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Construction Companies: Finding Contractors Online

construction companiesConstruction companies can provide a great experience or a nightmare. Leafing through bulky local Yellow Pages is a thing of the past. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier to find the right contractors to meet our needs.  The internet offers numerous opportunities to find construction management companies, commercial building contractors, general contractors, and all sorts of specialty contractors with the right contractor licence to take care of your repairs, commercial and residential construction needs.

Construction Companies Yellow Pages

First, many online telephone directories offer generic information such as a general contractor company name, address, and phone number. These sites are usually user friendly and enable you to choose a specific contractor. You can use the zip code option and the site will display contractors within a certain mileage from your location. While online yellow pages are easy to use, they don’t provide any information about the construction companies.

There are also websites that pre-screen contractors to ensure that they are licensed and insured (general liability and worker’s compensation). You just type in your project details and information and the site does the work. However, these sites sell your information to their contractors and depending on their sales model, you may receive phone calls from more contractors than appropriate.

Construction Companies Directories

You can also find construction companies via contractor directories. These directories enable contractors to post their own business description and highlight their expertise. Clients can leave feedback about their experience with them, serving as a recommendation or a warning for further dealings with the contractor.

Due Diligence

If you are looking for a contractor online, you must perform due diligence. Keep in mind that fraudulent operators could potential pay to include themselves in websites, create multiple accounts, and leave themselves glowing feedback.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are serviced by construction companies that are ethical, competent and reliable.  Speak to several contractors to help you find the best person for your commercial or residential construction project and ensure that you are charged appropriately. Go to your local state or city website and check if each contractor has a valid license number. Your local Better Business Bureau is a good place to check if complaints have been filed.

Construction Schedule, Credentials and Payments

Finally, talk to your potential contractor about anything that could be of concern to you. Don’t be shy about asking for references and checking them out. Discuss your project in as much detail as you need. Clarify your budget, considering overages that might occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Make sure you agree on a date when the project will be completed and include it in your contract. Some contractors do not like completion dates because weather can be unpredictable. Take into consideration their concerns when you negotiate the completion date. Include  penalties for failure to adhere to your agreed construction schedule.

Don’t pay the full sum upfront. Break the project fee into a few payments, one being a deposit and others upon completion of specific project milestones.

Always remember, it’s your money and your property.  Leverage online resources that offer verifiable licensed online contractors, and ensure that they are experts in their field.


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5 responses to “Construction Companies: Finding Contractors Online”

  1. Shawn Brighton says:

    Directories for construction companies are a starting point. I agree that due diligence is necessary regardless of how good the directories are.

  2. Hans Silver says:

    Directories are the best bet to find quality contractors online. You have to read the reviews carefully and check references.

  3. Fay Grant says:

    We had a tough contractor who drove us crazy last time we remodeled our home. Your point of screening properly is what it’s all about. Better safe than sorry

  4. Dean Taylor says:

    When dealing with construction companies, I agree that we should never pay the full fee upfront. Pay on completion of milestones is a lesson I learned when I first got started. Thanks for the recommendations and all your great posts.

  5. Jacki Lynwook says:

    Really appreciate your blog. It’s a great resource.

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