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Ceiling Fan To Lower Cooling Costs

ceiling fanA good ceiling fan lowers cooling costs. In hot weather, the breeze created by an appropriate ceiling fan can make the area between two and six degrees cooler.  There are numerous ceiling fan designs and styles. Below are important issues to consider before buying a ceiling fan:

Ceiling Fan Size

Make sure that the fan is the right size for your room. Consider the height of the ceiling and make sure that the blades have plenty of room to spin. The blades should be positioned at least two feet from the closest wall.

Ceiling Fan Motors

In excellent ceiling fans, the motor size and precision ground motor windings match the length of the blades. The fan moves the air efficiently even with unremitting use, and uses less energy. If the motor or blades are incorrectly balanced, vibrations occur, even at slow speed. Outdoor fans have motors that are purposefully created to endure moisture and temperature changes.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Fan blades are available in many pleasing shapes and patterns. Fan blades must be balanced performance to ensure stable operation. Fan blades should be coated with a sealant to escape warping due to moisture. Fan blade pitches range between 8 to 15 degrees. When the pitch is higher, the fan circulates more air at slower speeds. Although there are three to five blades in a ceiling fan, the number of blades has little effect on the volume of cool air created by the fan.

Ceiling Fan Mounts

There are three main types of ceiling fan mounts – downrod mount, flush mount, and tri-mount. Ceiling fan downrods are available at any length and are especially designed for rooms with high ceilings. The downrods lower the circulating blades of the fan into the living space where it is most effective. A flush mount is deployed for rooms with lower ceilings, eliminating the need for a downrod. A tri-mount enables a far to achieve the best circulation in a room regardless of whether there is a high, low or angled ceiling.

Patio ceiling fans are also readily available.  Although less common than indoor ceiling fans, patio ceiling fans are often deployed in warmer, humid regions.

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  1. Marie Peterson says:

    We bought 3 high quality ceiling fans based on the advice from this blog post. Thanks for making it easy. You saved us a lot of time.

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