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Romantic Bedrooms: Learn and Implement the Basics

romantic bedroomsHow we experience romantic bedrooms depends on our beliefs about romance. Images of romance for some don’t light a spark for others, much less a fire. Even couples that have been together for decades do not necessarily share the same beliefs about romance. Busy lives, jobs, schedules and deadlines have impacted our experience of romantic bedrooms. Escalating personal and professional demands leave us almost no time to chase dreams. We expect clean sheets  and a bed that’s made, but that’s about all. Nevertheless, many people would love their own unique romantic bedroom. However, making over a bedroom is a major project. It can be time consuming, costly and risky. You don't know if your spouse or partner even cares or will even notice.

Ideas for Creating Your Romantic Bedroom

1. Where to get decorating ideas

You may have to perform some online research. The internet can provide plenty of ideas for creating the perfect romantic bedroom. All major home décor publications have their own web sites. You’ll find lots of photos and helpful articles written by interior design professionals.

2. How to avoid breaking the bank

There are lots of online stores that offer romantic bedrooms décor items at discount prices. You can save your $3 per gallon gas and visit more online retailers in far less time. Check out auction web sites and online outlets for low-priced, high quality linens such as Egyptian cotton sheets. Many of these sites will often throw in free shipping.

3. Keep your spouse or partner in mind

Take into account the difference in taste and be willing to compromise when you are in the planning stage.  Everything will be fine if the romantic bedroom theme you choose expresses appreciation and celebration of your unique bond. A caring, warm environment will support your bond spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Boudoir Basics for Romantic Bedrooms

You can make your romantic bedroom the inviting oasis for your spouse or partner with the following "can't miss" ideas. In combination, you will send a sensual signal that your spouse or partner can’t miss.

1. Lighting for romantic bedrooms

Use soft lighting in various colors. While electric lighting has its purpose, it can be diminish the ambiance of your bedroom. For example, fluorescent lighting creates a stark, business-like environment. Decorative oil lamps or antique lanterns create a dreamy feel. Candles provide subtle lighting in romantic bedrooms.  Although tea candles are effective, it's best to deploy decorative candles that match your décor and tastes.

2. Fragrances for romantic bedrooms

Aromas emanating from your oven often sparks our appetite, and certain dishes create an immediate craving. Not sure? Stop by a local bakery first thing tomorrow morning for a cup of coffee. What happens? You leave with coffee and the undeniably convicting evidence ... a plain white paper bag filled with pleasure. Similarly, the fragrance of the bedroom stimulates your senses.

3. Finishing touches in romantic bedrooms

Security is a critical component of developing and sharing an intimate relationship. This authentic relationship need can be advanced by creating a sanctuary that reveres your relationship. A canopy transforms a bed from a piece of furniture into a sanctuary that encourages closeness and intimacy.

bedroom ideas


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