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Welcome! is the first combined online megastore/dictionary that serves the construction industry. Our complimentary dictionary has over 11,000 definitions of construction and building industry terms.

During each visit, you will see images of useful products and services. You can purchase them from our established construction and construction-related vendors.


Our DIY center is continually updated with a variety of construction articles to help you find your way. We take pride in offering you the best construction resources. Make sure to check out our Deals of the Day!

Just bookmark this page and use our site whenever you need construction resources or a precise definition of any term related to architecture, building, or construction. We are here for you.

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6 Ways to Control Mold in Your Home

Regular house cleaning helps control mold levels. Most often mold spores found inside your home come from external sources. Mold spores in a home are usually found on surfaces such as walls, furniture and clothing. Cleaning small areas of visible mold such as the mold around your bath and removing excess moisture with a bathroom exhaust fan, is critical to maintain a sanitary environment. You have every right to be worried  when you have lots of active mold growing in your home. This situation is most likely to occur when there’s been a persistent water leak, flood, or excessive  humidity in your home. Mold growth indoors may lead to a loads of airborne mold spores, which can then trigger the spread of mold from the original source to additional areas of the home having high moisture levels. Extensive mold growth will damage your home and furnishings, including rugs, sofas and cabinets. Over time, unchecked mold growth can even cause damage to structural elements of your home. While there is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment, keeping your home clean and dry can avert extensive mold growth and the resulting damage. Damage to your home and possessions is not the only reason to make sure you control mold growth. Even though most people are exposed to small amounts of mold or their spores every day without apparent harm, mold is an unhealthy condition that may present potential health risks to people. Possible adverse health effects produced by molds can include allergic, irritating, or toxic effects, and even infections, allergic reactions being the most common. Symptoms reported by affected people include: respiratory conditions, such as wheezing, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath, sneezing and/or nasal congestion, eye and/or throat irritation, headaches and fatigue.

Six Tips To Control Mold Growth Now

Below are six tips to keep moisture from becoming a breeding ground for mold in your home: 1. Ensure that bathrooms, clothes dryers and moisture-creating devices have vents to the exterior. 2. Make sure none of the air conditioning vents are blocked. 3. Install dehumidifiers in crawl spaces and basements. 4. Turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen while you are cooking. 5. Install insulation on cold surfaces like piping, air ducts or basement walls to reduce condensation. 6. Ensure you are alerted when there is  a leak by installing moisture sensor alarms in potential water backup and overflow spaces.

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