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Welcome! is the first combined online megastore/dictionary that serves the construction industry. Our complimentary dictionary has over 11,000 definitions of construction and building industry terms.

During each visit, you will see images of useful products and services. You can purchase them from our established construction and construction-related vendors.


Our DIY center is continually updated with a variety of construction articles to help you find your way. We take pride in offering you the best construction resources. Make sure to check out our Deals of the Day!

Just bookmark this page and use our site whenever you need construction resources or a precise definition of any term related to architecture, building, or construction. We are here for you.

Product of the day

Cloud Project Management Accounting Software

cloud computingThe construction business has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past quarter century. One of the biggest advancements to the industry has come in the past fifteen years. Specifically, the explosion of the internet, and more recently, the internet combined with cloud technology. Without these two vital technologies, and without the recent marriage of the two, the job of modern construction companies would seem almost impossible. Along with project management and accounting software such as Sage Timberline, modern communications technology such as the internet and now smart phones, have come together to create valuable and time saving tools for construction companies, contractors, real estate agents, project managers, and property managers who can now estimate projects, schedule equipment deliveries, and even handle all vital payroll and tax functions with relative ease. Cloud project management accounting software programs combine the best of both worlds. They not only insure the accurate estimating and accounting of your construction, contracting, or real estate business, but with the power of cloud technology, you can now achieve vital secure storage of all your important data offsite, and allow easy access to all your construction or contracting project details to all authorized employees and managers.

What They Are and Why You Need Them

Cloud technology allows complete integration, access, management and storage of all the operations of your construction, real estate, contracting, or property management business tasks into one convenient location and platform, and safeguards it on a secure, encrypted server network only accessible by you and authorized employees. In today’s construction environment, all the different aspects of the business whether materials acquisition, accounting, equipment delivery, and even construction management expense accounts require a serious amount of time and attention to detail to calculate accurately. Construction accounting software programs such as Sage Timberline were designed to deal with this issue. Construction estimating has never been easier and more efficient for project managers because of modern software tools. Programs like Sage Timberline are efficient at project estimating, but one software solution may not necessarily offer the most streamlined service for your construction or contracting business. In some cases, there may be features that are not utilized, and features that you need that aren’t included in the software. Cookie cutter solutions may not serve the best interests of your construction business.  Each organization is different, and the ability to customize solutions to meet your needs may be critical to the efficient administration of your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning is a complete solution to business software needs whether it is construction, contracting, real estate, manufacturing, and even service related companies. Basically, ERP technology allows a business to organize their own set of modules based on their needs and allows them to cost effectively choose only those business modules that will efficiently improve their operations, and leave out the ones that won’t. ERP not only allows custom software modules and integration, but can also be utilized and connected to cloud technology giving complete mobile access of your entire construction or accounting project both on and off site. Cloud construction management accounting software programs are an essential part of a successful construction, contracting, or real estate business. A property management service and other sectors of different service industries can also benefit greatly by utilizing modern software for accounting and business management tasks. When combined with the power, features, accessibility, security, and peace of mind that cloud technology offers, you can not only grow your construction industry business at a faster pace, but can also ensure top quality and the complete satisfaction of your clients.

cloud computing


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