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Choosing Doors for Your Home

front doorDoors provide identity to a home. A door, unique in style, design and finish makes a statement about the owner’s taste. So, while involved in a home remodeling project, care should be taken in choosing doors.

Doors are often the first line of protection against break-ins. Whether the door is the entrance or the backdoor, a specific kind of door made of specific material is available. You should not place a teak wood door in a bathroom just because you can afford it. The right door in the right place will not only be a good decision but also add value and beauty to your home.

Types of Doors

Various door models and brands will suit each room and your needs. Generally speaking, doors can be classified as antique doors, fiberglass doors, garage doors, patio doors, interior doors, swinging doors, sliding doors, french doors, entry doors, front doors, and shower doors.

Antique entry doors are suitable for a palatial homes. Doors constructed with solid Indian teak together with original hand forged accessories, French doors salvaged from buildings in France, doors made of thick solid oak salvaged from an early 1900s home, and other such doors from ancient and historic homes and buildings provide a regal appearance to the home.

Fiberglass doors are available for both entry and indoor purposes. Fiberglass doors that look like mahogany or oak, made from engineered wood with PUF cores for energy efficiency and rot-resistant bottom rail, are a good choice for entry doors. Fiberglass doors come in various styles, adding flair and flavor to a home.

Interior doors may be styled as swinging doors. Louvered doors made from mahogany, cedar, poplar, cherry, maple or other materials, may look wonderful in a room where the doorway is arched. Full length book cases that serve as secret passageways are also available. These doors come with deeper shelving.

Sliding doors come handy where space is an issue and also where the space is plentiful. Sliding patio doors, moving on steel-wheel rollers, with a fiberglass mesh and extruded aluminum frame for heavy use, are available in the market.

Patio doors are constructed so that it’s hard to tell where the indoor ends and outdoor begins. Patio doors are treated for water and insect resistance, with opening styles including sliding, out swing, in swing, hinged and bi-parting. Patio doors offer protection against wind, debris and break-ins.

Keep Your Focus

Care should be taken when choosing each door. Your choice of doors should be based on proper research, rather than the suggestions of friends and relatives or an enticing advertisement.

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