About Us

OneStopConstructionResources.com is the first one stop combined online dictionary/shopping resource for the construction industry. The website offers a complimentary online dictionary with over 11,200 definitions of terms used in the construction and building industries. In addition, the website provides images and links to purchase useful products and services from established construction and construction-related vendors.

Each dictionary term has a well-defined, succinct description to give you the knowledge and resources to best accomplish building and construction objectives. Our robust search feature and alphabetical listing enable you to discover and learn about thousands of construction products and services.

Feel free to bookmark our home page and use this site any time you need a construction resource or a precise definition of any term related to architecture and construction.

OneStopConstructionResources.com is owned by Vault Escrow Corporation, an internet technology company with deep expertise in the construction industry.  We pride ourselves in providing one stop for construction resources.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.