Term Definition
Agent 4 likes
Person authorized by a client to act in their behalf that has fiduciary responsibility to the client; construction manager at-risk and general contractors have this financial risk.
Aggregate 4 likes
Stone and sand mixture that is a major component of concrete
Agreement 3 likes
An arrangement between various parties usually about a specific end result
Air Compressor4 likes
air compressor
A mechanism that forces air at high pressure into a storage tank from where it is released through a regulator and a hose to power small tools.
Air Conditioner (Portable)4 likes
portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioners offer more flexibility than other window or through-the-wall air conditioners. Each portable air conditioner has wheels and is compact (usually 2′-3′ tall).
Air Jet2 likes
A blast cleaning gun where the abrasive is sent to the gun by a partial vacuum
Air Lock 3 likes
Air trapped in a pipe that limits or blocks the flow of liquid through the pipe
Air Space 3 likes
One inch air gap (usually) between insulation facing and interior of exterior wall coverings
Allowance(s) 3 likes
Money set aside in a construction contract for items that have not been chosen and specified in the construction contract
Alterations 3 likes
Description of partial construction work performed in an existing structure
Remodel with no addition to the building
Alternate Bid 3 likes
Different bid amount proposed for alternate materials and/or methods of construction
Amortization 3 likes
A payment plan in which a loan is reduced via monthly payments of principal and interest
Amplifier3 likes
An electrical device that amplifies voltage, power, or current
Anchor Bolts3 likes
anchor bolt
Bolts to secure a wood sillplate to concrete, masonry floor, or wall
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 2 likes
Annual cost of credit during the loan life that includes interest, points, loan fees, service charges, mortgage insurance, and various other items
Anodize 3 likes
Use electrolysis to coat metals, such as aluminum, with a protective oxide layer
Anti-Corrosive Paint3 likes
anti-corrosive paint
Metal paint designed to impede corrosion that is applied on to the metal
Anti-Flooding Agent 3 likes
A synthetic organic product that reduces floating and flooding of iron blues, chrome greens, and carbon blacks
Antioxidant 3 likes
Protective compound placed on the ends of aluminum wires at connections to avert corrosion that could disturb a safe connection
Antiquing 3 likes
Finishing technique for furniture that gives the appearance of age or wear
Application for Payment 1 like
Contractor‘s written request for payment for completed work and materials delivered, stored and ready for the project
Appraisal 2 likes
An expert’s property valuation
Apprentice 3 likes
A person employed in a trade for an agreed period, earning low wages while learning the trade
Apron 3 likes
A trim board that is beneath a window sill
Architect 3 likes
This person has a degree in building and design, and is licensed by the state as an architect; an architect draws up plans, designs and supervises the construction of buildings and other structures
Architectural Drawing 2 likes
A line drawing with plan and/or elevation views of the future building to demonstrate the structure and appearance of the building
Area Wells 2 likes
Corrugated metal or concrete barrier walls around a basement window mounted to restrain the earth
Asbestos 4 likes
Silicate materials that were used because they are noncombustible, non-conducting, or chemically resistant; Asbestos is no longer used as it causes a lung cancer known as Asbestosis
Asbestos Removal 2 likes
Removal and disposal of hazardous asbestos
Asphalt Demolition 3 likes
Destruction of asphalt roads using machinery that breaks the old asphalt into manageable pieces for easy removal
Asphalt Roof 2 likes
A roof system that utilizes asphalt as a cover
Assessment 2 likes
A tax levied on a property, or a value describing the worth of a property
Assumption 3 likes
Allows a buyer to take responsibility for a current loan rather than obtain a new loan
Astragal3 likes
A molding appended to one of a pair of two swinging double doors where the other door strikes
Attic Access 4 likes
An opening in the dry walled ceiling of a residence that gives access to the attic
Attic Ventilators2 likes
attic ventilators
Screened openings that ventilate an attic space
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