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7 Curtain Purchase Tips

gym curtainCurtains provide warmth, beauty and determine the amount of natural light in a room. Curtains can blend into the background or make a tremendous impact. The curtains you choose will ultimately reflect your personality. But choosing the right drapes for a room can be overwhelming.

Here are seven tips to help you make the right curtain purchase for your room:

1.  Get Accurate Measurements

First and foremost, take accurate measurements of your windows. Decide how much fabric will cover the windows and the immediate surroundings. When you measure the length of a curtain, keep in mind that it starts from a curtain rod about six to eight inches above the window frame. The drape usually reaches two to three inches above the floor. The curtain extends from the curtain rod to two inches above the floor.

Measure the curtain from side to side. The drapes should extend to both end by about three inches. Double the side to side measurement of your window for luxurious looking curtains.

2. Choose Fabric

Choose a fabric with colors and patterns that match or complement your window, furniture and art. Also, choose a kind of fabric you would want to use and fits your personality or style.

3. Choose an Opaque Curtain

Use an opaque curtain to block out intense sunlight, to complement your décor and style, and to stop others from looking in. Some curtains have special linings that completely block out the sun. This is especially good for your den, movie or TV room.

4. Select a Pattern

Drapes come in a various lengths and fabrics (e.g. silk, velvet, cotton). The patterns include floral print and animated prints, as well as solid colors. Choose a pattern you like and a color that best suits the room. Light colors emanate a vibrant warmth while darker colors induce a more relax mood.

Window Treatment5. Choose Sheers

Sheers usually hang behind the drapes. While they allow sunlight into the room, they reduce the glare and block others from looking in. Sheers give you privacy while you spend quiet time reading a book during the day. When lights are on at night, they produce a delightful silhouette.

6. Curtain Hardware

Put the final touches on your drapery with rods, holdbacks, finials and curtain rings.  Curtain rods are available in a variety of styles, finishes and color. They are usually adjustable and can be fitted precisely to your window. If you have sheers under your drapes then use double rods.

Finials are fitted at the end of your rods. This hardware can be simple, exotic or stylish and is available in metal, glass or wood.

Holdbacks restrict your curtains to ensure they are open. You can obtain holdbacks in copper, bronze, nickel, brass, pewter, and chrome. The holdbacks are available in intricate, simple or rustic designs.

Curtain rings accentuate your drapes. They are made from various materials and finishes. Choose a ring that fits the general theme or mood of the room.

7. Choose a Reputable Store

Before any curtain purchase, read the item specifications. If you plan to make your purchase online, research your seller in order to ensure a safe transaction. What do customers say about them? Has the seller received high marks? Check the seller’s online rating along with the total number of transactions. Make sure the majority of the feedback is positive.

Top online sellers have excellent return policies. They offer money-back guarantees and clearly display their terms and conditions. Do not settle for anything less.

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