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Welcome! is the first combined online megastore/dictionary that serves the construction industry. Our complimentary dictionary has over 11,000 definitions of construction and building industry terms.

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Our DIY center is continually updated with a variety of construction articles to help you find your way. We take pride in offering you the best construction resources. Make sure to check out our Deals of the Day!

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Kitchen Remodel Project: How to Get Started

Refrigerator (Modular)Do you want to remodel or renovate your kitchen? If you anticipate a large kitchen remodel project, it is best to organize a temporary kitchen in another part of your home. Choose a convenient location where you can easily access water, keep food refrigerated as well as heated. Make sure you have easy access to portable cooking appliances such as a microwave oven or an electric saucepan. By being prepared, the kitchen renovation will be less disruptive to your lifestyle. You won't need to eat out at restaurants or go over to a neighbor’s home whenever you need something from the refrigerator.

The 5 Top Kitchen Remodel Project Blunders

1. Not giving yourself enough time to finish your kitchen remodel project 2. Failing to shut down utilities before you start the remodel 3. Damaging the wall when you detach the old cabinets 4. Scratching floors, bench tops, or cabinets that you intend to keep 5. Permitting debris and dust to spread through the home

Before You Get Started

1. Seal and secure all the kitchen items that you will not use in your temporary kitchen. Make sure you label the boxes and place them in another room in your home. 2. Remove everything in the kitchen that isn't nailed or screwed down, including drawers, spice racks, wall clocks, ornaments, paintings, pots and pans. Put a protective cover over any item that must  while you are working. 3. Arrange for the removal of any trash that will be generated during your remodeling project. Rent a dumpster or have a utility nearby to get rid of the trash. If you want to keep the old cabinets for a workshop or donate them to a charity, organize a place ready for them before you take them out of the kitchen. 4. Turn off all utilities before you remove major appliances. You can simply shut off the individual valves for gas and water. If you don't have shut off valves, just turn off the main valve near the gas meter. Keep in mind that when you shut off the gas to the whole house, all the pilot lights will have to be re-lit to restart them. If you plan your remodel thoughtfully, you will have hot water when you want to clean up after a hard day's work. 5. Disconnect fuses or turn off circuits to the work area. In older homes, the wiring have often been modified and it may not be clear which circuits or fuses control specific areas. If you are uncertain, turn off the main power or contact an electrician. Never mess with electricity! Put tape over the breakers so they won't be turned on accidentally. If you are upgrading your electrical system or adding new outlets and fixtures, you will need to dismantle the existing outlets and fixtures. 6. Remove all the light bulbs. Using a screwdriver to dismantle each fixture, unscrew the plate and the receptacle and pull the receptacle out of the box. Place wire nuts on any exposed wires. The bare copper wire is the ground and does not need to be capped. A kitchen remodel project can be a rewarding and satisfying experience with proper planning to avoid the common pitfalls.

Refrigerator (Modular)


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