving permanently mounted in a cabinet frame
Built-Up Member 0 likes
A single structural component constructed from fastening several pieces
Built-Up Plaque 0 likes
Localized abnormal patch layers on a surface
Built-Up Roof 0 likes
Roofing with three to five layers of asphalt felt laminated with coal tar, pitch, or asphalt, the top finished with crushed slag or gravel; usually used on flat or low-pitched roofs
Built-Up Roofing Membrane (BUR) 0 likes
Roofing material employed in sealed waterproof layers, or saturated or coated felts interspersed with layers of bitumen, surfaced with mineral aggregate or asphaltic materials
Built-Up Steel Lintel 0 likes
Lintel constructed of two or more pieces of structural steel fastened together to function as one component
Built-Up Timber 0 likes
A timber composed of several pieces secured together and producing one larger component
Bulb Tee 1 like
Rolled steel in the shape of a T with a formed bulb at the edge of the web
Bulb, Sensitive1 like
bulb, sensitive
Part of sealed fluid apparatus that responds to temperature; employed to measure temperature or to control a mechanism
Bulge 0 likes
Swelling or lump
Bulk 0 likes
Large mass, size or quantity
A small structure projecting out from a building, such as a booth or stall
To cause to swell or bulge
Bulk Density 0 likes
Weight per unit of volume of a substance
Bulk Excavation 0 likes
Mining or digging out of large quantities of dirt and debris
Bulk Mail Slot 0 likes
A sufficiently large opening in a wall or door to enable receipt of large pieces of mail
Bulkhead 0 likes
A vertical divider that separates compartments on a ship or airplane
Structure with a sloping door that provides access to a cellar stairway or shaft
Structure that resists pressure or turns off water, fire, or gas
A holding wall along a waterfront
Bulkhead Formwork 0 likes
Temporary formwork blocking fresh concrete from an area of forms, or closing the end of a form at a construction joint
Bulking 0 likes
Increase in bulk volume of moist sand over the volume of the same quantity dry
Bulking Curve 0 likes
Graph of the change in volume of an amount of sand caused by adjustments in moisture content
Bulking Factor 0 likes
Ratio of the volume of moist sand to the volume of dry sand
Bulking Value 0 likes
Ability of a pigment to add volume to paint
Bull Float1 like
bull float
Flat, rectangular wood, aluminum, or magnesium tool employed to smooth unformed surfaces of fresh concrete
Bull Nose, Drywall 1 like
Round drywall corners
Bulldozer 0 likes
A tractor driven machine with a horizontal blade that clears land, roads, and other obstacles
Bulletin Board1 like
bulletin board
A wall hanging unit upon which houses information and messages; a thin board usually made of cork hung on a wall to attach public announcements
Bulletproof 0 likes
Prevents breaking or penetration from any strong external force
Bulletproof Glass 0 likes
A protective laminated heat and pressure-bonded glass sheet with resin sheets to resist bullets
Bulletproof Partition 0 likes
A dividing wall that resists the transfer of bullets
Bullnose Block 0 likes
A concrete masonry unit which has one or more round external corners
Bullnose, Corner 0 likes
Ceramic tile bullnose trim with a convex radius on two adjacent edges
Bullnose, Glazed 2 likes
Ceramic trim tile with a convex radius on one edge and a glassy or glossy surface
Bulls Eye 0 likes
A small circular window or opening; bull’s eye window
A small thick disc of glass mounted to bring in light
Bumper, Dock 0 likes
Thick rubber units positioned under loading dock openings to absorb the shock and stop damage when trucks back in to load or unload
Bumper, Door2 likes
bumper, door
Rubber tip devices installed on walls or baseboards to stop door knobs from damaging walls
Bund Wall 0 likes
A wall built around a tank to secure its contents in case the tank or its piping springs a leak
Bundle 0 likes
A package of shingles; usually, there are 3 bundles per square and 27 shingles per bundle
Bundled Bars 0 likes
A group of four or less parallel steel reinforcing bars in contact, usually secured together
Bundling Tape 0 likes
End tape to fasten two pieces of gypsum board into a bundle
Bunker 0 likes
Area where ice or cooling element is positioned in commercial installations
Buoyant Uplift 0 likes
Water or liquefied soil force that can raise a building foundation from the ground
BUR 0 likes
Built-Up Roofing
Burden 0 likes
Money that has to be added to cover overhead
Burglar Alarm3 likes
Burglar Alarm
Security system that indicates when any contacts are interrupted
Burglar Bars1 like
burglar bars
A grille of steel bars that protect a window from intrusion
Burl 0 likes
A hard wood tree outgrowth used for highly figured veneers
Burlap 0 likes
A coarse fabric of jute, hemp, or flax employed as a waterretention cover in curing concrete surfaces; also called Hessian
Burlap Rub 1 like
A finish achieved by rubbing burlap to remove surface irregularities from concrete
Burlap, Concrete 0 likes
A curing concrete surface with a coarse fabric of jute, hemp, or flax used as a waterretention cover
Burling 0 likes
A repair process for worn or damaged carpet
Burn 1 like
Cut metal with a gas flame
Burned 0 likes
Over-dried, partly calcined gypsum board
Burned Finish 1 like
Wood finish where the hard part of grain stands out in relief; achieved by using blowtorch and a stiff bristled brush
Burner1 like
Device where fuel burning occurs
Burning In 0 likes
Restoring a finish by using a heated knife blade or iron
Burnish 0 likes
Polish by rubbing
Burnoff Rate 0 likes
See Melting Rate
Burnt Sienna 0 likes
Earthy substance used in paint; sienna that has been roasted
Burnt Umber 0 likes
Brown earthy substance used in paint; umber that has been roasted
Burr 0 likes
A sharp, rough, in-turned edge on a pipe that has been cut but not reamed
Burst Strength 0 likes
Internal pressure to break a pipe or fitting; pressure varies according to the rate of build-up of the pressure and the time the pressure is maintained
Bus Bar2 likes
bus bar
A large, flat conductor, generally solid copper that transfers very high electrical currents
Un-insulated bar or tube employed as an electrical conductor at a circuit junction
Bus Duct 0 likes
A prefabricated unit that has one or more electric conductors, often a metal bar that connects two or more circuits
Bus Duct Connection 0 likes
A metal bar that connects two or more circuits in a prefabricated unit
Bus Ground 0 likes
The place where the neutral (white) service wire connects to the earth by the ground wire in the main electrical service panel
Bush Hammer1 like
bush hammer
In stone dressing, a steel hammer employed in finishing the harder stones
Bushed Nipple 0 likes
A pipe threaded at both ends to connect two pipes of different sizes
Bushing 0 likes
A removable cylindrical lining for an opening that limits the size of an opening, resists abrasion, or serves as a guide
Electrically insulating lining for a hole to protect a through conductor
Pipe fitting with male and female threads employed in a fitting to decrease the size; used to connect pipes of different sizes
Bushing, Conduit 0 likes
A threaded metal or plastic pipe connector that connects conduit to a box or other housing where the hole is not threaded
Business Entity Concept 0 likes
The notion that a business is separate and distinct from its owners’ financial functions and holdings
Butane2 likes
A gaseous hydrocarbon employed in liquefied form as fuel; also used as a low temperature application refrigerant
Butlers Pantry 0 likes
A service room between the kitchen and dining room
Butt 1 like
The larger of the two ends of a log
See Butt Hinge.
Pile Butt
Butt Edge 1 like
Lower edge of the shingle tabs
Butt Hinge1 like
butt hinge
A leaf connects to the door‘s edge, the other to its jamb
Butt Joint 0 likes
Junction where the ends of two timbers or bricks meet, and also where sheets of drywall meet; to place materials end-to-end or end-to-edge without overlapping
Butt Weld 0 likes
A weld in a butt joint between two components lying more or less in the same plane
Butt Welded Pipe 0 likes
Pipe joined by welding
Butt, Pile 0 likes
See Pile Butt
Butterflies 0 likes
Color imperfections on a lime putty finish wall that smear under pressure from the trowel; due to lime lumps not passed through a screen and inadequate mixing of the gauging
Butterfly Reinforcement 0 likes
Metal reinforcement strips positioned diagonally over the plaster base at the corners of openings prior to plastering
Butterfly Roof 1 like
Roof shape similar to an inverted gable, the rain gutter in the middle instead of the ridge
Butterfly Tie 0 likes
See Ties
Butterfly Valve1 like
butterfly valve
A valve made with a disc that turns 90 degrees in the valve body
Buttering 0 likes
Spreading mortar on a masonry unit before it is positioned
Spreading of a bond coat to the backs of ceramic tile just prior to when the tile is placed
See Surfacing
Buttering Trowel1 like
The blade is around 4-1/2 inches wide and 7 inches long; employed in buttering rich mortar to masonry, a method commonly employed in the eastern states
Buttonback Tile 0 likes
Tile that have round or square projections on the bondable side
Buttress 0 likes
A projecting structure of masonry or wood for supporting or stabilizing a wall or building wall and to respond against horizontal external forces
The broad base of a tree trunk or a thick vertical part of it
Butyl Acetate 1 like
A lacquer solvent
Butyl Alcohol 0 likes
Alcohol of higher boiling range than wood alcohol or grain alcohol
Butyl Caulk2 likes
butyl caulk
Caulking made from various synthetic rubbers from butanes
Butyl Membrane 1 like
Malleable thin sheets or layers made from synthetic rubber
Buy Down 0 likes
Subsidy usually paid by a builder or developer to lower monthly payments on a mortgage
BX Cable1 like
BX cable
Indoor wiring comprised of two or more insulated wires shielded by a wound, galvanized steel strip cover, the metal winding creating a pliable tube creating fortification like rigid conduit
BX Clamp1 like
BX clamp
Clamping device to secure BX cable in place against a wooden or metal component
By Fold Door1 like
By Fold Door
Doors hinged in the middle for opening in a smaller area than standard swing doors; usually for closet doors
Bypass 0 likes
Passage at a side or around a regular passage
Secondary pipe or bridging of any plumbing fixture permitting its disconnection while circulation is maintained
Bypass Doors2 likes
bypass doors
Doors that slide by each other; usually closet doors
Byproduct 1 like
A substance acquired during the production of another substance; a secondary result, sometimes unexpected or unintentional in the process
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