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5 Swimming Pool Cover Tips

swimming pool coverLooking for swimming pool cover tips?  Swimming pool covers come in various shapes, sizes, and types. Solar swimming pool covers keep the water warm and warm the water employing the suns heat. Safety pool covers keep your swimming pool safe from unwanted people or animals. In ground and above ground winter swimming pool covers keep dirt, debris, and animals out of your pool during winter. They also prevent growth on the interior of your swimming pool caused by winter elements.

Shopping For Your Swimming Pool Cover

Here are a few pool cover tips to consider when shopping for your above ground or in ground swimming pool.

1. Choose a swimming pool cover that is strong and sturdy. The cover should keep your swimming pool clean and add a safe barrier for people and animals. The cover can prevent accidental drowning as well as dirt and debris from entering the pool.

2. Ensure the swimming pool cover conforms to state and local law requirements. Some areas require a specific size and depth of pool is covered when not in use. Check with your local authorities to make sure that your swimming pool cover meets their requirements.

3. Make sure your chosen pool cover comes with a proper manufacturer’s warranty. In general, the swimming pool cover should come with a minimum warranty of two years for all defects and longer for limited warranties. You should only  buy a trusted pool cover with a full warranty for a substantial amount of time for which the manufacturer stands behind.

4. Make sure the pool cover is a little larger than your pool. This will enable you to securely anchor the swimming pool cover without having to worry about any part of the pool being exposed.

5. The swimming pool cover must have enough parts to securely anchor it. Most larger swimming pool covers come with a strap or anchor for every four feet of cover. You must have a good amount of anchoring so the cover will continue to be secure every time you use it.

There it is! The top 5 things you should consider when you are buying a swimming pool cover for any size pool and for any material type. You can purchase quality swimming pool covers at your local swimming pool supply store, online, or at any department store that sells swimming pool gear and supplies. Carefully read all the instructions provided by the manufacturer and ensure that the cover meets all the requirements in your local area. Always think safety first for your swimming pool.

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  1. Sandra Evins says:

    Great advice. I think I know how to go about getting the right cover for our new pool.

  2. Shelly Walters says:

    I bought a terrific cover for our pool on your advice. Keep these great posts coming.

  3. William Bollsan says:

    My manufacturer’s warranty came in handy last month when I noticed a rip in the cover. I appreciate you reminding me about this warranty.

  4. Alan Dyson says:

    Great post thanks.

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